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RFID wallets don’t just keep your money and cards organized. They protect your information from fraud.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a form of short-distance electromagnetic method to transmit small bits of data. We have seen it being used in credit cards, passports, identification cards, and more.

The problem is someone can have an RFID reader, and scan your cards from just a few steps away from you. If it were your credit card, a clone could be created, which could lead to fraudulent payments from it.

RFID crime is real, and protecting yourself is the only way of knowing you are safe from being a victim. Before you buy the first RFID wallet you see, you should consider a few features. The leather quality, the capacity, and small details bake a difference between a high-quality wallet and one that should be avoided.

Another aspect of using a wallet is to consciously remember to take out your wallet every time you sit down. Most people with back pain get it as a result of wallet sciatica. It is a condition brought about by pressure to the lumbar discs where the sciatic nerve roots are located.

In Short

Our best choice for men; the Saddleback Leather Co. Medium Bifold Wallet. Made of top-grain leather and strong RFID-blocking material, it will keep your cards organized and safe.

We recommend Fossil Women’s Emma RFID Tab Wallet to the ladies. It is also a genuine leather wallet in a medium size to fit in your oversize clutch or your carryall work tote.

1. Fossil Women’s Emma Review "Best RFID Blocking Wallet for Women"’s-Emma-RFID-Tab-Wallet-262x147.jpg
  • Made of 100% genuine leather
  • It has ample pockets to store up to 12 cards
  • It comes with an ID window
  • It uses a snap closure mechanism
  • It can fit a checkbook in the bill compartments
  • It can be put in oversized clutches
  • It takes time for the cards to break in the slots
  • Coin zipper does not close all the way
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Featuring a sleek modern design, Fossil Women’s Emma is unlike other typical wallets. Designed with RFID-blocking material, you can rest assured knowing no one can read your cards.

Design Features

Boasting a construction from genuine leather material; this wallet gives you exceptional durability. You will find the smooth glazed leather soft to the touch, and it will even look better in the long run. The interior material is polyester and is lined with RFID-blocking material. Being made by Fossil, it also follows through with the reliable performance we expect from the brand.

It is hard to overstuff Emma since it comes with 12 slots for your credit cards, debit cards, business cards, and even your nearly expired coupons. With the interior zippered pocket, it can securely hold your change and small valuables.

What’s more, it also includes four bill compartments to store your train ticket or a checkbook. Emma also has an ID card window. You can now flash your ID card instead of removing it every time you need to use it.

The roomy design of Emma is one of the reasons why you will love it. It comes in many colors including black, brown, blue/black stripes, bright multi-color, tan, grey stripe, sea pink, mineral grey, faded indigo, and Ecru Multi-Stripe.

Note that some wallet colors are more expensive than others. For example, the faded indigo is the most expensive color, while the blue stripe is the least expensive one.


There are complaints about Emma being a bit stiff. If you remove the cards, especially when you have used most of the slots, it may be difficult to put the cards back. This is because leather tends to be stiff when it’s new, but it softens with time.


Fossil Women’s Emma is a high-quality RFID wallet that is worth every penny. From the plenty room for your cards to the capability of blocking FRID readers, you will be pleased with your purchase. Choose a color that matches your tote, and keep your valuables safe.

2. Dante Women’s RFID Blocking Travel Purse Review "Women Wallet, Great Choice for Traveling"’s-RFID-Blocking-Travel-Purse--262x147.jpg
  • Contrast stitching so you can see loose threads
  • It uses silvertone hardware for rust and corrosion resistance
  • It comes in a gift box
  • Detachable wrist strap offers easy carriage
  • Lots of card space with 17 slots plus an ID card window
  • It can fit iPhones and checkbooks with a few cards
  • Complaints about coin zipper snapping
  • Some card slots are smaller than others
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Are you looking for a wallet that can take the place of a purse while offering RFID-blocking? Look no further than the Dante Women Traveler’s Purse. The design allows you to carry up to 17 cards and have room for different banknotes.

Design Features

Available in 18 different colors, Dante Travel Purse is perhaps the most versatile RFID-blocking wallet for travel. It has a surprising amount of space to keep your cards safe and protected from damage.

This wallet has a construction from genuine top grain leather, which means it will accompany you on all your trips without a tear in the seams. Looking at the slots, you can store up to 17 cards including your passport and ID cards in the spacious slots.

It incorporates an ID card window and three bill compartments along with a zippered change pocket. It allows you to keep everything organized for smooth access when you need it. Not to mention that it has a pen slot, so you won’t have to borrow one when you need it.

We like that this wallet can fit slim phones, like an iPhone, without the bulging up. And, best of all, it uses a sturdy Dante zipper.

With the wristlet strap, you can hang it casually around your wrist when you don’t want to bring a bag.

RFID Blocking

Dante uses proprietary RFID blocking material that does not produce any crinkling noises. It shields from RFID frequencies from 10MHz to 3000MHz. It includes a 13.56MHz frequency, which is used by credit cards. However, this wallet doesn’t block the 125kHz frequency, which is used by older proxy contactless cards.


When you have all the card slots filled, you can’t insert a checkbook or iPhone without stressing the zipper. If you manage to put in the phone together with the cards, you might notice an unsightly bulge.


Dante Women’s RFID Blocking Travel Purse is a functional wallet that feels luxurious and comfortable. For your travel purpose, it fulfills the idea of safety and privacy, especially when traveling to crowded areas. Its many pockets allow you to carry your passport, cards, cash, and a phone in a compact purse.

3. Dante Bifold Small RFID Blocking Wallet Review "Women Wallet"
  • Small for just a few cards, bills, and coins
  • Made of genuine leather
  • It can block a wide range of RFID frequencies
  • It can fit most of the pockets
  • Accommodates bills without the need to fold them
  • It is waterproof and protected from scratching and fading
  • Needs time to break in
  • The coin section is quite small
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If you want a wallet that only holds the essentials, Dante has a bi-fold design for you. Featuring an exclusive RFID blocking material, it is a stylish wallet that protects your valuables.

Design Features

Dante Bifold comes in two designs. One can hold eight cards while the other can hold six cards. Your choice depends on the number of cards you own. Due to the top grain, pebbled leather construction, it might take you a while until you break it in.

You can count on this wallet to remain in good condition for a long time. It is weatherproof and scratch-proof. Plenty of people have noticed that the colors don’t fade over time. If you want to maintain its sleek exterior, apply leather oil from time to time.

The six-card bifold will easily fit into your back pocket, coat, crossbody purse, or tote. It achieves a flat profile such that it will not draw attention to you. The wallet also comes with an ID card window, a zippered change pocket, and a full-length bill pocket.

Looking at the closure mechanism, Dante Bifold will snap back using a tab that allows it to stay secure.

Like its travel purse cousin, the Dante Bifold RFID shields RFID frequencies between 10mHz and 3000mHz. It is, therefore, a must-have if you have contactless cards.


Since the coin section is on the exterior of the wallet, you should place the wallet against the lining of your pocket. Zippers are prone to scratching phones and sunglasses, so keep that in mind when carrying this wallet.


When you have a small bag, it is hard to find an equally small wallet, let alone one that will provide information safety. Dante Bifold fulfills this need with a stylish wallet that allows carrying of the essentials. It lasts long and is available in lots of amazing colors.

4. Saddleback RFID Bifold Review "Best RFID Blocking Wallet for Men"’s-Bifold-RFID-Wallet-262x147.jpg
  • It uses full grain cowhide leather in the construction
  • Pigskin suede lining for durability
  • Marine-grade stitching ensures it never rips
  • It does not use any plastic
  • It fits receipts well
  • It cannot keep coins
  • Needs time to break in for it to lay flat in the pocket
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Saddleback Leather Co. is best known for its quality of leather. When it comes to their wallets, you can expect nothing but top quality at an affordable price. Their men’s Bifold RFID wallet is anything like other wallets thanks to its careful craftsmanship.

Design Features

When your wallet arrives, you will notice a pungent leather smell. It has a construction from full grain leather which gets better with time. It is a premium-quality wallet that is UV and stain-resistant. It will be of service until you get bored of seeing it every other day.

The lining is made of strong pigskin, while the thread is marine-grade. So, it will never rip, no matter how much you stuff it.

The interior is quite spacious. You will find three card slots on one side, and the other has one card slot and an ID card window. Behind the cards, it has three pockets, including one where you can place your bills without folding them.

Saddleback steers away from using plastic in the ID window such that it will never crack or get cloudy. This way, you can maintain a sleek look, especially when getting your cards out in a high-end restaurant.

Between the leather and lining, an RFID material has been sewn in. It ensures your information stays put whether in a crowded New York street or during travel. It is an excellent pick if you are a minimalist looking for a classic style in an RFID wallet.


Most people have noticed that this is a thick wallet. As such, it tends to make cards bulge, and it may break them if you sit on your wallet. To resolve this problem, you will have to wear your wallet in the front pocket and wait for at least two months for the wallet to relax and become flat.


Saddleback RFID Bifold is a real classic, except for the fact that it protects your cards from fraud. It is sleek and can withstand the most wear and tear of everyday use. Seeing that it is minimalistic, you won’t have a problem wearing it in your regular pants or jeans pocket. And, remember to be patient in the break-in period.

5. Bellroy Hide & Seek Review "High-End, Slim Wallet for Men"
  • It maintains a slim profile with an ideal number of cards
  • It can be used with receipts and bills
  • RFID blocking lining works as intended
  • It is water resistant
  • It has a 3-year warranty
  • A flap covers large bills and prevents coins from falling out
  • The flap overlaps the front compartment, which is annoying
  • It lacks an ID window
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If you don’t want to wait for your wallet to lay flat in your pocket, you better grab the Bellroy Hide & Seek Slim RFID Wallet. It is a high-end wallet, so you should expect to pay a little more.

Design Features

Featuring a compact profile, Bellroy Hide & Seek is available in three different colors. It covers just about every aspect of cash-carrying. It is about a few millimeters thick, so it won’t cause bulges or breakage of cards when you sit.

Even with the lack of bulk, it is noticeably well-made, owing to the use of original leather. After you have put in all your cards, the bi-fold design is not disrupted, but it still needs time to relax. The good thing is that it will look good even when stretched.

Bellroy has chosen to use polyester in the lining. But, unlike other wallets, it is not all flat and lacking. It has a beautiful pattern that adds flair to the inside.

The capacity of the Bellroy Hide & Seek is also a nice touch as it has lots of space for all your cards. The five card slots are distributed on either side of the wallet. It, however, lacks an ID window but it includes two bill and receipt compartments. There’s a tiny inside pocket in the cash compartment, which we figured must be for a few coins since it has a flap to prevent them from falling out.

Its most functional feature must be its RFID protection lining. It does a nice job of shielding your personal information and ensures you never have to deal with scammers.


This wallet can store more than five cards in its slots. Since it is a leather wallet, it tends to stretch out. If you fill it to the brim and later take a few things out, the remaining items might fall out due to the abundance of free space.


Bellroy Hide & Seek is slimmer than most classic wallets. It is aesthetically appealing as much as it is durable and protective. It is creatively made, and most people agree that novelty design warrants its high price.

6. Fossil Flip ID Bifold Review "Men's Wallet"
  • Flip ID window is cool and convenient
  • Uses contrast stitching to track the quality of the stitching
  • It is soft that it stretches easily to accommodate more cards
  • Lies flat against most pockets
  • It has lots of cards slots for the size
  • Affordable for a wallet you use every day
  • Can feel bulky in suit trousers
  • Some colors do not come as advertised
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Fossil is known for making conventional and highly functional wallets in the midrange price. And, this Flip ID Bifold wallet is no exception.

Design Features

This wallet enhances a classic design with a modern touch. This is thanks to the sliding 2-in-1 slots. Made of 100% cowhide leather; it is designed to be your everyday companion as it organizes your cards safely. On the inside, it is graced by a smooth lining that comes in handy to protect the RFID lining.

The configuration of this bifold spells spacious. It has two ID windows, eight card slots, two slide pockets, and one bill compartment. Luckily, it relaxes fast. You’ll find it easy to retrieve your cards without the risk of them falling out when you hold the wallet in an upside-down position.

This wallet can fit into jeans and cargo pants pockets. Since it is a bit thicker and bulkier than others, you will want to steer clear of using it with suit pants until it relaxes.

Even though it is thick, being soft ensures your cards are not at risk of breaking. The wallet stretches and accommodates different sizes of cards.

For a wallet that maintains style and effectiveness, Fossil has done a pretty good job.


Fossil Flip ID Bifold has been reported to start peeling little over a year from many people’s time of purchase. Considering it has a one-year warranty, it brings on the question of how accurate is the genuine leather claim made by Fossil.


Fossil Flip ID Bifold is styled with your needs in mind. From the RFID protection to many card slots, it is a reliable model for everyday use. With a flip-up ID window, it means you never have to fish out an ID from under the other cards. It is convenient and a valuable asset in busy streets.

7. Saddleback Front Pocket Wallet Review "Men's Wallet"
  • Quite functional for a few cards and cash
  • It has a 100-year warranty
  • Uses full grain cowhide leather
  • It remains soft even with the use of marine-grade thread
  • Available in four Saddleback finishes
  • It is stain and UV-resistant
  • It will bulge if stuffed with many cards
  • It does not have an ID window
check price

A wallet is an everyday carry item. Most men carry a wallet in the back pocket, but this wallet is created to fit the front pocket. Enter the Saddleback Front Pocket RFID Wallet. From a brand we have all come to love and appreciate, comes a unique wallet that suits fashionable men.

Design Features

Known to use the toughest leather to last a lifetime; this wallet remains slim and elegant. Its bifold design can hold a ton of cards while remaining significantly flat. Nobody will think of prying into your pockets since nothing will be visible.

You can get this wallet in four different colors, but we love the chestnut version since it showcases its unique leather tones in a better way. This wallet is stain and UV-resistant, so you can use it until it rips apart.

Along with the strong RFID and polyester linings, Saddleback Front Pocket RFID Wallet serves its purpose.

The configuration of this wallet follows a simple design, but it can accommodate lots of cards. The left side carries two vertical card slots, while the right side has two horizontal slots. It also has pockets behind the card slots, which will come in handy to carry folded cash.

Saddleback Front Pocket RFID Wallet lacks zippers, an ID window, or flaps. We would have viewed this as a disadvantage, but we understand that it prevents breakage and snapping.


Saddleback Front Pocket RFID Wallet is quite tight, and it remains so for a long time. The result is a hard time getting your cards and cash in and out. And, it cannot hold passport-sized items.


Saddleback Front Pocket RFID Wallet allows you to carry just what you need. It is a true classic without any zippers that will rip apart before you can get the full use of your wallet. Its strong RFID lining makes every card you carry safe, even tho you won’t be able to carry many of them.

8. Vaultskin MANHATTAN Review "Slim Bifold RFID Wallet "
  • Luxurious Italian leather craftsmanship
  • Protects from 13.56mHz RFID scanning
  • Clear cut to be slim and lie flat in pockets
  • Displays cards for fast access
  • It has an exterior quick access pocket
  • Made for the front pocket
  • It does not have an ID window
  • It cannot fit large bills
check price

Protect your cards and information with this British-made Vaultskin MANHATTAN wallet. It is another front-pocket wallet that insists on being minimalistic so you will bring only the cards and receipts you must carry.

Design Features

Vaultskin MANHATTAN is made of genuine Italian leather. It looks and feels luxurious although, from the look at the tag, it is not pricey at all. As it ages, it adapts to the way you use it, such that cards will not fall out as it relaxes.

We like the slim profile. It can carry a maximum of four embossed cards, unlike the Saddleback front pocket that can carry up to 12 cards. You will be happy with the bills pocket, even more so if you are carrying dollars since its shorter than wallets that can carry large notes.

Vaultskin MANHATTAN can fit in slim-fit trousers and jeans. It also has an external pocket that gives you instant access to cash instead of opening it all the way. Your daily transactions can go quicker, which is a plus amidst frustrations of everyday life.

Instead of burying cards, Vaultskin MANHATTAN organizes them so that you can see each of the cards. It makes retrieval easy by eliminating instances where you need to dig for a card.

For contactless credit and debit cards, you can count on it to block out skimmers. It enjoys strong RFID shielding of the 13.56mHz frequency. It does not block RFID scanners of older cards that operate on the 125kHz frequency.


Although Vaultskin MANHATTAN claims to store up to nine cards, we feel they have stretched the truth since it does not do well with embossed cards. It can store gift cards and gas cards without stressing the stitching.


Without a bulge, you won’t become a target with the Vaultskin MANHATTAN. It is designed to be slim even under your jacket pocket. That’s why we love everything about it, including the extra protection from RFID skimmers. It is luxurious, made to last, and it ensures to maintain a sophisticated feel.

9. Vaultskin Chelsea Review "Ultra-Slim RFID Wallet: Best Budget Pick for Men "
  • Slim and discrete design
  • Made of Italian leather
  • Strong RFID shielding
  • It has two easy access pocket
  • Magnetic strap works as intended
  • Available in six colors
  • It has only six months of warranty
  • The smart strap loses elasticity and eventually stops working
check price

Vaultskin Chelsea combines elegance and security in a high-capacity wallet that can hold up to eight cards.

Design Features

Also made of top-grain Italian leather, the grainy texture of Vaultskin Chelsea is sure to catch your eye. It feels pleasant to the touch, and you will like that it has only three pockets. With its discrete styling, it slides into your pocket without an ounce of bulk. This way, all your pockets will feel even.

Two compartments are on the exterior and covered by a strap that helps to retrieve cards without fumbling. The strap retracts back into position as soon as you access your cards.

Vaultskin Chelsea comes in six masculine colors. They include black, navy, carmine red, chromium grey, cognac, and brown. It comes in a lovely gift box that you will be happy to present to men of all ages.

With its RFID shielding, electronic pickpockets will never have a chance of cracking your cards. It protects all cards that operate on the 13.56mHz frequency. Remember that only the inner pockets have RFID shielding, so you should never keep your contactless cards in the exterior pocket.


Vaultskin Chelsea does not have a large capacity for cash. It can carry up to 10 US dollar bills, which means that carrying cash in smaller denominations leaves you without free space.


Vaultskin Chelsea not only feels durable but it is a functional everyday wallet. It gives you the familiar classic style with the addition of a smart strap for easy access to cards. Knowing that it has NFC protection, it is enough to let go of the fears of fraud and put your trust in Vaultskin Chelsea.

10. Travelambo Review "RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet "
  • Available in three types of leather designs
  • It stays flat with a small number of cards
  • Both men and women can use it
  • It is handmade with solid craftsmanship
  • Blocks from 13.56mHz scanning
  • It has 10 card slots
  • The stitching could be better if it is to hold the maximum number of cards without ripping apart
  • It is hard to organize money
check price

Travelambo is cheap, but not exactly a minimalist wallet. It is designed to carry as many cards as possible since it has a large capacity to bring along receipts too.

Design Features

We use our wallets until they fall apart. That’s why durability is critical in every model we pick. Travelambo comes through with their top-grain cowhide quality of this wallet. You can choose between the three types of leather; Napa, oil wax, and crosshatch leather, to suit your taste.

Every type of wallet from this brand is available in a ton of colors. The good thing is that it achieves a slim design, even with the capacity of 10 cards. Because it is slim, women too can enjoy the discrete nature of this wallet. It easily fits into slim fit jeans.

Apart from the ten card slots, Travelambo also has an ID window and a cash pocket. As we said, it holds more than other wallets without becoming bulky.

For RFID blocking, Travelambo uses a silver embroidered lining.  It keeps scammers from wielding your private information and therefore saves you the heartache that comes with it. Since it blocks the 13.56mHz frequency, it is an excellent pick for ID cards, debit and credit cards, and driver’s licenses.


This wallet is not bifold. Organizing your cash is a bit of a problem, especially if you have to keep reaching out to get money to pay for stuff. Also, when it has the maximum number of cards, which is up to 12 cards, it becomes impossible to retrieve them since it is too tight.


It is small with a spacious interior. For those looking for a handmade wallet, you have Travelambo to thank. On top of the nice organizing capacity, RFID shielding is a huge bonus. It does not have the hefty weight associated with some RFID wallets, and that’s why it deserves to be a top consideration for most men.