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Samsung Slide-In Induction Range with Virtual Flame Technology rates as the best overall and has lots of modern features, like a simulated flame, and easy to use knobs.

For those who have a crowd to cook for, look at this Kitchenaid Slide-In Induction Range. It has a huge 7.1 cubic foot oven, plus lots of other nice features.

Need to pick colors, consider the Cafe Induction Slide-in Electric Range. You can match your kitchen decor, while getting features like voice control and sous vide cooking.

9 Best Induction Ranges

Induction cooking brings precise temperature control and even pan heating. So, it has become popular and ranges incorporating induction cooktops are more common these days. The 9 best induction ranges are reviewed below.

1. Samsung 5.8 cu. ft. Slide-In Induction Range with Virtual Flame Technology Review - Best Overall
  • Virtual flame burners
  • Knob control of cooktop elements
  • Hidden oven elements
  • Warmer drawer
  • Preset oven options
  • Dual oven convection fans
  • Remote control with Samsung phone app
  • Lock for touch control panel
  • Slide out racks, no glide rollers
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Cooktop Elements: 4︱Oven: 5.8 ft3 ︱Dimensions: 29.9” W x 26.3” D x 36” H︱Self Cleaning: Yes︱Weight: 220 lb.︱Warranty: 1 year

This Samsung slide-in offers you large, old fashioned twist knobs. No small knobs trying to pretend they are stylish.

But, the induction burners also have an interesting feature. They simulate flame using lights on the bottom of your pan. This feature lets you see at a glance that the burner is on.

Edge to edge glass makes cleaning the cooktop easy. It also provides that sleek, modern look for your kitchen. There is no back riser with controls. So, that allows the cooktop to blend in with the countertops, almost as if it was a built-in cooktop.

Your controls are found on the front of the stove. The four burner twist knobs aesthetically would be at home on just about any gas range. There is also a large glass touch panel on the front, to control the oven and other various features.

And the other options you have at your fingertips are plenty. Let’s start with the oven. You have a slow cook, dehydrate, and bread proofing mode. These simplify making things from scratch.

You also have dual fans in the convection oven. Better air flow means more even circulation and more consistent cooking. Without rotating your pans.

On the bottom, you get a warmer drawer. Keep rolls warm while finishing the rest of the meal. Plus, you can choose low, medium, and high temperatures depending on the food in the warmer drawer.

With multiple options to clean, you can banish dirt and grime from your oven. The steam cleaning provides a quick “spot” cleaning. And you do have a full self cleaning cycle for more aggressive cleaning of the oven.

Also, this appliance works with an app on your phone. It gives you control of the range for convenience and safety. Adjust the temperatures or turn it off, remotely.

For those who like large knobs to control your cooktop burners, you should consider this unit. But it also brings many handy features for the modern chef packed into a slide-in range.

3. KitchenAid 6.7-cu ft Self-Cleaning Freestanding Induction Range Review - Best for Serious Bakers
  • 4 cooktop burners
  • Double ovens
  • Hidden, bow-tie oven heating elements
  • Convection oven with EasyConvect
  • Racks slide in and out easily
  • Steam tray in ovens
  • Tall, need room for height of back panel
  • No bottom drawer
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Cooktop Elements: 4︱Oven: 6.7 ft3 , double︱Dimensions: 29.9” W x 28.5” D x 48.4” H︱Self Cleaning: Yes︱Weight: 240 lb.︱Warranty: 1 year

You will notice one large 11 inch heating element on first glance at this range. It anchors the 4 induction cooktop burners. But they all boil water fast, simmer precisely, and melt perfectly.

The solid glass cooktop also has an integral touch panel. It controls the various induction burners . Awaiting your commands, you have a 3700, 2500 and two 1800 watt burners. That is lots of power, plus the glass surface wipes clean easily.

Most homes only have one oven. But, you may need to roast a piece of meat and bake bread at the same time. With a single oven, there is only so much oven space, and you can only use one temperature.

But with two ovens, you can have different baking temperatures, at the same time. That is what makes this Kitchenaid freestanding induction range shine.

The main oven is 4.2 cubic feet and the secondary oven is 2.5 cubic feet. This can easily roast a large turkey while also baking the dinner rolls, plus side dishes.

The ovens have concealed heating elements. This makes cleaning easier. But the heating elements also use a bow tie configuration. The arrangement heats quickly and evenly.

A steam rack brings the ability to add moisture inside the oven, like professional bakers. Serious bakers know that steam is used for things like crispy bread crusts.

Plus, the ovens use convection. It is faster and cooks more evenly. To help you convert recipes, “EasyConvect” takes the guesswork out. It will convert conventional oven recipes into “convection” settings, automatically.

The ovens also include SatinGlide racks. That fancy trade name indicates these racks pull in and out smooth. You need little effort, even with heavy dishes.

So, this range offers many features, including the sleek induction cooktop. The serious home cook can take their chef game to the next level with the precise heat control found in this range.

4. GE PHB920SJSS Electric Induction Range Review
  • Connect two cooktop burners for griddles
  • Remote control via phone
  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
  • Quick steam clean
  • Convection oven
  • 5th warmer element in cooktop
  • Self-Clean Heavy-Duty Oven Racks
  • Bottom storage drawer
  • No warmer drawer
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Cooktop Elements: 4 (plus warmer)︱Oven: 5.3 ft3 ︱Dimensions: 29.9” W x 28” D x 36” H︱Self Cleaning: Yes︱Weight: 240 lb.︱Warranty: 1 year

This GE range brings an induction cooktop with a couple of tricks. First, it can use two elements in unison to create one large “burner” for things like a griddle or grill.

Second, the induction cooktop includes a warmer element. For the home chef that is used to juggle multiple pans, this might become one of those features you didn’t know you need.

Then there we have the oven. It, too, comes loaded with features. For starters, you can control it with your phone. It is Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible.

The concealed oven heating elements makes cleaning easier. There are no hard to reach areas or obstructions caused by heating coils.

Speaking of cleaning, you also have a self cleaning cycle. But you have a fast, steam cleaning option to help keep things spotless, as well.

Plus, the heavy duty oven racks are safe to run through the self clean cycle. Never scrub your racks again and let the oven do the hard work of making those pesky dirty racks pristine.

Oh, and we almost forgot to mention, this is a convection oven. There is a third heating element on the back of the oven to provide a true convection environment. Cook evenly and with precise temperatures.

The home chef will also appreciate the edge to edge, solid glass induction cooktop. This means no cracks or other hard to reach areas. And the surface wipes clean with a wet cloth.

If you want a range that is easy to maintain, you should give this GE product a look. It comes with wireless control and lots of other nice features. It will make putting home cooked meals on the table easy. Plus, cleaning will be less of a hassle.

5. Kitchenaid Slide-In Induction Range Review - Largest Oven
  • Versatile induction cooktop
  • Large 7.1 ft3 oven
  • EasyGlide oven racks
  • Self and steam cleaning functions
  • Steam rack to enhance cooking results
  • Multi-function warmer drawer
  • No remote control
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Cooktop Elements: 5︱Oven: 7.1 ft3 ︱Dimensions: 29.9” W x 28.9” D x 36” H︱Self Cleaning: Yes︱Weight: 192 lb.︱Warranty: 1 year

This Kitchenaid induction range includes a huge 7.1 cubic foot oven. It also packs a multi-burner induction cooktop. Plus, all that room to cook is packed into a 30 inch slide-in range.

To be more specific, this range includes a 4 burner cooktop. Well, 5 if you count the combined burners used for things like long skinny griddles. And a warming zone. Let’s just say, you have the ability to “configure” the cooktop to suit your needs.

The touch panel built into the glass top of the range provides many options. It controls the oven and other advanced features. To control the cooktop heating elements, you have four basic knobs on the front of the stove.

Inside the oven, bow-tie shaped elements provide fast, even heat in the oven. You will also find oven racks that use an easy glide system to make pulling them in and out easy. Serious cooks prefer glide racks.

Plus, one rack has a steam tray underneath to help make things like bakery quality bread. Speaking of steam, this oven comes with a self clean function. But it also has a steam clean option that you can use on a more frequent basis to keep things spotless.

Kitchenaid also includes “EasyConvect” in a number of ovens, including this one. Since convection bakes and roasts faster, you need to calculate new times for old recipes. But you can just let this oven do the conversions. They are built into the control panel.

On the bottom, you have a “warmer” drawer. This can keep side dishes warm, slow cook, or bake at a different temperature. It is not a second oven, but it does have a variety of functions that makes it quite useful.

If you have a large family or often cook for a large crowd, this range may be for you. With a big oven and a versatile cooktop, this range provides plenty of cooking room and power.

6. Cafe Induction Slide-in Electric Range Review - Best Customization
  • Double oven
  • Large, powerful induction burners
  • Guided cooking app that syncs with induction burner
  • Voice control
  • Robust, commercial range appearance
  • Sous vide cooking (with temp. monitor sold separately)
  • Pricey
  • No self cleaning in top oven
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Cooktop Elements: 4, plus warmer︱Oven: 6.7 ft3 , double︱Dimensions: 29.9” W x 29.5” D x 37.4” H︱Self Cleaning: Top – yes Bottom – no︱Weight: 236 lb.︱Warranty: 1 year

The Cafe 30 inch induction slide-in range offers a choice of range and hardware colors. So, you can customize the appearance of this range to blend with your kitchen design.

Plus, a modern, industrial feel to this design evokes a commercial kitchen vibe. It was designed for the serious home cook, who wants to prepare food like a professional chef.

A large 11 inch, 3700 watt burner anchors the induction cooktop. That can handle most pans found in any home. Then you get three additional burners, plus a warming zone.

Plus, you can sync the two 8 inch burners for use with griddle pans. This versatile cooktop can handle even the biggest meals.

The precise temperature of induction burners also allows you to use the sous vide method. A wireless thermal probe can provide accurate temperature control of a water bath. (Sold seperately.) This is of course needed to cook using this method. So, you impress your guests with something fancy.

But you also need an oven, or maybe two. With this Cafe range you get a double oven. The top is 2.4 cubic feet and the bottom one is 4.3 cubic feet. The bottom oven has a self cleaning mode, but the top does not.

To get the most of all that cooking power, Cafe has a Gourmet Guided Cooking app. It runs on a tablet or phone and walks you through the recipe. It also automatically adjusts the time, temperature, and cooking pace of your burner.

This range can also be controlled via Alexa once you add the needed skill. Then simply by using your voice, you have control over the range.

Discerning home chefs will like the ability to customize this range to fit their decor. You have a choice of colors to pick from. And that includes separate color choices for the hardware. But with plenty of room and power, you will be able to cook like a pro, too.

7. Bosch 800 Series 30 in. Slide-In Induction Range Review - Best Durability
  • Sleek, minimalist look
  • Warmer drawer
  • 8 pass concealed broiler
  • 3700 watt induction burner
  • Safe start induction elements
  • Convection oven
  • No remote control
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Cooktop Elements: 4︱Oven: 4.6 ft3 ︱Dimensions: 30” W x 28.9” D x 36.5” H︱Self Cleaning: Yes︱Weight: 239 lb.︱Warranty: 1 year

Bosch built a name making robust, dependable things like tools, car parts, and appliances. So it makes sense that this range brings a minimalist style to a very capable, durable range.

The largest of the cooktop elements can provide 3700 watts of power. Boil water fast and easy, or sear a steak like a pro. But there are 3 more powerful burners to cook other dishes at the same time, too.

For safety, the induction burners come with a safe start function. Only when you place an appropriate pan on the burner will you be able to turn the element on.

Reading the product description, you will see Bosch focuses much of its attention on the oven. That is because they designed it to cook evenly, with accurate temperature control. They also tout the “European Convection” that adds to the even cooking results.

Below the oven, you find a handy warmer drawer. You will have no problems getting every dish for your large meals to the table warm with this range.

There are no knobs cluttering the front of this range. To control the burners there is a touch panel built right into the cooktop. Plus, there is a large touch screen on the front to control the oven and timer functions.

Serious cooks know using temperature to gauge the doneness of your meat is the way to go. Bosch knows this, too. So, with this range you get a temperature probe. Let the oven measure the internal temperature of that large roast, or turkey, to get it done to perfection.

Even the broiler received extra attention. A concealed 8 pass design provides more broiling area while making it safer.

If you like a minimalist look in a rugged, dependable range, this product is for you. But Bosch also packs power and durability into this range. You will cook food evenly and be able to hold precise temperatures on the cooktop and in the oven.

8. LG Slide-In Electric Smart Range Review - Best for Big Families
  • Smart home compatible
  • (2) 3200 watt induction burners
  • Cooktop warming zone
  • Bright blue oven interior
  • True convection oven
  • Heating element in back oven wall
  • Warmer drawer
  • Angled controls on front of stove
  • No easy glide racks
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Cooktop Elements: 4, plus warmer︱Oven: 6.3 ft3 ︱Dimensions: 29.9” W x 28.9” D x 36” H︱Self Cleaning: Yes︱Weight: 185 lb.︱Warranty: 1 year

LG earned a well known name in the appliance market. That comes from a history of providing products with features that consumers want. This slide induction range is no different. It comes with a bunch of useful features.

For instance, it is a smart appliance. Use the LG SmartThinQ technology to check on the oven using your voice assistant.

The large 6.7 cubic foot oven also has 12 settings. These are: bake, broil, convection bake, convection roast, favorites, multi-rack convection baking, delay bake, delay clean, proof, warm, pizza, and speed roast.

This range also simplifies the problem of keeping side dishes warm. The bottom houses a warming drawer. Dinner does not always happen on time. So, the warmer can also be used to keep things hot and ready for when you and your family are ready to eat.

To keep things clean inside the oven, you have two options. There is a quick clean mode that takes only 10 minutes. If you need more aggressive cleaning, then use the self cleaning cycle.

LG’s induction cooktop brings the features, too. For instance, there are dual 3200 watt burners. Plenty of power to boil water fast or sear meat perfectly.

Need to keep a sauce warm? No problem, a warming zone is included to keep things at just the right temperature.

Overall, LG’s cooktop is well thought out. The fast, even heat, and plenty of options, will please even demanding home cooks.

For ease of use, the controls reside on the front of the stove. No reaching over a hot pot to change the temperature. Plus, LG angled the panel that holds the touch panel and knobs. This makes them easy to see, and to operate.

In summary, this LG range fits the lives of busy families. It has modern features that help busy schedules. But it also cooks with even, fast heat on both the cooktop and in the oven. Entertain, or just keep a large family fed, this range is up to the task.

9. Electrolux Wave-Touch 30 in. 4.6 cu. ft. Induction Slide-In Range Review - Best Faux Built-in
  • Induction heating elements adapt to pan size
  • Luxury glide oven racks
  • Porcelain enameled racks can go through self clean cycle
  • Cobalt blue oven interior
  • Dual convection fans
  • 3 oven heating elements
  • Wave-Touch screen activates with single touch
  • Expensive
  • No remote or voice control
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Cooktop Elements: 4︱Oven: 4.6 ft3 ︱Dimensions: 30.1” W x 28.3” D x 36.6” H︱Self Cleaning: Yes︱Weight: 250 lb.︱Warranty: 1 year

Electrolux says that this 30 inch range combines functionality with a European design. This allows you to replace an old slide-in oven with this range and achieve a built-in appearance.

On the front, you see no controls at all. The touchscreen is built into the flat top, just in front of the cooktop. This keeps things looking minimal and clean.

But on close inspection, the “Wave-Touch” screen gives you a ton of control. For example, you have a number of oven settings including; bake, broil, convection cake, convection coast, convection broil, defrost, de-hydrate, keep warm, and slow cook.

The touch panel also controls the induction cooktop. You have 4 different burners to command, powered with 3800, 3200, 2000, and 1400 watts.

These induction heating elements also adapt to your pot size. This helps to achieve accurate temperatures and even heat. You will avoid the scorching or burning experienced with less sensitive burners.

Electolux included an oven with accurate temperature control as well. The dual fan convection oven cooks evenly, and fast. Three heating elements inside the oven also help provide even heat. And a bright halogen light lets you see clearly what is cooking inside.

Plus, the range will automatically convert recipes for a convection oven. You have no learning curve to worry about. If you are switching from a conventional oven to convection, this range will help you.

Then there is also a warming drawer on the bottom. You can even prepare two separate dishes at different temperatures if needed.

No surprise this oven self cleans. But the racks are porcelain enameled. That means you can leave them in through the cleaning cycle. Also, the racks use a ball bearing, easy glide pull. These oven racks slide in and out with no effort, and you never have to scrub them.

For a built-in look, with modern features, consider this range. It brings you accurate temperatures and even heat in both the cooktop and oven. If you can live without remote or voice control, this range will meet the needs of most homes.