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Have you dreamed of a remote-controlled fireplace, one that looks great and creates warmth without chopping wood? If so, an electric fireplace will do that and more.

Our best electric fireplaces list is a great place to start your search. We include only the best in an effort to help you find the perfect fit for your home.

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With so many good choices and varying buyer needs, it is hard to recommend just one product. But for those who want a full-sized fireplace, the Silverton 48 in. electric fireplace will make a statement in most homes. It is almost like owning a real fireplace.

For those who want a modern wall-mounted unit, the Touchstone 50 inch onyx electric fireplace is packed with features. It is an eye-catching piece that will be a focal point in any room.

Those on a budget can look to the Younis 24” inch freestanding fireplace. Plenty of power in a compact, portable unit keeps you warm and toasty. And it looks like an old cast iron stove with real flames when in use.

Finally, the Southern Enterprises Alexa-enabled fireplace will please those who embrace smart technology. A true conversation piece with lots of flame options, voice control, a large mantel, and a pretty stone surround.

Top 9 Best Electric Fireplaces

Our best electric fireplace list contains many styles and options for those looking for an electric fireplace. It is a great place to start your search.

1. Silverton 48 in. Electric Fireplace in White Review - Best Fireplace Experience
  • Big, looks like an actual fire burning fireplace
  • Remote
  • 5 brightness settings
  • Shutoff timer up to 9 hours
  • Thermostat
  • Flame height and flicker control
  • Expensive
  • Assembly required
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Size: 48″W x 41″H x 13″D︱Weight: 98 lbs.︱Placement: Freestanding︱Style: Traditional︱Power: 1400 W︱Remote: Yes

This Silverton electric product is bigger than other options. But that allows it to mimic a real wood-burning fireplace. It comes in white, black, or mahogany and the traditional design will be right at home in most decors. You can also paint this unit if you need a custom color.

The electric fireplace inside brings many features. You get 5 brightness settings, a shutoff timer, thermostat, adjustable flame height and flicker, and a digital display.

A large mantel tops this full-sized electric fireplace. There is no better spot to show off prized possessions or holiday decorations. You could even perch a TV on top if you want.

To help create the illusion of a real fire, this unit includes “dynamic” embers. The real looking fire is good enough to perform a favorite fireplace function. It creates that special flame lit “ambiance” for those cozy or romantic moments.

In short, this is one of the more realistic electric fireplaces. In many installations, it looks like part of the original house. So, if that is what you are looking for, this might be your product.

As you might guess, a quality unit this large is expensive. But this Silverton product provides a full-sized, realistic-looking fireplace experience. And it does so without the pain or cost of building an actual fireplace. Plus, you never have to buy and burn logs or natural gas.

2. Younis Portable Electric Fireplace Stove 24” Space Heater with Realistic Flame Review - Best Value”-Space-Heater-with-Realistic-Flame-175x175.jpg
  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Choice of 750 or 1500W heater
  • Good safety features
  • Thermostat control
  • No remote
  • Takes floor space
  • May be too small for some users
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Size: 20″ L x 10″ W x 24″ H︱Weight: 29 lbs.︱Placement: Freestanding︱Style: Rustic︱Power: 750/1500 W︱Remote?: No

The Younis electric fireplace offers rustic, colonial decor and 1500 watts of power. For the price, this is a great bargain.

This old-fashion stove offers the illusion of burning logs and a dancing fire behind a glass door. The sides are also glass, for viewing from three sides. Underneath, a heater emits hot air if you choose to turn it on.

For the price, you might not expect much control over the heater. But, there is a thermostat and you can set the heat level you desire. A door covers that controls when closed. This maintains a clean, natural look that modern buttons would ruin.

Also, the heater is rated at 37 decibels, which is low. For use in a bedroom, the Younis electric fireplace is quiet enough to let you sleep.

This unit is compact and light. So, you can move it around easily. Since it is floor standing, you only need a spot to place it and a nearby outlet.

With regards to safety, the heater turns off when the internal temperature spikes. The case also stays cool enough to touch, a nice feature if you have kids. It also has an auto shut off feature should the unit tip over.

This compact, rustic unit may not be for everyone. But, you can add a design statement and heat to a room at a bargain price. Plus, you can move it from room to room.

3. Touchstone 80001 - 50” Onyx Electric Fireplace Review - Best Wall Mount”-Onyx-Electric-Fireplace-262x119.jpg
  • Remote control
  • Choice of logs or crystal flame bed
  • Realistic flames
  • Choice of surround colors
  • Five flame brightness settings
  • Heat comes out top of unit, cannot recess
  • TV’s need 24” of clearance
  • No thermostat
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Size: 50.4” W x 21.65” H x 5.5” D︱Weight: 46 lbs.︱Placement: On-Wall︱Style: Modern︱Power: 750/1500 W︱Remote: Yes

For those who like options, this Touchstone electric fireplace is worth your consideration. First, you can select realistic logs or crystals as the bed for your flames. The manufacturer includes both and you can choose the bed that works best in your decor.

If the onyx black is not your color, Touchstone offers different versions. For example, you could also get ivory or stainless steel surrounds.

While operating, you can set a high or low heat setting, 1 of 5 flame brightness levels or a timer to shut off the unit. The included remote makes using these features easy.

Inside, the product uses LED lights which stay cool. This prevents burns if a child touches the glass covering the firebox.

As for aesthetics, the flames are more realistic than most competing units. In fact, that is one of the more common comments made about this unit if you scan the product reviews.

The modern, sleek look works in many decors. This is a good looking electric place that can serve as a room’s focal point. Since it hangs on the wall, it presents itself almost like a piece of art.

Surprisingly, this unit does not have a thermostat. You can only select high (1500W) or low (750W) and set the timer to shut off from 30 minutes to 7 ½ hours later.

This is a wall-mounted only fireplace. It is not capable of being recessed. That is because the heater emits hot air from the top of the unit, not the front. So, televisions mounted over this unit need to be at least 24” above the fireplace.

4. R.W.FLAME 36 inch Recessed/Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Review - Best Recessed
  • Can recess in 2x4 wall cavity
  • Wall mountable
  • Remote
  • 12 flame and bed colors
  • 5 brightness settings
  • 5 flame speeds
  • Shutoff timer
  • Touch screen buttons on front
  • No thermostat
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Size: 36″L x 18.11″H x 3.89″W︱Weight: 26 lbs.︱Placement: On-Wall︱Style: Modern︱Power: 750/1500 W︱Remote: Yes

A recessed electric fireplace provides a design statement. The R.W. Flame 36” electric fireplace is a great choice if that is what you want.

In truth, you can wall-mount or recess this unit. It is less than 4” thick and does not protrude from the wall much if you surface mount it. The thinness also means you can recess it. When a sleek, flat wall look is desired, this will fit into both 2×4 or 2×6 stud cavities.

Choices abound with your selection of the bed color and the flame color, brightness, and speed. You can even have flame/bed colors change at random. Also, there is a timer that turns the unit off for you after a specified period (1 to 8 hours).

This product is available in different sizes if 36” is not right for you. R.W. Flame also offers 30”, 42”, and 50” versions.

For safety, an auto-shutoff switch engages if the unit overheats. LEDs supply the needed light while staying cool, making this unit child safe.

Like many wall or recessed mounted units, the R.W. Flame unit does not have a thermostat. But it does have a modern touch panel on the front. To change your settings, you can use the remote or touch controls on the face of the unit.

5. Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove Review - Best 3D Fireplace
  • Digital thermostat
  • 3D flame effect
  • Colors other black available
  • Remote
  • 5 brightness levels
  • Shutoff timer
  • More expensive than other floor standing units
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Size: 24″W x 23.4″H x 13″D︱Weight: 27 lbs.︱Placement: Freestanding︱Style: Craftsman/ Contemporary︱Power: 1500 W︱Remote: Yes

Want a floor standing electric fireplace that provides a more realistic flame? Well, the Duraflame 3D unit can do that. It provides beautiful flames on the back of the fireplace. But it also laps them in front of and in back of the log inserts.

There are glass inserts on the front and both sides of the box. So, you can see the fire from three sides of the firebox.

The style of this unit incorporates a sectioned glass panel insert on the front door. This provides an almost craftsmen feel to the design. It also helps to scatter the flame light in the room.

Overall, this product has more of a contemporary aesthetic than other floor-standing models. If black is not your color, Duraflame offers several other colors to choose from. You should be able to find a color that works with your interior design.

A digital thermostat allows you to set the heat to just the right level for you and your room. You can also use the included remote to adjust the warmth. Or, turn the heat off and just enjoy the flames.

Other operating choices are good, too. Light brightness can be set to one of five different levels. You can also set a timer to turn off the fireplace (30 minutes to 9 hours).

In summary, this floor standing unit brings a few refinements to a floor-standing unit. But the price reflects the added features; it is higher than other floor standing units.

6. Giantex 28.5" Electric Fireplace Insert Review - Best Insert
  • Will blend in most decors
  • 5 brightness levels
  • 2 heat levels
  • Remote
  • Control panel hidden on front of unit
  • No thermostat
  • Must have right size rough opening
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Size:28.5″(W) x 21″(H) x 6″(D)︱Weight: 29 lbs.︱Placement: Insert︱Style: Modern︱Power: 750/1500 W︱Remote: Yes

You may have an old TV cabinet that you want to repurpose with an electric fireplace. Or you may want to convert an existing fireplace over to electric. To do that, you will need an insert like this Giantex electric fireplace.

The unit is also perfect to create a built-in fireplace when remodeling or building a home. You just need a rough opening that this insert will fit (a 24 1/4” wide x 19 1/4” opening fits snug).

Once installed, this unit produces good looking flames and offers two heating levels. You can also dim the flame brightness. There are five different levels to choose from.

The manufacturer includes a remote for easy operation. There are also controls included on the fireplace hidden under a drop panel on the front of the unit. Plus, the glass front is detachable if you need to get inside the box.

This Giantex unit provides an insert that offers a nice, clean appearance. The black is neutral and the simple, modern look will blend in most homes.

On one last note, this product does not include a thermostat. So, if that is a feature you desire, you will need to look elsewhere.

7. Pleasant Hearth Mobile Electric Fireplace, Cherry Review - Best Mobile
  • Warm wood housing
  • Remote
  • Castors included for those who want mobility
  • Fully assembled, easy to install
  • Can hold TV (w/o casters)
  • 3 flame brightness and 5 heat levels
  • No thermostat
  • May be too small for some
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Size: 31.73”W x 27.24”H x 12.76”D︱Weight: 55 lbs.︱Placement: Freestanding︱Style: Traditional︱Power: 1350 W︱Remote: Yes

With many freestanding electric fireplaces, you actually get an electric stove. Something metal in black. But the Pleasant Hearth electric fireplace sits inside a wood surround. This particular model comes in cherry, but you can get other colors.

The look is traditional, maybe even a bit colonial. But with the choice of colors, this electric fireplace will blend into most homes. Plus, with this model, you have a wood mantel to display those treasures you have collected over the years.

Inside the box, they include castors that make this unit mobile, if you so desire. If not, leave them off and you have a more permanent installation that can support more weight. The Pleasant Hearth electric fireplace can be used as a TV stand when the castors are omitted.

You also get some nice user features with this product. The flames are realistic and you have three brightness levels to choose from. But there is no thermostat, instead, you have five heat levels. They can be set on the unit, or with the included remote.

Another benefit of this electric fireplace is that it comes fully assembled. You just plug it in and it is ready to go. Well, you do have to install the castors if you do choose to use them. But that is it, so it is easy to install in your home.

8. Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console, Black Review - Best TV Stand
  • Supports TVs up to 70 lbs.
  • Side storage
  • Electronic shelves for items like blu-ray players and gaming units
  • 1400W of heat from compact fireplace
  • Flames look real
  • Heavy, assembly required
  • Fireplace is on small side
  • No heat levels or thermostat
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Size: 47.24”W x 31.77”H x 15.87”D︱Shipping Weight: 110 lbs.︱Placement: Freestanding︱Style: Traditional︱Power: 1400 W︱Remote: No

A proper TV stand must house things like a blu-ray player, receiver, DVD/Blu-rays, and gaming units. Fortunately, this Ameriwood electric fireplace provides flames and heat. But it is all surrounded by a full-fledged television stand.

A top shelf can support TVs up to 70 pounds. And the interior shelves can support 30 lbs. Plus, there are two side compartments with glass doors for storage.

The wood finish replicates a rough-sawn look. This adds a subtle rustic feel, but it should blend well in most interior designs. If you need a color other than black, they are other choices available.

Be aware, this unit is heavy and ships unassembled, flat. That means you must assemble it. In the instruction manual, the manufacturer even recommends two people for the job. So, it is best if you have a friend to help you install this electric fireplace.

The fireplace insert is on the small side at only 18 inches wide. But it is lit with LEDs and that keeps the unit cool. Controls are minimal, you have two separate switches to turn on the flames and the heat. That is it, they are either on or off.

The TV stand is made of laminated MDF, but the fireplace box/insert is metal. The stand parts are joined using cam locks which are simple to use.

If you wanted a large, focal point fireplace, this is not your product. But for a multitasker that combines an electric fireplace and TV stand, this is worth a look.

9. Southern Enterprises Redden Corner Convertible Alexa-Enabled Smart Fireplace, Espresso Review - Best Smart Fireplace
  • Convertible mantle allows placement in corners
  • Set the temperature, flame level, or shut off time with voice commands
  • Realistic stone surround
  • Two colors to choose from
  • 1500 W heater
  • Electronics shelf over firebox
  • Two side curio cabinets with lights
  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Requires assembly
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Size: 52.25″W x 36.5″H x 16″D︱Weight: 120 lbs.︱Placement: Freestanding︱Style: xx︱Power: 1500 W︱Remote: Yes

It is not surprising to find that even our electric fireplaces are getting smart. The Southern Enterprises corner unit is one such product.

The first thing you will notice, this is a beautiful, real looking fireplace. It is large and heavy and has an odd-shaped top. However, this is a “convertible” mantel that lets you use it in any corner. Or flat against a wall if that suits your needs better.

Southern Enterprises surrounds the firebox with faux Durango stacked stone. To both sides of the stone surround, you will find curio cubbies, both with their own light. This all topped off with the large, shaped mantel.

For use in most decors, the manufacturer offers this model in espresso and white. Both colors are pretty neutral and will work with many interior designs.

As for control, you can use the included remote or your voice. Alexa can turn the fireplace on, increase or decrease the temperature, turn the flame level up or down, and even set a timer.

The unit is well built and will support TVs on the mantel. It even has an electronic shelf over the firebox with a cord pass-through in the back.

The 1500 watts are capable of heating spaces up to 400 square feet according to the manufacturer. So, it not only has beauty, but it works like a beast to keep things organized and comfortable in your home.

Electric Fireplace Shopping Guide

If you are shopping for an electric fireplace, we offer below a few guidelines that can help you.

To Start

The first thing you need to know is where you want to place the electric fireplace. There are three general locations:

  • Wall (recess and surface mount),
  • Freestanding, and
  • Inserts.

Once you know where you want to place the unit, then consider the decor. Is your interior modern or colonial? You will find electric fireplaces come in many styles to work in various decors. Of course, you want a unit that works with your interior design.

Once you know the location and decor, you can focus on only the products that work in your home. The number of products you need to consider will then be more manageable.

How Will You Use?

Once you have focused on the products that fit your location and decor, consider how you will use the unit. In general, there are a few features you should consider so the electric fireplace does what you want. These include:


The heaters inside these units may be rated by the watts used. A rating of 1500W is common, and you want one in this range. The square footage that a unit will heat is often exaggerated, so cut it in half to get a more realistic assessment. That said, the wattage is a better indicator of power.

Temperature Control

Some units have a heater that is on or off, nothing more. Others will offer a high or low setting. Then some have a thermostat where you can set the room temperature you want. If you plan on using the heater often, you may want to look for thermostat control of the heater.

Flame Control

Realistic flames improve the experience offered by an electric fireplace. So, the ability to pick the color, control how bright the fire burns, or even change the speed of the flames rising and lapping, adds to the illusion. Some units allow you control over the flames, others do not. So, be sure the unit you consider can adjust the flame if you are looking for ambience control.


Last, but not least, consider safety. Most units include overheating protection. But some also have tip switches to shut them off if they get knocked over. If you opt for a portable unit, look for a tip switch as the smaller, compact products can be prone to falling over.

Also, if you have children or pets, look for units that use LED lights. These provide bright light but stay cool. That means glass and metal surrounding the firebox will not burn the skin if touched.

Voice Control

In today’s modern world, voice control is included in just about anything that plugs in. That now includes electric fireplaces. So, if you are willing to spend a little more, you can find voice controlled units if that is of interest to you.