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Precision, speed, and versatility. Three things only a gaming keyboard can offer to a gamer.

You can grab just about any keyboard and pair it up with your gaming PC. Why would you cheapen your gaming experience with an office keyboard when the rest of your gaming gear is on point.

A gaming keyboard not only streamlines gameplay, but it also changes the way you view typing. Gaming keyboards make you feel tactile feedback, which makes you know how far you’ve pressed a certain key. This, in turn, allows for precise gaming. Not to mention awesome-looking RGB lighting and the ability to create profiles with different macros.

Consider mechanical switches if you are serious about gaming, or membrane switches if you’re on a budget. Backlighting and programmability are also important in your list of things to consider.

The mentioned features improve your gaming experience. They allow you to create macros and dedicate different RGB colors to keys for faster identification. Most of the time, the mentioned features make a difference between winning and losing.

In Short

Our list showcases only the top-performing models in the industry. There may be alternatives, but Razer Huntsman Elite with Opto-Mechanical Switch did it for us. If you are in a hurry, just grab it and never look back. It is accurate, only 45g actuation force, and it’s not as noisy as other keyboards.

If you are not feeling Razer, Corsair K63 Wireless is the next big thing in wireless gaming. All the keys are programmable. It uses Cherry MX Red switches combined with Corsair iCUE software. Together, those features give you next-level programming and dynamic lighting.

1. Razer Huntsman Elite Review "Best Razer Gaming Keyboard"
  • Superfast optomechanical switches
  • Can last up to 100 million clicks
  • It includes a comfortable wrist rest
  • Provides complete Chroma RGB lighting
  • All Programmable keys
  • Offers onboard and cloud memory storage
  • Price is a bit high
  • It needs two USB connections
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Razer Huntsman Elite combines the best aspects of gaming keyboards in a multifunctional model. The optomechanical switches bring everything into perspective as they provide lightning-speed typing. You won’t be caught off guard with the Razer Huntsman Elite.

Design and Performance Features

Experience precision and accuracy with optomechanical switches. They are a vital feature in this keyboard since they complement the frameless design.  It boasts an aluminum body that expresses durability. Don’t fret if you lose a game and feel like banging it on your desk. It can handle impact but try not to test it too much.

We like that Razer has gone all the way to give it full RGB chroma lighting. Each key can have a different color, but you can also assign different colors to various zones on the keyboard. You can assign one color to the WASD keys, and another color to the surrounding keys. It also adds in a refreshing under glow with the help of its exclusive 360-degree track lighting; all for an excellent gaming experience.

Designed for Gaming

Apart from the high-speed actuation, you also get fully programmable keys so that you can quickly access the various skills in a game. It also gives you access to onboard and cloud storage. You can sync Razer’s gaming software with the keyboard, headset, mouse, and even the mouse pad. This means you don’t have to change any settings when moving your peripherals to another computer.

The durability of this keyboard is through the roof as it can make up to 100 million clicks. While others only get to 50million, it is easy to see why it has a higher price than most brands. Not to mention the leatherette wrist rest to enable hours of gaming without hand fatigue.


This keyboard consumes lots of energy and needs two USB connections to keep all the functions running. And it comes at a steep price. Even for the extra features, there are keyboards in its class that have a lower asking price.


Razer Huntsman Elite is probably the fastest gaming keyboard. Its optomechanical switches are a serious contender to the best ones like the Cherry MX. They boast higher actuation speeds, unlike the ones we’ve seen in most gaming keyboards.

2. Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo Review
  • It combines RGB and LED lighting effects
  • Durable aluminum chassis design
  • It uses tactile Roccat Titan switches
  • Six programmable macro keys
  • Includes media buttons
  • The wrist rest is hard, which can be uncomfortable after a while
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It is a beautiful keyboard, no doubt. Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo is unique in so many ways. From its switches to the Roccat Software, it is worth so much for its price.

Design and Performance Features

This keyboard comes with an aluminum-coated chassis coupled by elevated keycaps. It uses its exclusive Roccat Titan Switches that feel much like the Cherry MX brown switches. The switch has a medium noise level since it does not use any rubber to absorb the clanking noise. But rest assured, it won’t be the noisiest keyboard in the room.

Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo includes full RGB lighting in the keys and the switches. When it lights up, everything glows, and you can’t help but admire Roccat’s ingenuity. Combined with the magnetic wrist rest, everything comes together cleanly.

Gaming Software

This keyboard uses the Roccat Swarm Software. It is straightforward to get it running. Although some players have reported hitches when it is ready, you have every reason to smile. This is because it allows reprogramming of any key as well as tuning of the lighting to your liking.

You will be able to assign macros and create profiles for just about any game from StarCraft to World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and many others. Its responsive, anti-ghosting keys with full n-key rollover are some of the features that make it all the more distinct.


Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo is a keyboard most gamers agree is an easy pick. The high responsiveness with reduced noise are features we all want to see in the best gaming keyboards. Not to mention it has programmable keys and all of them feature the anti-ghosting technology. What more could you want in such an excellent product?

3. Corsair K95 Platinum Review "Best Corsair Gaming Keyboard"
  • Keys actuate at only 1.9mm with Cherry MX Brown Switches
  • All-metal body
  • Six macro keys
  • Easy to reach multimedia and volume dials
  • Full RGB lighting
  • Dual-sided wrist rest that is detachable
  • 8MB onboard memory for three profiles
  • It needs two USBs for all functions
  • CUE software is a bit difficult to use when making different settings changes
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Also beautifully designed and boasting full RGB lighting is the Corsair K95 Platinum. But what makes it unique?

Design and Performance Features

This is perhaps the most durable of all the gaming keyboards as it utilizes aircraft-grade aluminum on its frame. It can withstand banging and clanking with incredible force and still work as good as new. You will find that it not heavy, only around 3 pounds. Moving it is not going to be a problem.

The keyboard offers Cherry MX switches known for their responsiveness and ideal in the world of gaming. The keys can all handle simultaneous keystrokes, and they won’t jam when you execute multiple commands. The keys are, simply put, what every gamer wants to find in a gaming keyboard.

Gaming Features

Corsair K95 Platinum gifts you six macro keys. You can program and allocate the functions you want to these keys so that they don’t take up any more space than necessary. You also get 8MB of onboard storage to store up to three profiles.

Since it is not weighty, you get to take it with you on road trips plus your profiles go with you too. Not to mention its full RGB lighting and the capability to allocate each key a different color. It also includes a 19-zone light ledge that makes it all the more admirable in any gaming setup.

The dedicated multimedia and volume dials are within reach at a moment’s notice. They allow you to change the lighting, control the volume, and switch between gaming modes.


When it comes to manipulating the Corsair Utility Software (CUE), it is a bit of a pain. It seems to have improved, but there is still a lot that needs to be done.


Corsair K95 Platinum is a distinct keyboard dedicated to giving complete functionality. It may have only six macro keys, but that does not limit its usefulness in gaming. It gives fast-actuating MX Brown keys that make typing and gaming a breeze.

4. HyperX Alloy Elite Review "One of the best mechanical gaming keyboard"
  • Cherry MX keys
  • Does not need software to run
  • Comes in a spacious design
  • It has dedicated media and function keys
  • Detachable wrist pad
  • Durable steel frame
  • Lacks programmable keys
  • It’s a bit heavy for those considering it for portability
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With its Cherry MX Red switches, the HyperX Alloy Elite is a serious gaming keyboard. It boasts performance in a spacious design that gives you a blissful experience when using it.

Design and Performance Features   

There’s plenty to admire on the HyperX Alloy Elite. Its starts off with a steel body to improve longevity throughout your gaming ventures. Not to mention the 18 LED light bar and six dynamic lighting effects that you can use to allocate to different keys.

You get a removable wrist rest and dedicated media keys on top of the keyboard. The keys come in handy when changing the lighting pattern as well as manipulating volume and gaming modes. The wrist pad is comfortable to remove so if you find that your space is tight, it can still find a place in your setup.

Gaming Convenience

All the keys on this keyboard support anti-ghosting and n-key rollover. You can combine various keys to execute moves you want while gaming. The titanium-colored keycaps allow for fast identification of the keys. It may not feel like your ordinary typing keyboard, but it is just a matter of getting used to the feeling.

With Cherry MX Red keys, it offers short actuation force so you can key-in faster and get the results that you want time and time again.


We would have liked to see more on the HyperX Alloy Elite since it does not have any programmable keys. It may be an advantage to those who don’t like dealing with software. But, no-nonsense gamers will find the lack of programmable keys shocking.


HyperX Alloy Elite comes in a simple yet sophisticated design. You only need to master your skills, and the victories will keep coming. Without the ability to be programmed it lacks in versatility, so you may want to consider if it meets your exact needs.

5. Corsair K63 Wireless Review "Best wireless gaming keyboard"
  • All programmable keys
  • Fast and quiet Red MX switches
  • Quick access to media and volume control keys
  • Blue LED backlighting
  • Compact tenkeyless design
  • 128-bit AES encryption
  • Fast 2.4GHz wireless connection
  • Bigger than other wireless gaming keyboards
  • It does not have RGB lighting effects
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If you love moving around, don’t let anything stop you as you can game on the couch with the Corsair K93 Wireless keyboard. It’s not one of those that continually loses connection as soon as you establish it. In fact, Corsair K93 is on par with its wired counterparts in terms of response.

Design and Performance Features

It connects to your PC via a dedicated 2.4GHz frequency at speed of 1ms. There is no noticeable input lag – every key is executed as soon as it is pressed. Corsair K93 uses Cherry MX Red switches. They are responsible for the fast actuation and quiet performance that you receive.

It is interesting that this keyboard is compact, but the keycaps are quite large. It follows a tenkeyless design so you won’t have the number pad that comes on the side. But it has dedicated multimedia and volume controls to give you functionality at your fingertips.

Never worry about anyone eavesdropping on your keystrokes. Corsair uses its 128-AES Encryption to keep your data safe at all times. You can also use this keyboard through a wired connection.

More on Gaming 

Using the Corsair Utility Software, you can program and create macros on just about any key you choose. It also gives you access to the blue LED backlighting effects such that you can customize it according to the way you like.

Since it is built for portability, you will want to pair it with the lapboard for a complete moving experience. It can be used on the coach for both slow and fast-paced games since it hands over all control to you. You now get to enjoy Overwatch and Civilization VI the same.


Corsair K93 Wireless comes with only the Cherry MX red switches. Unlike other models, it doesn’t offer you any other choices. You will have to forgo this product if you prefer brown or blue switches.


If you want to ditch the wires, Corsair K93 Wireless is for you. It provides full gaming functionality in a space-saving design. No input lag is experienced on its wireless frequency, meaning you get similar performance as if you were on a wired keyboard. With all its conveniences, it is one of the most affordable gaming keyboards on the market.

6. Razer Cynosa Chroma Review "Best budget/cheap gaming keyboard"
  • Razer keys designed for gaming
  • Full RGB Chroma lighting with customizable options
  • Silent but highly responsive
  • It uses comfortable keycaps
  • The feet are adjustable
  • Ten anti-ghosting keys
  • The driver may at times fail to boot up
  • Not backward compatible with Razer hardware
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16.8 million color options would have been its takeaway, but being spill-resistant is equally important. Razer Cynosa Chroma gives you the colors of the rainbow, affordable pricing, and so much more.

Design and Performance Features

All the 104 keys on the Razer Cynosa Chroma can be lit up individually. It executes its RGB lighting so perfectly that entry-level and pro gamers can have plenty of fun with this model. You will get the very straightforward Razer Synapse software which makes customization a breeze.

Apart from its Chroma lighting, this keyboard comes with ten anti-ghosting keys. Despite it lacking dedicated media dials like other Razer keyboards, it allows you to combine keys and get the best gaming skills to employ.

Gaming Quality

Razer Cynosa Chroma is a membrane keyboard. Razer makes the keys specifically for gaming as they are swift and smooth while being silent at the same time. If mechanical keys don’t cut it for you, then it’s time to switch it up with a membrane model designed for gaming.

The keyboard explores the Razer Green switch which has a very low profile. This means the keys travel all the way to give you the responsiveness that you need in gaming.

This keyboard supports the hyper-shift function that allows you to dedicate secondary functions to any key. It also allows on-the-fly macro recording and assigning, so you can customize your gaming experience.


Razer Cynosa Chroma does not have dedicated media and macro keys. Pro gamers may find it limiting. Also, it can take some time before you get the hang of the software.  But it’s only a matter of time before you start messing around with the driver and discover all the tricks you could use.


Razer Cynosa Chroma strikes the balance between cost and gaming performance. You get full Chroma lighting without digging deep into your pockets. The keys are designed for gaming, so you are only missing out on dedicated media and macro keys.

7. Logitech G513 Carbon Review "Best Logitech gaming keyboard"
  • RGB adjustable lighting
  • Romer-G switches provide responsive feedback
  • Aluminum alloy housing
  • Provides USB pass-through port for connecting mice and other gadgets
  • Function keys offer media and gaming modes control
  • Not all keys are programmable
  • It does not have dedicated media and macro keys
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If you are into FPS gaming, you will love going at it with the Logitech G513 Carbon. A durable model that ticks all the right gaming boxes, you can’t go wrong with this keyboard.

Design and Performance Features

A rugged aluminum shell houses the Romer-G tactile mechanical switches by Logitech. They come close to the Cherry MX Blue switches, but they don’t parallel them. Logitech has created a distinct feel for Romer-G such that they are not very noisy but have the tactile feedback you need to game with peace of mind.

The keyboard has RGB lighting coupled with LIGHTSYNC technology. Both of them allow you to personalize the backlighting for different games. It is a bit subdued on this model since the lighting is only on the keys and not on the metallic chassis.

Another thing you will find is that it lacks dedicated macro keys. Instead, you have the function keys to perform media control. You can easily change volume, pause or play music, and more. The function keys also allow toggling in and out of gaming modes as well as changing the lighting effects.

Gaming Convenience

With the little force required to actuate keys, this keyboard is designed for impressive performance. It gives you precise and accurate handling of games so that you can master all your favorite titles.

It includes a leatherette and memory foam armrest that is not only super comfortable but is also water and sweat resistant. It follows through with the durability we expect since the keys can last up to 70 million clicks.


The lack of media and macro keys are not our only cause for concern, but Logitech software is also a pain to learn. And, it has subdued lighting so it won’t stand out among other gaming keyboards.


Logitech G513 Carbon is all about presenting a minimalistic keyboard that works as stipulated. The Romer-G keys are silent and responsive as they need to be. With its RGB lighting and aluminum alloy body, you get more value for the cash you put in to acquire your Logitech G513 Carbon.

8. Blackweb Centaur Review "Best Blackweb gaming keyboard"
  • 19 anti-ghosting keys
  • Two interchangeable backlit LED lights
  • The function keys are dedicated media keys
  • It is affordably priced
  • Keys are responsive for gaming
  • Wrist rest is not removable
  • No keys are programmable
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The Blackweb Centaur is not a well-known model and is reserved for entry-level gamers. That doesn’t mean it’s not up to the task as it has slowly gained a following.

Design and Performance Features

Blackweb Centaur boasts a high-quality plastic chassis. It combines durability and functionality in one. You get a model that is backlit such that you can change the colors from red to green. It allows getting into the gaming mood since it is not basic and office-like.

We like that it uses highly responsive keys that are good for intensive gaming. You can play for long hours since the keys provide fast and accurate actuation each time. The function keys are its media control keys, which also enable toggling in and out of gaming modes.

Gaming Specs

Blackweb Centaur has 19 anti-ghosting keys. You can make plenty of inputs without worrying that some of them won’t get through. Not to mention, the colors are brightness adjustable which comes in handy in low-lit environments.

It comes with a long braided USB cable, and you also get a comfortable wrist rest. You get some of the most important features if you are looking for a basic and affordable gaming keyboard.


This is a plug-and-play keyboard. There’s not a lot to expect since the keys are not programmable. Another inconvenience is the fact that you can’t personalize the lighting. What’s more, the keys are not lit, only the base is. It does not perform its best when in a poorly lit room even if you adjust the brightness to the highest setting.


For those looking for an affordable entry-level gaming keyboard, you got it in the Blackweb Centaur. It is a model with gaming keys and backlighting that makes it enjoyable to use. The lack of programmable keys limits its versatility so seasoned gamers will find it very plain.

Gaming Keyboard Buyer’s Guide

PC gamers know the importance of a high-quality keyboard. A good gaming keyboard can make a difference during a clan match or a tasking boss fight.

The hardware inside of your PC makes the games run, but the hardware at your fingertips makes the games more enjoyable.

Before you can purchase a brand new gaming keyboard that will suit your needs, you need to know what to look for. As gamers, we had no problems spending countless hours researching the topic, so you don’t have to.

Should I Buy a Mechanical Keyboard?

Most of the gamers will tell you that you should buy a mechanical keyboard, but we will let you decide the answer by giving you the facts.

Most of the gamers will dismiss membrane keyboards, without knowing why they are doing it. The truth is, membrane keyboards aren’t bad for gaming, at all. Most of them are quiet and portable. Playing video games on a membrane keyboard won’t make you play any worse, and it also won’t set you back a lot. Yes, membrane keyboards are, most of the time, cheaper than mechanical keyboards. The downsides are that they are hard to clean and that they have a lower lifespan.

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, you should know that you might need to get used to gaming on them. Mechanical keyboards are snappy, and many gamers claim that they are more precise than membrane keyboards. The biggest problem that many gamers have with mechanical keyboards is their loudness. But, you will find out that not all of the mechanical keyboards are loud.

Mechanical keyboards come with different switches. Some of the switches make the keyboard loud, while the others only provide a “bump” when you press a key. You should also know that keys in some mechanical keyboards give resistance when you press them. Contrarily, the keys in other mechanical keyboards give almost no resistance when you press them.

In the end, both the mechanical and membrane keyboards can be good for gaming. Which one you will use depends on your preferences, as well as the video games you enjoy playing.

Types of Mechanical Switches

Before you can purchase a good mechanical keyboard, you need to know more about the switches inside of them. The switches cause the clicky sound and they also resist the force put on them by your fingertips. So, before you can purchase a mechanical keyboard, you need to find the switches that suit your needs.

Cherry MX

You have probably heard of Cherry MX. Cherry MX switches have been a part of mechanical keyboards for a long time. Most of the gamers go straight for Cherry MX switches, not without a good reason. Red Cherry switches are very common among gamers. They are light to press and quiet. There is also a quieter variant of Red switches named Silent Red. Blue Cherry switches are a complete opposite. They are very loud and hard to press. Avoid them if you can.

Brown Cherry switches are not hard to press, but you will feel a slight bump. They don’t make a lot of noise, but they are louder than the Silent Red switches.


Logitech has been in the business for a long time. They have created many gaming peripherals, which is why it is no wonder that they also make keyboard switches.

Romer-G Linear switches are an excellent choice for gaming because they allow you to press the keys fast, without any resistance. Romer-G Tactile switches give a little bit of resistance when you press down a key, but they have a low travel distance. GX Blue switches are a bit hard to press and they are loud.


Razer is not a new name on the gaming scene. They have become a well-known company thanks to their gaming gear that satisfies many customers. Razer gaming keyboards are known for having switches that have a long life span. Green Razer switches are easy to press, but they provide you with a bump. They are also known for being “clicky,” but not loud. Yellow Razer switches are silent. They are also easy to press since they offer little resistance. Orange Razer switches are tactile, but they aren’t hard to press, and they make no noise.


Kailh is a well-known name among the keyboard enthusiasts. If you choose to go for Kailh switches, you will get a product that has proven itself by being reliable. Red Kailh switches are quiet, but they offer a little bit of resistance when pressed. Black Kailh switches are also quiet, but they offer more resistance than the Red ones. Brown Kailh switches are a good choice if you need to feel the bump while pressing the keys. It is also good to know that Brown Kailh switches don’t make the clicking noise when pressed. Blue Kailh switches are noisy, but they are easy to press. Kailh Speed switches come in four variants: Copper, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Copper, Bronze, and Gold offer some resistance when pressed, but they make no noise. Silver Speed switches offer no resistance, and they are not loud.

Features to Look For

Now that you have learned more about the switches, you are almost finished. You only need to be aware of a few more things, and you will be able to make an educated purchase.

  • Layout: Most of the time, keyboards have anywhere between 88 and 101 keys. One famous variant is the so-called tenkeyless keyboard – it has no numpad. Tenkeyless keyboards are smaller than the “regular” ones, and they are a good choice for FPS games. If you play RTS or MMO games, then the numpad might be useful for macros.
  • Media buttons: If you often listen to music or watch movies, then a keyboard with media buttons might be useful. You can easily control volume, play music, change songs, and more. If you appreciate the convenience, then look for a gaming keyboard with media buttons.
  • Macro buttons: While you can map macros to different keys, we think that it is better to have dedicated macro buttons. Modern gaming keyboards place the macro keys near your fingertips to make it easier for you to press them. If you play MMO or MOBA games, then dedicated macro buttons are a must-have.
  • LED: If you want to see your keyboard during the night, then you need one that comes with colorful LEDs. We have to admit that we love keyboards with LEDs. They are not only useful, but they also look great. Some keyboards with LEDs are capable of pulling off an impressive light show. But, the best ones give you the power to change the colors and the light patterns.
  • Aesthetics: Last, but not least – the aesthetics. As a gamer, you know that gaming equipment comes in varied shapes and sizes. The same can be said about gaming keyboards. You can find plain-looking ones that come in one color and don’t stand out a lot. But, you can also find some that look like they came out of a spaceship. Gaming keyboards are a piece of hardware in which the creativity of the manufacturer can easily be noticed. If you appreciate gorgeous keyboards, then you are in luck, because choices are almost unlimited.