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Immersive gaming comes easy with the right gaming setup.

Between multiple monitors, towers, cooling systems, speakers, hard drives and graphics cards, you need to enjoy the game. But, if your space is currently crammed, finding the balance can be tricky.

The first thing to do, when choosing a gaming desk, should be to compare how much room you need to the actual space that you have. Consider the ergonomics of the desk. Can it fit your gaming chair? Is it comfortable to sit or stand in front of it?

The last thing you want is neck and back pain that can cost you a game, or worse, your health.

Today’s post covers models from the top brands. We look at only the most durable and functional gaming desks that meet specific gaming needs. If you are a gamer with lots of peripherals that clutter your gaming space, you will find this article enlightening.

Our top gaming desks rise to the challenge of meeting your gaming needs. Let’s have an in-depth look at the ten best choices.

In Short

So, which is the best gaming desk? Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro is designed to meet most of your needs. It includes a monitor and smartphone stand as well as a charging station and speaker stands that double as game storage. All your gaming gear will be easy to organize.

If you are looking for the perfect gaming corner desk, Walker Edison AZ51B29 Soreno is the most impressive 3-in-1 desk. It can transform into three configurations such that it can be L-shaped, two desks, or one long table. With a 300-pound weight limit, it is ideal for multiple monitors.

1. Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro Curved Front Review "Best Gaming Desk Under $100"
  • Stores up to 10 games and two controllers
  • Offers room for speakers and a power strip
  • It has trim plates for cable management
  • Lightweight at 43 pounds
  • Monitor stand is optional
  • Does not include a separate tower stand
  • Difficult to fit in a corner because of the wire speaker shelves
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Focus on winning instead of a poorly placed monitor with Atlantic Gaming Pro Desk. It is hard not to like this desk. From the build quality to the gaming-oriented features, it offers the most comfortable gaming experience.

Build Quality

Apart from being super long and wide, this desk has a carbon fiber laminated top. It has a distinct appearance that no other brand has been able to replicate. It offers an incredible strength ratio such that you can use it with gaming monitors as heavy as 40 pounds.

The top has superior corrosion resistance to last years before you ever think of changing things up. It is complemented by a powder-coated steel frame to ensure durability in top condition.

Atlantic Gaming Pro has built-in wire management to maintain a sleek appearance free of wires.

Functional Features

This gaming desk is designed to support the most intense gaming sessions. It can hold a total of ten games and four controllers. The desk includes a monitor stand. It is useful for monitors up to 32 inches. It also comes with a speaker and a phone stand. It allows you to charge your phone conveniently from the stand, so you never have to leave your gaming station.

It also offers an under-desk basket, a cup holder, and a headphone hook. All of the gaming essentials are at an arm’s length. What more would you need to create the perfect gaming environment?

Stuff to Consider

The surge protector and front drawer do not attach tightly. Not that anything is going to fall off, but it is annoying that every time you pull on the drawer, it feels like it’s going to come tumbling down.


Atlantic Gaming Pro Desk is the definition of ‘perfect’ in gaming. It is lightweight and not complicated to set up and use at all. Every accessory is optional meaning you can choose to ignore the stand if you have two monitors. You can assemble this gaming desk without any problems, it is straightforward. All the bits and pieces complement each other to create the ideal gaming desk.

2. Mojo Gamers Pro Review "Best Standing Gaming Desk "
  • Comes with the MagicSnap cable chain
  • Meets BIFMA standards of quality and durability
  • It has a 5-year warranty on frame and electronics
  • It has a 30-day risk free trial period
  • Safety motion sensors stop desk from lowering when a child or pet is underneath
  • Requires two people to assemble
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We spend countless hours in front of gaming computers. As many people recognize the advantages of a standing desk, Mojo has designed their sit-to-stand desk for gaming.

Build Quality

Mojo Gamer Pro is about durability while taking care not to leave a large footprint in the environment. That’s why this desk has a high-quality construction from carbon fiber and a steel base. It has 3-stage, steel, telescoping legs that are easy to adjust using four preset buttons.

The large desk surface will accommodate a beastly gaming rig as well as two monitors, and lots of peripherals. It is constructed with zero keyboard bounce and wobble even at its highest, and when loaded up with a full gaming setup.

With the laminate top surface, there is no need to spend extra money looking for a mousepad. It provides similar responsiveness as some of the best mouse pads.

Mojo Gamer Pro also includes an intuitive wire management system. Mojo calls it MagicSnap since it uses a magnet that helps manage under-desk hanging cables for a clean, uncluttered look.

Functional Features

Mojo Gamer Pro comes with five accessories for gaming. It gives you a CPU hanger and a monitor arm. It allows you to have enough room on the desk for peripherals like microphones, speakers, and the like.

The power bar, cable chain, and cable tray are all part of the functional accessories, no wonder it sells at a hefty price. But, considering that it is more expensive to buy the items separately, Mojo still wins when it comes to value.

We also like the beveled edge on Mojo Gamer Pro. It provides wrist and arm comfort, especially during long hours of gaming.

Stuff to Consider

This desk is quite heavy. You can’t assemble it on your own because it comes in four heavy boxes. You will need to assemble everything on to the metal frame and not all the parts are labeled.


Mojo Gamer Pro is for avid gamers. It adjusts to your height requirements on demand. This makes it easy to use it with a gaming chair. The desk is of high quality, durable, and safe for both kids and adults. Its ergonomic construction warms the hearts of many gamers, and we are sure you will find it interesting.

3. Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Review "Best Budget Gaming Desk "
  • Solid aluminum frame
  • Lots of space for one and dual monitor setups
  • Offers room for controllers, headphones, and a cup
  • Cool LED lighting
  • Edge coverings are plastic
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Eureka Ergonomics Z1-S is the ideal pick for those looking for a simple gaming desk with great features. It is not fancy at all, but it has a durable frame and plenty of space for all your gaming peripherals.

Build Quality

The first thing to notice on this desk is the Z-frame. It has aluminum construction, designed to withstand lots of pressure from gaming rigs. It allows for one-monitor setup, a gaming console, keyboard and enough room for your hands and the mouse.

With a mount stand, this desk can also accommodate two monitors.

Eureka Ergonomics Z1-S offers four leveling feet. They come in handy when using it on uneven surfaces. You don’t want to deal with a wobbly desk, and Eureka makes sure of that. What’s more, this desk has carbon fiber, medium-density fiberboard top, and a large, optional mousepad.

Functional Features

With this desk, you get some cool gaming features, including blue LED lighting. It comes with a controller stand for two controllers, a headphone hook and a cup holder. Though you don’t get a tower stand, these are some of the features that make gaming enjoyable.

Cable management is easy with the cable holes in the back complemented by the braces to help with tying. There’s nothing like a clean gaming desk, and Eureka Ergonomics Z1-S is keen to achieve said cleanliness.

Stuff to Consider

The assembly instructions come in the form of pictures. They aren’t too hard to understand, but it would have helped to have some worded instructions to prevent going on a trial and error mission. Thankfully, it takes only an hour for one person to assemble this desk.


Eureka Ergonomics Z1-S is minimalistic in a fun design. It is rock-solid with lots of intuitive features to support heavy gaming. It is ideal for one and two monitor setups and moderate peripherals like headphones, controllers, and microphones.

4. Best Choice Products L-Shape Review "Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk "
  • Lightweight but very sturdy
  • Offers a keyboard tray and tower stand
  • Can fit up to three monitors side by side
  • Assemblage is straightforward
  • It can be used as two separate desks
  • The tray cannot fit a keyboard and a mouse
  • Assembly instructions could be better
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A lot goes into choosing the perfect gaming desk. And, if you have multiple monitors and a nice corner in need of the proper desk, you will like the Best Choice Products desk.

Build Quality

This desk achieves a modern look that blends in with contemporary furniture. It is a real asset to everyday gaming since it has vast real estate. The L-shape means you can have all the important things within arm’s reach without having a cluttered gaming space.

It will showcase your curved 32-inch 4K monitors, hold your coolers, graphics cards, speakers, and lots of other gaming stuff. It can double up as a workstation if you bring work home.

Best Choice Products maximizes durability with the help of the powder-coated steel frame. It matches the top matte, wood surface to offer years of use. You will like that it is stain and water-resistant meaning the wood will not degrade when exposed to moisture.

Functional Features

Best Choice Products provides an optional keyboard tray. If you have a big gaming chair, you can skip the keyboard tray since it takes up feet room. Otherwise, you have a nice slide tray for fast access to your keyboard.

There’s also a separate tower stand. It ensures your tower is up and away from the floor. This way, it won’t pick up dust and moisture.

Stuff to Consider

The only problem that some users encounter, is in the assembly process. Some of the screws are not the right size so you may have to substitute them with yours. But, everything fits together nicely and you won’t experience any wobbling.


The Best Choice Products is spacious and excellent for some of the most complicated gaming setups. With space as long as 59 inches and 55 inches wide, there’s so much you can achieve on this desk.

5. HomCom 65” Review "Modern L-Shaped Desk: Best Gaming Desk for Three Monitors "
  • Classy glass, steel, and wood construction
  • Ideal for small corner spaces
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a spacious keyboard tray
  • Wheeled tower stand
  • The keyboard tray is made of particleboard
  • Has to be assembled on a level floor or the glass won’t line up
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HomCom 65 is another L-shaped corner desk but with different accents that will undoubtedly catch your eye. It can fit in most corner areas to maximize desktop space without being intrusive in a room.

Build Quality

You can’t beat the quality of a steel frame and a tempered glass top with wood accents. It has eye-catchy aesthetics that look as if it is costly, but it’s not. The frame is quite wide, and it has a weight capacity of up to 110 pounds on the long table and 66 pounds on the short table.

At 65 inches long, it is perfect for installing up to three monitors side by side or with a monitor arm. We particularly like that the base frame is wide to provide lots of balance. The feet are designed to be scratch-free to keep your floors smooth and lovely.

Functional Features

Although it is designed to be minimalistic, this desk provides a keyboard tray and a tower stand. The slide-out tray is so broad that you can use it to hold your tablet, a phone, and a mouse without squeezing in everything.

The tower cart includes rolling wheels to allow positioning in the best space for proper access.

Also, there are plenty of holes to draw out hanging cables for storing neatly along the frame instead of the floor. And the legroom is nice and wide too.

Stuff to Consider

The tools provided for assembly are pretty useless. Be sure to bring yours for a smooth assembly process. The instructions are also inconsistent, so you may find yourself taking longer than is necessary to assemble the desk.


HomCom 65 is the kind of desk you pick when you are heavy on equipment but tight on space. It has a solid build quality with vast room to take on major gaming setups.

6. Walker Edison AZ51B29 Review "Best Cheap Gaming Desk "
  • Quality tempered glass and steel frame
  • Manages gaming clutter with lots of real estate
  • It takes around 20 minutes to assemble with a power drill
  • Can support multiple monitors
  • Lots of legroom
  • Scratches on the bottom can be seen on top
  • Glass suction cups need spritzing with liquid for them to hold onto glass tightly
check price

Walker Edison AZ51B29 Soreno is at the center of versatility. It can be configured in three different styles. Whether you want one L-shape desk, two separate tables, or one long desk, this model meets these specific needs.

Build Quality

Walker Edison is crafted from a beveled, safety-tempered glass on a steel frame. It comes with two 21-inch tables and a quarter-circle piece to bring the two desks together. This provides ample space to stay organized so that you can focus on what really matters.

This model is an epitome of style. The X legs provide for a suspended look coupled with the black glass surface.

Walker Edison saves you time and energy in the assembly since it has fewer parts and detailed instructions. Among the desks we have reviewed, this is probably the most straightforward to assemble.

Functional Features

Walker Edison AZ51B29 Soreno gives you a designated spot for your tower in the middle of the legs. In the spirit of decluttering, it makes everything accessible as it also has a sliding keyboard tray. You can mount the tray on either side of the table.

It is unlike Best Choice Products and HomCom 65 that have only one spot for the keyboard tray.

Stuff to Consider

The keyboard tray minimizes space underneath the desk. It is easy to hit the tray with your knees, which, in rare cases, can break and shatter the glass.


Walker Edison AZ51B29 Soreno is a truly functional gaming desk that won’t drain your wallet. Its flexible configurations along with the pleasing aesthetics fit in with the desires of most gamers. You have a choice of different finishes that complement any gaming space.

7. TribeSigns Modern L-Shaped Workstation Review "Best Workstation + Gaming Desk"
  • Made for heavy-duty setups
  • Offers two workstations
  • Can fit in small corner spaces
  • Solid build for maximum durability
  • Comes with a quality tower stand
  • It takes longer to assemble
check price

If you need two workspaces, TribeSigns is the right pick for your situation. It has a classic look that allows you to use it for gaming and work.

Build Quality

What’s not like about the combination of wood and steel. It spells class, performance, and durability. The slim legs should not deter you from purchasing this desk because it can hold up a hefty 450 pounds.

It is the ideal desk for bulky monitors and powerful setups that require heavy-duty arms. You get to use it with multiple monitors, keyboards, consoles, coolers, and even towers. This one comes in a teakwood design, but it is not the only one available. You can choose from dark teak, walnut, dark walnut, vintage, and white finishes. The steel legs also come in a variety of colors.

This desk offers a space size of up to 66 inches on the long side and 49 inches on the short side. You can already tell it is not as small as it seems in the photo.

With 18 months of quality assurance, nothing should keep you from trying out this desk.

Functional Features

Like many desks in its class, this one also comes with a tower stand. It helps to keep the tower near the floor, a safe distance away from your monitors. The tower stand is wheeled and has a smooth finish meaning it will not scratch floors.

This desk doesn’t have cable management holes. The bevel angle where the two tables meet serves to direct the cords so that you can secure them with zip ties.

Stuff to Consider

Assembly of this desk is not the most straightforward, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Even if TribeSigns has their M-style buckle design, there are lots of parts and different sized screws. You need to read the instructions carefully to be able to put it together correctly.


The assembly process for this desk might be long and complicated, but you will bask in the glory of the final result. It is a high-value product that does not cost an arm and a leg. Capacity is excellent for heavy gaming equipment.

8. Arozzi Arena Review "Best High-End Gaming Desk "
  • Microfiber top surface
  • Durable steel and aluminum frame
  • Can fit up to three screens
  • Provides pre-cut holes for cable management
  • Excellent customer service
  • Each leg is held up by only two screws
  • It does not come with significant gaming accessories
  • It may wobble if the equipment is not balanced
check price

Arozzi Arena is perhaps the most ergonomic gaming desks on the market. It ticks all the boxes in terms of comfort, plus it can house your gaming equipment and more.

Build Quality

This desk is beautiful. But, behind the appealing aesthetics is a desk made of a steel frame and an MDF top. It is robust to ensure it can hold up moderate gaming stations that include two monitors, consoles, and a cooler.

Arozzi Arena offers a custom microfiber mouse pad that covers the entire top surface. It is super comfortable thanks to the thick material. It allows you to rest your elbows without it digging into your skin. Since the front is beveled, you can get in closer with your chair so that your back is always straight.

Functional Features

One of the most essential features of Arozzi Arena is that it is height-adjustable. It adjusts from 27.9 inches to 31.9 inches by loosening and tightening the screws on the metallic frame.

The mousepad is removable and machine-washable. Though it is water-resistant, the bright portions show dirt marks quite fast. It can be annoying to keep washing it after a while.

This desk is also portable. Not that it folds, but it comes in three sections that are easy to take apart and put back. No more thinking about stressful moving when it comes to your gaming desk.

Stuff to Consider

This desk may be portable, but it doesn’t mean it is lightweight. At 85 pounds, you will need help assembling and disassembling it. Also, the cost of the replacement pad will cost you as much as a new cheap desk, so you better take good care of it.


Arozzi Arena has managed to take a page from the gamer’s playbook on what really matters in a gaming desk. From the sturdy construction to plenty of room, everything makes this a good gaming desk. It is also aesthetically pleasing since it is designed with intricate details.

9. IKEA Bekant Review "Best IKEA Desk for Gaming "
  • Melamine top is stain resistant
  • It has a 10-year warranty
  • Contoured for comfortable support of elbows
  • It is height adjustable
  • Great value for money
  • Leveling can be challenging
  • Too wide to fit through standard doors without disassembling
  • Height adjusts with tools
check price

You can game on a high-end gaming desk, or you can game on BEKANT – the experience stays the same. IKEA brought together robust materials and simple design to create a table that will outlast years of heavy use.

Build Quality

IKEA blends different materials in the construction of this desk. The top is a combination of particle board, melamine foil, and ABS plastic. The inclusion of plastic might look cheap, but wait until you look at the powder-coated steel tubes.

This desk has aluminum feet that are wide to accommodate considerable weight up to 150 pounds. The legs are height-adjustable between 25.6 inches to 33.5 inches. This is a manual lift mechanism, so you have to choose your correct height during assembly.

Functional Features

The curved front of this desk is quite clever. You don’t have to be far from the computer screen, meaning your back won’t be curved in. It helps to attain an ergonomic sitting position, especially because you can game for hours without taking note of how the body feels.

Another likable feature is the cable management net. It keeps cords from dangling, especially if you have lots of electronic devices.

Stuff to Consider

Bekant’s lift mechanism is not the kind you use on a whim. You have to assemble the legs again when you want to change the height of the desk.


IKEA BEKANT is an affordable gaming desk. It provides an ample surface for moderate gaming needs. You don’t want to use it with heavy-duty monitors and demanding setups. You get performance and functionality like you would with expensive options.

10. Z-Line Belair Glass L-Shaped Desk Review "Best Gaming Desk for Multiple Monitors "
  • Simple to assemble
  • Ideal for multiple monitor setups
  • Lots of legroom
  • Powder-coated frame
  • Comes with a raised monitor shelf
  • Large pull-out keyboard tray
  • Cable management is difficult
  • Stickers are hard to remove
  • Easy to attract dust and fingerprints
check price

It’s easy to look at this desk and feel intimated by its large design that warns of hectic assembly. But Z-Line Belair provides flexible assembly options. Every piece lines up and can be interchanged for different configurations.

Build Quality

Z-Line Belair is not the traditional Z-design that we are used to from this brand. Instead, it is an L-shape which can fit into smaller spaces. The tempered glass is thick and clear. It is easy to customize it in any lighting when using it in a gaming office.

The legs have a solid steel construction. They provide an excellent end to end balance with some pretty curved features. And if you like, it’s possible to leave out the centerpiece when you want two separate desks.

It has plenty of strength thanks to the use of reinforced plates on welding joints.

Functional Features

With Z-Line Belair, you get a raised monitor shelf. It can hold two small monitors or one large desktop. It is 36-inches long. It is also possible to switch out the legs such that it can accommodate a monitor and some electronic devices.

The keyboard tray provided by this brand is long and wide. It can accommodate a full-size gaming keyboard and a mouse.

Stuff to Consider

This desk is a magnet for fingerprints. You will want to have microfiber cloth if you can’t stand the marks.


Z-Line Belair is not new in the world of computer desks. This model is particularly designed for those with a small space, but lots of components. It can accommodate large setups while offering durable performance.  Assembly is a breeze, which makes it a top choice in glass desks.

Gaming Desk Buyer’s Guide

Serious gamers are aware of the importance of gaming desks. Yes, a common office desk can do the job, but it doesn’t come close to the usefulness of a proper gaming desk.

Unfortunately, there are way too many choices. There are different types of gaming desks out there, and finding a good one can be a hassle.

Luckily, we have spent plenty of time researching, so you don’t have to. But, before you can make an educated purchase, you need to be aware of a couple of factors.

Types of Gaming Desks

Gaming desks vary in size and shape. Some of them are small enough to fit tiny rooms, while the other are massive enough to take up half of your room. Size isn’t the only factor that differentiates gaming tables. You will notice that their shape plays an important role and that it is one of the decisive factors.

  • Executive desks: Their rectangular shape makes them look plain, but they are an excellent choice if you have limited space. They allow for good cable management, and some of them come with drawers for storage. The downside is their small size that might be problematic with dual or triple monitor setups.
  • Corner desks: You will recognize them thanks to their “L” shape. Corner desks are the best choice for corner setups. They offer a lot of space, and some are created with gaming-specific needs in mind. Most of the corner desks come with no drawers, but they offer good cable management.
  • U-shaped desks: These desks are a solid choice if you have plenty of room to spare. If you are a streamer, or if you play racing/flight simulations, then a u-shaped desk might be a good choice. These desks take up a lot of space, and their shape makes them a bad fit for small rooms. Due to plenty of space they offer, u-shaped desks are great if you will be using your gaming desk for work as well.
  • Standing desks: The best choice for a health-conscious gamer. Sitting for a long amount of time can lead to health problems. So, many gamers are opting in for a standing desk, because they allow you to stand and sit in front of them. Yes, standing desks can be lowered into a sitting position – with the help of a motor or manually. Standing desks give you enough space for your gaming setup, and they are easy to move around. The only downside is that their price tends to be high.

Materials Used to Make Gaming Desks

There are a couple of materials that are used to create gaming desks, and choosing one is an important factor. Some materials are more easy to break than the others, but the differences don’t end there. Certain materials are easy to clean, and some are more pleasing to the eyes than the others.

  • Wood: Very common, sturdy and durable. Wooden gaming desks could last you a lifetime, provided that you take care of them. Wooden desks look classy, and they are a good fit for most of the rooms. If you are a gamer with a temper, then a wooden desk is a good choice because it can survive plenty of beating.
  • PVC: PVC gaming desks are an excellent choice if your budget is low. They are easy to move, and some of them look great. But, the biggest problem is their durability. So, if you decide to go for a PVC gaming desk, make sure that it is sturdy enough.
  • Glass: Glass is known for looking great, and the same can be said about glass gaming tables. If you appreciate the aesthetic side of things, then you will most likely love glass tables. The downside is their price, which can be hefty. Another problem with glass is that it can break if you hit or punch it. Fixing a glass table is expensive, but the bigger problem is that you could harm yourself if you hit and break it. On the other hand, if you don’t have temper problems, a glass table might be a decent choice.
  • MDF(Medium Density Fibreboard): MDF gaming tables are a good alternative to their wooden counterparts. MDF is created similar to the plywood, but it is denser, and hence more durable than plywood. They won’t last you as long as wooden gaming tables, but they won’t leave you hanging after a short time. The biggest downside is that MDF is known to deform if it gets wet. So, if you purchase an MDF gaming table, make sure that you don’t allow it to soak up fluids.

Useful Features to Look For

We have explained the different types of gaming tables, and now we will tell you about the most useful features you should think about.

  • Size: Measure your room before you purchase a new gaming table. Learn the size of the table you are thinking of buying, and compare it to the size of your room. You don’t want a tiny table that won’t hold your gaming gear. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want a table that can’t fit your room, or makes it confined.
  • Cable management: Unfortunately, we are still not living in a time when everything is wireless. So, the next best alternative is to manage our cables. When you are looking for a new gaming table, make sure that it offers decent cable management. You wouldn’t want to trip over a cable and bring the entire PC case tumbling behind you. More importantly, tangled cables are a safety risk.
  • Table frame: The frame holds your table together. So, make sure that you go for a steel frame, metal frame, or a wood frame. The frame not only holds the table, but it also bears the weight of your gaming setup. Never skimp out on the frame!
  • Ergonomics: Your new table shouldn’t force to sit in an uncomfortable position. It should present you with comfort and ease of use. So, make sure that your new gaming table suits your comfort needs, and that it allows you to hold everything nearby.
  • Assembly process: Some of the gaming tables come pre-assembled, but, most of the time, you will have to do the assembly on your own. Figure out what kind of a deal you are getting, and remember to call a family member or a friend to help you out.
  • Aesthetics: Some gaming tables are plain-looking, and they are a good fit for most of the rooms. But, if your gaming space is designed in a way which pleases you, then go for a table that will compliment the design. In the end, you can always choose to put some decals or stickers on the table to make it more unique.

There are a few minor things that you should think about. Some gaming tables come with plenty of storage space, while the others come with cup holders. There are gaming tables that come with grommets that are useful in managing cables. You will notice that some tables even have space for cooling fans. Whatever it is that you need, be sure to check whether you will be getting it before you commit to a purchase.