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Today’s video games are more complex than ever. With communication being at all-time high, some games now require players to talk to one another. For this, it is vital that you have the best gaming headset to stay in touch with your alliances and opposition.

We reviewed several headsets and have narrowed down what we feel are the 10 best. Our rankings feature models with the best sound quality, comfort, functionality, and more. Before we get started, let’s take a look at a couple of our favorite picks.

Don’t Have Time to Read the Whole Article?

We sure had a lot of great headsets to rank. But when it came time to choose the best of the best, SteelSeries’ Arctis 7 was clearly the best overall. Its sound quality is quite stunning and the headset is very user-friendly. You can even play in either wired or wireless mode.

If you’re on a budget and looking for the best bang for your buck, HyperX’s Cloud Stinger has you covered. This wired headset boasts excellent sound at an affordable price. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better value.

Top 10 Best Gaming Headsets

Whether you play games on a PC, PS4, Xbox, or Switch, we’ve got a headset for you. Read on to check out the rest of our reviews and see which one suits you best.

1. SteelSeries Arctis 7 Review - Best Overall
  • Solid and well-built
  • Exceptional audio
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • No wireless option for Xbox
check price

It doesn’t get much better than this. For the price, quality, and performance, SteelSeries delivers a superb headset that is worth every penny. The design is in a league of its own, too. The build-quality feels strong thanks to its metal-frame construction.

The Arctis 7 is a wireless headset, but it offers a wired mode right out of the box, as well. Connecting wirelessly makes use of a USB transmitter, so there’s no Bluetooth to mess with. You’ll definitely want to make sure you don’t lose this piece, as you won’t be able to use its wireless mode if you do.

The headpiece features a ski goggle-like headband strap that is used to give you your fit. This design is pretty cool in itself. You don’t see this very often and it works really well for devices like these. It’s quite soft and very comfortable, too.

The ear pads feel equally nice. They are made in a way that provides plenty of ventilation. This is a big plus, as many models cause sweating and discomfort. Just the opposite on the Arctis 7. Combined with the stellar craftsmanship, you’ll love using these for just about everything.

The left earpiece is equipped with the user interface. From here, you can control your volume and mute the microphone. The mic itself retracts out from the ear when it’s needed. You’ll also find plenty of ports, like auxiliary, micro-USB, and smartphone connection.

The right earpiece is home to the power button and a ‘ChatMix’ dial. Turning this will either increase or decrease the balance between game sounds and voice chat. This feature is quite handy and you’ll be using it often.

Wirelessly, there’s no latency in the sound delivery. And you don’t have to worry about other electronics interfering with audio quality. So, how is the sound? In a word, natural. The overall clarity of the Arctis 7 is quite realistic.

The effects are engrossing, if a bit understated. You’re not going to get earth-shattering bass, but you can make adjustments, if needed. All said, the performance is perfect for gaming. And that’s what we’re after here, right? Music playback is a little subdued compared to headphones specifically-designed for that purpose. But for gameplay, you can’t beat the Arctis 7.


  • PlayStation/PC-compatible
  • Play wired or wirelessly
  • 360-degree immersion
  • Weighs 12.5 ounces
  • 24-hour battery life
  • 7.1 surround

Ease of Use

All of the controls positioned on the earpieces are easy to locate by hand. The headset stays in place during use and is easy to adjust when needed. The Arctis 7 remains comfortable on your head, regardless of how long you play.

2. HyperX Cloud Stinger Review - Best Value
  • High-compatibility
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Cheap materials
  • Sound isn’t as engrossing as others
check price

Being able to pick up such a fine-sounding headset for this price is unheard of. But HyperX has made it a reality with the Cloud Stinger. And not only that, the comfort level is quite high, too.

This highly-compatible wired gaming headset works on all the major platforms and systems, from Xbox to Switch. PC gamers will appreciate its compatibility rate, as well.

Boasting a lightweight frame, the Cloud Singer is a pleasure to wear. It’s not heavy on the head at all, and uses some clever craftsmanship to keep costs low while remaining comfortable. We really liked the pleather material used on the earpieces. Sure, it won’t last nearly as long as actual leather. But they are nice enough to wear during all-night gaming sessions.

Materials feel a little on the cheap side due to its extremely light body. And yet the construction is solid and sturdy nonetheless. We like being able to rotate the earpieces. This helps give you a much better fit compared to stationary models. The memory foam strip on the underside of the headpiece makes a big difference, too.

You’re somewhat limited in what you can control on the Cloud Stinger, as you get only a volume slide on the right earpiece. The built-in microphone on the left earpiece feels pretty solid, though. It intuitively mutes your connection when you rotate it upward.

Sound quality is more than acceptable, especially when you consider the price. There is some distortion when you’re cranked to maximum volume, but it’s certainly not a deal-breaker.

And for those who prefer to game wirelessly, HyperX offers the exact same pair of headsets in wireless form. The price difference isn’t too great of an increase, either.


  • Weighs 9.8 ounces
  • Built-in microphone
  • Rotating earpieces
  • Cross-platform
  • 7.1 surround

Ease of Use

Just plug in and enjoy great sound delivery. A simple volume slider is all you have to mess with, making the Cloud Stinger a very user-friendly headset. This also means you’re pretty limited in what you can do with it. But for the price, there’s bound to be some restrictions.

3. SteelSeries Arctis 1 Review - Best Wireless Headset
  • Works on the latest hardware
  • Solid build-quality
  • Compact design
  • Comfortable
  • Low-latency
  • Doesn’t fit as nicely as the Arctis 7
check price

SteelSeries makes our list again, this time with the Arctis 1. This is hands-down the best wireless gaming headset you’ll find for the price. SteelSeries delivers again with exceptional sound and solid build-quality.

The best part is, not only are you getting performance you’ve come to expect, but it works on just about every platform, too. There’s no aggravating Bluetooth sequences required, either. This is because the Arctis 1 connects to its sources via a small USB-C dongle.

We must caution you, though. This dongle is quite small and can easily be lost or misplaced. If you lose this, wireless use is out the window. Thankfully, you can connect to compatible devices using an auxiliary cable if you get in a pinch.

The construction of the Arctis 1 is solid and reliable. It’s not quite on the same level as the Arctis 7, as there’s no adjustable headband. But the over-ear design helps give you a nice-feeling headset nonetheless.

An interesting feature of the Arctis 1 is that its headpiece is highly flexible. You can twist and turn it in any direction without fear of breakage.

In terms of sound quality, the Arctis 1 uses the exact same speaker drivers as the Arctis 7. You’re getting superb sound with nearly non-existent latency at a great price. This ‘1’ is clearly a winner.


  • Play wired or wirelessly
  • ClearCast microphone
  • 24-hour battery life
  • Weighs 9 ounces
  • On-ear control

Ease of Use

SteelSeries once again makes it easy for its users to control the audio. An easy-to-use interface is built into the left earpiece. These are easy to find without looking and work quite well. And thanks to its high compatibility rate, the Arctis 1 works on newer hardware, like the Nintendo Switch Lite.

4. ASTRO A40 + MixAmp Pro Review - Best Wired Headset
  • Lots of audio versatility
  • Solid construction
  • Unrivaled sound
  • Comfortable
  • Expensive
  • Heavier than most others
check price

Anyone with ample experience playing games will tell you how great ASTRO products are. They are some of the best premium brands you can get, often giving you unprecedented control over your audio.

Be prepared to shell out some serious cash for this setup. But also prepare yourself for unparalleled sound quality. It’s not often you get to experience your games’ audio with this kind of precision.

ASTRO includes the MixAmp Pro (as its name suggests), which aids in delivering exceptional sound quality. Once you install ASTRO’s software, you’ll be able to adjust voice and music channels to your liking. This handy little box gives you more equalizer control than traditional headsets.

The construction of the A40 is equally impressive. The headset is sturdy and solid thanks to ASTRO using high-grade components and hardware. It’s a bit heavier than other models due to this, but nothing that’s going to strain your neck.

The A40 is fully-adjustable, allowing you to get a precise fit. The earpieces feel soft and inviting, so you can enjoy hours of use without hurting your ears. The comfortable fit and feel make this a great option for streamers, too.

A flexible microphone rounds out what is a stellar piece of gaming hardware. If you can afford to spring for the A40, you will not be disappointed by what it has to offer. You’ll hear your games in a whole new way – the way the developers intended.


  • PS4 or Xbox One versions available
  • Works with 3D audio
  • Weighs 1.47 pounds
  • Fully-adjustable fit
  • Dolby Digital

Ease of Use

Beginners may want to steer clear of the A40, as there is a lot to work with. Some of the features may overwhelm those who aren’t familiar with this kind of depth. But if you’re an experienced gamer who is looking to improve your gameplay, this is exactly what you want.

5. HyperX Cloud Alpha Review - Most User-Friendly
  • Unique design
  • Great sound
  • Good value
  • Lightweight
  • Uncomfortable after extended use
check price

This reasonably-priced gaming headset is a great selection for gamers. If you’re looking for an affordable way to stay in touch with your competition, the Cloud Alpha won’t disappoint. It has a really nice look to it that makes it easy to distinguish.

When it comes to sound delivery, you’re going to be blown away. HyperX was somehow able to supply your ears with some truly amazing audio. For a headset that’s under $100, it’s pretty rare to come across clarity like this.

This is largely thanks to HyperX’s Dual-Chamber technology. You get deep bass that thumps and trebles that are razor-sharp. Even better, sound is delivered through a very comfy set of earpieces. The over-ear style helps to drown out ambient noise so you feel engrossed in the action.

Another big plus is that you can use the Cloud Alpha on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Better yet, you can choose between four color schemes to best match your gaming environment.

We do have a couple of minor gripes, but they aren’t deal-breakers by any means. For one, the comfort isn’t anything to write home about. They feel nice starting out, but once you get a couple hours in, your ears will be begging that you take a break.

The other complaint has to do with the microphone. The flexible style used isn’t a favorite of ours, and the foam ball at the end of it looks tacky. It makes what is an otherwise attractive headset look cheap.

The mic is purely an aesthetic annoyance and doesn’t detract from its performance. In fact, it delivers vocals quite well and never failed us once. It’s just not the kind we like to use. Thankfully, it can be detached from the headset quite easily.


  • Detachable microphone
  • Weighs 10.9 ounces
  • Inline audio controls
  • Aluminum frame
  • Adjustable fit

Ease of Use

Thanks to its simplistic design, the Cloud Alpha is a cinch to operate. There aren’t any confusing or intimidating features. Beginners should have an easy time learning the ropes with this one.

6. Logitech G Pro X Review - Best for Streamers
  • Perfect for streamers
  • Stellar voice quality
  • Great audio
  • Lightweight
  • Awkward fit
check price

Logitech’s G Pro X headset bears a striking resemblance to Sennheiser’s HD 280 Pro headphones. Although the sound quality isn’t quite the same, Logitech was still able to pull off a close replica.

Thankfully, the price of the G Pro X is only a fraction of what the HD 280 Pros used to cost in their prime. For the money, you’re getting a great-sounding gaming headset that is built tough. It works in a variety of applications across all kinds of platforms.

What sets the G Pro X apart from much of its competition is its voice quality. The microphone comes equipped with Logitech’s proprietary ‘Blue VO!CE’ technology. This gives you vocal clarity that will melt your ears.

Streamers should take notice here. If you want some of the absolute best voice delivery, the G Pro X won’t disappoint. You really have to experience the clarity to truly appreciate how much of a difference Blue VO!CE makes.

In terms of comfort, we had a hard time with this one. On one hand, the construction is quite comfortable and feels good even after hours of gameplay. But getting a really good fit can be a challenge.

We had several of our staff test it out. Those who were able to get a well-adjusted fit loved the way it felt. But those who struggled to find the right positioning got tired of it quickly. The earpieces are padded with memory foam, so this helps to give long wear-time for those who can fit in the G Pro X.


  • Blue VO!CE microphone
  • Weighs 9.1 ounces
  • Onboard memory
  • X 2.0 surround
  • Cross-platform

Ease of Use

Using Logitech’s GHUB software will allow you to save sound profiles from its equalizer. This is a pretty easy thing to access and set up. Especially when you compare it to other similar customization software.

7. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Review - Best for PC Gaming
  • Lots of sound versatility
  • Perfect for PC games
  • Durable build
  • Comfortable
  • Attractive
  • Heavy construction
  • On-ear controls are cumbersome
check price

If you are in need of a solid wireless headset that will draw out the best sound in your PC games, Turtle Beach has you covered. The Elite Atlas Aero delivers the goods with crystal-clear sound quality. Your games will come alive like never before thanks to the fine components used in this headset.

The compact design of this model makes this a great pair for travel. They weigh a bit more than most of the headsets we reviewed. But they sure are comfortable to wear and they won’t strain your neck.

A big plus with the Elite Atlas Aero is the build-quality. They are constructed using durable materials that will withstand even the most rigorous gameplay. The headpiece is equipped with a suspended pad that provides cushioning. Even if you tend to be quite animated during gameplay, your head will stay protected.

A detachable microphone comes with the headset and features TruSpeak. This helps to cancel out ambient sounds so your vocals are delivered clearly.

And thanks to VariableMic technology, you can yell as loudly as you want. This tech monitors and adjusts loud sounds accordingly, so you don’t have to worry about busting your teammates’ eardrums.


  • Superhuman hearing
  • Weighs 1.8 pounds
  • Equalizer presets
  • Over-ear design
  • 3D audio

Ease of Use

You can control your settings all from the left earpiece. They are a little difficult to manage due to their close proximity. It will take you some time to get comfortable with them. And even then, you may still accidentally hit the wrong button on occasion.

8. PDP LVL50 Wireless Review - Best Budget Wireless
  • Great wireless range
  • Sound is pretty good
  • Great battery life
  • Inexpensive
  • Limited compatibility
  • Construction feels cheap
check price

This system-specific wireless headset is available for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For under $50, you can own a solid performer that will breathe new life into your games. Both units are officially-licensed and deliver some truly impressive audio. Especially considering how affordable they are.

The LVL50 comes with a detachable and flexible boom microphone. It sports noise-cancelling technology, giving your voice the clarity you want in online gameplay.

While the build-quality is a little lacking compared to most of our other entries, the LVL50 does feel pretty comfortable. You can adjust it plenty to get just the right fit. The earpieces may use some lower-quality materials, but they sure do feel nice over the ears.

At 1.64 pounds, this headset is a bit on the heavy side. But it is rather well-balanced and won’t cause you any strained neck muscles. You can always sit back in your recliner, because the range on the LVL50 is fantastic. You can play from afar without fear of losing your connection.

For such an inexpensive wireless headset, the sound is quite impressive. Our only real complaint is the construction. The components PDP used are just not as good as other entries. This leads to microphone problems on occasion.

Visually, the headset looks ok. The Xbox One version is black with bright-green earpieces. The PS4 versions get a little more variety. You can get either black with blue earpieces, or white with blue earpieces. The white model is the most attractive, as everyone has had a black headset by now.


  • For Xbox One or PS4
  • Weighs 1.64 pounds
  • 24-hour battery life
  • Adjustable fit
  • Bass boost

Ease of Use

You’re pretty limited in what you can do with the LVL50. But at least the headset lasts all day on a single charge. You’re sure to get your money’s worth considering how affordable this one is.

9. Razer Kraken X Review - Best Budget Wired
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Eyewear channels
  • 7.1 surround
  • Affordable
  • Cheap construction
  • Limited sound quality
check price

They’re lightweight, cheap, and effective. This wired entry from Razer boasts 7.1 surround at a fraction of the cost that you’d pay for premium models.

Surprisingly, the Kraken X is pretty comfortable, too. Generally-speaking, most headsets under $50 are going to hurt your head after a while. We were pleasantly surprised that Razer was able to avoid this common issue.

For the price, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better-sounding wired headset that’s budget-friendly. Now, that’s not to say the Kraken X is perfect. It definitely has some problems that keep it from rating higher on our reviews.

While it is certainly capable of 7.1 surround sound, the overall audio quality isn’t anywhere near others we looked at. It’s good, but it’s not great. There isn’t much bass to speak of and some sounds can be distorted.

Then there’s the build-quality. It’s mostly made of plastic. One rage-quit and these things are toast. If you’re careful and try to keep them from getting dropped or bumped repeatedly, they should serve you well.


  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • 7.1 surround sound
  • Weighs 8.8 ounces
  • Eyewear channels
  • Memory foam

Ease of Use

They’re limited, but they are made to make wearing them much easier than other models. The biggest one being ear channels. If you have glasses, there’s notches made to accommodate them. This is actually really nice to see on such an inexpensive model.

10. Logitech G Pro Review - Best for Beginners
  • Great for beginners
  • Simplistic design
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Limited functionality
  • Sound isn’t the greatest
check price

If you’re new to gaming and just want a simplistic headset to get you started, Logitech’s G Pro is just what you need. Not to be confused with the G Pro X, this headset is very limited in what it can go.

There aren’t any bells, and there certainly aren’t any whistles. In fact, the only controls the headset has are volume and mute. The sounds aren’t bad by any means, which is a good thing considering you can’t adjust them in any way.

The construction of the G Pro is pretty limited, as well. The materials aren’t premium, mind you. So you’ll want to avoid bumps and drops. That being said, this headset is surprisingly comfortable and feels quite solid.

The nice thing about the G Pro is that you can use it on just about any platform, be it PC, Switch, PS4, or Xbox.


  • Detachable microphone
  • Weighs 1.4 pounds
  • Over-ear design
  • Cross-platform

Ease of Use

With only two controls at your disposal, nearly anyone can learn how to use the G Pro. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go. By far the easiest of all headsets we reviewed, this model is the perfect addition for beginners.

Gaming Headset Buyer’s Guide

Gaming headsets are an important part of every gamer’s arsenal. They allow you to hear your opponents and react to their moves. They give you the power to immerse yourself completely in the world of video games.

Unfortunately, many companies out there make sub-par gaming equipment. So, finding the best gaming headset can be a tricky task.

Luckily, we love to play video games, and we love to do research. The text below is the result of our extensive research. We have scoured the web in search of the best gaming headsets, and we will teach you how you can do it too.

Should I Buy a Wireless or a Wired Headset?

The biggest problem we have had with our wired headsets is the wire. We have noticed that we can’t sit comfortably away from the TV because the wire is too short. Fortunately, newer gaming consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One allow you to plug your headset into the controller. That way, the problem of short cables is eliminated, up to a point.

Wireless gaming headsets are easier to set up and use, but they require batteries. If you aren’t used to charging your headsets, then you will be left with a headset that doesn’t work during the game.

All in all, both the wireless and the wired headsets have their place in the gaming world. Wireless headsets do away with wires and provide you with comfort. Unfortunately, cheap wireless headsets tend to have connection problems, so avoid them at all cost!

Do I Need a Microphone on the Headset?

As a gamer, you know how important it is to communicate with your teammates. Communication might be the deciding factor between a victory and a defeat.

Look for a gaming headset that has a microphone that can cancel out the background noise. That way your teammates won’t be bothered by the noise in your room, and your voice will sound more clear.

To conclude, always go for a gaming headset that includes a microphone.

Do I Need an Open Headset or a Closed Headset?

There are a few things to consider before you can decide between an open or a closed headset.

  • Open headset: Open headsets bring natural sound. Your games will sound less muffled and crisper. But, there is a caveat – background noise. Unfortunately, open headsets don’t eliminate the background noise. So, if your house is noisy, and the noise could interfere with your gaming, then an open headset might not be a good idea.
  • Closed headset: Closed headsets are a perfect choice for a gamer that wants to eliminate the background noise. Their drawback is that they tend to produce a muffled sound, which some gamers tend to hate. Another problem with closed headsets is that some users report that they cause them to sweat more.

As you can see, both the closed and open headsets exhibit certain things that you might not appreciate. On the other hand, both types of headsets bring something useful to the table. In the end, your preferences should be the deciding factor.

Features to Consider

Before you can purchase a gaming headset that will serve you well, you need to be aware of some of the features.

  • Comfort: We love to play video games for hours on end. Most of the gamers out there are probably like us. So, the number one feature you should consider is comfort. Your new headset could have the best audio ever, but it doesn’t mean a thing if your head hurts after 30 minutes of gaming. If you can try out a headset before you buy it, then we recommend you to do it.
  • Battery life: If you are getting a wireless headset, then you need to consider the battery life. You should also find out if you will be getting chargeable batteries. The best gaming headsets will allow you to game for many hours. On the other hand, some headsets have horrible battery life. Before you commit to a purchase, be sure to check out the user reviews.
  • Build quality: Avoid cheap plastic! We can’t stress this enough. Cheap plastic headsets are notorious for their short life. Look for a headset with a metal frame, or find a model that is made out of high-quality plastic.
  • Cables: Never buy a headset with thin cables. Low-quality cables will only cause you frustration. They have a tendency to stop working at the worst possible moment. Look for a headset that comes with a thick cable. The best gaming headsets protect the cable by wrapping it with a high-quality material that can withstand the punishment.
  • Ear cups: The ear cups are an important feature. After all, they will be in contact with your skin for a long time. So, make sure that you don’t go for a cheap gaming headset. Cheap gaming headsets have the worst ear cups that are known for lasting a short time. The best choice is to go for a gaming headset that allows you to switch ear cups. That way, you can use one pair of ear cups during the summer to avoid sweating. And, during the winter you can use ear cups that warm your ears.
  • Aesthetics: As gamers, we know how important it is to pair your gaming equipment. Luckily, finding an attractive gaming headset isn’t hard. Some come in bright and vibrant colors that are sure to stand out, while others come in a simple black color. The best gaming headsets come with RGB lighting that is sure to draw the attention of onlookers. The choices are almost unlimited, so take your time, and find a headset that will compliment the rest of your gaming gear.

Now that you know everything you should know about gaming headsets, the only thing left to do is to find one. Consider everything we have mentioned, and your next purchase will be a smart one.