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Home burglaries happen more often than you think. Statistics show that a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds. While alarm systems deter some of the criminals, the ones who commit crime out of desperation won’t be swayed by an alarm.

Modern safes discourage criminals because they are hard to break in and too heavy to carry.

We have done plenty of research to create our list of 10 best home safes. Therefore, you can spend your time on something else.

If you want to keep your stock certificates, tax returns, savings, bonds, life insurance policies, and other valuables safe, then you might want to think about purchasing a home safe.

In Short

We looked at the Intertek (ETL), Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL), and burglar ratings of the top-rated home safes on the market before recommending the best.

For the crème de la crème, you will be happy with the Amsec UL1511 Fire and Impact Safe. This safe can withstand up to 2 hours of raging fire reaching to 1850°F. This way, it won’t get hot enough to torch documents and some electronic stuff. It also has a lifetime warranty, which is a guarantee of the quality of Amsec UL1511.

And if you want to stand your ground in a home invasion, having a gun has proven to save lives. But you wouldn’t want your gun lying around. The New and Improved Steelwater Gun Safe is the perfect safe for 10 long guns. It is fire-rated to an hour and is bullet-resistant.

1. Amsec UL1511 Review "Top Choice of 2019"

  • Lifetime warranty
  • 2-hour fire rating
  • Impact rating of 30ft.
  • It has a relocking device
  • Combination lock for optimized security
  • Heavy-duty solid steel construction
  • Cannot protect digital items in severe fires
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Looking for a robust and reliable home safe? American Securities is always a brand to watch for the best choices. the Amsec UL1511 fire and impact safe sounds just about right for most purposes.

Security Features

Amsec UL1511 is perhaps the only safe you will need if you want superior fire protection for all your essential documents. It can withstand external temperatures of up to 1850F for two hours while the insides will remain below 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most home fires have temperatures of up to 1200F and will burn through a room in 20-30 minutes. If it ever happens to your home, you can rest assured that your life insurance policies, death and birth certificates will not be in chars once you get to open the safe. In a worse situation, in which a building collapses in a fire, Amsec UL1511 can withstand a 30ft. fall similar to that from the second story of a building.

What’s more, this safe has an auxiliary spring that relocks the safe it is severely impacted.

Construction Quality and Locking Mechanism

This safe has a 1.2 cu. ft capacity. It is not a large safe, but it weighs a whopping 246 pounds. This feature goes to tell you the level of security it offers through the thickness of its heavy-duty steel construction. It is excellent as a burglary safe since it uses chrome-plated solid steel locking bolts that are 7/8 inches in diameter.

Not to mention its 5/8-inch thick front combined with a 3.5-inch recessed door with a hand-activated locking mechanism. Unauthorized users will have an extremely hard time to get into this safe. Not just because it has a solid steel construction, but also because it has a key combination lock with millions of combinations.

For those not yet sold on this safe, you will be happy to know that you can bolt this safe into place. We are talking about a concrete wall or floor which will further deter thieves who could make away with the safe and take time to open it.

Stuff to Consider

Amsec UL1511 is a class 350F UL for two hours. It is not safe for digital items like CDs, hard disks and the like that can melt at lower temperatures of 125 degrees or photos that will burn at around 150F.


If burglary and fire are top of your list for buying a safe, Amsec UL1511 is a top-rated model for impact and fire protection. Its overall construction speaks of a well-thought-out device that can protect against your treasured valuables.

2. Steelwaters AMSW592216-BLK Review "Best Home Safe for Guns"

  • Door organizer
  • Ballistic resistant
  • Comes with a digital bypass
  • Comes with a 200g dry pack dehumidifier
  • 12-gauge steel body
  • The lock is EMP-proof
  • It can accommodate only 10 long guns
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Securing your guns is important. Every parent would be in a panic if their pistol was in their child’s hands. That’s why you will not want to make any compromises for your long gun collection. The Steelwater AMSW592216-BLK Gun Safe can fit up to 10 long guns, which is impressive for the price under $1000.

Security Features

The first thing to look at should be how hard it is to damage this safe through prying tools or fire. Well, Steelwater has a 12-gauge steel construction with an 8x ballistic hard plate. It is virtually impossible to breakthrough, which is what will give you peace of mind in a home invasion.

Moreover, instead of only 45 minutes of fire protection, Steelwater Heavy Duty has upgraded to 60 minutes of class 350F protection. It can withstand fires of up to 1875F for an hour, which will help keep the safe secure through any home fire.

It uses two layers of fireboard in the door while the door jambs and sides have one layer of fireboard. Because the door seal can expand up to eight times during a fire, it can protect your guns from smoke, and water used to quench the fire.

Locking and Functional Features

With an EMP Protected lock, SteelWater Heavy Duty 16 is also near-impossible to crack. The digital lock complements a 4.75-inch solid door that is in a composite style. It means that pry bars cannot penetrate the door, which will cut out burglars from that form of entry.

Its gear-drive linkage system and 1.5-inch locking bolts will also come in handy to protect against burglars who have the time to drill or apply punching tools to the safe. We can safely say that it is burglar-proof 99% of the time.

As we said, Steelwater Heavy-Duty can store up to 10 long guns. 16 long arms is a long shot unless you are very creative. What we like about this safe is that it has an impeccable internal configuration. It comes with four shelves and interior space that will not only fit your guns but also your jewelry.

Stuff to Consider

This safe has external hinges. With all the other parts secure from most types of intrusions, the hinges pose a point of weakness. But it’s good to know you can bolt this safe to the ground.


Most people agree that Steelwater AMSW592216-BLK Gun Safe is technically bomb-proof. Its level of protection from the toughest means of penetration is through the roof. It expresses great functionality and versatility thanks to its organizer and sturdy construction.

3. Monster Vault Underbed Safe Review "Best Underbed and Car Trunk Safe"

  • Large 3 cu. ft capacity
  • Can store guns and electronics
  • Easy to access through a drawer
  • Made of 11-gauge steel
  • Padded bottom
  • Mountable to the floor
  • Sides are not padded
  • Can’t protect against water and fire
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Ever scrambled under the bed for a gun that won’t get out of the safe. If it were a real emergency, maybe you would never have lived to tell the story. If you can’t get to your gun in the shortest time possible, an underbed gun safe might not be a good idea.

But the Monster Vault Underbed Safe has been proven practical for emergencies whether it is bolted down to the floor or in the trunk of your car.

Security Features

With double-wall steel construction, the Monster Vault is constructed to withstand drilling, punching, and prying. It weighs 140 pounds, so most people will not try to make away with this safe. Apart from its weight, the safe invests in 11-gauge steel for the bottom and 7-gauge steel for the sides.

It is impossible to break through with most tools. It is a burglary-rated safe so you can throw in precious jewelry, cash, documents, and even electronics. It has a slidable Accuride drawer which makes it easy to access. You won’t be pulling out the whole safe, which is why you can take out your gun at a moment’s notice.

The black powder coating provides protection from rust, which, in turn, helps to protect the contents. You will still want to invest in a good dehumidifier because it does not protect against humidity.

Lock and Functional Features

Monster Vault comes with a felt pad bottom. It comes in handy to keep expensive stuff from scratches and also smashing into each other when moving the safe. It has a 3cu. Ft capacity and 100 pounds worth of weight-holding capacity. As you can see, most heavy items have a place in this safe.

With an electronic lock, Monster Vault allows you to set a 3-8 character numbered password followed by the letter A or B. It comes with two 0.5-inch steel bolts that lock the drawer into the two side panels. That’s why it’s impossible to pull the drawer from the safe.

Four AA batteries power the electronic lock. It has a low-battery indicator that will help when it comes to the time to change the batteries. And finally, it comes with pre-drilled access holes that will help to mount it to the floor securely.

Stuff to Consider

Monster Vault Underbed safe is burglar-secure but not waterproof and fireproof. Because it’s of steel, it’s stable under high temperatures, but will not withstand a home fire or a flood. You will also want to keep it in your bedroom where temperatures are controlled but not in the basement or the garage.


Monster Vault Underbed safe is one of the best home safes when it comes to burglar security. It protects a wide variety of stuff from guns to electronics, jewelry, and cash. You need to control the temperature of the room where you keep the safe and be mindful of what it can’t protect against.

4. Stealth Original Mechanical Handgun Safe Review "Best Handgun Safe"

  • Meets California DOJ standards
  • Fully-protected from any form of prying
  • Comes with a handle
  • Standard Simplex lock
  • Heavy-duty steel lugs and wrap
  • Pre-drilled mount holes
  • Has to be used with a dehumidifier
  • A bit pricey
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Stealth Original is a tactical gun safe that is perhaps the most reliable gun safe available on the market. It covers more than just the basics with a super-strong frame that can take on anything thrown at it.

Security Features

This safe boasts a 10-gauge steel construction. At 24 pounds, it is quite thick and heavy for a safe that will hold only one pistol. It has a solid steel wrap that is 3/16 inches thick, which makes it impenetrable from any side.

The safe has a front opening door assisted by a spring-release latching mechanism. This way, the door will lock if you don’t hand-assist it. The steel housing under the lock distinguishes this safe from other mechanical handgun safes. It is built to prevent entry from the top where someone can chisel and smash through the lock at the top.

The bolts underneath the lock have been tested against the bolt-releasing attack, and have proven to hold. What’s more, this safe also has a solid steel bar on the inside where the hinges meet the safe. Entry through the hinges is also impossible.

Locking and Functional Features

Stealth pays attention to detail. You’ll notice the chrome-coated handle at first glance. Though it is removable, which is useful when you have bolted the safe to the floor, the handle is good if you want to move the safe. Remember it weighs 24 pounds and a handle will make carriage easier.

Another aspect of this safe that we like, is the inclusion of pluck and pull foam at the bottom. The foam does not only cushion your handgun, but it can also hide your jewelry.

When it comes to locking, nothing works better than the Simplex mechanical lock. It has a potential of 1,081 unique combinations, which would take burglars hours to crack. Assuming you bolt this safe, 99% of thieves will not come close to nailing the combination.

Stuff to Consider

Stealth Original Handgun Safe is a bit pricey for only one gun, and it is not bomb-proof.  It will not keep your gun safe in a fire.


Your children and thieves won’t be able to open this safe. Stealth Original Handgun Safe is virtually impenetrable. It distinguishes itself from the rest by covering all the various aspects of possible entries. With a Simplex lock, accessing the code is almost impossible. So, you can keep your gun safe without worrying that someone might get away with it.

5. American Security Products FS149 Review "Best Wall Safe"

  • 1-hour 350F fire-rated
  • Comes with rubber feet
  • Two deadbolts
  • Internal anchor hole
  • It has a drawer shelf
  • Two locking bolts
  • Will not fit into all standard walls
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With a sleek exterior and offering great protection, the American Security Products FS149 is the safe to get if you want a low-priced home safe.

Security Features

There’s so much to like about this safe. Although it looks simple, getting through the lock and the material is next to impossible. Amsec is a fire-rated safe that can protect cash, jewelry, and documents from fire. It can maintain the internal temperatures of the safe below 350F for one hour.

This safe comes with two solid steel deadbolts on the hinge. If the hinges are attacked, the burglar will never get past the deadbolts. It includes a live-locking bolt, important for securing the door if someone severely damages it.

Like most Amsec safes, this one also has a recessed, composite fire door that is ½-inch thick. It is easy to hide in the wall since no part of the safe will protrude, and you can even put a photo frame or piece of art to conceal the safe further.

Lock and Functional Features

Amsec FS149 uses a dial combination lock and key. It is the least susceptible to lock picking and use of bump keys. It is however not the best when someone knows what they are doing especially guys who crack combination locks for a living. It is best as a safe for standard protection against fire, kids, and caregivers who may want to get their hands on the stuff you’d rather they don’t touch.

Inside the safe is one shelf that is handy in separating items and giving you a sense of organization. And since it is deep, you have lots of space to store a decent amount of stuff.

Stuff to Consider

This safe is not waterproof. It needs protecting from humidity for it to store things in excellent condition. Also, you will have to look for ample space if it’s going on the wall because it has a deep interior.


A wall is always a nice way to conceal a safe. Amsec FS149 makes it easy to store cash and jewelry from obvious burglary. It has a solid steel construction, and it utilizes a decent amount of fireproofing.

6. First Alert 2092F Review "Best All-Around Safe "

  • It has a waterproof seal
  • Decent 1.3 cubic feet capacity
  • Pry-resistant design
  • Secure combination lock
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Easy access through a side-opening door
  • Not designed for bolting to a wall or ground
  • The handle cannot be used to open the safe
  • Override key seems to be the same for some people
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While most safes protect against fire and theft, the First Alert 2092F can safeguard against water as well. It is the best for the money as it beats the most expensive options because of the additional water protection.

Security Features

First Alert 2092F features a durable, pry-resistant body. It comes with concealed hinges that will make it hard to pry or chisel through with a hammer or a crowbar. Since the average thief won’t spend more than 20 minutes on cracking, this model guarantees that you will always find your valuables secure inside.

When it comes to water protection, the watertight seal and composite material in the construction of this safe help to keep the water out. It is the kind you pick if your home has ever experienced flooding either from a storm or a broken water pipe.

Fire is also a common hazard, especially in hot climates. Knowing that this safe can withstand fire should give you peace of mind. It can keep interior temperatures below 350F, which will secure most items. Although First Alert 2092F has been lab-tested for protecting CDs, hard drives, and other electronics, we cannot verify this claim in a fire.

This is because electronics will melt in temperatures as low as 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lock and Functional Features

As this safe is also designed to offer safety against theft, it uses a combination lock that is equally hard to get past. You can choose your own combination that is easy to remember, and only you can open the safe since it is not prone to cracking.

A functional feature of this safe is the customizable interior. You can rearrange the shelves to suit the type of stuff you want to keep. Say you want to store a camera and one of the shelves is too short, it is possible to adjust to the right dimensions for that particular camera.

Stuff to Consider

This safe is not designed to be wall-mounted or secured to the ground. If you do it, moisture will compromise the composite material through the drill holes, and it will not withstand fire.


First Alert 2092F is a small but heavy-duty safe. It is completely secure from the three most common perils. It steers you away from the worries about theft, water, and fire. Seeing that it is not the most expensive home safe on the market, you get value for your money.

7. Sentry Safe SFW123TSC Review "with a Digital Alarm"

  • Comes with bolt-down hardware
  • Protects digital media
  • Large live bolts
  • Loud audible alarm
  • Concealed hedges
  • Offers an adjustable shelf and door rack
  • Poor customer service
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Sentry xSafe SFW123TSC is another option for water, theft, and fire protection. Unlike the First Alert model, this one can be bolted into the ground. It has a super loud alarm that will alert you when someone tries to force their way into the safe.

Security Features

Sentry Safe is one of the better-made safes of this size. It comes with pry-proof hinges that are concealed in the edges of the safe. No crowbar will easily get past the thick steel.

With six 1-inch thick, live-locking bolts, this safe will go up against any form of damage. Speaking of which, Sentry Safe SFW123TSC is fireproof in 1700F temperatures up to an hour. It can protect stuff like documents, keys, family photos, and even electronics from damage in most fires. The safe is also flood-proof. It is ETL verified for protection in up to 8 inches of water for up to 24 hours. It should give you enough time to get to the safe and remove the contents after a storm.

The Sentry Safe SFW123TSC is impact-protected against drops of up to 15ft. That’s equivalent to falling from the first floor of a building.

Lock and Functional Features

A feature we like about this safe is that it has lots of organization space. It comes with a key rack, an adjustable shelf, door tray, and a deep door pocket. This is enough room for valuables found in most homes. Besides, it has interior lighting that is great for accessing stuff in a poorly lit room or when the power is out.

Sentry Safe SFW123TSC secures using a touchscreen keypad combination and an audible alarm. The touchscreen is concealed that it may not look like a safe to someone who doesn’t know what they are looking for. Its audible alarm will go off after five wrong attempts of trying to open the safe.

To avoid forgetting the code, you’ll want to practice opening the safe twice a day for the first week.

Stuff to Consider

Perhaps the only thing that could keep you from buying this safe is Sentry Safe’s customer service. If you ever need a bypass key or parts for the safe, it can take months before you can get what you want. It is one of the brands that have the most rampant customer service complaints; something we wish SentrySafe could address.


Sentry Safe SFW123TSC is great until you have to deal with customer service. It is robust and offers superior protection from elements and thieves. It is enough for jewelry, cash, documents, as well as digital media.

8. Honeywell Safes 1104 Review "Best Waterproof Home Safe "

  • Small but heavy-duty
  • Waterproof to 24 hours
  • UL fireproof rated
  • Easy to use key lock
  • Two safety latches
  • Hydraulic safety hinges
  • Not ideal for precious jewelry
  • Does not have bolting options
check price

It is easy to misplace a vital document like copies of adoption papers or your birth certificate. It is also easy to find your gun in the wrong hands. When you want to safeguard such items in one place that is near impossible to break, there is no better choice than the Honeywell Safes 1104.

Security Features

This model looks like the Monster Vault, but it is cheaper and smaller. It has a 0.38 cubic feet capacity meaning it can only hold a couple of items. You can store your legal documents, A4 size papers, passports, CDs, and similar-sized items inside it. It features two compression latches that seal entirely with a waterproof seal.

The safe is the best in a flood as it has a 24-hour flooding rating in waters up to 3ft. Not many safes can offer such protection. It is also 1-hour UL fire-rated in a 1700F fire. It provides excellent protection from extreme perils that can damage items in an instant.

Honeywell is keen to make the frame heavy-duty. It may not be the best in a home invasion because a determined burglar can probably get through the latches and the ABS plastic frame.

Locking and Functional Features

There isn’t much going on the insides of this safe except that it offers flat storage of legal size and A4 size documents. It does not have a felt pad lining and is probably not the best to keep a handgun alongside the papers because there won’t be much space for other stuff.

Honeywell Safes 1104 has a key system as a locking mechanism, which means that you won’t have to memorize combination codes. It also utilizes hydraulic safety hinges that will keep the lid open and also prevent the top from slamming shut and pinching your fingers.

Stuff to Consider

Since this safe has a plastic frame, it is not ideal for safeguarding things that are irreplaceable.


Honeywell Safes 1104 is a chest for fireproofing and waterproofing hard to replace documents. It will not deter a thief from breaking through, so don’t keep precious items inside of it.

9. 7725 Paragon Lock and Safe Review "Flat Electronic Wall Safe for Jewelry "

  • Easy to install
  • Fits in standard walls
  • Sits near flat in the wall
  • Tamper-proof hinges
  • Comes with anchor bolts
  • Offers key or code opening
  • It is not fireproof and waterproof
  • Not hard to crack compared to expensive options
  • Needs a wide photo frame to conceal
check price

If you have luxury stuff that you wear regularly, a wall safe can be the perfect hideaway for them. In that case, you will like to consider the Paragon 7725 wall safe.

Security Features

This safe has lots of attractive features. It is only around 4 inches deep so it can go into any standard wall. It comes close to being very flat so you can conceal it with a frame. Since this is a budget choice, you won’t be using it to protect your things from thieves. Instead, you will be using this safe to safeguard valuables from kids and relatives.

A 1/8inch thick steel construction door can’t deter a cracking crew. It will only do a good job of protecting cash and the stuff you want to access at a regular basis. It has ample space at 16 inches wide and 22 inches high. The 11-gauge steel used in the overall protection won’t do much against fire and water.

The good thing is that it has a powder-coated interior and exterior so moisture will not damage it in the long run. You still need a desiccant, but with a 10-year warranty, it’s easy to see the kind of protection from humidity.

Locking and Functional Features

Paragon 7725 is easy to program and use. It offers code or key locking, meaning you can use whichever feels comfortable to you. The lock has a buzz that allows for intuitive opening. Once open, you will like the three shelves lined with a gray mat. It looks sleek on the inside and will help keep jewelry in great condition.

Stuff to Consider

Because the price is low, you can expect a few compromises here and there like the access panel being of flimsy plastic. Although it does not affect the functionality of the safe, you have to be careful when using it.


If you are on a budget, Paragon 7725 is a perfect option for safeguarding items used every other day. Its electronic lock combined with the use of solid steel can deter the average safecracker, but not experts. For that reason, it is not ideal for precious items.

10. First Alert 2017F Review "Most Compact Fireproof Home Safe "

  • Small-sized for compact spaces
  • Store letter-sized documents without folding
  • Durable PDA plastic construction
  • Water sealed and floats on water
  • Fireproof for 30 minutes
  • Limited capacity
check price

First Alert 2017F is a document safe that will also safeguard nifty items like USB sticks and hard drives. It is not a burglarproof safe. You will want to keep stuff like jewelry, rare coins, and the like in an anchored safe or a bank’s deposit box.

Security Features

This safe is designed to be waterproof and fireproof. It can keep its contents safe from a 1550F fire for 30 minutes. During a storm, the water-resistant seal can help keep your documents dry. In most flooding situations, this safe will float, which is a huge plus. The safe has also been independently tested for protecting CDs, DVDs, and other digital media against fire.

The fireproofing for electronics can be far-fetched, so you’ll want to take this claim with a grain of salt. However, it is dependable most of the time.

First Alert 2017F has a construction from PDA plastic with a concrete filling. That’s why it weighs nearly 20 pounds. For the size, it can pass the durability test with years of reliability.

Locking and Functional Features

This safe is small enough that it can fit under your desk and in small closets. Without much interior space, you can only keep the documents that are really important. Fortunately, it allows the laying of papers flat, meaning it can store a decent number of certificates.

The lock is a simple key and latch. All you have to do is keep the key in a secure location for yourself.

Stuff to Consider

Like any other safe, this one will collect humidity which can quickly turn into mold. Be sure to air it from time to time and keep a desiccant to keep the contents fresh and dry.


First Alert 2017F is a very reliable compact safe. Not most safes its size can withstand fire and water, but Fire Alert is known for producing only the best. if you don’t have lots of documents, no need to invest in a big safe while you could get a similar level of protection from the elements with this safe.

Home Safe Buyer’s Guide

If you have tried doing research on your own, then you have probably noticed that you can get overwhelmed in an instant.

There are many types of home safes on the market – media safes, firearm safes, diversion safes, and plenty more. We have put all of the relevant information in one place, so you don’t have to.

Safe lingo might be complicated for the uninitiated. But, you can easily learn more about it.

Types of Home Safes

Home safes are put into three categories depending on the way they are stored.

  • Wall safes: They can be a good choice if you can modify your home. You can hide them behind your doors, and they don’t take up floor space. You should make sure that a wall safe is mounted properly – between the studs in the wall.
  • Floor safes: You can keep them anywhere in your home, and some can be bolted to the floor. They can be a good choice if you don’t want to make modifications to your home. You can keep them in the basement, closet, pantry, bedroom, and even closet.
  • Bedside safes: The purpose of a bedside safe is to keep them close to your bed. Most of the bedside safes are used to store guns. But, you can use them for other purposes.

Types of Protection

You need to consider what you want to protect. But, more importantly, think about whether you want to protect your valuables from burglars, fire, or water.

  • Fire-resistant safes: This type of home safes is created to protect valuables from fire. Most of the fire-resistant safes will keep your valuables safe from fire for up to one hour. But, make sure that the manufacturer has specified how long your valuables remain protected in their safes. Important: Never use a fire-resistant safe as protection from burglars! They utilize thinner metal in construction, which the burglars can easily penetrate.
  • Water-resistant safes: This type of home safes is a good choice for areas that get flooded frequently. While water-resistant safes protect from water, they have their limits. If they get submerged for a long time, then the contents inside could get damaged.
  • Tamper-proof safes: This type is perfect against burglars. They are constructed to withstand tampering and abuse. Since most of the burglars spend eight to twelve minutes inside the home, they will give up quickly versus a tamper-proof safe. While the weight of a safe might deter a burglar, it is wise to anchor a safe into wood or concrete.

Types of Locking Mechanisms

Locking mechanisms influence the access time to the safe. But, they also influence the price and functionality.

  • Key locks: Key locks are the most basic feature of every safe. Key locks let you gain access to the safe even when all the other safety measures fail. Most of the manufacturers out there will provide you with two override keys.
  • Combination dial locks: This type of lock uses a mechanical locking system. Combination dial locks don’t use electricity, so you never have to worry about dead batteries. They produce a clicking noise while being operated, and they have to be maintained. You should periodically call a locksmith who will clean and lubricate your combination dial lock.
  • Digital keypad locks: Plenty of today’s safes come with a digital keypad lock. They are easier to use than dial locks, but they require batteries. You can easily access your home safe with a digital keypad lock. But, remember to replace the batteries.
  • Biometric scanner locks: If you want convenience, then look no further. Biometric locks scan your fingerprints and allow you access only if the fingerprints match the ones previously set. Some home safes allow you to set more than just one fingerprint. So, you can give access to other people.

In the end, it all boils down to convenience. You should choose a locking mechanism that provides you with a feeling of safety without sacrificing your comfort.

Where Should I Place My Safe?

Before you decide where to place your safe, you need to think about a few important factors.

Most of the burglars will head straight for the master bedroom. So, if you won’t be hiding your safe, then consider a room other than your bedroom. Never favor convenience over security!

We have told you that’s important to anchor your safe. Find a place where you can bolt your safe to the ground. Try to bolt it to concrete instead of wood.

If you will be accessing your safe often, then don’t put it in a dark place, especially if it is a firearm safe.

Try to think like a burglar. Which places in your home don’t seem inviting? Maybe it is a utility room or a pantry. It could be an enclosed stairway, or perhaps a closet in the guest bedroom. If you have a basement, then it could be a good idea to keep your home safe in there. Whatever the place is, don’t make it inviting, and try to draw the attention away from it.

Correct Safe-Keeping

While home safes can protect your valuables, all of it can be for naught if you don’t follow a few simple rules on safe-keeping.

  • Always locked: There is no good reason to keep your safe unlocked. The purpose of a safe is to keep its content stored safely. So, always keep your safe locked.
  • Don’t talk about it: You might get the urge to brag to your friends about your new safe, but don’t do it! You never know who might find that information useful. Never tell anyone outside your family the location of your safe.
  • Remember your access code: Never write down your access code. Take your time and remember it! If you must write down the code during the first couple of days, then keep it on yourself at all times.