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When you wash and wax your car, you’re not only bringing out its natural beauty. You’re providing protection from the elements and prolonging its life. To do this properly, you need the best car wax for the job.

So today, we’re going to share with you 10 of our top picks for taking care of your ride. We feel that these are the best of the best and sure to keep that paint job looking shiny and new. Before we get to our rankings, check out a couple of waxes that stood out from all the rest.

Don’t Have Time to Read the Whole Article?

When it comes to the best overall, nothing is quite like Collinite’s No. 845 Insulator. This wax is legendary for its versatility and many uses. It protects like few other waxes can, and it’s a breeze to apply. Even more impressive is that you have to use it only twice a year!

Following close behind is Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax. It’s a close runner-up with its beautiful finish and protection. Your ride will shine like never before and reflect like a mirror.

Top 10 Best Car Waxes

We have plenty more waiting, so let’s get to it. Each entry is special in its own way. We’re confident you’re going to find the right wax for your vehicle after reading our reviews.

1. Collinite No. 845 Insulator Review - Best Overall
  • Exceptional protection
  • Highly versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Good value
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Collinite’s Insulator wax is an industry standard that is used in a long line of applications. From heavy machinery to airplanes, it is sought after thanks to its high level of protection.

This paste is famous for its versatility. Not only will it bring out the shine you’re looking for in your vehicle, but it will protect equipment from all kinds of damage. When applied to a vehicle, it works to effectively fight off road grime, dirt, oil, rain, and a whole lot more.

Over time, it’s been discovered that No. 845 Insulator is the best wax for vehicles that are painted white. Its ability to repel liquid and debris is in a class of its own. Even better, once you apply it, you can forget about it for 6 months.

That’s right, this is a twice-a-year wax product. If you’re one of those who just doesn’t enjoy waxing your ride, you should most definitely give Collinite a try.

What’s even more incredible is all the different things you can use it on. Some people use it on their headlights. It also makes a great precursor to buffing out scratches in your paint.


  • Polishes, waxes, and seals
  • High gloss finish
  • Versatile wax
  • 16 ounces

Ease of Use

Easy on, easy off. Collinite’s versatile Insulator wax is a fine choice regardless of your experience level. It’s long-lasting, too. You won’t need to wax your vehicle nearly as often as most other brands.

2. Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax Review - Best Runner-Up
  • Excellent protection
  • Beautiful luster
  • Easy to use
  • Good value
  • Wax is short-lived
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Meguiar’s is one of the most trusted and selected car waxes, and there’s a good reason for that. As its ‘Ultimate’ name suggests, this wax is indeed some truly impressive stuff. If you’re looking for protection, Meguiar’s will do the trick.

It works by providing a protective layer over your car’s paint. This layer fights off rain, mud, road debris, and more. It also repels harmful and damaging UV rays from the sun. The end result is your ride lasting longer, diminishing the chances of damage.

In our tests, water beaded right off of the car. And we all know the less water has a chance to set in, the less likely we are to see rust. Regardless of what kind of vehicle you’re driving, you want to reduce damage to the body for as long as you can.

Waxing regularly (every 3 months) will help to extend the life of your vehicle and keep its value high. Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax will help you do just that. It’s an easy wax to apply, requiring much less effort than many others.

We like using Meguiar’s because it doesn’t smell too strong and it’s easy to work with. Obviously, applying wax properly is an art and takes some practice. The good news is that if you’re new to waxing, Meguiar’s includes tips and a guide to help you along the way.

Price-wise, we’re pretty comfortable paying what Meguiar’s asks. We’ve seen some really expensive waxes that don’t do near as well a job as Meguiar’s Ultimate. The care and protection your car is getting only solidifies its value.


  • Polymer-based
  • Synthetic wax
  • 1.4 pounds
  • 16 ounces

Ease of Use

If you’re looking for an easy wax to apply, you’ll be happy with Meguiar’s. Thanks to the included application guide, you’ll be well on your way to a shiny and happy car. It’s important to note that while synthetic waxes typically last longer, this seems to have a shorter life to it.

Much of how it is applied certainly comes into play. But we found it to be slightly less than some others. Still, the level of protection and shine are second to none.

3. Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax Review - Best Shine
  • Quick application
  • Apply wet or dry
  • Great shine
  • Nice smell
  • Little protection
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As where Meguiar’s is a synthetic wax, Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax uses a traditional carnauba. We absolutely love the shine this brings out. Carnauba waxes typically don’t last as long as synthetics, but we were pleased with Chemical Guys.

If you’re looking for protection, you might want to look elsewhere. Butter Wet Wax is strictly meant to turn heads. And boy, what a fine job it does of that. Our car shined like a new dime, beaming from bumper to bumper.

If you’re a beginner to waxing in general, you may want to start with this one. It’s made for easy application. There’s very little hazing or fighting to get the right shine. Your ride’s natural beauty will immediately bleed through.

Another huge benefit is the wait time. Many waxes require time to set in. Not so with Butter Wet Wax. You can wipe it off right after you apply it. It’s quick, easy, and effective. Furthermore, this wax has some of its best results when applied after a washing.

Don’t dry your car; leave it wet. Then apply the Butter Wet Wax to reveal a brilliant, radiant glow like you’ve never seen. It’s pretty wild how well this works on wet surfaces. This is usually unheard of with car wax, but it sure works well here.

Another huge plus for the uninitiated is that this wax won’t stain your vehicle. So if you tend to have trouble staying in the lines, no worries. You don’t need to use a whole lot to get great results.

The price is right, it’s easy to use, and it makes your ride shine. What more could you want? Oh, and it has a very pleasant smell. If you have trouble with harsh chemicals, you should definitely look into Butter Wet Wax.


  • New formulation
  • Carnauba wax
  • 1.15 pounds
  • 16 ounces

Ease of Use

Just a couple of quick wipes and you’ll be all set. It’s mistake-proof, too. So you don’t have to worry about messing up and staining your car. It’s nice to be able to take this with you to the car wash and apply it right after you spray down.

4. Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax ALL Review - Easiest to Use
  • Very easy to apply
  • Quick protection
  • Large quantity
  • Versatile
  • A little pricey
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Aero delivers another highly-versatile wax that can be applied both wet and dry. It costs a little bit more than Chemical Guys’ Butter Wet, but the principle is the same. Wash Wax ALL is a synthetic blend, however. So instead of having a short-acting wax, you’re getting much more longevity.

After you have applied it to your vehicle, the wax leaves behind a protective barrier that blocks UV rays. Since it lasts longer, you don’t have to apply it as often as, say, a carnauba wax. Plus, you get 128 ounces to work with. This gives you enough to do up to 50 individual waxes.

In our tests, we found the Wash Wax ALL to be easy to apply and even easier to wipe off. There’s no ammonia or alcohol, leaving you with a safe, effective shine and protection. There’s less rubbing, as it removes very quickly.

Aero’s Wash Wax ALL is hands-down one of the easiest of car waxes to use. You need little to no experience working with waxes. It will give you both the protection and shine you want with as little work as possible.


  • Non-stick coating
  • Synthetic wax
  • 128 ounces
  • 8 pounds

Ease of Use

Application is a breeze, regardless of your experience. Simply spray the stuff on and wipe it right off. It’s that easy. The coating left behind is non-stick and will work immediately in protecting your ride.

You can use Aero’s wax on more than just cars. It’s great for RVs, boats, and even aircraft! Now that’s some serious business.

5. P21S 12700W Review - Best for Long-Lasting Shine
  • Perfect for old cars
  • Great protection
  • Long-lasting
  • Deep shine
  • A bit pricey
  • Rather small container
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P21S costs a little more considering how little you get. But if you want a long-lasting shine that runs deep, this is the wax for you. This beeswax-based formula works to bring out your car’s natural luster.

If your paint often looks rather dull and lifeless, P21S will breathe new life into your ride. Many car owners turn to this effective wax for results that speak for themselves. If your ride needs a makeover, this is the right wax for the job.

You can expect to get around a dozen or so applications from the little container. At 6.2 ounces, it’s true that there isn’t a lot of wax included. However, we found that a little bit goes a long way, delivering a quality shine and plenty of protection.

It’s a bit pricey, but for what it does for your vehicle, it’s well worth the investment. It’s a very easy wax to work with, and does wonders for dull paint jobs.


  • Beeswax formula
  • Non-powdering
  • Carnauba wax
  • 6.2 ounces

Ease of Use

When applying P21S to your vehicle, it’s best to let the wax sit for a minute or two before wiping it off. There’s no haze left behind, leaving your ride looking fresh and new. It’s really quite incredible how slick this wax makes your car’s body after application.

6. CarGuys Premium Liquid Wax Review - Best for Annual Application
  • Mirror-like shine
  • Fast application
  • Long-lasting
  • Expensive
check price

Now here’s something revolutionary. CarGuys’ Premium Liquid Wax features nano polymers. This groundbreaking technology works to reduce the amount of times you should wax your car every year.

In fact, using this wax can reduce it all the way down to once a year! If you loathe having to wax every 3 months, this is definitely the wax for you. It works by cross-linking molecules, resulting in a deep, long-lasting shine.

But it doesn’t stop there. Your car will have a durable layer of protective coating that won’t wear off, even in heavy weather conditions. Your car will stay just as protected as the day you applied the first coat.

This stuff is amazing at bringing out a reflective and slick surface. Harmful UV rays bounce right off while rain simply beads away. You would think to get this type of protection you would have to apply and buff for hours.

But in truth, it’s quite the opposite. CarGuys’ Premium Liquid Wax is one of the fastest waxes to apply, and comes off just as easily. If you’re tired of spending all afternoon washing and waxing your ride, you owe it to yourself to give this one a try.


  • Nano-polymer
  • Synthetic wax
  • 1.37 pounds
  • 16 ounces

Ease of Use

A small kit is all you need to bring your car to life. It takes just a little buffing and you’ll get the same results as you would after hours of waxing with traditional brands. Once applied, you can forget all about waxing until next year.

7. Meguiar's Gold Class Review - Best for Classics
  • Clear coat safe
  • Effective blend
  • Great finish
  • Affordable
  • Tedious application
check price

Meguiar’s makes our list again, this time with some Gold Class. This carnauba wax is some of the best premium waxes you can buy today. What makes it so special is that it is combined with synthetics, as well.

This results in a truly incredible wax job that lasts. The added polymers work to provide your vehicle with a safe and effective layer of protection. Damaging UV rays and harsh weather conditions won’t have any effect thanks to Meguiar’s special blend.

This combination of natural and synthetic also works to keep your paint safe and looking beautiful. It is also very friendly to clear coats, so you can use it every time you wax your vehicle without fear of damage.

We really like the results of this special paste. Many owners swear by its quality finish, making it one of the better choices for serious car enthusiasts.

With the Gold Class bundle, you get 11 ounces of the premium paste wax, a foam pad for application, and a microfiber cloth for buffing.


  • Synthetic polymers
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Carnauba wax
  • 11 ounces

Ease of Use

If you’re not familiar with applying wax, you might struggle with Gold Class. The paste wax can be a tedious process if you’ve never used it before. Stick with it and you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

8. Meguiar's DeepCrystal Review - Best Value
  • Easy application
  • Very affordable
  • Glossy shine
  • Some hazing
  • Doesn’t last very long
check price

Meguiar’s is back again, offering up their DeepCrystal liquid carnauba wax. This affordable option goes on easily and buffs out with a little elbow grease. It does have a couple of shortcomings that keep it from excelling higher, but it’s great in a pinch.

We were pleased with the outcome of this liquid. After buffing, our car looked bright and reflective. You may want to apply two coats for best results, especially if you’re dealing with a dull paint job.

We have two main gripes with DeepCrystal liquid wax. One, it just doesn’t last very long. You’ll soon find your car’s shine fading, requiring you to apply another coat. We had to wax every other week to sustain our car’s luster.

And two, there is some hazing to fight with here and there. We’ve certainly seen a lot worse, but it’s enough to tack on more time spent waxing. And since you’ll have to wax more frequently, this adds up rather quickly.


  • Microfiber cloth
  • Carnauba wax
  • 16 ounces
  • Foam pad

Ease of Use

Applying DeepCrystal is a breeze. It goes on really smoothly and quickly. But when it’s time to buff, hazing can cause you some delays in completing your work. You’ll have to wax more often, but the shine and protection it provides is excellent.

9. Optimum SW2008P Review - Best Time-Saving Wax
  • Goes on quick
  • Multi-purpose
  • Inexpensive
  • Loses shine quickly
check price

If you hate dealing with wiping and buffing, you’re going to love Optimum. This long-lasting formula goes on by simply spraying it all over your car. Once saturated, wipe it off with a microfiber cloth for a quality shine.

It’s safe to use on all paint finishes and won’t harm your clear coat, either. You can even use it on glass and chrome if you like. Others use it to clean their plastic trim. It’s that versatile.

It’s really affordable and works well enough if you don’t want to deal with a detailed wax job. Optimum says their spray lasts for up to 5 months, but you’ll likely want to reapply it much sooner. It tends to lose its luster pretty quickly. And it doesn’t offer near the protection of other entries.


  • Spray-on wax
  • Multi-purpose
  • Safe to use
  • 17 ounces

Ease of Use

Thanks to its easy spray on formula, you can have your vehicle waxed in a matter of minutes. And since it is multi-purpose, you can use it to clean the rest of your ride’s exterior, as well.

10. Griot’s Garage Spray-On Wax Review - Most Innovative’s-Garage-Spray-On-Wax-69x175.jpg
  • Instant just-waxed look
  • Easy spray-on formula
  • Inexpensive
  • Doesn’t last
check price

Griot’s Garage offers their spray-on version for quick and painless waxing. It costs only slightly more than Optimum’s spray-on wax, but you get a lot more to work with here.

You can apply this wax while your car is either wet or dry. It works best as a temporary fix until you can spend the time to give your car a proper waxing.

Griot’s wax isn’t going to last very long at all. You’ll want to use this to give your car a quick shine for a night out. But that’s about all the use you’ll get out of it.

It loses its luster really quickly, but at least it looks nice while it lasts. It does contain a base of carnauba wax, so your car will have that just-waxed look for a little while.

As you can imagine, you’re not going to be getting much protection from this spray-on wax. It simply doesn’t last long enough to do any good. Plus, with only a base product, there’s very little meant for protection.

Your best bet is to throw this in your trunk and use it in emergencies. It’s great for a quick spray from time to time.


  • Carnauba wax base
  • Spray-on formula
  • 2.45 pounds
  • 35 ounces

Ease of Use

Simply spray down your ride and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. The results look great for a while, but you’ll soon need to apply another coat to get that just-waxed look back. Use this only as a temporary fix. If you expect any more, you will be sorely disappointed.

Car Wax Buyer’s Guide

There are multiple factors that contribute to one’s choice when it comes to car wax. We will take you through everything you need to know before making a purchase.

Nobody enjoys wasting time. You wouldn’t want to spend an hour waxing your car only to learn that you have made an error that is going to take even more time to correct. Nobody would!

Why Should You Wax Your Car?

You should never avoid waxing your car. Unfortunately, some people claim that it isn’t necessary to wax a car. But, those are the individuals you see in dirty, unkempt, scratched cars. When you drive your car, you don’t want people to turn their heads for the wrong reasons.

Here is why you should be serious about waxing your car.

  • Protection from damage: Car wax creates a slippery surface that protects the surface of your car. Tiny particle and debris can scratch your car or put tiny dents in it. Car wax makes the debris bounce off before it can damage the surface.
  • Fewer visits to a car wash: Since wax prevents debris and fine particles from sticking to your car, it also prevents often visits to a car wash. Some tiny particles might get stuck to your car, but you can easily wipe them away with a piece of cloth.
  • Better resale value: If you’ve ever bought a used car, then you know the importance of the first impression. Nobody wants a car that has visible damage like chips, dents, and scratches. So, wax your car frequently if you intend to sell it in the future.
  • Fewer repairs: Restoring a vehicle to the original state is not cheap. It is a process that might cost you a couple of thousands of dollars, depending on the color and brand of the car. Avoid having to restore your car’s finish by waxing it regularly.

What Are the Forms of Wax?

There are three forms of wax that are most commonly used. Each one of them suits particular needs, so it’s important to know more about them.

  • Liquid wax: This one is easy to apply. You won’t spend a lot of time applying it, but it takes longer to dry. High-quality liquid wax can protect your paint job for months.
  • Spray wax: Spray wax is easy to apply to a vehicle. You simply spray it on and buff it. It is well-suited for new cars, but bear in mind that it is not very durable.
  • Paste wax: This type of wax is the hardest to apply. It requires you to spend a lot of time and effort, but the results are amazing. The problem with paste wax is that it needs to be reapplied often, and it is difficult to remove.

How to Choose a Suitable Car Wax?

A couple of factors need to be considered before you purchase a new car wax.

  • Paint job color: Some car waxes are created specifically for certain color hues. Errors happen, and you could scratch your car. So, to cover up the scratches, you need a color wax.
  • Age of car: If you have a new car, then a spray wax will do the job. Remember that spray wax wears out quickly, so don’t forget to apply it often. On the other hand, liquid car wax is a good choice for older cars. It will help against oxidation (deterioration of the clear coat leading to patches of paint getting dissolved), and bring out the old shine.
  • Weather: Weather conditions play a role in the choice of car wax. Hot summer days aren’t the best choice for waxing. But, you can find certain waxes that are suited for summer. On the other hand, winter comes with its specific conditions. So, during the winter, you will need to use wax fit for cold weather.
  • Abrasive properties: Some waxes have tiny particles that can cause fine scratches on your vehicle. Those scratches tend to be more visible on dark vehicles. Basically, if you are an owner of a dark-colored vehicle, then you need to check the safety information on the wax packaging. It will tell you whether it should be used on dark-colored cars.
  • Plastic in a car: Certain waxes can leave residue on plastic parts of a vehicle. Check whether the wax you are thinking of purchasing is compatible with plastic. Another option is to test the wax on a small plastic part before you wax the rest of the car.

Is There a Difference Between Waxing and Polishing?

People polish a car when it has scratches, tiny dents, and other imperfections. The tiniest scratch can be very visible. When the Sun’s light rays hit the surface of your car, they are reflected. But, when light rays hit a scratch, they get reflected at a different angle that makes them stand out from the rest of the vehicle.

Car polishes remove dirt and scratches, and they are applied before the wax. But, they don’t provide protection.

While very similar to polishing, waxing provides a layer of protection to the surface of your car. So, it is important to both polish and wax a vehicle that is damaged. If a vehicle is not damaged, then only waxing should be performed.

Do I Need a Specific Wax for My Make of Car?


There is no factual basis for the claim that specific make of a car requires one kind of wax. Paints applied by different manufacturers don’t have a wax that they favor. If you ever see a company marketing car wax for a specific make or model of a car, then avoid that company.

How do I Wax My Car?

Car waxing may seem complicated at a first glance. But, as soon as you finish doing it for the first time, you will understand how simple it is.

  • Wash your car: You should never wax a dirty car. So, wash your car before waxing it.
  • Don’t wax in direct sunlight: Sunshine causes the wax to dry fast. So, wax your car in your garage, or outside in a shaded spot.
  • Don’t apply too much wax: Most of the time, a pea-sized amount of car wax will cover almost half of the hood of a car. So, bear that in mind before you apply too much wax.
  • Use your hands or a buffing machine: If you will be using your hands, then grab a piece of cloth and apply wax to it. If the wax is in the form of a spray, then apply it on the surface. On the other hand, if you want to use a buffing machine, then apply the wax to the center of the pad. Remember not to cover the entire pad with the wax because it will spill out due to the rotation of the pad. Buffing machine gives better results than your hands. But, if you don’t own a buffing machine, then your hands will do a good job too. Bear in mind that you will spend more time if you only use your hands.
  • Perfect the shine: When you finish rubbing or buffing your vehicle, you have to perfect the shine. If you are using your hands, then grab a microfiber cloth and slowly polish the entire car one more time. If you want to use a buffing machine, then make sure to use a microfiber buffing pad, and go over your car again.
  • Test your work: Let the wax settle down for a few minutes, and then grab some clean water. Spill the water on the hood and notice how it behaves. If the water slides down without leaving any marks, you have done a good job. Conversely, if you notice water residue, then you need to wax your car more.

If you still aren’t sure how to properly wax your car, then watch the following video: