Who We Are

Solid Guides is a project created by a team of enthusiasts dedicated to research and writing reviews.

We have noticed that most of the websites do not provide all the relevant information related to a product, and we decided to do something about it. We wanted to go beyond what the others have been doing by creating well-researched reviews and guides.

Our Mission

Our goal is to guide you through your shopping process by providing you with well-researched and unbiased information. We aim to teach you how to do your own research, and how to become a smarter shopper. We also want to save your time. Doing research the way we do takes many hours, sometimes days, and we know that most of the people don’t have the time for it.

We want to make sure that you have all of the necessary information before you decide to purchase a product, whatever it may be.

Our guides and reviews focus on products and gadgets that make our daily lives better, and we try our best to be as accurate and as informative as possible.

How do We do it?

We love to read, and we love to eat up as much information as possible. We don’t review products, instead, we research them by reading plenty of reviews from a multitude of trusted sources.

We start our process by finding, in most cases, 10 items that were proven to be the best. Then we utilize our trusted sources to gather data. Some, but not all, of our sources are Cnet, TechRadar, Pcmag, Tomsguides, Arstechnica, Thewirecutter, Consumerreports, Reddit, and social platforms.

After we have compiled the data from our sources, we visit related forums to check out what the users have to say. We carefully go through related topics and write down everything we deem useful. After reading the users’ reviews, we watch related YouTube videos from reputable users that provide us with more information.

Only after we have exhausted all of our sources and compiled all of the relevant data do we start writing.

Why do We do it?

We are very passionate about the Internet, and we know that it’s a huge place loaded with plenty of fake and unnecessary information. We created Solid Guides to make the Internet a safer place for shoppers, and because we love to research and inform.

Because we enjoy helping out, we aspire to create unbiased articles that are easy to understand, and factual. We also believe that the best way to earn money is by doing the things we enjoy. We love to research and write informational articles, but we also love being paid for it. Solid Guides is the passion project that allows us to earn money while providing well-researched information.

Affiliate Disclosure

We might get paid when you purchase products by using the links on Solid Guides at no additional cost to you. This does not influence our reviews.

First, we write our articles, and in the end, we add affiliate links, if there are any. If a product is exceptional, and it deserves to be on our list, then we add it to the list even if we don’t get the affiliate commission.

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