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A smart refrigerator is something you want not something you need. As everything we eat at home comes from our fridge, having a smart one makes everything better.

A lot goes into buying a smart refrigerator. You will be balancing the benefits and costs that come with acquiring and maintaining your smart fridge.

Among the top benefits of a smart fridge is the ability to see expiration dates and creating grocery shopping lists without trying too hard. Not to mention seeing what’s in the fridge without opening the door. But, like any smart device, your smart fridge needs frequent software updates and advanced security features.

The last thing you need is someone compromising the security of your online accounts by exploiting the flaws in the fridge. That is why we have considered only the models that ensure you are protected at all times.

In Short

Kenmore Smart 75043 is the top pick for large families. It is an Amazon Alexa-enabled device. You can control all its features with your voice. Kenmore Smart Technology also allows you to control the fridge via an app.

Kenmore is our most affordable choice. But, for more features, we recommend going with the LG LMXS30796D. With a door-in-door design, Smart Cooling Plus, and an LG control app, your kitchen will never look the same again.

1. Kenmore Smart 75043 Review "French Door Bottom-Mount Smart Refrigerator: Editor’s Choice "
  • Large capacity to support large households
  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Genius Cool technology maintains ideal temperatures
  • Fast and easy to use dispenser
  • Slim ice-maker for easy access
  • It has interior LED lighting
  • It does not have an egg holder
  • The main shelves are still a bit small to fit in tall milk bottles.
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There’s a lot to love about the Kenmore Smart 75043. The stainless steel exterior is available in different shades and colors. Customizing the looks and features of this smart fridge is easy.

Design Features

Kenmore Smart 75043 has a 24 cu.ft. Capacity. It is the ideal choice for large households. Kenmore isn’t focusing only on the looks. It also maintains a high level of temperature control, keeping your food fresh for as long as possible.

This smart fridge is aided by the Genius Cool technology. The technology helps it maintain ideal temperatures. The fridge’s electric sensors, a digital temperature controller, and a multi-airflow system make it work well.

We like the whole set up and interior design as it gives you more room to store fresh food. We love its slide-away shelves. They allow you to access the food in the back efficiently. They also allow you to store large and tall items that can’t fit into other places.

The indoor ice-maker is slim and is coupled with in-door shelves to give you more storage room and easy access to the top shelves. Looking at the freezer, you have two pull-out drawers and large baskets for easy organization and accessibility.

Controls and Unique Features

You can control the features of Kenmore Smart 75043 using Amazon Alexa. But, if you are more inclined towards using your smartphone, then you can use Kenmore’s smart app. The app allows you to monitor and adjust the temperatures of the fridge at your convenience.

We wish Kenmore would include a way to tell the actual temperature after you set it up. Nevertheless, you can also activate Accela on the app. It is a rapid ice-making system that saves you time when you need to load up on ice, especially if you have guests.


Unfortunately, out of all the smart fridges we have reviewed, Kenmore has the most customer complaints. If you are missing parts, it can be a long process to get those parts to have the fridge working in excellent condition.


When it comes to getting the right balance of smart features, capacity, and functionality, Kenmore Smart 75043 has got your back. Except for customer support, it the ideal model for many large households.

2. GE Profile PFE28PBLTS Review
  • French-door style offers fast and easy access to fresh food
  • Keurig-Cup brewing system for single-serve brewing
  • GE Kitchen app allows scheduling of hot water
  • It is Wi-Fi-enabled for remote access
  • It has TwinChill Evaporators to separate cooling in the freezer and fridge
  • Flexible shelving makes it easy to store items of different sizes
  • The stainless steel exterior is not smudge proof
  • It does not have a door lock
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GE Profile PFE28PBLTS brings a unique aspect of the smart fridge thanks to the Keurig K-Cup brewing system. You can now get you single-serve brews straight from the refrigerator. And, you can schedule the time for your cup at any time of the day using the GE Kitchen App.

Design Features

GE Profile PFE28PBLTS offers a 27.8 cu.ft. of depth capacity. Much like the Kenmore Smart 75043, it is more than enough to have all your fresh food for a large household. Apart from the size, this fridge goes all in with its TwinChill evaporators that provide separate cooling for the freezer and fresh foods.

This fridge comes with flexible storage. You can use the shelves in their normal size or slide them down when you need to fit tall bottles and odd-sized items. The four split glass shelves are fully adjustable to accommodate your needs.

It comes with six door bins for beverages and milk. Not to mention the crisper drawers that are humidity-controlled to keep fresh food in the right conditions. With the slide-out drawers, you can store cheeses and meats since it is easy to adjust the temperature. There’s also a drop-down drawer and a dairy compartment.

The freezer hosts a door bin and two large storage baskets. It is suitable for all the foods that you want to store for a couple of months. You will like that every section is lit with LEDs that illuminate the interior. The LEDs make it easy to find tucked-away food items.

Smart Controls

GE Profile PFE28PBLTS is Wi-Fi-enabled. You can access it remotely for real-time feedback, and it works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or IFTTT. It allows you to customize the Turbo Cool and Turbo Freeze settings to get the correct temperature of the freezer and fridge sections.

On GE Wi-Fi Connect, you will get notifications when the door is left open and when it’s time to replace the filter. This smart fridge has an advanced filtration system that removes trace pharmaceuticals from ice and water.


This fridge will not accept custom panels, and it comes without wine racks. It provides only the basic functions of a smart fridge, yet it is priced way higher than models in its class.


GE Profile PFE28PBLTS is a distinct model that is excellent in what it does. From being Energy-Star Certified to having Wi-Fi Connect, it offers plenty. Moreover, you can easily customize its temperature settings, making it a good choice.

3. LG LMXS30796D Review "4-French Door InstaView Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Refrigerator "
  • It has the LG 3tier organization system
  • It is fingerprint resistant
  • It is Wi-Fi enabled
  • Door-in-door system saves up to 47% of energy
  • It has a CustomChill drawer with four temperature settings
  • InstaView window illuminates the interior without opening the door
  • The ColdSaver Panel reduces cold air loss
  • There are complaints about the ice maker jamming
  • The app needs to be improved
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When it comes to fridges, LG is one of the top drivers of technological progress. And, as usual, this brand is always keen to give us the specs that we actually need. The LG LMXS30796D has a super capacity, and every inch is usable, but most importantly, useful.

Design Features

With a double French door style, LG LMXS30796D offers a superior way of accessing food without opening all the doors. With the Insta View door, you can knock on the door to illuminate the interior. This way, you won’t lose cold air as you can see the food that’s inside, which is pretty cool.

Inside this fridge are spill-protected shelving, humidity-controlled crispers, and six door bins. It also gives you a flexible Glide N’ Serve drawer that comes in handy when you have food that needs specific temperatures. The LG CustomChill drawer is another cool feature since it has four different cooling settings. It can act as a fresh food drawer or you can convert into a freezer.

LG LMXS30796D uses its Smart Cooling System. It is a system designed to maintain ideal temperatures in the refrigerator. It has dual Evaporators and a linear compressor that react quickly to temperature levels and humidity. The mentioned features do wonder at keeping your food fresh for a long time.

The Fresh Air Filter goes all in to keep your refrigerator bacteria-free. And, the Multi-Airflow vents reach all corners of the interior surfaces. You won’t be storing bad food tucked away in the back of the fridge.

Smart Controls

The LG Smartphone app is the ultimate control system for your smart fridge. From making extra ice with the tap of your finger to getting notifications about an open door, nothing happens without you knowing it.

The SmartDiagnosis System diagnoses problems so that you can call LG representatives for help. It can also give you troubleshooting steps so you can undertake proper procedures in time.


This fridge does not have a QuickFreeze option. Warm foods can cause fluctuations in the interior temperature, even more so if you store a hot pot. The shelves don’t slide out, so accessing food in the back can be a bit tricky.


LG LMXS30796D comes with intriguing features, no doubt. It is a unique model owing to its easy food access and viewing without opening the entire door. It saves you energy and its self-diagnosis system is top-notch. Who wouldn’t like such conveniences?

4. Samsung RF28JBEDBS Review "4-French Door: Best Samsung Smart Fridge "
  • Simple adjustments on the digital control
  • It comes with spill-proof, glass shelves
  • It has a FlexZone drawer with four temperature settings
  • Food Showcase Door provides easy viewing of food and fast access
  • LED lighting in both the freezer and fresh food areas
  • EZ-Open handle to open the freezer door easily
  • The filter needs changing after a short while
  • There are complaints about poor customer support
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Samsung RF28JBEDS is an energy-star rated smart refrigerator. It boasts a commercial-grade quality of the build. If you are fond of highly-perishable food, then you might love this smart fridge. It is built to work smart using Twin Cooling Plus to keep your food fresh for long.

Design Features

Samsung RF28JBEDS features a 27.8 cu.ft. capacity. It comes with a 4-door design that includes a Food Showcase Door for easy viewing and fast access to food. It brings convenience and energy saving with its metal cooling that keeps the interior cool by providing a tight seal for cold air.

The stainless steel paneling helps maintain a consistent temperature in all parts of the fridge.

The interior of this fridge is replete with adjustable shelves to facilitate organization. With the FlexZone drawer, you can organize food according to its use or in freezing compartments using the smart divider.

The Ice Master ice maker gives you fresh water and ice 24 hours a day. It can store 4.2 pounds of ice and produce up to 10 pounds of ice in a day.

We like that Samsung RF28JBEDS has energy-efficient LEDs. Thanks to the LEDs, every corner of the fridge is bright, and the LEDs don’t emit too much heat. With this type of LED lighting, you will see more space saved than with traditional light bulbs.

Smart Controls

Samsung RF28JBEDS cannot be controlled remotely. It has four temperature settings that you perform on the touch control panel on the face of the fridge. It has an alarm that is set off when the door is left open. Better still, it includes a child lock that keeps toddlers out of your refrigerator when you are not watching.


This fridge is a lot of work to maintain since you need to clean the filter extensively every month. There have also been reports about the ice maker being slow after a few months of use. Not all people have this problem though.


Samsung RF28JBEDS is an attractive option and adequate for most people’s needs. Unfortunately, it is expensive, but some of its features are in the middle ground. It takes a long time to reach freezing temperatures, which may consume more energy than you’d like.

5. LG LFXS30766S Review "30cu.ft. Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Door-In-Door Fridge "
  • It has a door-in-door design
  • It has a 3-tier organization system
  • Dual Evaporators keep different temperature levels for the fridge and freezer sections
  • It offers a temperature-controlled Glide N’ drawer
  • Vents are placed strategically for superior cooling
  • Effortless controls through the SmarthThinQ app
  • It does not accept custom panels
  • The cooling system seems to start having problems after 3-4 years
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LG LFXS30766S comes at a lofty price, but it will save you numerous grocery shopping trips thanks to its generous capacity.

Design Features

The door-in-door feature is one of the most attractive features of this fridge, apart from the beautiful stainless steel finish. It allows you to access most of your food without opening the main compartment just like in its LG LMXS30796D cousin.

You don’t get the ColdSaver panel in the interior of this model. But, it manages to lock in the cold air using a tight seal at all times. We like that this model has dual evaporators that maintain the ideal climatic conditions inside the fridge. It also includes a linear compressor that stabilizes temperatures in the shortest time possible.

When it comes to organizing items, this fridge has the Slim SpacePlus Ice System located behind the door to save on space. The spill-safe shelves slide out to provide the space you need when dealing with tall and wide items. It also gives you fresh-food drawers and nine food bins that are more than sufficient for most homes.

Smart Controls

LG’s SmartCooling system is controlled using the LG SmartThinQ app. It gives you remote access from anywhere to achieve superior temperature control. The app works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The fridge has won most people’s hearts since it is easy to maintain the ideal temperature in the fresh food and freezer sections. It retains moisture which keeps your spinach from rotting. It is such a lovely model to own.


Unfortunately, it is not without some drawbacks. It has an unusually low ice capacity. You will want it to satisfy small needs rather than those of many guests.


LG LFXS30766S is a large model that is a top-performer among smart fridges. This fridge offers top cooling and functionality that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Smart Fridge Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are making a new kitchen or simply updating your old one, a fridge will, probably, be the centerpiece. Smart fridges are becoming affordable, and they are no longer reserved only for the 1%.

Before you can buy a smart fridge that will warrant its price, you need to know how to find the best one for you. The problem is that the information related to smart fridges is sporadic. We sat down, buckled up, and spent a lot of time gathering relevant information to save you time.

Types of Smart Fridges

When it comes to types of fridges, smart refrigerators are very similar to their older non-smart siblings. The differences boil down to the location of the freezer, size of the fridge, door type, and a couple of other things.

  • Top freezer: This is the most classic look for a fridge. Most of the time you will see one door, but some models come with two. Of course, the freezer is on the top, and it is usually opened by pulling the door to the side. If you are feeling nostalgic about the days of yore, then a top freezer smart fridge might be for you.
  • Bottom freezer: This type of smart fridge holds the freezer at the bottom. You will most likely open the freezer by pulling it out like a drawer. Some models come with one door, while the others come with two.
  • Side by side: This smart fridge has two compartment doors. You open them by pulling them open from the middle of the unit. Most of the time the freezer is located on the left-hand side. Some models come with an ice and water dispenser on the outside of the door, but some don’t.
  • French door: This type of smart fridge looks like a combination of the side by side type and the bottom freezer type. So, the doors are opened from the middle, and the freezer on the bottom is opened like a drawer.

Think about the location of the fridge. Ask yourself if you will be able to open the fridge door(s) without bumping other kitchen elements. As soon as you know the location of your future smart fridge, you will know which type suits your needs the most.

Useful Features to Look For

There are a few useful features of smart fridges that you should know about. Most of them can be found in regular fridges, but some can only be found in smart ones.

  • Water and ice dispenser: This feature has become a common one with all the fridges, but it is a feature worth having. You push a button and water or ice comes out. Simple, yet very useful.
  • Compartment space: Think about how many family members you have, and how much food and drinks you use. Think whether all the food and drinks you need to refrigerate can fit into your new smart fridge. Always go for more compartment space than you need – it is better to have it and not need it, then to not have it and need it.
  • Temperature control: Temperature control is a standard feature of all the smart refrigerators. But, some smart fridges allow you to control the temperature of individual compartments. If you need different temperatures in various compartments of your fridge, then this feature will make your life easier.
  • Humidity control: Good smart fridges allow you to control humidity, which is an extremely useful feature. If you are storing dried goods, then you will need to use less humidity. Contrarily, if you store fruits, vegetables, and other fresh produce, then you will have to use more humidity.
  • Rapid cooling: Different manufacturers use names like Quick Cool, Power Cooling, Express Chill, and similar, to describe this feature. Basically, smart fridges with this feature allow you to rapidly cool or freeze food items. If you need to quickly chill beverages, then this feature is a must-have.
  • Wi-Fi: Some smart fridges come with a Wi-Fi connection. It allows you to browse recipes, monitor the temperature on your phone, control the settings, and more. Some models will even notify you when the door is open and when to replace the filter.
  • Assistants: Plenty of smart fridges out there come with a personal assistant like the Amazon Alexa. Voice assistants allow you to check the weather, manage shopping lists, play music, and plenty more.
  • Speakers: Good smart fridges come with built-in speakers that allow you to play music or listen to a podcast. While this feature is not a necessity, we think that it can make your time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable.
  • Touch-screen: Touch screens on smart fridges add plenty of convenience to your kitchen. You can set food expiration dates, see the content of your fridge, leave notes, upload photos, and more.
  • Adjustable shelves: The best smart fridges allow you to arrange and adjust the shelves in any way you want. It is a useful feature that saves space and gives you more control over your refrigerator.
  • Noise: Nowadays, most of people have open kitchens that are connected to the living room or other rooms. The problem is that some smart fridges tend to be noisy. So, if you want to eliminate the noise problem, try to find a smart refrigerator that doesn’t produce a lot of noise.
  • Handles: Handles are, most of the time, the only part of a smart fridge that sticks out. You will find models with smooth and curvaceous handles but also models with straight and textured handles. Some models come without handles, instead, they have grooves on the sides of the door.

You probably won’t need all of the features we have mentioned, but it is good to know that they are available. Think hard about which of the features you will use the most, and find a smart fridge that has them all. You should also consider some of the features that you won’t use often, but they could make your life in the kitchen more tolerable.

Remember to protect your Wi-Fi connection with a password, because you wouldn’t want any intruders snooping around your fridge.