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Whether you need better local data than your phone can supply, or you just like studying meteorology, indoor outdoor thermometers are still popular and useful tools.

Modern home thermometers can include some advanced features. But the price does increase as you add options. So, which product is right for you? Check out our list of the 7 best indoor outdoor thermometers to find out.

No Time to Read the Entire List?

These 3 indoor/outdoor thermometers offer solid options that can satisfy a variety of user needs.

With a blend of features and ease of use, the Thermopro 67A has the best outdoor sensor and offers plenty of weather data to arm you for the day. It is the best overall choice.

If you prefer simplicity, the AcuRite 00782A2 can supply you with the indoor and outdoor temperature at a glance in a compact package. Plus, the price is wallet-friendly.

For a tablet-like experience with plenty of data, you can spend a little more and the Smartpro SC62 will satisfy just about any home weather enthusiast who needs lots of information.

7 Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers

The best indoor outdoor thermometer for you will depend on your needs. Our list below presents the 7 products that should fulfill a variety of user needs.

1. Thermopro 67A Review - Best Remote Overall and Best Sensor
  • Lots of data at an affordable price
  • Weathertight, rechargeable sensor
  • Removable base allows table or wall mount
  • Can monitor 3 remote locations
  • Strong warranty
  • Channel button on the back is awkward
  • Only ships with one sensor
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Console size: 4 x 6.5 in.︱Batteries: 2 AAA (console) included, (rechargeable sensor) | Range: 330 ft.︱Sensor Temp. Range: -31 to +158 F

The remote sensors are a key component of any indoor/outdoor wireless thermometer. The Thermopro 67A addresses this important issue with a watertight, rechargeable remote sensor.

Thermopro employs a lithium battery in their 67A sensors. So, the sensors continue reading down to -31F. While the thermistors on other sensors work at -40F, the alkaline batteries in many of those units fail well before -40F.

When the 67A sensor battery does run low, the remote sensor simply plugs into a USB port to charge up. No waste or cost associated with battery replacement and Thermopro claims a charge can last up to a year.

Back on the main console, the simple display is surprisingly packed with weather data. Besides the indoor/outdoor temperature, the unit displays relative humidity and barometric readings. Plus, it provides you with a forecast.

Further, you can see the trends in temperature and humidity along with a 12-hour history of barometric pressure. Maximum and minimum all time temperatures are also recorded. You get a lot of weather information for the price of this unit.

The 67A can also monitor up to 3 remote locations. Thermopro only provides one remote sensor. So, you will need to purchase the additional 2 sensors for more locations.

The monochrome LCD display also has a backlight. Viewing in dim light conditions is snap. You simply press the big “light” button on the front of the main console.

In summary, this indoor/outdoor thermometer provides many features at a competitive price. It is a solid unit and you can extend the standard one year warranty to three years by registering your 67A with Thermopro.

2. AcuRite 00782A2 Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Review - Best No Frills Value and Most Compact
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to read display
  • Sensor range that works for most homes
  • Table or wall mount
  • 433 MHz for better penetration of walls
  • No humidity or other weather data
  • Only reads in degrees F
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Console size: 2.5 x 2.25 in.︱Batteries: 2 AAA (console), 2 AAA (sensor), not included | Range: 100 ft.︱Sensor Temp. Range: -40 to +158 F

AcuRite’s 00782A2 provides basic, accurate temperature readings for your home and backyard. Plus, the price is easy on the wallet.

The main console is small and unobtrusive and can be wall or table mounted. With its compact size, it can be placed just about anywhere.

The simple, clean white bezel houses an easy to read LCD display. The large numbers let you know the indoor and outdoor temperatures at a glance. No buttons to press, easy and quick.

You can place the remote sensor up to 100 feet away. This is because the AcuRite 00782A2 uses 433 MHz to communicate. That means better penetration through walls and other obstructions.

Be sure to place the remote sensor in a shady place or on a north wall. Weather sensors, in general, should be protected from rain and sun.

With the lowest price of the indoor/outdoor thermometers on our list, this is the best buy. If all you need is an accurate indoor/outdoor temperature for your home, take a look at this unit.

3. Smartpro SC62 Review - Best Tablet Experience
  • Tablet experience
  • Color display
  • Can be used as an alarm clock
  • Monitor up to 3 remote locations
  • Can plugin or battery power main console
  • Temperature and RH also displayed at the remote sensors
  • Only ships with one sensor
  • Sensors only read down to -8 F
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Console size: 5 x 7 in.︱Batteries: 2 AA (console), 2 AA (sensor) , not included | Range: 200 ft.︱Sensor Temp. Range: -8 to +125 F

Technology improves many things, including the outdoor thermometer. It has come a long way from that fluid-filled glass tube stuck on the outside of a window. For those who prefer lots of data and a high tech look, the Smartpro SC62 is an indoor/outdoor thermometer to consider.

An interactive screen resembling a tablet dominates the main console. Colorful numbers and icons populate the display while touch buttons occupy the bottom of the bezel. And you can power the main console with batteries or plug it in with the supplied power cord.

There is information galore for you to use. An animated icon presents a forecast. Indoor and outdoor temperature and RH, as well as barometric data, are all large numbers in different colors for easy reading.

The clock and calendar data are shown in white. Plus, you get a moon phase icon in the lower right corner. Also, there is a backlight for those times when the ambient lighting is dim.

The SC62 can track 3 remote locations, which provides you with even more data. However, Smartpro only includes 1 remote sensor in the box. So, you will have to shell out a little more money if you want to monitor multiple locations.

One quick note about the sensors, they have their own display. So, you can read the temperature and RH right on the sensors without going back inside to the main console.

Smartpro anticipated that some will use this as a bedside clock/weather station. So, you can set time alarms and there is even a snooze button when you want another 5 minutes of sleep.

For the home weather enthusiast, the SC62 will connect you to the world of meteorology on a daily basis.

4. La Cross 9160U-IT Wireless Review - Best Basic Multi-Sensor Thermometer
  • Affordable
  • Simple display with clock
  • Good sensor range
  • Table or wall mount
  • Can monitor 3 remote locations
  • No humidity or other weather data
  • Only ships with one sensor
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Console size: 5.5 x 3.25 in.︱Batteries: 2 AA (console), 2 AA (sensor), not included | Range: 330 ft.︱Sensor Temp. Range: -40 F to +140 F

The La Cross 9160U-IT is a straightforward, streamlined unit. You can place the titanium-colored console in any decor and it is table or wall mountable.

While this is far from a weather station, the 916U-IT is an affordable wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer that manages to provide some nice features for the price.

The screen displays the time along with the indoor and outdoor temperatures in large, easy ready digits. It also captures the daily maximum and minimum temperatures.

But what makes this basic unit stand out, the 9160U-IT can read multiple remote temperature sensors. The console allows you to monitor up to 3 different remote locations at a price less than most of its competitors.

That is a must-have feature in a wine cellar, a greenhouse, or even a nursery. These and other situations demand precise temperature control and the 9160U-IT allows you to easily watch the temperature in multiple locations.

However, the unit ships with a single remote sensor. You will need to buy extra sensors if you need more than one remote reading. You will also need to provide your own batteries.

In summary, this product is a cost-effective way to meet the needs of those looking to monitor the temperature in a few locations.

5. Ambient Weather WS-2801A Review - Best Precision
  • Color screen
  • Can calibrate temperature and humidity
  • The clock is synced with U.S. atomic clock
  • Wall or table mount
  • Senors have dedicated display
  • Kits with one, two, or three remote sensors are available
  • Sensors do not handle rain well
  • Some users report poor sensor range
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Console size: 6.5 x 3.5 in.︱Batteries: 3 AAA (console), 2 AA (sensor), not included | Range: 300 ft.︱Sensor Temp. Range: -40 to +140 F

The Ambient Weather WS-2801A tries to pack as much as it can into its small form factor. But this unit also strives for something extra, accuracy.

The clock syncs with the official U.S. atomic clock. Plus, you can calibrate the temperature and humidity readings of this unit. In other words, there is a serious attempt to be accurate.

At its core, the WS-2801A measures the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. But it also records the barometric pressure. Based on changes in pressure, it then displays an animated icon to show the forecast.

It also has a nice set of alarms. You can set an alarm for a specific time, temperature, or RH. So, If your greenhouse overheats, this indoor/outdoor thermometer will let you know. Or, it can also wake you in the morning at the right time.

Not surprisingly, this unit can monitor three remote locations. But unlike some other manufacturers, you can buy a kit with one, two, or three remote sensors. The kits save you a few bucks versus buying the extra sensors separately.

One other point about the sensors, they do have their own displays. So, you can also read the temperature and humidity while at the sensor location. But you should keep the sensors under cover and dry. They do not seem to handle rain very well.

Other features include the moon phase appearing underneath the calendar. And under the temperature/RH readings, you have max and mins for each parameter, which can be manually reset.

The WS-2801A price is reasonable considering the feature set. But it is not the cheapest option out there. However, the display is clean and easy to use. Given the wealth of data and the ability to calibrate your readings, it will appeal to those who value precision.

6. Ambient Weather WS-10 Review - Most Remote Sensor Options
  • Can accommodate up to 8 remote sensors
  • Scroll mode makes it easy to see all your data
  • Different sensors can be used for different tasks
  • Can set max and min alarms for temp and RH
  • No barometric data or forecasts
  • Expensive after buying 8 sensors
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Console size: 4.5 x 5 in.︱Batteries: 4 AAA (console), 2 AAA (sensor), not included | Range: 300 ft.︱Sensor Temp. Range: -40 to +140 F

For some, 3 remote temperature/RH sensors are just not enough. So what are you to do when most units only accommodate 3 sensors? Well, consider the Ambient Weather WS-10.

This indoor/outdoor thermometer can support 8 wireless sensors. That solves the problem for those who have more than 3 remote locations to monitor.

But you can also monitor soil, pool, or even humidor conditions. Obviously, the remotes for some of these tasks are different, but this unit allows you to mix and match different remote sensors. So, you can read the temperature and/or RH in a number of situations.

The WS-10 also allows you to set max and min temperatures and RH parameters. When conditions drift outside of the desired range, an alarm sounds. You know when your valuable temperature or moisture-sensitive products are in danger of being damaged.

For viewing a large number of sensors, the display has a special scroll mode. It will roll the screen every 5 seconds to scroll through all of the sensor data. You do not have to press a button or touch a thing to easily see all of your data.

Your base unit comes with 3 outdoor sensors. You must buy the additional five remote sensors. Sensors for pools, humidors, and even freezers are available.

The display is a monochrome LCD screen and the unit’s industrial looks match its focused nature. This indoor/outdoor wireless thermometer concentrates on temperature and RH and it can measure those in a number of different locations.

7. La Cross 308-1414 Wireless Atomic Clock/Thermometer Review - Best for Home Weather Enthusiast
  • Syncs with U.S. atomic clock
  • Can set temperature alarms
  • Heat index and dew point
  • Mount on tabletop or wall
  • Tracks trends
  • Displays animated forecast
  • Only 1 remote sensor
  • There are cheaper wireless thermometers
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Console size: 9 x 5.4 in.︱Batteries: 3 AAA (console backup), 2 AA (sensor), not included | Range: 330 ft.︱Sensor Temp. Range: -40 to 140 F (need lithium batteries below -20 F)

The weather enthusiast or hobbyist needs a balance of core features at a good price. A full-blown weather station is expensive, but the La Cross 308-1414 can come close at a price more in line with other indoor/outdoor thermometers.

There are a number of interesting features. For example, its time is synced with the U.S. atomic clock. Plus, there is a large display with a vibrant color LCD and animated forecasts.

You can set temperature alarms for both indoor and outdoor locations. Plus, you can record the min and max for the temperature and RH over time.

As the unit compiles data, it will show you the trends in temperature, RH, and barometric pressure. This unit is also able to show you the heat index and dew point. The 308-1414 is a rain gauge short of being a full-feature weather station.

With an accurate clock, it makes sense that this unit allows you to set alarms. It even has a 10-minute snooze if you choose to use this as an alarm clock.

As for placement, you can place the main console on a tabletop or nightstand using the flip-out stand. It can also be hung on a wall if you so desire. But it is one of the larger wireless thermometer consoles and may be too large for some.

The main console is intended to be plugged in with the supplied power cord. When running off an outlet, the backlight stays lit at a low level all the time. You activate full brightness for better viewing when needed. On battery power, the screen shuts off after viewing to save power.

The display is large and the most important information can be read from a distance. Some of the other data, like trend arrows, are a little harder to see from a distance.

The 308-1414 offers a lot of nice features. But it only supports the one included sensor. No additional remote locations can be added. Also, the sensor is weather-resistant, not waterproof.

In summary, this unit keeps things simple but brings enough data to please the home weather geek. It is not the cheapest, but its features will appeal to those hobbyists who like to monitor the weather details.

Considerations When Buying an Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

When looking for an indoor/outdoor thermometer, there are some key features you should consider before buying.


You may need a number of remote readings, or just one. The number of sensors you will need, and the type can impact what unit you purchase.

For example, you may want to keep an eye on the pool water temperature. Not every wireless thermometer can use sensors that float in the water.

Check the number of remote sensors a unit can accommodate. Also, make sure the product you are considering offers sensors that will work where you need them (e.g. humidor, pool, soil, greenhouse, etc.)


Accessing a wireless thermometer’s range is a bit tricky, as some manufacturers do overstate their range. But most of them do report the working distance between the main console and the sensors – the range. If you have a big yard, a large range may be a top priority for you.

One thing you can do is check the customer reviews. The manufacturers that tend to exaggerate their range are usually exposed by customer feedback.


Data is what makes a wireless thermometer valuable. So, you need to select one that provides the amount of information you want in a manner that is easy for you to use.

This can be subjective. Some want minimal info with no clutter. Others want color screens with animated icons and lots of data. Or, you may just want to be able to see the outdoor temperature across the room.

Take a critical look at the console display before making a decision. The screen is what you will interact with constantly.

Barometric Pressure

Changes in atmospheric pressure can be used to form weather forecasts. You may desire this ability to predict the weather with your wireless thermometer. But not all of them measure the barometric pressure.

So, if you want to forecast the upcoming weather, be sure to find a unit that does measure the barometric pressure. Some products even track and display the trends in atmospheric pressure.


Yes, on some indoor/outdoor thermometers you set an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning. Or, an alarm can remind you to water the plants at a certain time.

But some units will also sound an alarm if the temperature or RH gets too high or low. If you have something like seeds sprouting in a greenhouse, that is a very useful tool. So, consider the alarms you might make good use of when selecting a wireless thermometer.