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As we age, so do our muscles, joints, and bones. The changes in our body lead to weakness and loss of mobility over time. Having trouble walking leads to a feeling of lost independence, which can lead to depression.

Fortunately, there is a way to regain stability and mobility. Walkers are a great mobility aid because they allow you to move around without the help of other people.

We have done plenty of research and created a list of the 10 best walkers for seniors.

In Short

Drive Medical 4 Wheel Rollator 10257BL-1 is a great choice to help you travel over uneven outdoor terrain, but it also does a great job indoors. It comes with non-marring wheels that won’t leave marks when you use the walker indoors. It has a comfortable, height-adjustable seat, and a great backrest. You can use it safely and comfortably thanks to its great handles with exceptional brakes.

Our runner up is the feature-rich Hugo Elite Rolling Walker with Seat 700-959E. It is a durable walker that comes with a comfortable seat and a padded backrest. It lets you adjust the height of the handles, and it boasts easy brake access. You get plenty of storage and you also receive large 8-inch swivel wheels. This walker is a good choice if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality.

1. Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Red Rollator Walker RTL10266 Review
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Folds easily
  • Brake cable is hidden in the frame
  • Stable
  • Low wheel quality
  • Pricey
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It has plenty of necessary safety features, and it is exceptionally comfortable, neat-looking, and durable. It is one of the best walkers for seniors.

Design and Features

The design of this walker might be a divisive factor: some might scoff at the black and red aesthetic choice. Fortunately, the functional design of this walker is great. It boasts a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it rugged enough to be used indoor and outdoor.

This walker is easy to transport. It weighs only 17.5 pounds, which makes it quite lightweight. Moreover, it is fold-able. There’s also a plastic clip that holds the walker closed.

The back support height can be easily adjusted using a thumbscrew. The seat is easy to clean, and it comes with a removable zippered storage bag.

To adjust the handle height, you need to push a button and then adjust the handle height between 33.5 and 38.25 inches. The brake cable is hidden in the frame, which means it’s protected and you don’t have to worry about it failing due to bad weather.

Finally, large 10-inch casters give you the freedom to steer comfortably. Add the fact that this walker can accommodate up to 300 pounds.

Things to Consider

Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style doesn’t come with a supportive seat. It is large and comfortable, but it wouldn’t hurt if it were of higher quality.

There are plenty of complaints concerning wheel quality. Some customers claim that the wheels collapse and even fall off.


It is a great walker that comes with many great features and just a few little flaws. If you want one of the best, but you don’t expect it to be fancy, then this might be a good choice.

2. Hugo Elite Rolling Walker with Seat 700-959E Review
  • Highly adjustable handles
  • Padded & adjustable seat
  • Extra luggage space
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Isn’t easy to unfold
  • Low-quality wheels
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Hugo Elite Rolling Walker is a convenient, mobile and portable walker that can glide almost over any terrain. This walker for seniors is easy to use and a great choice for patients with arthritis.

Design and Features

This walker is equipped with everything you need to stay active. It gives a great feeling of independence and it looks sleek. It is a lightweight roller, weighing only 17 pounds, but it is made of aluminum which makes it sturdy.

The walker is easy to set up, and it is easy to fold. Once it is folded, you can fit it inside of most car trunks.

It is designed to support adults weighing up to 300 pounds. But, the seat is narrower than usual. Fortunately, the seat is adjustable. You can choose between two heights, 20 or 22 inches. The seat is fully padded and comfortable. Both the seat and backrest have an all-weather covering, which is useful during sudden rainfalls.

Hugo Elite Rolling Walker comes with an under-seat storage bag. The bag is large enough to carry a jacket and a folding cane. The backside has a few pockets that can be used to carry a wallet or a phone.

Hugo Elite Rolling Walker is easy to adjust so that it feels comfortable regardless of your height. You can adjust the handle height between 30 and 39 inches. If you are between five and six feet tall, this walker can accommodate your needs. It allows you to improve your posture and walk with confidence.

The brake cable is tucked away and the brakes are easy to use. You only have to push the brake handle, and the wheels will lock. Releasing the brakes takes a bit of strength, but it is still easy enough that folk with arthritis can do it.

Hugo Elite Rolling Walker comes with four 8-inch swivel wheels. They seem to be built from durable materials, and they conform to the terrain. You can easily control the walker’s speed and direction without worrying that you won’t get enough traction.

Things to Consider

Some people might have problems unfolding the walker. The wheels and the brake could have been of higher quality. Walking downhill with this walker might be problematic because the brakes aren’t strong enough to keep the wheels from spinning.

Finally, the seat and the backrest should have been made from a sturdier material. Right now, it seems that the seat could give up after prolonged sitting.


Hugo Elite Rolling Walker is a great product that isn’t expensive, and offers plenty of useful features. It has a couple of flaws, but still is a high-quality walker that won’t set you back a lot.

3. Drive Medical 4 Wheel Rollator 10257BL-1 Review
  • Inexpensive
  • Adjustable & removable backrest
  • Lightweight
  • Large soft-grip wheels
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Problems with staying folded
  • Basket can’t hold small items
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This walker can help you travel over harsh outdoor terrains. It supports your active lifestyle with much-needed mobility, safety, and versatility.

Design and Features

It is made from aluminum, which makes it lightweight and durable. The frame is made of steel, which gives this walker the ability to withstand the test of time. It weighs around 14 pounds.

It is a comfortable walker for seniors that is easy to fold. It can withstand weights of up to 300 pounds.

The padded seat is a great addition for quick rests. It’s removable and hinged, and it can also be folded up and down The seat height can be adjusted from 18 to 22 inches in one-inch increments. The only minor problem is that the seat is only 15 inches wide.

This walker comes with a basket under the seat which offers plenty of space for a purse, water bottles, a jacket, and more. It can also be used to carry small groceries and laundry.

The brakes are awesome. They have serrated edges that provide a firm hold. You only need to push down on the brake lever, and the wheels will be locked. If you want to unlock the wheels, squeeze the brave levers and you will be good to go.

Drive Medical 4 Wheel Rollator comes with large soft-grip wheels that allow you to travel smoothly over various types of terrain.

If you want to change the handle height, you can do it with a self-threading knob. The handle height can go from 31 to 37 inches, providing you with an easy grip.

Things to Consider

Unfortunately, the basket can’t hold small items. Also, many customers have problems with folding this walker. It seems that the seat is the problem since it flops and tends to extend the walker. This problem can be solved by tying the walker up.


Drive Medical 4 Wheel Rollator is affordable and durable and is among the best walkers for seniors that offers plenty while having only a few minor flaws.

4. Medline Standard Bariatric Heavy Duty Rollator Review
  • Durable
  • Weight capacity
  • Comfortable
  • Strong steel frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Too wide for standard door frames
  • Heavy
  • Problems with wheels
check price

A heavy-duty walker that has a large weight capacity, wide handles and plenty of seating space.

Design and Features

This walker has a durable, strong steel frame. It is a walker that can carry up to 500 pounds. It weighs 25 pounds, which might be too much for some people. Moreover, assembling this walker will take you around 10-15 minutes only.

It is a fold-able walker that can easily be stored. It folds almost completely flat, which is great when you need to transport it.

Medline Standard Bariatric Heavy Duty Rollator comes with a 17.5-inch wide padded seat. It is a comfortable seat that allows you to rest during long walks. This walker also has a padded backrest that allows you to take a breather whenever necessary.

You will find a removable storage bag under the seat. You can use it to carry your personal belongings, food, water, and more.

The inclusion of loop-style brakes is excellent. The brakes lock the wheels when you push down on them. When you need to unlock the wheels, you simply pull up the brakes and you are good to go.

This walker has a greater distance between the handles than other models on the market. If you need extra room, this walker provides it. Handle height can be adjusted between 31.5 and 37.5 inches to cater to people of different heights.

Medline Standard Bariatric Heavy Duty Rollator has large 8-inch wheels that come with reinforced forks and spokes. The wheels allow it to roll on all indoor and outdoor surfaces without sacrificing maneuverability. Many customers claim that the wheels work great even on ice.

Things to Consider

This walker is wider than other ones. It is 29 inches wide, which means that it might not fit through all door frames and it won’t fit into all cars.

Many customers have had the wheels fall off. It seems that the bearings get worn out fast.


This walker is a great choice if you want a heavy-duty walker that isn’t expensive and has many good features.

5. NOVA Traveler 3 Wheel Rollator Walker 4900 Review
  • Portable
  • Accessible hand brakes
  • Plenty of storage
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Sturdy & lightweight
  • Paint scratches easily
  • No seat
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NOVA Traveler is a good choice if you don’t need the stability of a four-wheeled walker. This versatile walker for seniors is very light and it comes with lots of room for anything you need to carry.

Design and Features

This senior walker is a compact model that comes with a simple three-wheel system. It is a high-quality metal walker that boasts durability. It weighs only 16.5 pounds, which makes it easy to pick up and drop into a car.

NOVA Traveler is easy to fold so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space and it can stand in a folded position. Moreover, unfolding this walker is a breeze. This walker can support only 250 pounds.

It comes with ergonomic handles that feel comfortable. The breaks work without you having to exert a lot of effort. NOVA Traveler utilizes patented feather touch hand brakes that give maximum control.

NOVA Traveler comes with a basket that can hold personal items. It is great for carrying light groceries, jackets, and small oxygen tanks. There is a small tray on the top of the basket, which is awesome for small items like keys and phones. Nova Traveler gives you more carrying capacity by adding a roomy pouch. The walker can fold even when the pouch is attached. Best of all, you can remove the basket, tray, and the pouch.

It offers adjustable handles of height between 33.25 and 37 inches. The width between handles is 12 inches. If you need a lower width, you can remove the basket and zip-tie handlebars closer together.

The wheels on this walker are excellent. They are eight inches large and can go over most terrains. The wheels are not cheap, they are made of solid rubber, so they will not wear down fast.

Things to Consider

Three-wheeled walkers are less stable than the four-wheeled counterparts. This walker comes without a seat, which might be a problem to many. Some customers complains that the paint on the walker scratches off easily.


This walker is easy to fold and carry around. It comes with plenty of storage. It has ergonomic handles with easy-to-use brakes, and it has great adjustable handles but it doesn’t come with a seat.

6. Able Life Space Saver Walker 4200 Review
  • Space-saving design
  • Great weight capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • No assembly needed
  • No brakes
  • No seat and storage area
  • Glides are unstable and prone to breaking
check price

A reliable product that doesn’t buckle under the weight. It is easy to store and it is extremely lightweight.

Design and Features

It is a walker that weighs only eight pounds, so it’s easily portable. Despite being lightweight, this walker is sturdy enough to take on 400 pounds of weight and doesn’t require any assembly.

It is easy to fold and takes up almost no space. You only have to lift a tab with your finger, and the walker folds, taking only seven inches in diameter.

The handles feel comfortable during use, and you can easily change their height from 32 to 38.5 inches. Unfortunately, this senior walker comes without brakes.

This walker comes with two front wheels. They are stationary wheels, so they can’t swivel. Fortunately, you can replace them with swivel wheels that are sold separately. Since the wheels are in the front, you can expect glides in the back. The glides function well on a wide variety of terrains.

Things to Consider

There is no seat. There is no pouch either, but you can buy one separately. The wheels are sturdy, but stationary, which makes this walker less maneuverable than other models on the market.

Some users are stating that the rear glides are thin and break easily. Moreover, the glides are not stable on carpet, linoleum, and tile.


A walker with great portability and weight capacity, but lacks features like: breaks, pouch, basket, seat.

7. Hugo Mobility Portable Rollator Walker With Seat 700-957 Review
  • Easy to assemble
  • Usable in almost any terrain
  • Mobile & versatile
  • Comfortable
  • Lockable brakes
  • Hard to fold/unfold
  • Heavy for some users
check price

A lightweight, maneuverable yet durable walker that gives you a proper posture.

Design and Features

It supports up to 300 pounds of weight. It weighs 18 pounds, which might be heavy for some people.

You won’t have any problems assembling this walker and won’t need any tools. You can lock it into position for easy storage .

It boasts a fully-padded seat with an all-weather covering. The seat is 17.5 inches wide, which is quite generous. Hugo Mobility Portable Rollator boasts a comfortable backrest that also has an all-weather covering. The backrest is curved for extra comfort.

You will find a secure storage bag under the seat. It is convenient and lets you store your jacket, a small umbrella, and anything else you need to have on you at all times.

The ergonomic hand grips are great at giving you total control over the walker with a good brake access. You can lock the brakes to sit down and relax without worrying that the walker might roll-off.

This versatile walker is a good fit for people who are between five and six feet tall. You can adjust the handle height between 32 and 38 inches.

The 8-inch wheels are high quality and allow you to maneuver the walker any way you want. The wheels aid in stability of the walker, which gives you the necessary confidence to walk outdoors as well as indoors. The wheels do a great job at allowing you to walk over uneven dirt, gravel, grass, and other rough terrains.

Things to Consider

If you have medical problems, you will probably have problems folding and unfolding the walker. The walker is heavy, make sure that 18 pounds of weight won’t pose a problem.

Finally, many users claim that this walker isn’t sturdy enough. Some claim that the wheels break off, while others claim that the entire construction is frail.


This walker offers plenty and performs almost perfectly. This might be the best senior walker for you if you are strong enough to fold and unfold it.

8. Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Walker R726 Review
  • Great on many terrains
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lockable brakes
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to fold
  • Lack of quality control
  • Doesn’t stay folded
check price

Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Walker R726 is an adaptable walker fit for people of all sizes. It can be used indoor and outdoor without sacrificing any comfort. It boasts a lightweight construction that makes using it a breeze.

Design and Features

This walker weighs around 14 pounds, which is not a lot. It is made of aluminum, but it is sturdy enough to survive plenty of abuse. It can accommodate people weighing up to 300 pounds, which is today’s standard.

This senior walker comes almost fully assembled. You should check that all of the little clips are intact.

Comfortability does not disappoint. The seat feels comfortable as it is padded, and you can adjust its height between 18 and 22 inches. Underneath the seat, you will find a zippered pouch. You can use the pouch to store your essentials like wallet, extra clothes, medicine, and more. The backrest can fold up or down, providing you with comfort during breaks from long walks. The backrest can be removed if you don’t need it.

We love the design of the handles. They are easy to grip and you can adjust their height between 33 and 38 inches. They come with easy-to-use deluxe loop locks that give you the power to stop the walker in an instant. The brakes with serrated edges work well in holding the walker in one place when you sit on it.

Folding this walker isn’t hard but it doesn’t stand upright. Fortunately, it doesn’t take up a lot of space when you fold it, so you can carry it in your vehicle if necessary.

The wheels are pretty good quality. This walker comes with four 7.5-inch caster wheels. The front wheels swivel, but the rear ones don’t, which is great if you want a stable walker. The wheels help with traversing all types of terrain, and they don’t cause damage to carpets.

Things to Consider

Many customers complain about the shoddy design of the walker. Some have had their wheels come off, the others claim that the brakes give out easily, and some say that the bolts fall out.

Finally, some complaints mention that this walker doesn’t stay in the folded position. It is a problem easily solved with a bungee cord.


This walker for seniors can be a great choice if you want an inexpensive and versatile walker. It suffers from a few problems, but it offers plenty of useful features.

9. Vive Folding Walker MOB1005 Review
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Detachable wheels
  • Great height settings
  • Easy to fold
  • Poor customer service
  • No seat
check price

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a walker, then Vive Folding Walker MOB1005 might be the best senior walker for you.

Design and Features

This walker looks basic, but it offers plenty. Vive Folding Walker MOB1005 is made of sturdy aluminum and can hold up to 250 pounds of weight. It comes almost fully assembled. Despite being sturdy, this walker weighs less than six pounds, which makes it extremely lightweight.

The handles are great. They come with rubberized grips that offer comfort during prolonged use. The handles aren’t adjustable, but the legs are. You can adjust the height of legs in one-inch increments from 33 to 40 inches. So, this walker for seniors can accommodate heights from 5’1” to 6’6”, which is better than what we have seen in other models.

Folding it is made easy for people with limited dexterity. It comes with a two-button release mechanism that allows it to fold and unfold in an instant. The push-button can be used with the palm or side of the hand, which is great.

It comes with two five-inch rubber wheels that can be attached. So, if you want to go over uneven surfaces, you only need to attach the two included wheels and you will be good to go.

Vive Folding Walker MOB1005 comes with a great bag that can be attached to it. You can carry food and drinks, as well as extra clothing or a small umbrella.

Things to Consider

Fortunately, we haven’t noticed a lot of problems with this walker. The biggest complaint seems to be poor customer service. So, if you encounter a problem with your Vive Folding Walker MOB1005, you might have to wait for the problem to be solved.


A basic looking walker that can be used as non-wheeler or two-wheeler. It is lightweight, yet sturdy and reasonably priced.

10. Medline Premium Empower Rollator Walker MDS86845BLK Review
  • Many accessories
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Doubles as a wheelchair
  • Versatile & sturdy
  • Great carry capacity
  • Expensive
  • Wide & heavy
check price

A versatile walker that boasts a great construction. It can also be used as a wheelchair.

Design and Features

It is made of aluminum, and it is very sturdy. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, and it weighs 17 pounds. This walker folds completely flat, which makes it easy to store when you are not using it.

It comes with a seat that is cushioned, yet supportive. It is a great feature that allows you to rest when walking tires you out. The seat can be flipped up if you want to stand or walk inside the walker.

This walker also comes with a padded backrest that can be flipped forward and backward. So, you can sit comfortably on either side of this walker.

All of the adjustment points are easily identifiable through a bright yellow color. So, if you want to adjust the handle height between 31 and 37 inches, you will know how to do it in an instant. The handles house convenient loop-style brakes that can lock this walker in place.

This high-quality mobility aid comes with awesome 8-inch wheels that provide extra support and maneuverability. Moreover, this is one of the rare walkers that can double as a wheelchair.

Medline Premium Empower Rollator comes with a roomy neoprene bag that lets you carry all of your necessary items with you. This walker also comes with a removable zippered storage pouch and an organizer tray.

Things to Consider

Since it weighs 17 pounds, it is not very lightweight, which could be a problem. It is too wide for standard doorways, so bear that in mind before you commit to a purchase.

Finally, this is one of the most expensive walkers out there. While it is of premium quality, the price might be too steep for many people.


A premium walker that is comfortable and can even be used as a wheelchair. But it is quite heavy and too wide for standard doorways.

Walkers Buying Guide

If you’re new to buying a walker, be sure to read the guide, which will teach you what to look for in a good walker when buying for seniors.

Types of Walkers

There are four types of walkers. All of them serve a different purpose, and all of them function differently.

Standard Walker

Standard walkers are extremely popular, and they don’t cost as much as other walkers. You won’t have trouble recognizing them since they come with no wheels.

Standard walkers have four legs at the bottom and handlebars at the top. You have to lift the walker and place it several inches in front of you, and then take a couple of steps towards the walker.

These walkers are known for being lightweight, yet durable. The only problem is that walking with a standard walker is slow.

Standard walkers are a good choice for smooth surfaces. They are a good choice for seniors that can’t stand well on their own.

Front-Wheeled Walker

These walkers are similar to standard walkers, but they come with two legs and two wheels.

You can freely push the walker instead of lifting it, which is great for people with limited strength. Front-wheeled walkers are a good choice for uneven terrains. Unfortunately, thick carpets can be problematic since they limit mobility.

Front-wheeled walkers are useful both indoors and outdoors, which is neat if you are active throughout  the day.

You shouldn’t put too much weight on these walkers because the wheels might move suddenly, making you lose balance.

Four-Wheeled Rollator

Rollators are walkers, but they come with wheels on all four legs. The wheels give this type of walker plenty of mobility on different types of terrain.

These walkers come with handlebars that give you the ability to adjust their height. Handlebars have brakes which you have to squeeze if you want to lock the wheels. Most of the four-wheeled rollators come with a seat that allows you to take a breather when you get tired.

The best four-wheeled walkers for seniors come with bags and baskets which can hold your necessary items. Rollators can be used indoors, but thick carpets limit their mobility. So, they are best used outdoors. Most of the four-wheeled rollators are fold-able.

The biggest problem with four-wheeled rollators is their weight. So, they are not the best choice if your strength is failing you. But, they are a great choice if you don’t need to lean on a walker for balance.

Three-Wheeled Rollator

Three-wheeled rollators are similar to the four-wheeled ones, but they have a triangular shape. You will find one wheel at the front and two at the back. These rollators are a good choice if you don’t have problems with balance.

Unfortunately, three-wheeled rollators don’t come with a seat, so you won’t be able to rest by sitting down. Luckily, they come with brakes on handles, so you can control their movement when the need arises.

Most of the three-wheeled rollators come with a basket or a bag, which is neat if you want to carry a bottle of water or an extra jacket.

Important Features to Look For

After you have consulted your physician on which type of a walker suits you, you need to be aware of a couple of important features. No walker on the market comes with every necessary feature, so it is good to know which ones are important to consider.

  • Size: Before you buy a new walker, you need to consider where it will be used. If you will be using it at home, you need to know whether will fit your doorways. Be sure to measure the width of your doorway and compare it to the width of the walker.
  • Adjustability: Best walkers allow you to adjust them to fit your needs. Some let you adjust the height of the seat, which is important if you have to sit down often. Make sure that your feet rest flat on the floor when you sit down. Most walkers allow you to adjust the handle height.
  • Foldability: Most walkers take up a lot of space, which isn’t great if you are low on free space. So, it is important to find a walker that can be folded. It is also important that the folding process isn’t complicated. Find a walker that allows you to fold and unfold it without having to exert a lot of strength. Be aware of the walkers that have a trigger-style release folding mechanism close to the handles. You might accidentally fold them, which could cause you to lose balance and fall.
  • Wheels: If you are buying a roller, you need to pay close attention to the wheels. If you plan to use a roller inside, go for small wheels up to five inches. On the other hand, if you will be using your new roller outdoors, go for large wheels that measure at least six inches. Soft wheels are a good choice because they don’t slip, but they wear out faster than hard wheels.
  • Frame: Most walkers are made of aluminum. Aluminum is strong but light, and, as such, it is a great choice. Some walkers are made of steel. Steel walkers are strong, but the problem is that they tend to be heavy. Finally, some walkers are made of carbon fiber. They are very sturdy and light, but they’re not cheap.
  • Weight: Pay attention to the weight of your new walker. Don’t buy a walker that is so heavy that you will experience discomfort when using it. Bear in mind that you will have to store the walker, so find a model that makes you feel comfortable while lifting it.
  • Storage: If you enjoy taking long walks in nature, you will need to take a sip of water or a bite of food. Best walkers come with storage options like baskets, pouches, and bags. Depending on the size of the storage area you can use it to carry valuables, medicine, extra clothes, and more. If you are set on buying a walker that doesn’t come with an included storage space, check out whether you can buy storage separately.

Some walkers out there come with extra accessories that you might not find necessary, but they are worth mentioning. Some walkers come with a cup holder that lets you carry a drink without spilling it. Others come with a tray that is useful if you have to transport a meal. There are even walkers that come with cane holders for people who need additional mobility aid. You will notice that some walkers come with mobile phone holders, which is great if you need your phone to always be within your reach.