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What does a weightlifting belt do? And do you need it?

We’ve all seen the beefy gym guys adorning a hefty belt in their mid-section and wondered if it’s their secret to bulking up. A weightlifting belt stabilizes the spine under heavy load so you can lift better. It presses against your abs allowing you to achieve the correct posture during a performance.

There are various types of belts ranging from leather to suede, nylon, and Velcro belts. They also come in different thicknesses from 5mm to 13mm and varied widths up to 4 inches. The best weightlifting belt caters to your kind of lifts and supports comfortable performance.

Here, you’ll find only the belts that we have considered after detailed investigation, discussions, and consultations with experts.

In Short

Don’t feel like going through our products? Then you will find the Inzer Advance Designs Forever Lever Belt impeccable. Known for its quality, Inzer does not glue layers together. Instead, it offers a single piece of a 10mm leather belt for fixed support.

Seasoned powerlifters may find 10mm belts lacking. That’s why we recommend the Rogue 13mm Powerlifting Belt. This leather, handcrafted belt, is durable and has a suede liner for a firm grip.

1. Inzer Advance Designs Forever Lever Belt Review "Best Leather Weightlifting Belt "
  • Top-grain leather and suede finish
  • 10mm thickness for beginners and powerlifting
  • Refined edges rather than rounded ones
  • It is a single leather piece
  • Available in 13mm thickness
  • Comes in nine sizes
  • Customer service could be better
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Inzer tops the list with a top-grain leather belt. Having made a name for itself, Inzer is expected to put out top-performing belts, and this belt does not disappoint. It is superior, tough, and guarantees performance for life. This is the type of belt you can put through the most intense weightlifting sessions. It comes out unscathed because of its excellent quality.

Construction Quality

No one likes to look back at what they bought and wish they could take back time and choose something else. With Inzer Advance Designs Forever Lever Belt, that will never be the case for you. Designed with a single piece of 10mm leather, this belt will never peel off because it does not have layers.

Its exclusive reinforced leather breaks in and conforms to your body providing you with comfort during exercise. Its break-in process is personalized; something other belts rarely achieve. It’s no wonder most people using this belt are not able to share it because it will feel different if it is not yours.

At 4 inches wide, this belt comes with clean but not rounded edges. This construction design ensures that the performance of the width is not affected. This means it will not give in when you push harder, instead it provides a fixed lift, thus protecting your spine while working the abs.

Another exciting feature is that it has a suede finish that provides anti-slip performance. It’s not like wearing plain leather, which gives you trouble as soon as you start to sweat.

Who is it for?

Everything about this belt points to powerlifting. We are talking squats and deadlifts where you need the power of the core and stability to the spine. Since it is 10mm thick, beginners will find it more comfortable because they don’t need to lift a ton. Its thickness does not only keep your spine stiff, but it also ensures that the belt stays put every time you use it.

Closure System

Inzer Forever uses a lever closure system. It has its advantages and disadvantages. For one, it is super easy to tighten and release with one hand. It is beneficial when you have just completed a heavy set and want it off your body in an instant.

But, adjusting it is a different story since you have to move the lever to another set of holes to achieve the tightness you want. This process involves unscrewing, sliding, and screwing the lever back again. It is not always straightforward but shouldn’t be hard either.

Stuff to Consider

If you want different levels of tightness between lifts, you may want to consider a prong rather than this lever belt. As we said before, adjusting the tightness is a process you may not want to get involved in when going around your sets.


Inzer Forever is keen to meet the demands of the average to the seasoned powerlifter. This model is well thought out. From the construction quality to its thickness, width, and break-in, every feature supports great performance.

2. Rogue Powerlifting Belt Review "Best Powerlifting Belt"
  • Handcrafted leather construction
  • Double-stitched
  • Suede lining
  • Water-resistant
  • Feels soft for comfortable wear
  • It’s heavy and thick for beginners
  • It has a high price tag
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Rogue has come a long way in the weightlifting world from when it started back in 2006. This powerlifting belt is 13mm thick, handcrafted, and complete with a single prong closure design.

Construction Quality

Rogue is probably the most durable belt you’ll ever come across. It is handcrafted with American-made leather and is definitely made at home since this brand is based in Ohio. We love that it has not compromised on anything since you will find it has been double-stitched using heavy-duty nylon.

The break-in period is not a long, painful process. It will just feel tight at first, and then it molds to your body, and that’s it. It gets comfortable the more you wear it.

This belt comes in five sizes. As usual, you are supposed to measure your width near the area of your belly button. This belt won’t loosen the more you wear it. Seeing that it is also of a single leather piece, no amount of pressure will cause more wear than is deemed reasonable.

Who is it for?

This belt is designed for powerlifting. At 13mm thick, it can handle extreme weights of over 500 pounds. You will like it for deadlifts, bench presses, squats, and even overhead presses. As you can see, it offers more functionality than most belts because it is thicker than most industrial weightlifting belts.

This belt allows you to train harder and longer. Competitive powerlifters will find it more useful than beginners. This is because it can be hard to attain the proper lifting position in a thicker belt. Rogue also meets regulation rules of not being thicker than 13mm hence you can take it with you to your next powerlifting competition.

Closure System

We particularly like that this is a single prong belt. It should not be any trouble tightening and releasing it even though it takes a couple of seconds longer than a lever closure system. It shines when it comes to adjusting the tightness since you won’t be dealing with any screws.

Stuff to Consider

Rogue Powerlifting Belt is somewhat expensive. It is right at the top of the food chain, so if you are not a competitive lifter, you may want to invest in a cheaper alternative.


Competitive powerlifters don’t compromise, and that’s what the Rogue Powerlifting Belt is all about. It is made of vegetable tanned leather. It remains solid, comfortable, and durable to deliver remarkable performance for demanding lifts.

3. Gabor Fitness Epic Performance Low Profile Review "Best for Back Support "
  • Waterproof foam core
  • Tricot lining prevents pinching
  • Fast and easy to tighten and release
  • It is hand-washable
  • 4 inches thick at the back and 3 inches at the front
  • Neoprene material can’t last as long as leather
  • Not ideal for heavy lifting
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For most people who start lifting, achieving proper posture is always a challenge. But not with the Gabor Fitness Low Profile belt. This belt has your lifting goals in mind. As you lift more, it feels comfortable and binds you into the correct posture.

Construction Quality

Gabor Fitness belt is particular about its waterproof foam core. It plays the central role of supporting the back without pinching the sides even when performing difficult motions. Its soft tricot lining contributes to more comfort as it allows the belt to deliver the fixed support you need.

This belt is 4 inches thick at the back but is tapered to three inches at the front. The result is a belt that supports the lumbar while preventing dangerous bending to the front.

Gabor Fitness has not made this belt to be fully waterproof. It can absorb sweat and body odors. However, the belt is hand-washable and should be air-dried to maintain its sleek exterior and quality.

Who is it for?

This belt is more for beginners than any other person. It does not have a high lifting capacity making it ideal for back support in regular gym activities. The belt will come in handy when running or jogging whether on the treadmill or outside. It will also prove important with dumbbells and light weights when performing squats or deadlifts.

Closure System

Gabor Fitness follows a low-profile closure system with a torque ring and a Velcro strap. It is fast and easy to adorn the belt because you just have to pull on the strap to achieve the right tightness. There’s no need to break in the neoprene material, and anyone can use it since it follows the curves of the wearer.

Stuff to Consider

Gym rats will not find much benefit from this belt. It can’t support heavy weightlifting. Also, the Velcro may come loose after some time, but it’s expected considering it is not a high-end product.


For those who want extra lumbar support, Gabor Fitness Low Profile is the belt to pick. It may not be of leather, but its foam core and brushed tricot lining manage to deliver additional support for better performance before transitioning to heavier weights.

4. Harbinger Belt Review "Best Cheap Weightlifting Belt "
  • Heavy-duty nylon construction
  • Steel buckle and Velcro closure
  • Can handle heavy weightlifting
  • Keeps muscles warm
  • Velcro is thick
  • It is not very rigid
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Harbinger brings us their most sought-after nylon weightlifting belt. It is aimed at bodybuilders and strength trainers looking to gain more and train longer. Its tough exterior is reminiscent of leather only that it will not last as long as the typical leather belt.

Construction Quality

Harbinger features a 346 count of parallel nylon lines. It showcases the strength and remarkable uniformity throughout the length of this belt. As you will see, it is 4 inches wide at the back and 3 inches at the back. Again, this design is meant to ground your spine and help stabilize it. The design also helps to control motion in the abs and sides. This means you will also be working the abs, so you never have to fear that the belt will make your abs go soft.

Along the interior of this belt is flexible foam. It offers extra comfort so that you will not experience cinching that can overpower the relevance of wearing the belt in the first place. Since it has a heavy-duty nylon web, you won’t have to wait for your energy to recede. This belt will keep your muscles warm and ready to push further.

Who is it for?

This belt is best worn by beginners starting a weightlifting and bodybuilding program. It has a higher lift capacity than the Gabor Fitness belt, thus is better at supporting realistic lifting goals. Harbinger is, however, not suitable for extreme weight lifting.

Closure System

One of Harbinger’s best features is its heavy-gauge steel roller buckle and Velcro. It is super easy to achieve the right tension so you can get to the right fit and comfort level. The adjustment strap is 3 inches. It allows adjusting it to various waist sizes on the fly.

Stuff to Consider

Women with small waists and petite figures may find it too wide. It does not leave much space between the lower rib and the hip bone, which means it can fold when you squat. You may want to consider a narrower belt if you fit in this category.


Harbinger Nylon belt proves to be of high quality and reliable for most bodybuilding needs. It can undertake different types of lifts, and it can cover lifting for intermediates and beginners. Its nylon material and soft inner lining are comfortable enough to facilitate long sessions with or without clothes.

5. RIMSports Premium Dip Belt with Chain Review "Best for Dips "
  • Cotton material wicks away sweat
  • Both sides have carabiners
  • Can perform most lifting workouts
  • Does not pinch or move during exercise
  • Thick padding for back support
  • It may feel unstable when the chain is not weighted
  • It can make a lot of noise
  • The clips won’t last long
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RIMSports Premium Lifting Belt is weighted for dips, chin ups, and pull ups. It is a versatile belt that ensures you can rely on it for more than just attaching extra weight to the chain.

Construction Quality

RIMSports focuses on functionality. That’s why this belt can work as a weightlifting belt when you want to lift more when performing moves such as squats. It comes with an extra-long chain, twin anchor loops, and an extra-thick cotton belt.

The belt has thick layers which ensure it can support heavy weight lifting while the cotton wicks away sweat. Cotton is durable, but not on its own. RIMSports has reinforced this belt with heavy-duty nylon thread stitched around the belt and sling.

The wide back is critical to conform to your back for safe lifting. It will not dig into skin whether you use it on clothes or bare skin. It stays in place so you can focus on the weight and posture instead of adjusting how it sits on your body.

Who is it for?

Seeing that the chain is 34 inches long, tall users will find it super comfortable. It can be of use for sled harness workouts with the help of the two anchor loops. The chain makes it possible to perform exercises based on the dip without compromising on expected results.

If you want to target the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and triceps, this belt will help to supercharge your workouts and achieve your goals. Not to mention that it will also make your pull-ups and chain ups harder so you can gain even more muscle.

Closure System

Since this is a dip belt, there’s not much going for it in terms of the closure. This is because it uses the chain, d-rings, and carabiners. Since the chain is fully adjustable, you will have an easy time fitting it to your size.

Stuff to Consider

Our only concern is the quality of the fabric attached to the d-rings. It is not of the best quality, and it may rip with time.


From the length to the wide size and quality cotton construction, it’s clear that RIMSports is ideal as a dip belt. It covers lots of attachments since the chain is long and comfortable even for tall users. Its wide back molds the spine and makes it possible to perform better triceps, shoulder, and chest workouts.

6. ProFitness Genuine Leather Belt Review "Best for Heavy Lifting "
  • Strong leather is pliable
  • Promotes safe lifting and core strengthening
  • Offers versatile usage
  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • It has a 60-day trial period
  • Strong metal buckle closure
  • Available only in black combinations
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Improve your form and technique by involving a belt made for the job. ProFitness brings you its genuine leather, 4-inch workout belt to protect your core and enable powerful lifts. Beginners and gym rats can wear it for short – and long-term gains.

Construction Quality

If you are going to use a belt to lift weights, it should be of the best quality at an affordable price. ProFitness is made of genuine leather to support the lower back for intense weight lifting. It is going to be your best companion whether you want to lose weight, bulk up, or test your strength.

This belt aims at versatility. It is tough yet flexible such that it can support lifting as much as 500 pounds without breaking. You can show off your lifting prowess as it exhibits sturdy support without slipping or cinching. After you break it in, it is a matter of how far and how long you can go since it will not disrupt your sets.

Who is it for?

From CrossFit lovers to beginners, and even Powerlifters, this belt can cover most sections of the weight lifting world. The fact that it can handle huge weights is impressive, making it ideal for folk interested in improving performance and safe lifting.

Closure System

You get a sturdy metal buckle, a single prong, and a loop for enhanced adjustability. It is versatile even in the way you wear it so you won’t be fighting with the buckle to achieve the tightness that works for you. It allows to quickly strap in and adjust the belt to size for comfortable wearing.

Stuff to Consider

This belt has been reported to have a tight fit for most people. It is recommended to go a size up to find the correct size.


ProFitness Genuine Leather Belt fulfills most lifting needs. Its performance spans across different fitness sectors, which makes it a great product for those who are not tied to one weight training plan.

7. Dark Iron Fitness Review "Most Versatile Weightlifting Belt "
  • Can withstand the pressure of heavy weights up to 600 pounds
  • Customer service is excellent
  • Double stitched
  • Delivers maximum core protection
  • Adjustable, non-slip fit
  • Getting the correct size can be a tricky process
  • 11 sets of holes can be too much to handle
  • Does not offer different color options
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Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Belt is praised for its awesome fit and finish. It is 4 inches wide, which makes it easy to carry around and wear without pinching your ribs or hip bone. It offers professional support for a wide variety of lifts.

Construction Quality

This belt is made to stand the test of time. It is of genuine buffalo hide leather meaning it won’t tear or break when subjected to pressure from lifting up to 600 pounds. You will find that it maintains its soft side, which makes it easy to perform without inhibiting movement.

Dark Iron comes in five different sizes between small and extra-large. It is advisable to measure according to where you plan on wearing the belt since it may be too big if you use your pants size. What we like is that since it is genuine leather, tightening to the last hole will not expand the holes. It stays undamaged meaning you can depend on it in the long run.

Who is it for?

At 5mm, this belt is thinner than most industrial belts. It fits general trainees of Powerlifting and CrossFit programs rather than competitive training like the Olympics. Its 4-inch width fits well anyone with a long torso, lower back pain, and the need to support more weight. It also stops the pain and allows those coming from injury to start from the point of safe support.

Closure System

Dark Iron goes all out to offer a secure, metallic buckle with a double prong. Some may say it’s too much trouble to deal with a double prong, but it comes with the advantage of being less likely to fail. It can distribute the pressure, thus preventing chances of the closure wearing over time.

Stuff to Consider

As much as this belt can withstand lots of pressure from heavy lifting, it is not as supportive as a 10mm belt. It is also not ideal for competitive training. Also, ordering the right size according to your waist size can be a hit or miss.  You’ll want to read about what size to get according to the people sharing your waist size.


Dark Iron Fitness is not just any weightlifting belt. Its materials are picked to deliver quality performance. It does not slip or pinch, but is flexible and robust to withstand intense weight lifting. Even though it is quite slim, most weight trainers will benefit from its form and fit.

8. Steel Sweat Review "Best Budget Weightlifting Belt "
  • Genuine cowhide leather
  • Provides lower back support
  • Robust stainless-steel roller buckle
  • All round double-stitching to improve durability
  • Smooth suede lining
  • Tapered around the front
  • Rivets are not of the best quality
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Steel Sweat is a belt that achieves excellent support and comfort without breaking the bank. It is one of those products that leave you in awe. From the build quality to the long rub value, everything about it showcases ruggedness.

Construction Quality

Steel Sweat also boasts a cowhide leather construction. Its inner is of a smooth suede lining. These materials provide durable support while feeling comfortable against the skin. The suede ensures it will neither slip when worn against bare skin nor chaff, which is very uncomfortable.

We like that Steel Sweat has engineered this belt through a vegetable tanning process. This is the method that cowboys used to tan their leather. The process yields the most durable leather which won’t break under pressure.

Being 4 inches wide, this belt is compliant with the Powerlifting Federation regulations. And being 10mm thick, you can take it to powerlifting competitions.

Who is it for?

Steel Sweat is a functional belt for lower back support during squats and deadlift movements. This belt tapers slightly at the front to offer full core support. Women will like it better because it is super beneficial around unguarded muscles in the lower back.

The belt does not also take long to break in. It fits most body types whether you have a long or short torso. You will find that it can prevent injuries while lifting heavy weights. It is also ideal for CrossFit and Olympic training because of its excellent support.

Closure System

This belt comes with a single prong, stainless steel buckle. It allows you to achieve the right fit and tightness without worrying about longevity. It is the kind you pick over a double prong since it combines double stitched and sturdy rivets that ensures it will last as long as the rest of the belt.

Stuff to Consider

Steel Sweat does not have any color options. It’s the brown or the highway, and you are also left to deal with a belt with a big logo that can be an eyesore for some.


With a durable vegetable tanned leather, Steel Sweat aims for quality and customer satisfaction. It is naturally flexible for the most comfortable use while delivering performance for most types of lifts.

9. Stoic Powerlifting Belt Review "Best Non-Tapered Weightlifting Belt"
  • Built for a lifetime of use
  • It has thick leather layers
  • Uses permanent rivets
  • Non-tapered for Olympic lifts
  • It has 7mm to 13mm thickness options
  • Breaking in can take a longer time than on other belts
  • Can be too wide for deadlifts on big guys
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Stoic Powerlifting Belt is also made to be super durable and very comfortable. Instead of having a tapered front, this one is wide all the way to provide superior all-around support.

Construction Quality

Stoic sports a vegetable tanned leather construction. It looks all natural with a rugged suede look on the exterior and a smooth feel on the interior. The belt has single stitches from heavy-duty nylon all around the edges. Stoic hasn’t refined anything on this belt because it believes the belt is adequately tanned with nothing to hide. This is a 10mm belt with 1.2mm being suede. The rest is left to age well since it will conform to your body.

Expect this belt to expand to the right fit naturally with regular wear. You’ll find that the core is thick and it offers extensive support for heavy weight lifting. It is unbreakable under pressure making it able to handle large weights like a pro.

Who is it for?

Do you want to break personal records? Stoic is the one to pick. This belt is built with bodybuilders in mind. It is ideal for squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses. It is also suitable for competitive training since it eliminates stress induced by heavy training. It allows you to endure, which is crucial to perform better for strongman lifts, clean & jerk, and even barbell rows.

Closure System

Stoic Powerlifting Belt has an excellent single prong buckle. It has a seamless 2mm roller and is built of stainless steel. It can provide long-lasting closure, especially if you tend to pull tight on it.

Stuff to Consider

This belt can be too rigid for comfort the first few times before breaking it in. At worst, it can make it hard to perform deadlifts, and the clasp can pinch from time to time.


Stoic restores training confidence to its wearers. It reduces stress to the back, supports the core, and helps you lift longer. It showcases durability by using more leather and less suede. Although it may not beat an Inzer in terms of comfort, it is well worth its price tag.

10. Dominion Strength Training Review "Best for Women "
  • It is only 3 inches wide
  • Meets Powerlifting regulations
  • A single prong closure system
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Smooth finish prevents slipping and chaffing
  • It does not have a 4mm version
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Dominion Strength Training is a high-end product that is tailored to women. It can withstand the most demanding lifts for a lifetime of use without budging thanks to its full-grain leather construction.

Construction Quality

Dominion aims at offering comfort and support for the longest time possible. It has a lifetime warranty that assures of the quality you are buying into. At 3 inches thick and 10mm thick, it boasts American craftsmanship as it bends and flexes in all the right places when worn.

It is 3 inches wide, and it fits women well since they have a short torso, thus it won’t pinch between the lower rib and hip bone. It competes effectively with Inzer such that it meets competition regulations and can support the lower back.

Unlike other belts, this one is quadruple stitched, so you never have to worry about its durability.

Who is it for?

Apart from being ideal for competitive powerlifting, this belt can benefit any woman. Whether you are starting out or knee-deep in the weightlifting world, this belt could help you. It can support bodybuilding goals as well as clean & jerk, deadlifts, bench presses, and any other move that should be carried out safely. It braces the back and helps to support injury prevention and can also increase the challenge opening up avenues for doing more.

Closure System

This belt also has a single prong, stainless-steel buckle. It has a sturdy closure loop that is kind of the best we have seen in any belt so far. And unlike others, the clasp does not pinch when worn too tight.

Stuff to Consider

There is a cheaper version of this belt that is not crafted in the USA. We cannot vouch for the quality of the overseas model so you may want to consider where you get the belt from.


Dominion Strength Training belt is a favorite pick for women. Its thickness remains supportive while providing heavy-lifting comfort. It can support a wide range of uses so you can smash goals and go ahead to break records.

Weightlifting Belt Buyer’s Guide

Shopping for a weightlifting belt is different than shopping for a new t-shirt. You need to understand all of the variables that go into purchasing a weightlifting belt that is right for you.

Fortunately, we have written a guide that will answer plenty of questions that you might have. And, most importantly it will teach you how to make a purchase that will leave you satisfied.

Things to Consider

There are a few things that you need to consider before you buy a new weightlifting belt.

  • Material: Most of the time, you are going to find weightlifting belts made of leather. But, there are some belts out there that utilize nylon and/or cotton. Our advice is to stick with leather, be it cow leather, buffalo leather, or any other. Note that some belts come in full grain leather, and others in top grain leather.
  • Width: Width of a weightlifting belt aids in stability. Try to find a weightlifting belt that has 4” to 6” of width. If you are a woman with wider hips, then go for a 2.5” belt to avoid it sliding around the hips.
  • Durability: Most of the weightlifting belts out there boast their durability by offering lifetime warranties. But, you need to assure that you are getting a high-quality product. Make sure that the belt is thick, and that the stitching is strong enough to survive abuse.
  • Adjustability: You need a weightlifting belt that you can adjust to your gains. You wouldn’t want to throw out your belt only because it doesn’t fit you anymore, would you? So, make sure that the belt you are eyeing comes with an adjustable velcro or loop closures. When it comes to loop closures, you want the clasps to end up in the middle of the loops. That way you can use the same belt after you bulk up.
  • Lower lumbar support: Your lower lumbar is the area you need to prop up. So, you need to make sure that your next belt comes with enough support for your lower lumbar area.
  • Comfort: Last but not least, the comfort of your new weightlifting belt is important. If your workout leaves you shirtless, then you want to avoid skin chafing. But, some belts can dig into your skin even if you wear a t-shirt. So, look for a weightlifting belt that is lined with suede or foam, and your workout regimen will be less frustrating.

Types of Weightlifting Belt Design

Most, if not all, weightlifting belts fall into one of the three common design types. Which one is the best for you depends on a couple of factors, but we will go over all of them.

  • Cylindrical: You will easily recognize this weightlifting belt because it has the same width along the entire width. Cylindrical belts are good at supporting your torso, back, abdomen and sides. If you are a powerlifter, then this belt could be what you need.
  • Cone: Weightlifting belts with a conical design aren’t very common. You will notice their irregular shape and tapered sides. These belts are thicker than the others, which allows them to provide good support to the posterior and the front. The goal of cone weightlifting belts is to provide a perfect fit, but you should try them on before the purchase, just to make sure.
  • Contoured: Contoured weightlifting belts are thick near the torso, but much less thick near the abdomen. The purpose of this design is to allow the torso to stay flexible, without sacrificing support. If you have watched weightlifting at the Olympics, then you have probably noticed contoured belts. This doesn’t mean that only the professionals wear contoured weightlifting belts. On the contrary, many recreational weightlifters use them because of the flexibility that they provide.

Single-prong, Double-prong, or Lever?

There are three ways of securing a weightlifting belt: single-prong, double-prong, and lever. From what we have noticed, most of the weightlifters use single-prong belts because they are easy to put on.

The problem with double-prong belts is that putting them on can be a hassle. Since weightlifting belts are supposed to be worn tight, tightening up a double-prong belt can cause you a lot of stress.

If you are worried about durability, then we can wipe your worries away by telling you that single-prong belts are not any less durable than their double-prong counterparts.

Weightlifting belts that utilize a lever are the easiest ones to secure. You only need to move your hand to tighten the belt, and you are good to go. Unfortunately, weightlifting belts with a lever tend to have a higher price.

In the end, it doesn’t hurt to try. So, if you have a chance to test different belts, then take that chance and find out which one of them suits you. Our vote goes to the single-prong belts.

If you want to see a pro talk about prong belts versus lever belts, then check out this AM Training video:

Leather Versus Velcro

If you are serious about lifting, then a leather belt is the best option. Yes, velcro looks nice and it keeps your back warm, but the support it offers is not good enough for a weightlifter.

On the other hand, if you need a belt for running, then velcro is a decent cheap alternative. Velcro might be a good option for weightlifters if a leather belt interferes with particular lifts. But, in all the other cases, serious weightlifters use leather belts.

You should note that velcro belts are becoming increasingly popular with the Crossfit crowd. But, in the end, leather is the way to go for powerlifters.

Are There Any Weightlifting Belts for Women?

Indeed, weightlifting belts for women do exist. Weightlifting belts for women are usually smaller in width and length. This way a weightlifting belt is better suited to the female body type.

Plenty of companies are aware of the fact that weightlifting is popular among women, and they are racing to create ones that are attractive to women.

Unfortunately, their views on femininity are a bit archaic. So, if you are a woman who enjoys weightlifting, then be prepared for plenty of pink and purple colors.

On the other hand, if you are not a fan of what is considered to be feminine in today’s world, then you will be happy to know that you can use the belts that are created for men. In the end, you will get the same benefits as the men do, but you might have to sacrifice a little bit of comfort.