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Snooze Patrol – In-depth Guide to Alarm Clocks

Alarm clocks have been a part of our life since the day they were invented. Their never-waning popularity is a testament to their usefulness.

Due to our life being busy, many people are losing hours of sleep. It is a proven fact that sleep is very important. But, what many people may not know, is that it is also important to wake up at the same time every morning.

Alarm clocks give us the ability to wake up every morning at the same time, so it is wise to keep an alarm clock in your bedroom.

There are many alarm clocks out there. Some of them are amazing and work without any problems, but there are some that will leave you sleeping without waking you up.

We know that it is always a daunting task to choose a new product, but continue reading, and your task of purchasing a new alarm clock will become a breeze.

Types of Alarm Clocks

History of alarm clocks started more than 2.000 years ago, but they were complex contraptions that functioned differently than today’s clocks. Later periods in human history show that the Chinese engineers created astronomical clocks with striking mechanisms. User-settable alarm clocks were created in 15th-century Europe, while the first American one was created in the 18th century.

Technology advanced at a steady pace, and today we have a multitude of different alarm clocks with a wide variety of features.

Most well-known types of alarm clocks are:

Quartz Analog Clocks:

You have seen this type of clocks many times in your life. You might have noticed it in hotel rooms, your friend’s rooms, or just about anywhere else. Quartz analog clocks use a quartz crystal to track time. The quartz starts to vibrate when an electric current passes through it, and an oscillator counts the vibrations. A predetermined frequency is used to pass the information of the passage of time to other clock components.

Many of quartz analog clocks use minute and hour hands on a dial to display time, but there are also models with a digital display. Quartz analog clocks accurately keep time, and they don’t have any problems with setting off the alarm.

Digital Clocks

Digital clocks are very similar to the quartz analog clocks, but the difference is that digital clocks utilize the electric energy to work. They need AC power from an outlet, or from a battery. Digital clocks usually use a glass crystal which makes very light sounds when an electric charge passes through it. The sound is then converted into an electronic signal, which is further divided by using a counter. Two counters produce binary numbers out of the signal, and the binary numbers are then turned into the numbers we can see on the clock.


Digital clocks are very reliable – they are accurate, and they won’t be a problem when the time to wake up comes. Bear in mind that digital clocks require a power source or a battery source. If you are using batteries in your digital clock, then make sure that you change them frequently.

Atomic Clocks

Atomic clocks, as the name implies, utilize the resonating frequencies of atoms to count time. The main advantage of atomic clocks is that they are very accurate.

There is only one problem with atomic clocks – price. Unfortunately, they are extremely expensive, and they would put a huge dent in anyone’s budget. You will probably ignore atomic clocks, but we think that it is important to mention them.

Things to Consider When Purchasing an Alarm Clock

As a savvy buyer, you understand that nothing is as it seems. Which is why we have decided to guide you through all of the things one should consider before opting in for a new alarm clock.


The display choice depends on the type of aesthetics you appreciate. If you love everything retro, then purchasing a clock with a traditional face is the best option. On the other hand, an LED or an LCD display clock is an excellent choice if you are going for a more modern look.

Make sure that the display is easy on your eyes because some of the clocks on the market can be very bright. Some digital watches have the ability to project the time on your wall, which is a nice feature for anyone with reading problems.

Plenty of clocks out there come with displays in different color, so make sure to choose the one that will look good in your room.

Automatic Time Sync

If you don’t have the patience to manually set the time on your clock, then make sure to purchase a model with an automatic time sync feature. Not only does this feature save time, but it also allows you to wake up on time even if you forget about the daylight savings.

Alarm Type

As much as one type of sound can wake up one person, the same sound can have a different effect on a different person. If you are the type of person who can ignore most of the traditional alarm sounds, then make sure that your new alarm clock allows you to change the sound.

It is important to note that even the most annoying sounds can become background noise. People can get used to hearing the same sound every day, which defeats the purpose of an alarm clock. Make sure that the alarm clock you are buying gives you the power to switch the alarm sound.

If you are tired of the annoying tones, then you could check out locks with a Humane Waking System. This system doesn’t shock you out of sleep with a sudden alarm, instead, it starts with a low tone, that slowly increases.

Power Source

There is nothing worse than an alarm clock having its battery drained during your sleep. Always make sure to know what kind of a power source an alarm clock uses.

If your part of town is often hit with power outages, then opt-in for a clock that comes with batteries. But, make sure that you always have a couple of backup batteries nearby.

Basically, the type of power source is dictated by your living conditions and your lifestyle, so think before you buy!


Dimensions of an alarm clock are important if you are low on room space, or if you are a traveler. Make sure to check the specifications of a particular product before opting in for a purchase.

If you frequently travel, then buy a model that is small and lightweight.

Smartphone Dock

Alarm clocks that come with a smartphone dock are a good investment. Most of us are never far away from our phones, which is why a smartphone dock is an essential component.

There is no worse feeling than waking up with an empty phone battery. Luckily, many modern alarm clocks give you the ability to charge your smartphone.


Even if you are purchasing the cheapest alarm clock out there, you should consider the warranty of a product. Models that come with a warranty are proven to have a longer life, and the fact that you can exchange them for a new one if something goes awry is an excellent bonus.

Timer & Snooze Buttons

Timer buttons are an important factor for anyone who has an irregular sleep schedule. Timer buttons give you the power to schedule alarms at a different time.

We don’t like snooze buttons, and science agrees with us. But, if you can’t wake up without a little bit of snooze time, then make sure that you are aware of how many times you can use it.

Additional Features

Plenty of alarm clocks on the market come with many extra features. Some of the features allow you to check out the current temperature, or the calendar. Other models come with AM/FM functionalities that allow you to get woke up by radio music.

Be sure to read through the list of the features – you will be amazed by what some of the alarm clocks can do.


Prices of alarm clocks wary greatly, and it is not easy to find one with a price that accurately represents the features. Luckily, we have spent a lot of time on research, and we are happy to provide you with a list of best alarm clocks. If you are serious about buying a reliable alarm clock, make sure to read it!

Final Words

When we started our journey into the world of alarm clocks, we never could have imagined that it would be a complex, yet satisfying journey. We are happy that you have decided to accompany us, and we are thankful for your time.

Now that you know a lot more about alarm clocks than an average consumer, there is no need to get wound up – we are sure that your next purchase will be a wise one!