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Does the question of how much water you drink elude you?

In a world where we track everything about our body; from exercise to diet, and even sleep, it should not.

Smart water bottles are here to complete the picture. It keeps up with the water you take so you never have to think about it.

Syncing to your wearables adds up to your tracking information like steps and heart rate. Now you get to enjoy the full benefits of drinking water by achieving a healthy lifestyle.

In Short

We think DrinKup is the best smart water bottle. It is user-friendly, sleek, and fun to use. With its independent, smart lid, it does not need to be in sync with your phone for it to give you alerts.

If you own an iPhone, you will be happy with the H20Pal Smart Water Hydration Tracker. It comes in premium design and will auto-adjust your water goals based on the weather and your activity level.

1. DrinKup Bottle Review "Best Overall"
  • It can base your recommended water intake according to your height, weight, and activity level
  • It uses high tech to track water intake accurately
  • Comfortable to hold for long periods
  • LED reminder works perfectly
  • It can store hot and cold drinks
  • It has a durable stainless steel build quality
  • It takes time to learn what each icon means
  • It tracks drinking time only on the hour
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If you are not big on drinking water, it’s time to get into that habit with a water bottle that can help you achieve that exact goal. The DrinKup bottle will remind you when to take water so that you can keep hydrated all day long.

Design Features

You will notice that this is an elegant bottle available in five different colors. Like many high-end bottles, this one is made of stainless steel and is double-walled. It is an insulating water bottle, but what makes it unique is the high-tech smart lid that tracks the amount of water you take all day long.

The sensors on the lid do not only track the amount of water, but they also indicate the temperature of the water. The lid vibrates to give you LED-lit alerts when it’s been a while since your last drink. We like that it does not need to be in sync with the app since it works independently.

Together with the Android and iOS-compatible app, DrinKup provides a detailed analysis of your hydration habits.

DrinKup comes in a 500ml capacity that you can easily hold when going for walks or jogs. It is washable by hand, and you can use it with cold drinks as well as hot ones like tea and coffee. What’s more, you do not need to recharge it every other day as it can store its charge for months.

Setup and Performance

DrinKup instructs users to keep the lid tightly closed for the sensors to read the water level accurately. After that, it can measure the level of the water and compare it to its previous water volume so that it can calculate the water you have drunk.

After you receive your DrinKup bottle, you will be required to charge the lid. It comes with a charging tab that is elegantly hidden on top. After the lid is charged up, all you need to is pair it with the app over Bluetooth and you are set.

On the app, you will be able to set your daily water goals and that information will be synced to the lid. Even without your phone, all you need to do is tilt the bottle to read your hydration balance. Temperature readings are at the bottom, so you have to flip the bottle upside down to know the water temperature.

Stuff to Consider

You will find that DrinkUp has lots of different icons to display with various meanings. It can take time before you grasp the meaning behind every indicator since the icons are described only in the user manual.

For example, ‘ZZZ’ means DrinKup is outside the time frame of recording (default between 0800 hours and 2200 hours). If you are not awake during the mentioned time, you will have to reset the time in the profile settings menu in the app.


Although a bit pricey, the tech behind DrinKup is all worth it. It gives you accurate updates of your hydration levels, and it derives water intake recommendations from your height, weight, and activity level. Its software is easy to update, plus it is a sleek model you will love carrying around.

2. H2OPal Review "Smart Water Bottle Hydration Tracker for iPhone "
  • It tracks water intake automatically
  • Offers reminders to take more water
  • It can provide encouragements while measuring progress over time
  • It can tell when one drinks water vs. when water is being dumped out
  • The battery lasts up to 6 months
  • Smart tracker is interchangeable between bottles
  • It is limited to iOS
  • It is quite expensive
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It looks premium, and it is, thanks to its advanced tracking capabilities. H2OPal Hydration Tracker is an ideal smart water bottle for iPhone and Fitbit users.

Design Features

H2OPal is pretty stylish. It comes in Borosilicate glass bottle, which means it won’t shatter when you put hot water in it. The material also helps to keep your water fresh in changing outdoor temperatures.

If you don’t fancy the 550ml bottle, you can use the tracker with larger bottles as it has broad compatibility. It uses the vacuum and magnetic attachment technology to fit into different-sized bottles with a 3-inch diameter base. It uses an ingenious system that includes an accelerometer and algorithm to help it know when you drink the water.

This means it will not register you drinking the water when you are actually spilling it out.

The silicone bands are an exciting feature that gives you a strong grip and protects the glass from scratching. Unfortunately, it is not designed to be used in car and bike cup holders.

Fortunately, the steel lid is leak proof, such that you can use it around the office without worry of water dripping on your important documents.

Setup and Performance

H2OPal syncs with the H2OPal app for it to work consistently. It comes with a battery that can last for approximately six months before it needs to be changed. After downloading the app, pair it with your H2OPal bottle over Bluetooth.

Note that the app works for iOS. Their Android app is still in the development stage, so Android users will have to sit in the cold for now. It works well with Apple Watch, and if you have the 1.8.6 version, you can sync it with your Fitbit in the settings menu.

H2OPal will automatically track your water intake and give you timely reminders to drink up. On the app, you can set daily hydration goals, which, over time, will appear in the form of a graph so that you can see your progress.

The app also has a mode to encourage you to drink more water making it enjoyable in the long run.

Stuff to Consider

We find the high price a bit of a drawback seeing that it has limited compatibility. People who don’t own an iPhone, an Apple Watch, or a Fitbit won’t be able to take advantage of the tracking abilities of this bottle.


H2OPal is an innovative smart water bottle that sticks to the essentials. It tracks perfectly and offers the reminders and encouragement you need to stay on track. It has extensive usability even tho the app usability is limited. We expect that, with an updated Android version, more people will be able to enjoy drinking their water from H2OPal.

3. Sguai Review "by Maxtron: Best Cheap "
  • It gives reminders with a loud beep
  • Accurately tells the temperature of drinks
  • It allows the setting of a personal alarm
  • Made of vacuum-insulated stainless steel
  • Comes with a rubberized bottom for traction on surfaces
  • It does not have hand grips so it can slide when your hands are wet
  • It lacks water tracking abilities to give a full picture over time
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For those out to get a functional and straightforward smart water bottle, we have our eyes on the Sguai by Maxtron. It will need recharging after a few days, but this is the only thing you have to contend with this bottle.

Design Features

Everything about the Sguai is cute and stylish. It is built from vacuum insulated, food-grade and FDA approved stainless steel. It also features double walls.

It has an auto temperature detection, which is one of the reasons why it is a top pick. The bottle will give you accurate indicators of the temperature of your drink so that you will never have to burn your tongue. A red indicator on the LCD HD touchscreen tells you to wait while a yellow light tells you to drink with caution.

A green light indicates your drink is at the correct temperature.

Sguai will provide reminders to take water throughout the day. It is leak and dust-proof and will isolate any odors such that your water remains fresh and safe for drinking.

A nice addition is a rubberized bottom that allows you to set the bottle easily on a flat desk. This also means it will not tip over or produce a clanking sound when placed alongside other metallic bottles.

Setup and Performance

Sguai does not track the amount of water you take. Contrarily, you only need to charge up the bottle, and you will be ready to receive reminders and know the temperature of your drinks.

To charge the bottle, you need to pull out the rubber insulation on the inside of the cap. Luckily, it is a magnetic charging port that makes it easy to attach to the Magtag cool auto smart charging pad.

Stuff to Consider

Sguai is quite basic. Without an app, you cannot tell how you take your water over time. It also has a 13.5-ounce capacity, which means frequent refills before you reach the recommended daily intake.


It is simple and functional, and that’s what most people want in a smart water bottle. The ability to offer accurate reminders is exceptional on the Sguai. The temperature indicator allows you to depend on it when you need it the most.

4. Thermos Review "Hydration Bottle: Best on a Budget "
  • It shows the real-time temperature of a drink
  • Holds a charge for 12 days
  • Works with the Fitbit fitness tracker
  • Pairing remains intact over 75ft.
  • It can be used for hiking and cycling owing to the anchoring ring
  • It is BPA-free
  • Provides in-app reminders instead of bottle reminders
  • The app is buggy and needs fixing as it can cause phone crashes from time to time
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Reach your daily water intake goal with this simple smart water bottle. The thermos 24-ounce bottle is designed to track your sips throughout the day. It gives you more value for the money considering it is not as costly as its other cousins in this class.

Design Features

The Thermos 24-ounce bottle comes in two colors; smoke and teal. It is like a typical water bottle, but it comes with a smart lid that has a permanent measuring tube to track the volume of the water. The cap also tracks the temperature of your drinks, which comes in handy to prevent burns.

The bottle also has an anchoring ring to hang the bottle on a belt clip or your backpack. This means you can use it for cycling or hiking. You will also like the spring-loaded opening alongside the secure locking mechanism. Both of the features ensure the lid snaps back to prevent any accidental spills.

This water bottle is made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan. You can drink assured nothing will compromise your health in your quest to be healthier

To track your hydration goals, Thermos pairs with its iOS app, which helps it to provide timely reminders to drink up throughout the day. It calculates your water needs based on your profile information.

Setup and Performance

Thermos works with iOS 7 or later. It will work with iPhone 4S or later, all the generations of iPad mini, iPad 3rd gen and later, and iPad touch. On these devices, you need to download the Thermos app from the Apple Store to complete the setup.

Thermos will also sync information to the Fitbit app.

You will also need to have charged the battery that is accessible from the lid. The battery on this model lasts around 12 days.

The app is easy to pair over Bluetooth, and it has a pairing distance of up to 75ft. After you fill out your profile, the app will suggest ideal hydration goals for you. You can choose to take this suggestion or input your own. To customize, you will need to input your weight, height, age, gender, and daily activity level.

When you finish, you can see the water volume and intake, temperature, time elapsed, and the number of sips you have taken since refilling the bottle. The bottle will show your progress on an indicator at the bottom.

Stuff to Consider

This water bottle does not have Android support. It also gives in-app reminders instead of on the bottle. You have to keep your synced device close to you for it to provide you with the reminders.


If you love smart gadgets, you don’t want to pass on the Thermos. It is cheap compared to other bottles we have seen though it misses out on bottle reminders. Since it works with Fitbit, it is an excellent companion when losing weight.

5. Hydra Review "Tech Bottle with 5W Bluetooth Speaker "
  • Good sound from the 5W Bluetooth speakers
  • It comes with LED lights
  • Works as a power bank with its 4000mAh polymer battery
  • It has a microphone to turn the bottle into a speakerphone
  • 20-ounce capacity - does not need constant refilling
  • It can fit in bike and car bottle holders
  • Does not track water goals or provide reminders
  • It is pricey for the features it offers
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You have not seen it all if you have not encountered the Hydra Tech. It is a sophisticated bottle that sits right in the midrange price of smart water bottles.

Design Features and Performance

This is a 20-ounce bottle made of high-quality, BPA-free plastic. It expresses a durable design that can withstand the commotion of everyday life, more so if you live an active lifestyle. The water bottle is clear, which is a plus seeing that you can avoid spills during refills.

Onto the lid where all the magic happens. You will notice it does not have a subtle appearance, and that is because of the 5W Bluetooth speakers. If you don’t like having headphones with you or are a bike lover, this one will come in handy to play your favorite tunes.

The Hydra lid houses the charging port and the LED lights that can light up a dark path if you hike until after the sun goes down. And, if you are a camper, pairing this bottle with the Nightime Sleeper app will help you fall asleep during a night out in the woods.

On the Hydra lid, you will be able to charge up your devices thanks to the 4000mAh polymer power bank. That piece of gear is important if you want to stay in contact with the loved ones during a camping trip.

You will like that this bottle comes with a flip-open lid and a straw extension that makes it leak-proof. This way, your water will always be clean since it keeps dust at bay.


Hydra does not have any water tracking features. It is a portable model ideal for the outdoors. It is a good choice for bikers and people who enjoy road trips since it fits into water holders. Since it is very basic when it comes to smart water bottle needs, not many people really need this bottle.


Every outdoors lover will want that something extra to complete their backpack must-haves. In this case, you will find the Hydra water bottle useful. If not the 5W Bluetooth speakers, then the power bank will come in handy when you need it most.

6. Ozmo Review "Watertight Smart Cup Hydration Tracker for Water and Coffer Tracking "
  • Offers LED and vibration alerts for drinking reminders
  • The bottle is stylish and sporty
  • It can track water and coffee automatically
  • The app is easy to navigate
  • Bottle works independently of the app to deliver reminders
  • The tough Tritan bottle has undergone rigorous fall and break tests
  • It is a bit heavy for everyday use on the tracks
  • The lid cannot deliver the same results when used with other bottles
check price

Ozmo is your hydration friend when it comes to achieving lifestyle goals. This bottle can track your water and coffee consumption. If you are trying to increase water intake and decrease your coffee intake, Ozmo is the one for you.

Design Features

Ozmo is an ABS-free, tough Triton bottle with a smart lid. The lid has sensors to measure water or coffee levels. Being 16 ounces, it will need more than a few refills to reach the recommended daily water intake levels.

This water bottle is available in eight different colors. From royal purple to Seafoam Green, you will find something that you like. We find this bottle quite functional since it delivers drink reminders independent of the support app.

The smart lid has LED indicator lights and vibration alerts to remind you to drink more water. It is an easy way to make progress if you have a busy lifestyle that occasionally leaves you working overtime. This means you can stay hydrated without having to think about it.

Ozmo has seven sensors inside the bottle. Surprisingly, the more you drink, the higher the accuracy of Ozmo. We are yet to establish the reason behind mentioned behavior. Nevertheless, once you fill the bottle with your drink of choice (hot or cold), the bottle will vibrate when the cap is secure.

Setup and Performance

The Ozmo app will give you drinking details and progress over time. It works with iOS and Android devices. It is a nice companion for your Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple Health apps when you want to see actionable hydration insights after your workouts.

The app is easy to pair as it has a straightforward process with a simple initial configuration. It will ask for your age, height, weight, and daily activity level. After that, it will suggest your daily intake level, which can be as high as 13 cups of water if you have an active lifestyle.

Apart from the water, the app will also give your coffee intake level. After that, you can see your daily, weekly, and monthly water goals along with the progress you have made.

The app has a unique barcode scanner that will allow scanning of other drinks that are not water or coffee.

Stuff to Consider

Ozmo is quite bulky. The bottle alone weighs 12 ounces, and it can hold 16 ounces, meaning you will be carrying a bottle weighing nearly two pounds. When synced to Fitbit, Ozmo will not automatically log your water intake. You have to do it manually.


Ozmo may not have every fitness answer, but it is a step in the right direction. Its independent reminders are one thing that makes it tick, seeing that you don’t need to have your phone with you. You get to track your water goals and sync that information with other fitness goals to get a well-rounded picture.

7. Hidrate Spark 2.0 Review "Smart Water Bottle "
  • Glows to deliver drink reminders
  • Large 24-ounce capacity
  • Bottle and cap are dishwasher safe
  • Comes with non-rechargeable batteries
  • Syncs with popular fitness trackers like Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health Kit
  • Available in six different colors
  • It is a bit complicated to set up
  • High price tag
  • Bad insulation
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Hidrate Spark 2.0 is smart and chic. It tracks your daily fluid intake making it easy to keep up with your goals. With all its glowing notifications, it is a sure conversation starter.

Design Features

Hidrate Spark 2.0 is so sleek that you will want to take it to the gym as well as the office. It comes in a frosted translucent bottle available in six different colors. Each bottle color has a matching lid as well as a sensor rod to measure the water volume.

The sensor rod has a three-axis accelerometer that does all the tracking stuff. Combined with the Bluetooth-enabled microprocessor, this bottle will give you drinking reminders throughout the day.

The lid comes with two coin cell batteries. They do not need recharging and will, therefore, last a couple of months. It is a nice touch compared to rechargeable smart water bottles.

On the drinking spout, you have a spring-loaded lid that won’t flop up and down. The bottle also comes with a lanyard that attaches to the bottle. It makes it easy to carry the bottle casually without having to wrap your fingers around it.

Thanks to its texture, you can hold the Spark in wet hands without worrying that it might slip out. Its Tritan plastic body is dishwasher safe. The sensor has to be washed separately, which is the only hard work you’ll have to do. Not to mention that you can put it in the fridge without affecting the quality of the sensor.

Setup and Performance

The first thing in the setup process is to ensure that the lid and sensor create a watertight seal to the bottle. It is a long process, so you better be patient. It involves ensuring that the triangles and grooves align to the base, which should be done after separating the sensor from the cap.

After ensuring that the bottle and lid have a watertight seal, you can proceed to set up the app. It is an Android and iOS app that works well with fitness trackers. These include Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health Kit. All iOS devices operating on version 9.3+ and Android devices 5.3+ are good to pair with Hidrate Spark. Well, except for the iPad 2.

The app allows you to fill in your profile information to create your customized daily goals. It then asks you to calibrate the sensor. You will need to fill water up to the fill line, which is a water drop icon located under the cap. After that, set it on a flat surface for ten seconds.

Another handy feature, besides water tracking, is that you can add your friends so that you can share the progress.

Stuff to Consider

Like Ozmo, Hidrate Spark is also a heavy bottle. With a 24-ounce capacity and 9.1-ounce weight when empty, its overall weight is 2.1 pounds. The weight can become tiring after a few minutes if you are taking a jog with it. Since you need to set it down after every sip for accurate tracking, it can miss sips when you drink during runs.


Hidrate Spark 2.0 is hard to pass on. For its appeal alone, many people will love holding on to it as it flashes to give you drink reminders. With the capability to sync with fitness trackers and different smartphones, more people can take advantage of it.

8. Gululu Interactive Smart Water Bottle Review "for Kids"
  • Reinforces healthy water drinking habits in kids
  • The interactive virtual pet is fun to play with
  • Easy to track water intake on the app
  • Updates every night on the charging pad
  • Battery lasts up to three days
  • Durable and waterproof construction
  • Heavier than most kids’ bottles
  • It is quite pricey
check price

Kids also need to learn to drink water often. But, if they don’t do it yet, you may want to involve the Gululu interactive water bottle.

Design Features

The first thing you and your child will notice is a cute Tamagotchi virtual pet on the window of the bottle. After the adorable Tamagotchi, you will probably notice the rubberized bottle that allows for easy carrying. When sipping on the water, the pet will growl and awaken the virtual underwater world of the bottle.

It is exciting to see that kids can drink more, just to play and get rewards from their pet. Not to mention that two kids can shake their Gululu bottles next to each other so that the pets can become friends and start playing together.

It is a fun-filled game that adds up to the bottom line, which is your kid drinking more water. The bottle comes with a charging mat that allows it to charge wirelessly. Gululu will last for about three days on a full charge.

You will also like the easy-to-clean spout that is indicative of the simplicity to achieve a hygienic bottle amidst active kids. The bottle is waterproof, so no external liquids can get in if it is dropped in pools and puddles.

Setup and Performance

Gululu has a companion app that allows you to set your kid’s hydration goals. The sensors in the bottle relay information about your child’s fluid intake. This app will work with both iOS and Android devices, so no one is left out.

We particularly like that the app will automatically update when the bottle is charging. Every update brings with it new characters with different skills to keep kids interested. You know how fast pets become boring in the eyes of children, so new pets are a welcome update.

Stuff to Consider

This bottle is pricey when you have more than one kid. It can be upwards of $400 if you have three kids. The noise controls are also not ideal since you will find even the lowest setting, which is the school mode, quite noisy.


Gululu takes gamification to a whole new level. It is an interactive smart bottle that motivates kids to drink more water every single day. It is creative, fun, and with a simple initial setup. Seeing that it updates on a daily basis, it is going to be exciting day in day out as kids will not get bored of the same pet.

Smart Water Bottle Buyer’s Guide

You are aware of the importance of drinking water, and how smart water bottles can help you achieve your daily water intake goals. But, finding a good smart water bottle might seem hard. Especially when you notice how many different smart bottles are on the market.

Don’t fret, we have dedicated countless hours to researching smart water bottles. We are here to teach you how to make a smart purchase. You only have to spend a couple of minutes to learn the most useful info about smart water bottles. Before you know it, you will be buying a smart water bottle that suits your lifestyle and fulfills your needs.

Which Features Make a Smart Water Bottle Smart?

There are a couple of features that define smart water bottles. Familiarize yourself with the following features, and you will be one step closer to enjoying your new purchase.

  • Display: Most of the time, you will see a display on the sides of a smart water bottle. The display serves to remind you when to drink. You will notice the display changing color when it’s time to drink. Some displays tell you the temperature of the water in the bottle, while the others will warn you if the water is stale.
  • Apps: Good smart bottles come with an app that you can use on your phone or a smartwatch. The apps can track your water intake, as well as reminding you to drink up. Some apps allow you to set daily hydration goals, which allows you to monitor your progress. If you are serious about changing your habits, look for a smart water bottle that comes with a useful app.
  • Bluetooth: Most of the good smart bottles come with Bluetooth, which they utilize in different ways. Some of the water bottles use Bluetooth to connect to different, supported smart devices. But, the best ones come with Bluetooth speakers that can play your favorite music or podcasts while you are running or riding a bicycle.

Basically, the features that contribute to a water bottle being smart are the ones that you can find in other similar devices. Smart displays that show valuable information, Bluetooth connectivity, and app integration. If a smart water display is missing one of the key features, it is still a smart device. But, the best smart water bottles come with all three of the features we have mentioned.

What Should I Look For in a Smart Water Bottle?

Before you commit to a purchase, think about how you want to use the smart water bottle, and where. Think about the way you lead your life. Are you constantly on the move? Do you enjoy extreme sports? Will you be using your smart water bottle only at home and work? Do you want to take it with you to the gym or on a bicycle ride?

Focus on the way you will be using your new smart water bottle, and you will know which of the following things you should look for.

  • Batteries: Smart water bottles need batteries to work. Some of the smart bottles utilize external batteries, while others use internal ones. Some batteries can work for only a couple of hours before they need to be recharged, while others can work for days. The features of a water bottle influence battery life. So, if you use the Bluetooth speakers, then the battery won’t last you a long time. On the other hand, if you plan to only use the display to remind you when to drink, then the battery might last you for a week or more.
  • Durability: Nobody wants to purchase a smart device only to have it break in a couple of days. So, look for a smart water bottle that can withstand a little bit of punishment. On the other hand, if you enjoy extreme sports, hiking, or cycling, then look for a sturdy water bottle. Most of the water bottles are made from glass, but there are some metal models that can withstand plenty of abuse.
  • Reminder types: Most, if not all smart water bottles have visual reminders. Whenever you need to drink water, the display will let you know by lighting up. Some water bottles combine the lights with an audible sound. So, if you happen to not notice visual reminders, then you might want to try audio reminders. Certain smart water bottles can vibrate, which can also be a decent reminder.
  • Other liquids: Bear in mind that you can use some smart water bottles as a thermos. Some models allow you to store coffee, tea, and other liquids. Note that you will have to clean those water bottles regularly. Our advice is to rinse your smart water bottles with vinegar. First, make sure that you can use your smart water bottle for liquids other than water.

All in all, your way of life and your needs will dictate what kind of a smart water bottle you will enjoy using. Take the factors we have mentioned into consideration, and you will be able to make a smart shopping choice.