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Have you ever been in an accident that wasn’t your fault, but had no way to prove it? Since their inception, dash cams have helped many drivers avoid unfair fees and penalties. We want to help ensure that you aren’t a victim, either. So join us as we look at 10 of the very best dash cams that are sure to protect you and your vehicle.

In the past, if you hit a driver from behind, it was automatically deemed your fault. With a dash cam, you can change all that by proving your innocence. Many scammers today are even intentionally slamming on their brakes in front of others to collect insurance money. By having video proof at your fingertips, you can stop these bad drivers from running their scams.

Don’t Have Time to Read the Whole Article?

While we looked at a lot of great dash cams, Nextbase’s 522GW came out on top as the best overall. It has plenty of great features and boasts excellent video quality. It’s also Alexa-enabled, giving you total hands-free control.

If you’re looking for a safer alternative, look no further than to Garmin’s 66W. By using its GPS capabilities, you’ll be alerted to lane changes and nearing traffic. And, it has an extra-wide viewing angle that captures more action than other entries.

Top 10 Best Dash Cams

We have eight more excellent dash cams to look at. Each one is great in its own right, so we’re sure you’ll find one that suits your needs.

1. Nextbase 522GW Review - Best Overall
  • Alexa voice controls
  • Great video quality
  • Wireless support
  • Built-in GPS
  • No SD card included
  • A little on the expensive side
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Have you ever watched car wreck compilation videos online or seen clips on the news? If so, you’ve likely noticed that the quality often drifts between poor and good.

Nextbase Dash breaks this trend with a dash cam that records video in sharp, crystal-clear 1440p. Now you can clearly see license plate numbers and other vital details. Hit-and-runs are on the rise, but you can protect yourself by having a perfect recording of the perpetrator.

Operating the 522GW is an effortless affair thanks to a bright and colorful touchscreen display. Menu navigation isn’t convoluted and the addition of Alexa support makes it even easier. It’s nice to see hands-free commands in a dash cam.

Included with the system is adjustable mounting hardware. It’s made so that the cam is easily removed for quick uploading onto your computer. You will need to supply your own SD card for video recording, as one does not come with the kit. The 522GW supports cards as large as 128GB.

The construction of the dash cam is impressively solid. No part of it feels cheap or flimsy. It sports a wide, 140-degree viewfinder that allows you to capture a good deal of action. Other notables are a built-in GPS tracker and an SOS emergency system.

These features can help you in a bad situation. GPS can help you to better identify your exact location, regardless of where you are. And the SOS emergency can send out help to the proper authorities if you get into an accident.

Having features like these can make all the difference in the safety of you and your loved ones. As technology progresses, we hope to see these as common staples in dash cams going forward.


  • Up to 1440p video capture
  • 3-inch IPS touch display
  • Alexa-enabled
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi

Ease of Use

Thanks to Alexa support, your focus remains on the road. Using your voice to control the dash cam gives greater safety to you and your occupants. And with the 522GW’s wireless capabilities, your dash cam is more accessible than ever.

You can seamlessly sync the cam up to your favorite smart device for instant review of footage. Post it to social media so you can help warn others of dangerous driving conditions. More people are uploading their footage to help others become better drivers.

2. Garmin 66W Review - Best Safety Features
  • Excellent video quality
  • Clever use of GPS
  • Lots of features
  • Wide view
  • SD card not included
  • Voice control isn’t accurate
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Once known for their GPS navigation systems, Garmin is quickly gaining notoriety for their dash cams. While you’re going to pay a little more for their system, you’re getting superb video capture and plenty of handy features.

It boasts an impressive 180-degree LCD screen that measures 2 inches. Voice controls have been implemented, as well, making for safer driving conditions. And if you download the Garmin Drive application to your smart device, you can control all of the dash cam’s features using your touchscreen.

Thanks to some clever GPS capabilities, you get features that serve to make driving conditions safer than ever. If your vehicle approaches another too quickly or veers over into the other lane, for example, an alert will go off.

We really like the crispness of the video quality on the 66W. The resolution of the video recorded is 1440p. Not only can you see finer details during the day, but imagery at night is great, too. This is made possible with Garmin’s Clarity HDR technology.

By being able to clearly identify objects in dark conditions, you stand a better chance of proving your innocence if you’re in an accident.


  • Up to 1440p video capture
  • 2-inch LCD screen
  • 180-degree view
  • Voice controls
  • Driver alerts

Ease of Use

When synced to a smart device, menu navigation and selection is a breeze. The voice controls aren’t nearly as accurate as Alexa, though. So you may find yourself ditching them and just using touch controls.

The driving alerts make a big difference in adding to your safety while driving. And thanks to excellent video quality, you’ll have an easier time seeing what’s displayed.

3. Garmin Tandem Review - Best Connectivity
  • Wireless capabilities
  • SD card included
  • Handy features
  • 2 cameras
  • Voice commands are iffy
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Garmin makes the list again, this time with the Tandem. This compact dash cam is chock-full of features and capabilities. While some work better than others, you’re likely to be mighty pleased with what the Tandem has to offer.

You’re going to pay a bit more for this model, but for what you’re getting, it’s well worth the price of admission. Garmin included two camera systems in one tiny unit. Not only does it capture what’s in front of you at all times, but it gets your vehicle’s interior, too!

This ensures that the rest of your vehicle is seen in the event of an accident. If someone hits you from behind or the side, the Tendem’s dual-camera setup records it all. And thanks to Garmin’s NightGlo feature, passengers can be seen during nighttime driving. Think of it as night vision, as its results are the same.

The front-facing camera records at a resolution of 1440p, while the rear-facing camera records at 720p. Both are high-definition and able to pick up a great deal of detail.

In terms of accessibility, the Tandem features Garmin’s voice control technology and is Wi-Fi-ready. It’s nice to be able to view your dash cam footage from your smartphone. Syncing up the two is easy and playback looks especially clear on a smaller screen.

We really like the Tandem’s ability to record after you’ve parked your vehicle. So if someone backs into you while you’re shopping for groceries, your dash cam will get the footage. The built-in motion sensor will automatically start recording. This helps to reduce break-ins and other nefarious activities.


  • 1440p/720p cameras
  • Dual-camera setup
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • 180-degree view
  • Voice controls

Ease of Use

Thanks to an included SD card, you can start recording right away. Syncing with your smartphone is a piece of cake, and operating the Tandem from it is just as easy. The voice controls aren’t the greatest, but the loaded features make up for it.

4. Thinkware F70 Review - Best Build-Quality
  • SD card included
  • Full 1080p HD
  • Nice features
  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • No onboard display
  • Can’t sync with smartphone
check price

If you’re on a budget but need high-quality video recording, you can’t do much better than Thinkware’s F70. The camera’s viewing angle is 140 degrees and records at a rate of 30 frames per second.

This dash cam is easy to use and boasts great video capturing. It records in 1080p for high-definition playback. You get several recording modes, like energy saver, motion detector, continuous, and more.

We like that Thinkware went out of their way to build a dash cam that lasts. Hot and cold conditions won’t damage the unit thanks to quality craftsmanship. Your saved files won’t become corrupted, either.

For added safety features, the F70 can record while your car is parked. If someone hits your vehicle or gets too close to it, recording will automatically start. Another safety measure we like seeing is the addition of departure alerts.

This works by signaling an audible alert when a vehicle in front of you has resumed driving. So if you’re at a red light and you get distracted, you’ll know when it’s time for you to drive.

Video recording is great and the features included work well. But there are some drawbacks that we consider to be pretty glaring. For one, there’s no dedicated display. You won’t be able to sync it with your smartphone, either. All you can do is plug it up to your computer for video uploads.

There’s also a lack of any kind of wireless connectivity or cloud support. It’s kind of a bummer not being able to immediately review footage. The GPS features make up for this a bit. But those who need instant playback will have to look elsewhere.


  • 1080p HD video recording
  • Includes 8GB SD card
  • 140-degree view
  • 2.12MP camera

Ease of Use

Operating the F70 is a snap thanks to its minimal button setup. The lack of an LCD screen is going to be a turnoff for many shoppers. But those who aren’t interested in such things will find the F70 to be more than adequate.

5. Blackvue DR900S-2CH Review - Best for Total Coverage
  • Excellent video capture
  • Wide viewing angle
  • SD card included
  • Well-built
  • Quite expensive
  • No dedicated display
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It’s mighty expensive, but if you can afford it, Blackvue’s DR900S will serve you well. It is packed with features and includes everything you need for professional installation.

Right out of the box you get two high-definition cameras for both the front and rear of your vehicle. But what really sets the Blackvue above the competition is its 4K UHD video recording. You can record to either an SD card or remote cloud storage. To get you started, a 16GB SD card is included.

The Blackvue comes Wi-Fi-ready for easy video uploading. Video is recorded at 30 frames a second, with the front camera boasting 8 megapixels. The rear camera is 2.1 megapixels, and both have enhanced nighttime recording capabilities.

With the DR900S kit, you get the two Blackvue cameras and everything needed for seamless installation. We should note that you may want to have a professional help you with the installation. It can be a little tricky to the uninitiated.


  • 4K UHD video recording
  • Remote camera viewing
  • Wi-Fi-ready
  • Night vision
  • 30 FPS

Ease of Use

There’s no dedicated display, but you can sync it with your smart device for easy operation. Installing the Blackvue is a bit of a hassle, as there is a lot of cable to tuck and hide. But once completed, it does look quite nice.

6. Vantrue N2 Pro Review - Best for Uber Drivers
  • High-quality recording
  • Dual-camera setup
  • Great for Uber
  • Night vision
  • SD card not included
check price

If you are an Uber driver, you owe it to yourself and your passengers to get the best protection. The Vantrue N2 Pro ensures the crisp video recording of both your driving environment and your passengers.

This is made possible by an excellent front- and rear-facing camera system. You can record at either 30 or 60 frames per second. The former records at 1440p, while the latter records at 1080p. Both provide clear and sharp playback.

The front display has a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees, while the interior camera’s view is 140 degrees. Each camera is equipped with night vision, allowing you to drive without worrying about missing any important details.

We like that the N2 Pro has a built-in 1.5-inch LCD display screen. While it isn’t a touchscreen, operating the controls is easy and straightforward. The N2 supports SD cards of up to 256GB. You will have to provide your own, as one is not included with the camera.

Vantrue’s dash cam can record even when you aren’t driving. This is a great feature that can capture things like vandalism and hit-and-runs. Rounding out this package is an 18-month warranty that protects you from any potential manufacturer defects.


  • Supports up to 256GB SD cards
  • 1080p or 1440p recording
  • 18-month warranty
  • 30 to 60 FPS
  • LCD screen

Ease of Use

Vantrue delivers a very user-friendly camera system. The menu is easy to operate and can record very long video files. And by using its built-in GPS, you can track your driving route with ease and accuracy.

7. Vantrue X4 Review - Best Video Capture
  • Fantastic video quality
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Large LCD screen
  • GPS tagging can be inaccurate
check price

If 4K video recording is what you’re after, Vantrue delivers the goods once again. Plus, you get a load of other useful features that make this dash cam worth a look. If you need a camera that can clearly make out license plate numbers, this is the one for you.

Video is recorded at a resolution of 3840 x 2160p and is captured at 30 frames a second. If you want 60 frames a second, you can reduce the quality down to 2560 x 1440p. The X4 provides you with a 160-degree viewing angle to ensure you don’t miss any important details.

Other handy functions include night vision and motion sensors. If someone gets too close while you’re away, the X4 will automatically spring into action and start recording. You also get a large 3-inch LCD screen for immediate video playback and review.

WDR processing technology serves to ensure your videos are of proper visual clarity. Even low-light or nighttime environments will show up much clearer. With this handy feature, you don’t have to manually adjust video settings. This gives you better driving conditions since you aren’t stopping to fiddle with the controls.

Vantrue’s X4 accepts memory cards as large as 256GB. You will have to provide your own, as they do not include one with the dash cam. It’s important to note that this unit will not accept SanDisk or Transcend SD cards.

The only issue we ran into that takes the X4 down a few notches in usability is the GPS. Its tagging feature doesn’t always work like it is intended to. Oftentimes, GPS information will be displayed that is completely wrong.

This is a shame to see on a dash cam of this caliber. Hopefully there’s a wireless update later that will fix this issue. If so, you can bet the X4 will rate much higher.


  • Supports up to 256 GB SD cards
  • 4K UHD video capture
  • Built-in motion sensor
  • 160-degree view
  • 30 to 60 FPS

Ease of Use

The large 3-inch LCD screen makes controlling and managing your X4 dash cam an effortless affair. The sharp video playback is great for reviewing your recorded footage on the built-in display.

8. Apeman C450 Review - Most Budget-Friendly
  • High-quality recording
  • Large LCD screen
  • User-friendly
  • Affordable
  • SD card not included
  • Difficult to keep mounted
check price

For the budget-minded, Apeman delivers a high-quality dash cam that is easy to use. Video is recorded in sharp 1080p and even has night vision enabled.

There are plenty of features that make this affordable entry worthy of your time. Not only does it capture crystal-clear video, but it can also be used to take high resolution pictures. You can instantly review what you have recorded on its 3-inch LCD screen.

Using WDR technology, Apeman’s C450 ensures that your video and picture captures are automatically balanced. This means you don’t have to adjust any settings like brightness or contrast.

All videos are recorded within a 170-degree viewing angle. Not only will the C450 capture fine details, but it will also pick up much more footage. This is a huge advantage, as it can make all the difference in an accident.

If you’re hit from the side, there’s a better chance of it being detected by the C450. This can help you with insurance questions and other related inquiries.


  • 1080p video recording
  • 170-degree view
  • 12MP camera
  • Night vision
  • 1.75 HP

Ease of Use

Getting the C450 installed and running is a cinch. Navigating and controlling the unit is seamless and straightforward. Having the ability to take high-resolution pictures at the scene is the icing on the cake.

9. Pioneer ND-DVR100 Review - Most Attractive
  • Great video playback
  • Seamless installation
  • Long power cable
  • Built-in display
  • Mounting can be difficult
check price

This reasonably-priced dash cam from Pioneer has plenty of features and great video playback. You get a 140-degree viewing angle so that you don’t miss out on any important action.

We really like the way it mounts to the windshield. It’s all one solid unit, with no gaudy mounting hardware. It looks classy and operates just as nicely.

There is a built-in 1.5-inch LCD screen that displays what’s in front of you at all times. Video is captured at a rate of 27.5 frames per second. This may seem a bit odd considering most of us are used to a more evenly-numbered frame rate.

But this actually works in your favor because it better records lights. If you’ve ever watched dash cam footage online, you’ll often notice that traffic and tail lights flicker. Having the frame rate at 27.5, this anomaly does not occur.

Pioneer’s dash cam also sports built-in GPS capabilities. This ensures that your recording is properly tagged with the time, date, and location of the dash footage. You can set to record both driving and parking modes. If something happens to your vehicle while you’re away, chances are the dash cam will capture it.

With the dash cam you get nearly 12 feet of cable so that you can tuck and hide it from view. Pioneer was also nice enough to provide you with an 8GB SD card. This will let you start recording from the moment you install the cam.


  • Up to 1080p video capture
  • G-Sensor technology
  • Records at 27.5 FPS
  • 140-degree view
  • GPS tagging

Ease of Use

Operating the ND-DVR100 consists of four easy buttons on the face of the unit. We loved that the dash cam mounts without the need of unattractive hardware. It looks great once installed, and the lengthy cable provided gives you seamless integration.

We should warn you, though, that mounting can be tricky. We had several mishaps along the way, as it took us several failed attempts until we got it just right. But be patient with it. The end result is worth the hard work.

10. Kenwood DRV-A301W Review - Most User-Friendly
  • Great video capture
  • SD card included
  • Affordable
  • Mounting isn’t the greatest
check price

Another name-brand dash cam, Kenwood’s DRV-A301W delivers crisp video recording at an affordable price. You can instantly access and play back your saved files on the built-in 2.7-inch LCD screen.

You’ll appreciate that Kenwood designed this dash cam with integrated Wi-Fi. This allows you to seamlessly transfer files to your smartphone or other capable device. You just need to download Kenwood’s wireless link application.

Videos can be recorded at a resolution of 1920 x 1080p for true HD playback. Kenwood also makes use of GPS for proper location tagging. It will display where you were, what direction you were traveling, how fast you were going, and more.

Recording begins from the moment you start your vehicle. Even better, long after you have exited your vehicle, motion sensors will start recording if anything enters its field of vision. This is a great way to deter theft and vandalism.

Kenwood provides you with a 16GB SD card so that you can get to recording right out of the box. You also get all of the proper installation and mounting materials needed.

A word of caution. The included mounting materials aren’t the greatest. You may need to spring for your own if you can’t get the manufacturer’s hardware to work. We found that ours fell off the windshield more often than not.

This is a distraction no driver needs. Use the provided pieces as a guide and go out and get better ones from your local auto parts store. You’ll be glad that you did.


  • 1080p video capture
  • Motion sensor
  • GPS-enabled
  • 2MP camera
  • Wi-Fi-ready

Ease of Use

Navigating and controlling the dash cam’s menus are really simple. The user-friendly approach makes this a great unit for beginners. It’s solid and very well-built, providing the user with great video playback.

Dash Cam Buyer’s Guide

We all know that today’s roads are a messy place, to say the least. You never know when you will need a dash cam. They are vital for proving whose fault an accident was. They are also important while you are not in the car. Passerbys may damage your car, and some shady mechanics might try to claim more money from you. Dash cams are a good way to avoid unnecessary hassle with the law.

There are way too many dash cams on the market, and most of them should be avoided. Knowing which ones are worth the money is not an easy task. Fortunately, we are here to show you that finding a good dash cam doesn’t have to be hard. We have done our part, our research is in front of you, so you don’t have to waste your time scouring the Internet.

Types of Dash Cams

There is no official classification of dash cams, but we have categorized them for you. This way, you will have better chances of finding a dash cam that meets your expectations.

  • Exterior view: These dash cams are used to record the exterior of your vehicle. Dash cams that can record only the front of your vehicle are known as single-lens dash cams. They are the most common ones, but there are some that can also record the rear of your vehicle. Those dash cams come with two lenses, and most of the time the videos they record are in the picture-in-picture mode.
  • Taxicams: Taxi, Uber, and Lyft drivers typically use this type of a dash cam. Taxicams allow you to record everything that happens inside of your vehicle. They are a good choice if you have children who use your vehicle. Bear in mind that some taxicams come with two lenses, which allow you to record both the inside of your vehicle, as well as in front of it.

You should know that good dash cams with two lenses can be adjusted to record whatever you want. But, make sure that the model you want to buy allows you to make adjustments.

Are There Any Discreet Dash Cams?

If you want to hide your dash cam out of the view of other people, you will be glad to know that you can do it.

Plenty of dash cams are created to be small and discreet. You can easily tuck them out of sight, and they will still perform their task. Most of them can be attached to the rearview mirror, which most of the people won’t notice.

Bear in mind that discreet dash cams are usually tiny, so you can’t expect a screen on them.

Important Features to Consider

Now that you have chosen a type of a dash cam, you need to know which features are useful. Not all of the features on our list are a must-have, but it is good to keep them in mind.

  • Resolution: The most important feature is the resolution of the video recording. While 720p is not bad per se, it is smarter to choose a higher resolution. Our advice is to go for 1080p since it is enough to capture all of the important details. But, if you want a higher resolution, you can easily go for a 2160p camera. If you want only the best, then you should go for the 4K resolution.
  • Field of view: Field of view tells you how wide the camera can see. Some dash cams come with a narrow field of view, which isn’t the best option. On the other hand, some cameras have a very wide field of view, which can distort the video. Our advice is to get a dash cam that offers a viewing angle of at least 122 degrees. Everything above the 170-degree view angle is a bit too much.
  • Frame rate: A frame rate of a dash cam tells you how many frames there are in one second of a video. Basically, greater frame rates offer you a more fluid video. Our advice is to never go lower than 25 frames per second. Always try to go for at least 30 frames per second. Some dash cams offer video recording at 60 frames per second, which is too much. 60 frames per second videos take up a lot of storage space, which might leave you with no storage space when you need it the most.
  • Night vision: If you tend to drive during the night a lot, then a night vision dash cam is what you need. The video footage won’t look as colorful as it would during the day, but at least you will be able to see more than enough.
  • GPS: Some dash cams allow you to record your location, as well as your speed. If that feature sounds good to you, then you need a dash cam with GPS connectivity. Dash cams with GPS are used by truckers and workers who need to know the length of their drive.
  • Storage: Never skimp on storage. The more storage your dash cam has, the longer it can record. Some of the dash cams offer 4GB or 8GB of storage, but we don’t consider it enough. Some dash cams come with a MicroSD card slot that gives you even more storage space. You can use your MicroSD card to boost the storage capacity of your dash cam. If you choose to use your MicroSD card, make sure that it comes with at least 64GB of storage.
  • G-sensor: A gravity sensor is an advanced feature, and not many dash cams have it, but it is useful. The G-sensor activates the camera when you are involved in a crash. The footage recorded by the activated G-sensor can’t be overwritten or deleted. If you want to secure your footage, a G-sensor is a useful feature to think about.
  • Audio recording: Sometimes the video evidence simply isn’t enough. This is where dash cams with audio recording prove their usefulness. The downsides are that video with audio takes up more storage space and that audio dash cams tend to be pricey.
  • Built-in display: Some dash cams come with a built-in display that allows you to review footage, tweak the controls, and more. You can expect the size of the built-in display to be between 2” and 3”. The quality of the video played on the display won’t be great, but it will be more than enough for review purposes.
  • Battery: Most of the dash cams use your vehicle’s power to run. But, some of them have a built-in battery. Dash cams with a built-in battery are useful if you want the cam to keep recording even while your vehicle is not running. Bear in mind that batteries in dash cam can’t keep the camera running for a long time.
  • Wireless connectivity: Good dash cams allow you to connect to them via Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth. This is a great feature if you want to set up your dash cam on your phone. You can also manage your footage and upload it to the cloud.
  • Navigation: If you don’t have a navigation device, a dash cam could fill its place. Good dash cams allow you to enter a location to which they will guide you. You can focus on driving while your dash cam shows you and tells you where to go. Even if you own a navigation device, you might want to think about a dash cam with navigation. It is better to have one device that does everything than to clutter your vehicle with many gadgets and accessories.