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If you like your home to be filled with the latest smart devices, upgrading to one of the best smart fridges is the next logical step. Whether you want one so you can catch the news or for easier servicing, we’ve got a model just for you.

Today, we’re looking at 10 great smart fridges that are sure to make life just a little less hectic. We carefully reviewed several units and have narrowed down what we feel are the best of the bunch.

Don’t Have Time to Read the Whole Article?

Out of all the great smart fridges we ranked, GE’s Profile was the best overall. It’s beautiful, spacious, and even sports a built-in Keurig coffee maker! Now you can cut down on your morning routine by letting your fridge handle the tedious tasks.

If innovation is what you’re after, you have to check out Samsung’s Family Hub. This high-tech smart fridge boasts a large capacity and unique touchscreen display. From here, you can check the weather, watch programs, or listen to music. With so much to do, kitchen work will never be the same again.

Top 10 Best Smart Fridges

Now that you’ve seen a couple of our favorites, let’s move on and check out the rest of our reviews. We think you will be thoroughly impressed with what the following entries have to offer.

1. GE Profile Review - Best Overall
  • Deep freezer space
  • Highly accessible
  • Lots of shelves
  • French doors
  • Well-built
  • Quite expensive
check price

As the name suggests, this is one of GE’s Profile line of appliances. If you’re in need of space, this fridge certainly delivers. Nearly 28 cubic square feet are at your disposal, giving you enough room to comfortably house a large variety of foods.

The French door style makes food quite accessible. All refrigerated foods are kept up top, while the freezer gets its own section directly below. This gives you much more space for each designated area.

Pulling out the bottom drawer reveals an interesting setup that works quite well. A deep bay stores a variety of frozen food items. You can adjust a divider in this bay to better accommodate boxes and bags of food. Directly above the bay is a pull-out shelving system. This shelf holds an impressive amount of items, as well.

And since there’s no need to store ice in the freezer, you’ll have much more space to stock up. This is because there’s an ice maker/water supply equipped in the left-hand refrigerator door. But even handier is the built-in Keurig. You can brew your favorite K-cup blends directly from your fridge thanks to the hot water dispenser.

The interface is beautiful, featuring a backlit LED screen. This shows your current selection and other settings. This setup works well and looks classy. The inset bay is fairly big, giving you enough room for pitchers and ice bowls.

The inside of the fridge area has plenty of drawers and shelves, each of which is very user-friendly. They slide open smoothly thanks to their precision craftsmanship. The inside of the French doors have lots of sturdy shelves that are capable of holding several food items with ease.


  • Weighs 423 pounds
  • 27.8 total cubic feet
  • 69 x 36 x 36 inches
  • Keurig dispenser
  • Wi-Fi-ready

Ease of Use

GE did a splendid job of making this fridge very user-friendly. The overall design serves to make every part of the appliance a cinch to access and operate. The interface looks great and works just as well.

Being able to connect the fridge to Wi-Fi opens up even greater accessibility. It’s compatible with Amazon Echo, too. The two sync up easily for added versatility.

2. Samsung Family Hub Review - Most Innovative
  • Innovative concept
  • Beautiful finish
  • Lots of space
  • Easy to sync
  • Very pricey
  • Small ice maker
check price

Out of all the entries we looked at, Samsung’s Family Hub impressed us the most with its innovative design. This spacious fridge is truly a work of art. It looks stunning and is well-crafted, giving you a user-friendly experience.

The first thing you’ll notice is its unique four-door construction. You get access to quite a bit of room thanks to the shelving system installed within each of the doors. Now, these shelves aren’t as deep as some of the other entries out there. But, you can move these up and down to better house your goods.

The lower half is rather innovative in itself. It is divided into two separate sections. The left side is your freezer area. But the right side can be used as either another freezer or a fridge. Depending on how much you’re stocking at any one time, this can be quite useful.

Each side features pull-out bins that are deep and accommodating. The upper portion is built much the same way, although there is not a divider like you find in the bottom section. There are lots of shelves and a couple of deep bins. You’ll also find access to the ice maker unit for easy servicing.

You get a total of 22 cubic feet. We found this to be plenty of space to work with. There’s a handy water/ice maker built into the top left door. The main attraction here, though, is the huge touchscreen display on the right-side door.

Its functions are similar to an Android device, displaying news, weather, and more. It features Samsung’s Bixby (think Amazon’s Alexa), that lets you tell it to add grocery items and things of that nature. You can even play music through the refrigerator if you like. That’s right, there are built-in speakers, too.

As you can imagine, you’re going to pay quite a bit for this high-tech appliance. But if you’re the type who likes to have the latest cutting-edge hardware, you’ll be pleased with all that it has to offer.


  • Touchscreen controls
  • Bixby voice assistant
  • Weighs 302 pounds
  • 36 x 72 x 29 inches
  • 22 total cubic feet

Ease of Use

Loading up food into the fridge is easy thanks to its accessible shelves and bins. If you’re at all familiar with using a smartphone or tablet, you’ll feel right at home with the built-in touchscreen. It can be a little sluggish at times, so don’t expect lightning-fast results.

3. GE Café Counter-Depth Review - Most Attractiveé-Counter-Depth-92x175.jpg
  • Absolutely beautiful
  • Solid build-quality
  • TwinChill feature
  • Lots of room
  • It’s expensive
  • Voice functionality is limited
check price

If you want to add some serious class to your kitchen, GE’s Café line is the way to go. The construction of this refrigerator is nothing short of stunning. Its style borrows from the golden age of appliances while adding its own modern flavor.

You can customize the Café to a degree by choosing from four different types of brushed handles. Whether bronze, stainless steel, black, or copper, each look gorgeous and suit the matte white unit well. These combine to deliver a very attractive refrigerator.

Inside, you get loads of room for groceries. Shelves are deep and accommodating, with enough space for cartons and bottles. The freezer section is a large pull-out drawer located underneath the refrigerator’s French doors. Its 7.2-cubic feet capacity is large enough to store frozen goods of many shapes and sizes.

In total, you’re looking at 23.1 cubic feet of storage capacity. And thanks to GE’s TwinChill evaporator system, your food stays fresh much longer. It also works to prevent freezer burn.

The Café is also equipped with Wi-Fi Connect. This feature allows you to sync the refrigerator up to your smart device or Amazon Alexa. Doing this lets you use voice controls to change settings from another room.

It’s likely not a feature you’ll use very often. Although it is nice to be able to preheat water in the morning before you get out of bed. But really, the main draw with the Café is definitely its aesthetics. This is a very attractive unit that will brighten up any kitchen.


  • Weighs 333 pounds
  • 23.1 total cubic feet
  • 74 x 40 x 36 inches
  • Water dispenser
  • Wi-Fi-ready

Ease of Use

Shelving is easy to adjust, while drawers open smoothly. The added Wi-Fi does give the unit greater versatility, limited as it is. The TwinChill system works wonders for eliminating pesky freezer burn. This makes it much easier to both store and remove frozen goods.

4. LG InstaView Review - Easiest to Use
  • Handy SmartDiagnosis
  • Unique concept
  • Attractive unit
  • Bright lighting
  • Lots of room
  • Expensive
check price

LG’s InstaView is a rather unique entry. It’s one of the more expensive refrigerators you can buy. But it’s absolutely loaded with smart features and plenty of room.

The most obvious difference you will immediately notice is that this model has a large window on the right-side door. This lets you keep an eye on your grocery level without digging through its contents.

You are somewhat limited in what you can see, but it’s an attractive unit that adds character to any kitchen. The left door is equipped with a built-in water and ice terminal. There’s also a touch panel that lets you change settings and make selections.

This terminal is fairly spacious and can easily house pitchers for filling. It is definitely a lot higher than others and can accommodate wares as tall as 12.6 inches.

LG used Smart Cooling to ensure that food is always kept at the proper temperatures. It will make adjustments as needed so that your food stays fresh. Humidity controls work to prolong the life of fruits and veggies.

In the event that you run into problems, LG installed SmartDiagnosis. This handy feature allows an LG service center to remotely diagnose your InstaView over the phone. This saves you money on expensive service calls and repairs.

This smart fridge comes with a linear compressor that is backed by a 10-year warranty. We like seeing this, as it gives owners peace of mind that important components are covered.


  • Weighs 404 pounds
  • CustomChill drawer
  • 38 x 33 x 73 inches
  • InstaView window
  • 23 total cubic feet

Ease of Use

Being able to see what’s in the fridge helps cut down on opening the door. We like how easy the drawers and shelves work with the InstaView, too. They are very user-friendly and a breeze to manage.

5. Kenmore French-Door Smart Fridge Review - Best for Large Families
  • Great for bigger families
  • Food stays fresh
  • Plenty of space
  • Decent value
  • Questionable quality control
check price

One of the more annoying issues with stainless steel appliances is how easily they smudge. Kenmore works to eliminate this common problem by using a special coating. Fingerprints are less apt to show, keeping your smart fridge looking as new as the day you got it.

That’s a big plus considering how many people will likely be having a peek inside every day. This unit was built with large families in mind. It boasts a massive 28 cubic square foot capacity. You get lots of shelves and drawers to make stocking groceries easier. You can adjust them any way you like to better accommodate your family’s favorites.

Kenmore also included many beneficial features to help extend the longevity of their smart fridge. A built-in smart diagnostic program makes it easier to service while cutting down on unnecessary repair calls.

And with its Wi-Fi connectivity, you can use voice commands from afar to change and monitor the temperature. You can also turn on filters or start up ice-making. The voice functions are much more robust here, making great use of the feature.

If you’re buying this model due to having a large family, being able to remotely adjust your fridge’s settings can be a big deal. You have enough on your plate as it is; these features just make your life more manageable.

Another nice feature to see is Cool Edge. Oftentimes on refrigerators, it’s a bad idea to keep colder items on door shelves. Thanks to Cool Edge, you can put things like milk anywhere you like. This keeps the temperature level all throughout the interior.

A built-in water and ice terminal rounds out what is an excellent addition to any kitchen. Kenmore thought of just about everything here and it really pays off. Items stay equally cool and fresh throughout, ensuring your family is eating the freshest foods.

This smart fridge is still costly, but for everything you’re getting, it’s reasonable. With all of its smart features and large capacity, we think you and your family will be mighty pleased with your investment.


  • Cool Edge technology
  • Dual freezer doors
  • 28 total cubic feet
  • Smudge-resistant
  • Alexa-compatible

Ease of Use

While voice controls on a refrigerator are often limited, they work rather well here. They are much more robust compared to other models. Your family will have an easy time getting food thanks to the user-friendly design of the drawers and shelves.

6. Bosch 800 Series Review - Best for New Homeowners
  • Excellent lighting
  • Flush installation
  • Food stays fresh
  • Beautiful finish
  • Smaller capacity
check price

Bosch’s 800 Series line of appliances are some of the best kitchen-friendly units produced. Their stainless steel three-door smart fridge is no different. This beauty is sure to transform any kitchen into an attraction.

The design of this 36-inch refrigerator matches perfectly with Bosch’s other 800 Series products. It’s made in a way that sits nicely next to cabinetry and countertops. It’s not as deep as other units, giving you a seamless and flush fit.

If you’re building a new home or just want to open up your kitchen a bit more, this is a great fridge to consider. Since it doesn’t stick out as far, you’ll have a lot more floor space available to you.

At 20.7 cubic feet, the total capacity isn’t quite as accommodating to a great deal of groceries. Those with large families will probably want to steer clear. But if you’re just starting out, the 800 Series makes a fine choice.

Smart LED lighting thoroughly illuminates the interior for complete and easy visibility. Dual AirCool technology works to deliver and maintain the right temperature in the fridge. This helps keep your foods fresh as long as possible while eliminating odors.

There’s even constant humidity control that aids in this, as well. While there’s no voice commands, you get enough features to ensure your food tastes great.


  • Weighs 294 pounds
  • 20.7 total cubic feet
  • 36 x 25 x 70 inches
  • SuperFreeze
  • SuperCool

Ease of Use

Although the capacity is on the smaller side, food access and storage is user-friendly. The drawers and shelves are a breeze to adjust to your liking. This helps free up more space for larger food items, too.

7. Fisher Paykel RF170WDLUX5 Review - Best Temperature Control
  • Food stays fresh longer
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Left or right hinge
  • Durable build
  • No ice maker
  • Small capacity
  • Sides aren’t stainless steel
check price

This feature-heavy smart fridge works to keep your food items as fresh as possible. Thanks to clever craftsmanship and technology, you get a very user-friendly appliance.

One of the most important things a refrigerator can do for your food is to provide accurate and even temperatures. Fisher Paykel equipped this model with two sensors that work independently. They monitor both of the compartments’ temperature at all times.

From there, the enhanced ActiveSmart feature takes over to make adjustments when necessary. If you place a plate of warm leftovers in the fridge, ActiveSmart will work to lower the temperature back to its original level.

On top of that, smart humidity control works to ensure food items like fruits and vegetables stay fresh, as well. By reducing humidity, you can count on your food lasting longer than ever.

Drawers are a cinch to open and close, and shelves can be adjusted with ease. For even more convenience, there is a built-in water dispenser.

The only thing we didn’t like was that this fridge doesn’t have stainless steel on its sides. For those whose kitchens are designed to show off more of the refrigerator, keep this in mind. The sides don’t look bad or anything. They just don’t look as classy as a solid stainless steel unit.


  • Weighs 245 pounds
  • 17.1 total cubic feet
  • 29 x 33 x 69 inches
  • Smart controls
  • LED lighting

Ease of Use

With only 17.1 cubic feet of space to work with, this unit isn’t meant for larger families. You’ll likely need to get creative in how you stock food, regardless of your family size.

8. LG Signature Review - Best Features
  • Loaded with cool tech
  • Auto Door feature
  • Nice touchscreen
  • User-friendly
  • Insanely expensive
check price

This behemoth of a smart fridge is jam-packed with some pretty cool features. It has the largest capacity of all our reviews, measuring in at 30.8 cubic feet.

So, why did we say Kenmore’s 28-cubic foot fridge was better for large families and not this one? It’s simple, really. LG’s Signature costs nearly $6,000 more. We think most families would rather put that money toward, you know, their family.

But don’t let the astronomical price scare you away. This unit is pricey for a reason. Well, several, actually. For one, its storage space is absolutely massive. If you have trouble finding a place for groceries, you’re buying too much.

It comes equipped with LG’s FRESHShield. This ensures that your food stays consistently cool, even when the door opens. And speaking of which, the Signature does that on its own. This works by projecting the words ‘Door Open’ onto the floor. When you step on it, the door opens.

The ever-handy Door-in-Door lets you store more food by sporting bonus doors within the main doors. With so much nifty storage space, you’ll be hard-pressed to run out of room.

To make finding that midnight snack easier, the shelves of the Signature feature lighting underneath. With LUMIShelf, as it’s called, you’ll always find what you’re looking for.

There’s even a chilled pantry inside. You can set this to its own independent temperature to keep select meats and other items just right.

The InstaView window lets you see what’s inside without opening the door. But it’s also equipped with Wi-Fi. Not only that, it’s a touchscreen, too. You can leave notes, make lists, and a whole lot more. Now that you’ve seen most of the Signature’s features, you’ll be better prepared for the sticker shock.


  • 30.8 total cubic feet
  • 37 x 39 x 72 inches
  • InstaView window
  • Automatic door
  • LUMIShelf

Ease of Use

Packed with some incredible features, nearly everyone will find the Signature a joy to use. Due to its steep price, however, it’s likely that very few will.

9. LG 2D Bottom Mount Review - Best Budget Smart Fridge
  • Food stays fresh
  • Bright lighting
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Limited features
  • Small freezer area
check price

If you’re on a tight budget but want to upgrade to a smart fridge, LG makes it possible. Their 2D model is a bit limited on features, but it does a fine job of keeping your food fresh. Thanks to Smart Cooling, proper temperature is maintained throughout the refrigerator.

At 24.1 cubic feet, the 2D’s capacity is plenty enough for small- to medium-sized families. It sports a pull-out freezer located on the bottom of the unit for quick and easy access.

Other smart features include LED lighting that illuminates the 2D’s contents for better visibility. You also get SmartDiagnosis for easier maintenance in the event of an issue. You’ll have an easier time troubleshooting the cause by allowing an LG service center to remotely diagnose your smart fridge.


  • 24.1 total cubic feet
  • 33 x 35 x 70 inches
  • SmartDiagnosis
  • Smart Cooling
  • LED lighting

Ease of Use

Thanks to the helpful SmartDiagnosis making a return on the 2D, you’ll have an easier time troubleshooting any problems that might arise. Easy pull-out drawers and adjustable shelves round out this user-friendly LG.

Smart Fridge Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are making a new kitchen or simply updating your old one, a fridge will, probably, be the centerpiece. Smart fridges are becoming affordable, and they are no longer reserved only for the 1%.

Before you can buy a smart fridge that will warrant its price, you need to know how to find the best one for you. The problem is that the information related to smart fridges is sporadic. We sat down, buckled up, and spent a lot of time gathering relevant information to save you time.

Types of Smart Fridges

When it comes to types of fridges, smart refrigerators are very similar to their older non-smart siblings. The differences boil down to the location of the freezer, size of the fridge, door type, and a couple of other things.

  • Top freezer: This is the most classic look for a fridge. Most of the time you will see one door, but some models come with two. Of course, the freezer is on the top, and it is usually opened by pulling the door to the side. If you are feeling nostalgic about the days of yore, then a top freezer smart fridge might be for you.
  • Bottom freezer: This type of smart fridge holds the freezer at the bottom. You will most likely open the freezer by pulling it out like a drawer. Some models come with one door, while the others come with two.
  • Side by side: This smart fridge has two compartment doors. You open them by pulling them open from the middle of the unit. Most of the time the freezer is located on the left-hand side. Some models come with an ice and water dispenser on the outside of the door, but some don’t.
  • French door: This type of smart fridge looks like a combination of the side by side type and the bottom freezer type. So, the doors are opened from the middle, and the freezer on the bottom is opened like a drawer.

Think about the location of the fridge. Ask yourself if you will be able to open the fridge door(s) without bumping other kitchen elements. As soon as you know the location of your future smart fridge, you will know which type suits your needs the most.

Useful Features to Look For

There are a few useful features of smart fridges that you should know about. Most of them can be found in regular fridges, but some can only be found in smart ones.

  • Water and ice dispenser: This feature has become a common one with all the fridges, but it is a feature worth having. You push a button and water or ice comes out. Simple, yet very useful.
  • Compartment space: Think about how many family members you have, and how much food and drinks you use. Think whether all the food and drinks you need to refrigerate can fit into your new smart fridge. Always go for more compartment space than you need – it is better to have it and not need it, then to not have it and need it.
  • Temperature control: Temperature control is a standard feature of all the smart refrigerators. But, some smart fridges allow you to control the temperature of individual compartments. If you need different temperatures in various compartments of your fridge, then this feature will make your life easier.
  • Humidity control: Good smart fridges allow you to control humidity, which is an extremely useful feature. If you are storing dried goods, then you will need to use less humidity. Contrarily, if you store fruits, vegetables, and other fresh produce, then you will have to use more humidity.
  • Rapid cooling: Different manufacturers use names like Quick Cool, Power Cooling, Express Chill, and similar, to describe this feature. Basically, smart fridges with this feature allow you to rapidly cool or freeze food items. If you need to quickly chill beverages, then this feature is a must-have.
  • Wi-Fi: Some smart fridges come with a Wi-Fi connection. It allows you to browse recipes, monitor the temperature on your phone, control the settings, and more. Some models will even notify you when the door is open and when to replace the filter.
  • Assistants: Plenty of smart fridges out there come with a personal assistant like the Amazon Alexa. Voice assistants allow you to check the weather, manage shopping lists, play music, and plenty more.
  • Speakers: Good smart fridges come with built-in speakers that allow you to play music or listen to a podcast. While this feature is not a necessity, we think that it can make your time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable.
  • Touch-screen: Touch screens on smart fridges add plenty of convenience to your kitchen. You can set food expiration dates, see the content of your fridge, leave notes, upload photos, and more.
  • Adjustable shelves: The best smart fridges allow you to arrange and adjust the shelves in any way you want. It is a useful feature that saves space and gives you more control over your refrigerator.
  • Noise: Nowadays, most of people have open kitchens that are connected to the living room or other rooms. The problem is that some smart fridges tend to be noisy. So, if you want to eliminate the noise problem, try to find a smart refrigerator that doesn’t produce a lot of noise.
  • Handles: Handles are, most of the time, the only part of a smart fridge that sticks out. You will find models with smooth and curvaceous handles but also models with straight and textured handles. Some models come without handles, instead, they have grooves on the sides of the door.

You probably won’t need all of the features we have mentioned, but it is good to know that they are available. Think hard about which of the features you will use the most, and find a smart fridge that has them all. You should also consider some of the features that you won’t use often, but they could make your life in the kitchen more tolerable.

Remember to protect your Wi-Fi connection with a password, because you wouldn’t want any intruders snooping around your fridge.