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Your blaster can make or break your outdoors warfare.

Hasbro is king when it comes to fighting ninjas and enjoying family skirmishes. Both kids and adults can enjoy a fun-filled weekend of ambushes and defending the battle line with NERF guns. But when choosing the best, you must have a few considerations in mind.

For kids, you’ll want to consider a blaster that is the right size and weight so that it’s not a struggle to fire and reload the gun. You will also want to ask them how they like to play because NERF guns vary in ammo-type, ammo-capacity, and power.

Talking of ammo, Nerf has different types ranging from the standard NERF to the Mega dart, missile, and foam balls.

We have consulted with real players to round up these NERF Guns. From the most accurate to the most sought after, new entries, and expensive models for modern warfare are on our list.

In Short

To experience high accuracy and consistency, we’ve chosen Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII as our top choice. It is aimed at older kids above 14 years since it uses high-impact rounds. It can shoot faster, and its darts fly harder, making it one of the best blasters for teenagers and adults.

If you’re a versatile shooter, we figured you would like your hands on the NERF Modulus Tri-Strike. It comes with a spring-powered blaster and a 10-shot mag. Better still, there’s the 4-shot, pump-action launcher, and a missile launcher. It suits powerful action for kids from 8 years of age and above.

1. Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII Review "Best Rival Nerf Gun "
  • Fully motorized
  • Four rounds per second
  • Ergonomic design and pistol grip
  • Gravity-fed hopper
  • 100fps shots on one battery
  • Balls can get stuck from time to time
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Enjoy the power of a fully automatic blaster with the Nemesis MXVII-10K. Released under the Rival Series in 2017, this blaster is the ultimate pick for teenagers and adults.

Design and Operation

Nemesis MXVII-10K features a double-trigger system with a high-capacity hopper that carries 100 rounds. The high-impact darts are made for flying faster and harder at 70mph. It shows better precision than blasters that came before it. You will find two tactical rails, one above the hopper and another below the muzzle.

It also has integrated flip-up sights that will come in handy to locate your targets. It boasts a shooting range of 100ft. This means you can play on the defensive, hold your line, and win big. Its hopper is removable, and it uses an agitator to advance the rounds into the flywheels. Hold down the acceleration trigger which in turn revs up the flywheel, and your dart is fired.

Although this blaster can hold more than a hundred rounds, it is essential to not go over the limit to prevent jamming. No one likes to deal with a jam when they need their gun the most. It also allows you to control the fire rate from single fire to burst according to your situation.

Batteries and Reloading

Nemesis MXVII-10K Blaster uses 6D batteries or a Nerf battery pack. None of these is included. However, you get 100 high-impact rounds to start your blasting. We like that Nemesis uses a gravity-fed hopper which eliminates all the pains of reloading. The funnel shape of the bottom of the hopper guides the foam balls into the firing chamber as soon as you pull the trigger.

What’s more, you can choose from team blue or team red for the ultimate decimation among friends or co-workers.

Stuff to Consider

This blaster is over 6 pounds with the batteries. It is not the kind you want to see young kids using. It is not only heavy to operate, but the high-impact rounds are not kind on young players.


Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K Blaster is redesigned to hold more ammo, blast faster, and is super simple to reload. You are looking at top of the line blaster that needs some pretty penny to own. It has fantastic firepower and is set for intense outdoor warfare.

2. NERF Modulus Tri-Strike Review "Most Versatile Nerf Gun"
  • Can launch six darts in a row
  • Requires no tools to assemble
  • Combines elite, mega, and missile ammunition
  • Does not need batteries
  • Telescopic sight and red dot sight options
  • Horizontal and stock barrel grip
  • It takes time to learn how to reload and use it accurately
  • The mega launcher is sometimes erratic
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While all Nerf guns are designed to mimic modern weaponry, the NERF Modulus Tri-Strike is built for all types of missions. It can shoot in three different ways that can also be combined to achieve the most personalized shooting moments in combat.

Design and Operation

You can now bring your full arsenal with you to the battlefield with the NERF Modulus Tri-Strike. The blaster has three core components. One is the magazine-fed dart gun which is manually operated. This component can carry ten Elite darts and shoots one dart at a time.

The main which is the base blaster is quite chunky and long. Firing is effortless. After attaching the clip from the underside, next up is pulling back on the orange primer-it has a knob on each side, push it back, and fire. It has pretty good sights and shoots relatively straight. The gun can also slam shoot when you press down the trigger, pump the trigger, and shoot all the ten darts quickly.

The second core component is the mega dart extension. It is a four-shot mega dart attachment that can be bolted onto the gun. The mega launcher comes with a spring-loaded nub to lock it in place.

Finally, you have the third, which is the missile launcher, which is a two-part blaster. It consists of the tac rail attachment and the stock. An air hose connects the two. It is the only Modulus that can shoot three different types of darts.


When fully assembled, you will notice it is quite bulky. Most kids won’t be able to carry it in their hands. It has a firing distance of up to 60ft. The mega launcher cannot double fire, but we like that the blaster knows which barrel has a dart. This feature makes it possible to shoot one dart from whichever chamber is loaded.

Since this is a spring and air firing blaster, there’s no need for batteries.

Stuff to Consider

There are complaints about the mega-launcher being inaccurate while the missile launcher is somewhat inconsistent. Being a triple launcher, it does much better than other close combat blasters.


NERF Modulus Tri-Strike gives three ways to fire. It may have its little imperfections, but that should not keep you from enjoying big moments in combat. It is powerful, easy to operate, and ideal for most people including kids above the age of 8.

3. NERF N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Review "Best Cheap Nerf Gun "
  • Impressive 90ft range
  • It knows the loaded blaster
  • Inexpensive
  • Comfortable grip for small to average hands
  • Darts do not jam
  • Can shoot three darts without reloading
  • The grip is somewhat small
  • Can be difficult to prime
  • Not ideal for Nerf battles
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Triad EX-3 is perhaps the most powerful, compact-sized Nerf gun. The gun is easy to conceal, which makes it great for ambushing targets without drawing attention to yourself. It gives you three Nerf darts that can fire without reloading.

Design and Operation

Triad EX-3 is designed with accuracy in mind. It can fire up to 90ft. The blaster has a quick-action, plunger-style reload that facilitates fast reloads and even quicker firing. Because of its small size, kids under the age of 10 will find it super enjoyable. And, since it shoots accurately over a long range, it is also a good sidearm for snipers.

But Triad EX-3 favors youngsters because it has a small grip. Large hands will find it uncomfortable. It is also not ideal for Nerf wars. A couple of friends with their Triad EX-3 in different colors will definitely suffice especially for play dates.

Reloading this gun is ridiculously fast, and as long you can pull back the elevator and the trigger, Triad EX-3 can make up to 2 kills per second. After you fill the three barrels with darts, all you need to do is pull the trigger. Darts are shot clockwise where the loading lever goes back into the handle. It prompts you to pull the trigger again to fire the next shot.


Triad EX-3 is quite a remarkable blaster. It identifies the barrel with a dart so you’ll always take a shot as long as there’s a dart in the chamber. It is a strong blower that may require more hand power than its small-sized counterparts. It has a long prime that can make it difficult for kids under 8 years of age.

This blaster is air-fired and does not need batteries.

Stuff to Consider

Triad EX-3 is not the best choice for Nerf battles. Compared to Modulus and Rival Nerf guns, this one qualifies as a side weapon and one for surprise playdates for kids. It also has a tiny capacity of only three darts.


It may be compact, but Triad EX-3 packs a punch in terms of power and range. Kids and adults will find it enjoyable for weekend-filled fun. It is very affordable, so anyone can indulge without setting a budget aside for it.

4. Nerf-N Strike Elite Stryfe Review "Best Semi-Automatic Blaster"
  • Does not require much skill for accuracy
  • Safe and mod-friendly
  • Small and lightweight
  • Semi-auto blasting
  • Supports one-handed loading and firing
  • Pulling the trigger too fast leads to a jam
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The Elite Series in the Nerf world is all about getting things done, winning wars, no questions asked. When it comes to the Stryfe model, this blaster is midrange, but it gives you the best value for the price.

Design and Operation

Stryfe has a flywheel-based motor which is clip fed. It comes with a small acceleration trigger that powers up the blaster for firing. This Nerf gun also has two tactical rails just as in the Nemesis. It is designed to shoot darts with every pull of trigger as it operates on four AA batteries.

The motor has to warm up so you can get maximum distance with every shot. It should not jam as long as you rev up every shot.

This blaster comes with a quick reload clip that can hold six elite darts. To release the darts, you just need to hit the release button either with your free hand, middle finger, or firing hand. It works with all clip system blasters which you have to buy separately.


Stryfe shoots at a consistent range of 40-50ft. If you manage to warm it up well, you can keep the range in the upper 40s meaning you can plan where to shoot and achieve high accuracy. It has remarkable shot groupings, and it can give you two shots per second.

Being a Flywheel trigger blaster, it won’t allow you to creep up close to your enemies. It makes a lot of noise when you fire it, making you noticeable. That said, you’ll want to be close to the target to make your shots accurate, and make more impact.

Stuff to Consider

Elite Stryfe has issues with jamming. You need to use the proper darts to prevent the jam door from being open because it does not fire if the jam door is open. This blaster will also not hold enough darts because of its small 6-dart chamber.


Nerf-N Strike Elite Stryfe will make any kid extra happy. It sits right in with powerful models except it is not cumbersome and complicated to handle. The blaster brings value though it is not an exceptional model, it gets the job done.

5. Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Review "Great for Professionals and Beginners"
  • Gets close to a pistol feeling
  • Accurate at short distances
  • Reloads fast
  • Effortless to prime and cock
  • It has a SlamFire feature
  • Does not require batteries
  • Darts are sensitive to air pressure
  • Only two-color variations
  • The drum is not fully removable
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Your next battle couldn’t get any better with this revolver style blaster. The Elite Strongarm lightweight fast-firing Nerf gun is ideal for beginners and seasoned Nerfers the same. It has an impressive range, reloads quickly, and is accurate at short distances.

Design and Operation

Designed much like the Maverick, this Nerf gun is similar to it in terms of performance. It has a chunky appearance, but it weighs less than a pound. The gun is ideal for holstering rather than using it with a sling. Perhaps the most exceptional feature of this gun is its barrel. You only need to push a button, and the barrel will pop out.

This blaster comes with a six-dart cylinder. It has a slamfire feature that allows you to fire all the six darts in quick succession by holding down the trigger. The gun features a rifled muzzle, a short tactical rail that sits on top, and two sling mounts. One of the slip mounts is at the end of the priming handle while the other is at the butt of the grip.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm uses the priming action which rotates the cylinder to prevent jamming. Also, reloading is straightforward. You need to slide out the cylinder that gives access to the chambers. It takes more time but is more satisfying to load the six darts and start firing away.


Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm is simple to use. Simply hold back the hammer and then pull back on the trigger. The dart fires without the trigger going back to its original position. The rotating barrel ensures that there’s always a dart waiting to be fired after every shot.

Hasbro delivers performance since this blaster can reach up to 70ft muzzle velocity. It can achieve a range of 90ft though accuracy is lost at longer distances. If you want to be precise, you have to use intact darts rather than torn ones or darts with cracks. Darts should also be pushed all the way into the drum. It prevents air from escaping from around them.

Stuff to Consider

Again, this blaster can only hold six darts in its chamber. You will have to reload during the heat of the battle, which can be annoying, even more so if you use the SlamFire feature.


Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm ticks all the right boxes. It offers good performance, fast reloading and firing, and it has an impressive firing distance. If you’re looking for a perfect sidearm for defensive play, this Nerf gun might be a good choice. Even if you have never touched a Nerf gun, this one is worth considering.

6. Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Review "Under $30 Zombie Nerf Gun"
  • 12-dart capacity
  • Rotating barrels
  • Four firing modes
  • Can hit 84ft firing distance
  • Rarely jams
  • Spinning the barrel too fast causes jamming
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FlipFury allows you to fire off six darts, and then surprise an unsuspecting opponent with six more darts as your finishing move.

Design and Operation

Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury lets you live out every childhood zombie fantasy you ever had. It is zombie-themed with two rotating drums. Each drum holds six darts which is why it is easy to fool opponents. You have a total of 12 darts that make it easy to blast annoying comrades or turn the heat up in a weekend Nerf war.

With two barrels you also have two triggers to match the power of this blaster. You have a primary trigger for firing while the other is used to rotate the barrels. The bottom trigger is at the center of letting you rotate the barrels and build up shooting speed the faster the barrels spin. It gives you battle tension and the pressure to perform in combat.

FlipFury offers four firing modes. These include normal fire, SlamFire, quick draw, and suppressing fire. When you want to be done with your combatant in the shortest time, just use the SlamFire and release all the twelve darts in a matter of seconds.


Accuracy is critical in every Nerf gun. If you’re a marksman, you just found the weapon for your high-value targets. It has a nice amount of ammo that does not require reloading minute after minute. It is also ideal for defensive shooters who need to identify which gun the opponent is carrying for that surprise finish.

To avoid jamming, don’t switch barrels too quickly or slam them.

Stuff to Consider

FlipFurry is on the heavy side, at 2.5 pounds, youngsters under eight years will not find it comfortable to operate this weapon.


Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury is an incredible zombie-killing weapon. It feels great in the hands of kids and teens because of the surprise factor. What’s more, it carries 12 darts, which is obviously better than six darts.

7. Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000 Red Review "Best Nerf Gun for Adults "
  • Super simple to load dart balls
  • 30-round capacity
  • It has a SlamFire mode
  • Impressive accuracy at 10-20ft
  • It does not have motor whirring
  • A shoulder stock can’t be added
  • Slam firing can at times misfire
check price

You may have grown popping foam darts. But now it’s time you switch it up to high-impact foam balls for intense warfare. Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000 allows you to play as team blue or team red as it comes in two colors. It is a high-capacity Nerf gun which can carry 30 rounds in its chamber.

Design and Operation

Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000 is a spring-powered Nerf gun that does not require batteries to warm up the firing action. It comes fully assembled. You only need to load it to be ready for battle. It comes with three integrated magazines that carry ten rounds each. The blaster has a front turret system to rotate on the prime. It feels very solid because of the short and thick priming handle.

You will like that Artemis XVII-3000 has a rotating barrel for the feeding mechanism and it has a SlamFire feature. You get a short Nerf rail on top that will come in handy if you want to add sights and flashlights thanks to the two strap points. It also has a safety mechanism next to the trigger.

The front turret delivers high-impact rounds to the bottom muzzle and shoots it. Three darts are delivered into three tubes which facilitates successive firing. You don’t have to have a full chamber of 30 rounds to fire, but you’ll want to have three darts in three tubes to avoid dry fires.


Handling this blaster is pretty simple. It is as accurate as most spring-loaded blasters which are good at long distances and better at short distances. This one has a speed of 100fps and a rate of fire of up to three rounds per second.

We, however, noticed that spamming the trigger as quickly as possible to get to the fast firing rate affects accuracy to a high degree. So, it’s better to do the math or use the SlamFire feature for continuous shots.

Stuff to Consider

The tactical rail on top is actually quite small. There are few accessories you can use within the Nerf line-a combined grip, flashlight, and red-dot sight.


Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000 is what most people call the real thing in Nerf wars. From the ammo-capacity to running precise and silent. Offensive shooters will be happy to bring the fight to their adversaries without giving away their position.

8. Nerf Modulus Regulator Review "Most Adaptable Nerf Gun "
  • Ambidextrous switch
  • Three firing modes
  • Two tactical rails
  • It has an LED indicator light
  • 24-dart capacity
  • It is heavy at five pounds
check price

If the Modulus Tri-Strike is not doing it for you, then you better check the Modulus Regulator. This is another versatile blaster that brings its uniqueness with three firing modes.

Design and Operation

Modulus Regulator has an electric clip system which is battery powered with four C cell batteries. It reloads and fires efficiently using the flip system and a SwitchFire technology. You can choose from three firing modes including single fire, continuous-fire, and burst-fire. All you have to do is flip the switch to get to the mode you want.

Modulus Regulator has the conveyor system that makes it slow when firing a single shot. It is not slow per se, but it could be better. It can be modified for use with a Lithium-Polymer battery which can improve the firing speed significantly.

You’ll like that it can be used with a host of different attachments owing to the tactical rails. One is below the muzzle and the other on top, which makes room for sights and flashlights. This blaster also includes four sling mounts and LED lights that tell you when the clip is empty.


The Modulus Regulator has two 12-dart barrels that use the clip system for reloading. Holding down the acceleration trigger is all that is required to fire a dart. It includes a shoulder stock which makes shooting incredibly comfortable. You can achieve maximum range by waiting for the flywheel to gain speed when firing.

This blaster has a firing range of 90ft and can hit 100ft when fired from an angle. Its fast-speed feeding mechanism can be too much for the flywheel, which is why the firing rate is not as competitive as in the Modulus Tri-Strike.

Stuff to Consider

Modulus Regulator is loud because of its Flywheel. You will find it gives away your position so it’s better as an offensive gun where you don’t mind adversaries identifying your location. This gun does not come with batteries, but they are readily available.


Except for it being on the heavy side, Modulus Regulator is an incredibly versatile Nerf gun. With SwitchFire technology, it opens up possibilities for firing just the way you want it. Most people will like that it is hassle-free to load, power up, and fire.

9. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Review "Best Fully Automatic Nerf Gun"
  • Highly modifiable
  • Single-shot and burst-fire options
  • It has five tactical rails
  • Can shoot three darts per second
  • Highly consistent for a flywheel Nerf gun
  • It is quite pricey
  • Operates on hefty batteries
check price

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 is made for super-speed firing.

Design and Operation

This is an automatic blaster with a see-through dart chamber. It allows you to strike quickly and stay mobile since it is lightweight too. It is considered the best Nerf gun in the world by many, but that’s for you to judge. Because it can shoot further and faster, you can’t go wrong with the speed and the efficiency it brings to the table.

You will find that this blaster is more consistent than Nerf guns bearing its design. Its gearbox is not a pain to use thanks to it featuring fewer mechanical parts. It comes with new motors, burst firing shot counters, and high voltage batteries. It allows you to spam the trigger without any jams occurring.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 has five tactical rails, an integrated adjustable stock, four strap points, a flip-up iron-sight, and a clip release button. The RapidStrike barrel can work with various Nerf extensions.


Reloading this blaster involves releasing the acceleration trigger and loading clips into the blaster. It supports single shots and automatic shots. You can pull on the trigger lightly for a single shot or hold the trigger for automatic firing.

Rapidstrike CS-18 can reach up to 60ft in automatic firing from a 30-degree angle. When firing one dart at a time, there’s no stopping this baby because it can reach up to 70ft firing distance. It can fling darts at an outstanding speed of 66fps and a firing rate of 3 darts per second.

Stuff to Consider

Rapidstrike CS-18 is noisy. You will not be able to be stealthy when approaching targets, so you are better off shooting on the defensive.


Rapidstrike CS-18 is one of the most popular Nerf guns on the market, and that’s for a good reason. It is ergonomically designed to be comfortable, holds a decent amount of darts, and it rarely jams. Everything about it is top-notch and so is the penny you pay for it.

10. Nerf N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodon Review "Most Powerful Mega Dart Nerf Gun "
  • Rapid-fire speeds
  • Can fire darts up to 100ft
  • Comes with the shoulder strap
  • Does not require tools to assemble
  • Loads 24 darts in its drum
  • It has jamming issues
check price

Nerf N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodon has a capacity of 24 mega darts. But, that’s not what’s unique with this Nerf gun, it’s the range. With up to 100ft of firing distance and its impressive power, your enemies don’t stand a chance against this blaster.

Design and Operation

Mega Mega Mastodon is quite interesting as it is the first motorized mega blaster. This feature allows it to fire further with a force that will destroy targets in seconds. This Nerf gun is an excellent fit for any battlefield as it spares no one.

The 24-dart rotating drum features auto flywheel power. It comes with three tactical rails, a carry handle, and two strap points. It has an imposing size so you will want to involve the shoulder strap to balance the weight, and in turn, improve accuracy.

Six D batteries power this blaster. After closing the cover, you need to load up the 24 darts, hold down the bottom trigger and pull the main trigger. You can fire all the darts in the drum in as little as seven seconds, which is impressive when you want to fire everything at your opponents in one go.


Nerf N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodon is awesome with each shot. Though riddled with recoil and a chunky body, most people will not have a problem reloading and firing it. It can shoot to a distance of 100ft from an angle. It has perhaps the best range thanks to the 6D batteries and a revved-up flywheel.

Stuff to Consider

Because of its imposing size and weight, kids under the age of 10 will still find it hard to maneuver and operate even with the shoulder strap.


Nerf N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodon is for those looking for a massive Nerf gun. It operates like a beast and needs someone with equal fury to descend its power on opponents. Its range and firing speed are quite remarkable, which is why it is a top choice for veteran foam shooters.

Nerf Gun Buyer’s Guide

Nerf guns come in a large variety of size, power, ammo capacity, and ammo type. So, it is important to know a couple of things before you can make a smart purchase.

If you want to provide your child with the best Nerf guns, or you want an upper hand in combat, then the information we have put together for you might come in handy.

Types of Nerf Guns

There are a couple of categories of nerf guns that you should know about. All of them have their benefits and drawbacks. So, it wise to know what each of the types brings to the table.

  • Automatic: Automatic nerf guns are battery-powered, and, obviously, they are capable of automatic fire. You can use their rapid-fire mode to fire off multiple darts. However, make sure that you have a couple of extra batteries close by.
  • Pump-action: This type more commonly known as a shotgun type, because it operates similar to shotguns. The darts are commonly large, and the gun is a favorite pick of those who enjoy close combat action.
  • Bolt-action: While bolt-action nerf guns aren’t very popular, they cater to specific audience – hunters. This type of a nerf gun functions like a hunting rifle. So, it is great for shooting darts one at a time.
  • Hammer-action: This type of a nerf gun is a bit harder to use. But, practice can make you dominate the battlefield. Hammer-action nerf guns don’t require batteries, which saves money in the long run.

Basically, there aren’t a lot of differences when it comes to quality. The differences boil down to rate of fire, size, batteries, and ammo-type.

Types of Ammo for Nerf Guns

The first thing you should know is that nerf guns use different types of ammo. This means that some of the nerf guns can’t fire ammo that is meant for a different type of a nerf gun.

Fortunately, Hasbro has made it easier for you by standardizing types of ammo. Today, we can put nerf gun ammo into five different categories.

  • Standard dart: Small, rubber-tipped foam cylinder. It suits most of the nerf guns since it is the most popular type of ammo. Standard darts are small, and safe, and they come in plenty of different designs.
  • Accustrike dart: Very similar to the standard darts, but they are a newer creation. Don’t worry, because they are compatible with all the Nerf guns that take standard darts. Accustrike darts are more accurate than standard darts due to the improved tip design.
  • Mega dart: Bigger than the standard dart, and it makes a whistling noise while flying through the air. They are not accurate, but they are much easier to find after firing than the standard darts.
  • Missile: Missiles are large, and they are not a common type of ammo. Only certain Nerf guns can use them. They are a one-shot type of ammo, but very satisfying to fire.
  • High impact rounds: This type of ammo is recommended for ages 14 and over. They are small foam balls that fly at a higher velocity. High impact rounds are precise, but they don’t reach far. Their tendency to bounce around makes them hard to find after a battle.

In short, the ammo used should suit the person using it. Kids under the age of 14 should stay away from high impact rounds, but other types of ammo are a fair game.

Motorized or Manual Ammo Loading?

Motorized Nerf guns provide you with ease of use by taking care of the ammo loading. You simply place the darts in an ammo container, and the gun will load them. While they are convenient, they are a bit more expensive. Motorized Nerf guns utilize batteries, and they tend to be heavier.

Manual Nerf guns don’t require any batteries, but they force you to load each dart by yourself. They are smaller and a bit trickier to use, but they save money in the long run.

It all boils down to the playstyle. If you enjoy being a sniper, then a manual Nerf gun won’t be a problem. On the other hand, if you enjoy being in the thick of the fray, then you might consider a motorized Nerf gun.

Are There Any Accessories?

Nerf guns come with a ton of accessories. Most of them are official, but there are some third-party manufacturers out there.

Some of the addons are only cosmetic, while the others are useful. You will find tactical vests that simplify ammo carrying, tactical scopes for sniper rifles, magazines with higher capacity, barrel extensions that provide more accuracy, and more.

Before you purchase an accessory, make sure that it is compatible with your Nerf gun.

Are Nerf Guns Safe?

Many concerned parents wonder about the safety of Nerf guns. But, there is no place for worry! Nerf guns are safe, and, most importantly, they are made out of lead-free materials. There aren’t many moveable components that can be considered a choking hazard, and the power of Nerf guns is quite limited.

But, you should take all of the necessary precautions to ensure that your child is safe while using a Nerf gun.

We have a couple basic safety precautions for you, so make sure that you are aware of them.

  • Teach your child the basics of firearm use, despite the fact that a Nerf gun is not a firearm. Your child should learn proper trigger discipline (keep the finger off the trigger when not aiming at the target), and Nerf guns a perfect way to teach them.
  • Your child should never look down the barrel of a Nerf gun. While Nerf ammo is made out of soft foam, it can still cause damage at a close range.
  • Safety glasses or a safety mask are a must-have!
  • Explain to your child that they should never fire at animals. While a dog might not get hurt, it can become agitated and cause harm.
  • Don’t modify the Nerf gun to gain more power!
  • Don’t paint over the Nerf gun to make it more similar to a real gun! Never remove the orange tip from the end of a barrel. You don’t want to give a wrong idea to the authorities about your toy gun.
  • Explain to your child why they shouldn’t aim for headshots. Tell them to go for body shots. Explain why headshots can cause harm, and tell them that, in the end, a body is a much easier target.

Follow the basic safety precautions and the chances of a problem occurring will be slim to none. The most important thing about safety is to be open with your children and to explain why certain things are not allowed.

How Durable Are Nerf Guns?

Nerf guns are plastic, which causes them to be less durable than metal toys. If a Nerf gun is properly stored, then it might work for a couple of years. But, we all know that children don’t store toys to look at them – they play with them. So, you can expect that some Nerf guns won’t survive the first few months of use.

Unfortunately, this is the truth with most of the plastic toys. They might not be easy to break, but the imagination of kids knows no bounds. So, you can be sure that you will have to buy a couple of Nerf guns throughout the year. But, that’s what joys of parenthood are about.

On the other hand, if you are an adult who enjoys Nerf guns, then you can be sure that your favorite Nerf gun will remain in working condition for a long time; provided that you take care of it.