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Siding, trucks, sidewalks, and more all need regular cleaning. Electric pressure washers offer speed and ease of use while eliminating the cost, noise, and fumes of a gas engine. So, they are useful and preferred by many home and small business owners.

There are hundreds of electric power washer brands and models for sale. It can get confusing fast and you just want the best electric power washer for you. Luckily, we did the research and made this handy list of the 10 best electric pressures washers.

Quick Summary of the Best Electric Pressure Washers

No time to read the detailed product reviews below? No problem, here’s a quick summary of our list.

The best electric pressure washers offer both high pressure and good water flow. The well built Sun Joe SPX 4000 Pro Version brings the cleaning power, as well as lots other nice features, and all at a good price. It is our overall winner.

For the frugal shopper, consider the Karcher K1800. It is a nice blend of features for an affordable price.

If you need a “professional” grade machine, you might like the Ryobi RY141900. It is a rugged machine that will handle tough jobs. Not the cheapest, but a workhorse for frequent use.

10 Best Electric Power Washers in 2020

We have reviewed the abundant products on the market so you don’t have to. A detailed review of the 10 best electric pressure washers for the home owner and small business appears below.

1. Sun Joe SPX4000 Pro Version Review "Best Overall"
  • High and low pressure settings
  • On-board soap tank
  • Soap dial to control flow
  • 5 Quick change tips
  • Turbo nozzle included
  • Rugged, stable cart with wheels
  • No hose reel
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Pressure: 2030 psi︱Water Flow: 1.76 GPM︱Weight: 27.8 lbs. | Hose: 25 ft︱Power Cord: 35 ft︱Warranty: 2 years

Sun Joe is a well-known power washer manufacturer. They built a good reputation in the electric pressure washer market overy many years. Their SPX4000 is no exception. It brings high pressure and good water flow in a portable unit.

You can cover a large area with a generous length high-pressure hose and electric cord. The rugged, wheeled cart holds the unit low and stable. It is easy to move around, but hard to tip over.

The SPX also allows you to choose two pressures – a low pressure of 1450 or a high of 2030 psi. Along with the five quick-connect tips, you have lots of control over the spray pattern and pressure. This means you use the settings best for a given cleaning task.

Quick connect fittings allow fast and easy switching of the tips. Plus, this pro version includes a turbo nozzle that oscillates the spray for faster cleaning.

Should you need soap, the unit has an onboard soap tank that can hold just over 50 fl. oz. of soap. On top of the large tank, you can dial in the amount of soap fed to the nozzle. You have control and can fine-tune how much soap you use.

A total stop system kicks in when you let the trigger go. This saves energy and prolongs the motor life. Plus, it is quiet when not actually cleaning.

This user-friendly unit is moderately priced. And Sun Joe does warrant this pressure washer for two years. They also claim to have a no questions asked warranty policy, which is attractive to some buyers.

2. Karcher K5 Review "Best Motor"
  • On-board soap tank
  • Soap dial
  • Water-cooled induction motor
  • Two wands
  • Onboard hose reel
  • Top mounted hose reel makes unit tippy
  • Expensive
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Pressure: 2000 psi︱Water Flow: 1.4 GPM︱Weight: 32 lbs. | Hose: 25 ft︱Power Cord: 35 ft︱Warranty: 2 year limited

The heart of an electric power washer is the motor. Karcher recognized this and includes a water-cooled induction motor in the K5. It runs quieter than a standard electric motor and lasts 5 times longer.

A lengthy power cord and pressure hose give you the freedom to move around. Plus, there is an onboard hose reel. You can easily wind and unwind the hose with reduced kinking. The reel also provides convenient storage and protection of the pressure hose.

At the business end, you can choose one of the two supplied wands. A dirt blaster wand takes on the difficult jobs. For more sensitive cleaning, a “Vario power” wand allows you to adjust the spray. You simply twist the vario power nozzle to adjust the intensity.

The K5 does include an onboard soap tank. There is also a dial to let you set the soap flow to that perfect level for every job so that you avoid waste.

The unit is an upright design, which minimizes the footprint. It takes up less floor space in storage, but it does make the unit a little tippy. This is exacerbated by the top-mounted hose reel, which raises the center of gravity.

Karcher put two large 7.7 in. wheels on the back of this unit. This is a nice feature that allows you to move the K5 around effortlessly. When cleaning large areas, you will appreciate big tires.

The unit is pricey. But if you want a quiet, long lasting motor the K5 is worth a look and comes with a two year warranty.

3. Sun Joe SPX3500 Review "Best Power"
  • Onboard soap tank w/ dial control
  • High pressure delivery
  • Induction brushless motor
  • Quiet operation
  • Large wheels for easy moving around job
  • 5 tips
  • Expensive
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Pressure: 2300 psi︱Water Flow: 1.48 GPM︱Weight: 46.5 lbs. | Hose: 20 ft︱Power Cord: 35 ft︱Warranty: 2 years

If you want power, the SPX3500 is one of the higher rated electric pressure washers on our list. The working pressure is 2000 psi, but can go up to 2300 psi.

Sun Joe installed a brushless induction motor in this unit. These motors run quieter than the universal motors and that is important to some users. Plus, this motor is powerful (2000W) and it will trip a breaker if you try to run anything else on the same circuit.

To help protect the motor and conserve energy, the motor only runs when the trigger is pulled. When you release the trigger, the motor automatically shuts off.

For complete control over the spray pattern, you get five tips. Sun Joe equips the nozzles with quick connects so you can change the tip fast and easy when you start another cleaning job.

If your job needs detergent, Sun Joe included an onboard soap tank. You also have a soap dial to set the precise amount of soap you need.

The form factor is upright. This makes for easy storage, but uprights can tip over more easily. However, there are two large wheels and they make moving this upright pressure washer simple.

You will pay a little more for this Sun Joe SPX3500, but it does come with an induction motor and a two year, no questions asked warranty.

4. Briggs & Stratton S1800 Review "Best for Occasional Use"
  • Affordable
  • 3 wand tips
  • Welded cart
  • Large wheels for moving
  • Onboard soap tank
  • May be too basic for frequent use or difficult cleaning jobs
  • Water flow is a bit low
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Pressure: 1800 psi︱Water Flow: 1.1 GPM︱Weight: 26.5 lbs. | Hose: 20 ft︱Power Cord: 35 ft︱Warranty: 1 year limited

For those who need a power washer occasionally, the Briggs and Stratton S1800 is a great value. The pressure and water flow are adequate for most typical cleaning jobs.

You get enough power cord and pressure hose to move freely. Also, you get an onboard detergent tank. It will only supply soap when you have the special soaping tip installed on your wand.

The motor sits low in a sturdy, welded frame. This gives the S1800 good balance and makes it hard to tip over. Plus, there are large 7 in. wheels that make moving this power washer around a snap.

The three tips that come with the S1800 are each specialized. You get a soap, 15° fan, and turbo tip which allows a choice of how aggressive you are with the spray. The tips use quick connections for fast, simple changing of the nozzle.

One last touch worth mentioning, the unit includes onboard storage for the hose and power cord. You simply coil the hose and cord onto the back when done using the pressure washer.

For the price, you get many nice features and a one year warranty. The S1800 would be a great fit for the home or small business owner who only needs a pressure washer once in a while.

5. Greenworks GPW2005 Review "Best Upright Build Quality"
  • PWMA certification
  • Convenient telescoping handle
  • 5 in. rear wheels to move around
  • 4 quick connect tips
  • Metal wand
  • Onboard wand storage
  • Expensive
  • No soap tank
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Pressure: 2000 psi︱Water Flow: 1.2 GPM︱Weight: 33.2 lbs. | Hose: 25 ft︱Power Cord: 35 ft︱Warranty: 1 year limited

People know Greenworks for their quality outdoor power equipment that uses lithium batteries. However, the GPW2005 is a Greenworks electric power washer plugged into standard outlets. But it possesses the quality you would expect.

Inside, a 13 A motor generates a PWMA certified 2000 psi of power. That is enough pressure to clean decks, sidewalks, or other heavily soiled surfaces.

For convenience, this upright power washer has a telescoping handle. To move the unit, pull it out and wheel it to the new location. Then slide the handle down, out of the way.

When you finish cleaning, the GPW2005 has a reel to wind the hose in safely, unkinked, for storage. The power cord also has its own storage on the side of the unit. No loose ends flopping around as you put it away and no damage to the hose or cord.

Greenworks also put the hose reel low on the back of the unit. This is much appreciated as it helps to keep the unit stable and less likely to tip over.

Overall, the solid build quality is noticeable. The Greenworks fans out there will find much to like in this unit. But keep in mind, you do pay for quality. This is at the high end of the price range, but you do get what you pay for with this machine.

6. AR Annovi Reverberi AR383SS Review "Longest Hose"
  • Onboard detergent tank
  • Metal wand
  • 4 swappable tips
  • Storage for all the tips
  • Hose reel
  • Long pressure hose
  • Smaller sized soap tank
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Pressure: 1900 psi︱Water Flow: 1.3 GPM︱Weight: 33 lbs. | Hose: 30 ft︱Power Cord: 35 ft︱Warranty: 1 year limited

One of the popular uses for pressure washers is cleaning cars, or even fleets of trucks. For that job, a power washer with a good soap dispenser and lengthy pressure hose is needed.

Enter the AR383SS. This pressure washer possesses a number of desirable features, like the 30 foot long, soft, flexible pressure hose. Along with the long power cord, you are free to move about.

The SS series is “professional” grade and that means you get a metal wand with swappable tips. The tips that come with the unit are soap, 0°, 25°, and a turbo oscillating nozzle. All the tips are conveniently stored on the cart for safe keeping.

You also get a hose reel with the AR383SS. No loose hoses to trip over or damage while in storage. Hooks are also present for neatly wrapping up the power cord on the side.

The onboard detergent tank makes soaping up a surface easy. For washing cars or other surfaces with detergent, the AR383SS is a workhorse. However, the 28 oz. tank is smaller than some competing machines.

Annovi Reverberi (“AR”) is an Italian company known for detergent bottles and foam cannons specifically for washing cars. And of course, you can add one of their foam cannons to this unit if you so desire.

One of the nicest surprises with the AR383SS is the price. It is an affordable unit that comes with a one year warranty.

7. Karcher K1800 Review "Best Value"
  • Affordable
  • Folding handle
  • Large storage bin
  • Soap, 15° fan, and turbo tips
  • Heavy duty frame
  • Metal hose connections
  • Removable soap tank
  • Can use with industry-standard accessories
  • Short pressure hose
  • Limited to light or moderate residential use
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Pressure: 1800 psi︱Water Flow: 1.2 GPM︱Weight: 21.4 lbs. | Hose: 20 ft︱Power Cord: 35 ft︱Warranty: 3 year limited

Homeowners face cleaning tasks like decks, pavement, sidewalks, brick, siding, and concrete. They need a good pressure washer. But many do not use their power washers enough to warrant a large expenditure.

Lucky for them, the K1800 is affordable but built to handle the work load. For example, the water hose connections are metal, not plastic.

You turn the power on and off with a convenient foot switch. Your hands can hold the wand and whatever else needed for the chore.

Even better, Karcher warrants it for three years with a rapid exchange program. No extended waiting for repairs to your pressure washer if something does break.

For your cleaning tasks, you have three tips you can choose from with the K1800: a soap nozzle, a 15° fan, and a turbo nozzle.

The handle folds out of the way to make the unit more compact for easy storage. It can fit into tight spaces with the handle folded down, no wasted room in the garage or shed.

This is a light power washer that is easy to move around. Most homeowners will welcome the lower weight and large wheels during a long day’s work.

If you want to add accessories, this unit uses M22 hose connections. That makes it compatible with many aftermarket options. So, you can customize your power washer to your heart’s content.

You could pay a lot more for a power washer with these features. But Karcher priced this unit very competitively. The frugal shoppers out there should be sure to evaluate this product.

8. Ryobi RY141900 Review "Best for Frequent Use"
  • Certified 2000 psi and 1.2 GPM performance
  • Non-marking hose
  • Rugged roll cage
  • 3 nozzles
  • Hose reel
  • 3 year warranty
  • Removable detergent tank
  • Expensive
check price

Pressure: 2000 psi︱Water Flow: 1.2 GPM︱Weight: 32 lbs. | Hose: 25 ft︱Power Cord: 35 ft︱Warranty: 3 year limited

This Ryobi power washer satisfies the busy homeowner or small business. Those who clean often and need a versatile, rugged machine without the large contractor grade price tag.

The RY141900 meets the Pressure Washers Manufacturers Association standards and received its PW101 certification. That means the industry’s trade organization tested and confirmed the claimed performance standards for pressure and flow.

You get three wand tips included: soap, 15° fan, and turbo nozzle. These use quick connections for fast and easy swapping.

If you want to customize, Ryobi does offer a number of aftermarket tips and accessories. Also, the hose uses M22 connections, which makes adding third party accessories possible. A foam cannon is one of the popular choices.

The pressure hose is non-marking. That means if you drag it across a deck or floor, it will not mar or scuff the surface. Plus, a hose reel makes for easy, secure storage of the pressure hose.

Also, you have an onboard, removable detergent tank with this Ryobi washer. Adding soap is easy and fast, should you require it.

Then there is the rugged roll cage. It protects the motor and holds it nice and low for stability. Plus, the large wheels make moving the pressure washer around trouble-free.

In summary, this is a professional-grade power washer priced near the high end of the cost range. But it is built to be used often and a great choice for those with lots of cleaning jobs.

9. Stanley SHP2150 Review "Best for Vehicles"
  • Affordable
  • Comes with foam cannon
  • Good pressure
  • Nice selection of fan tips
  • Brass water connections
  • Storage on wand for tips
  • 4 tips for 0°, 15°, 25°, and 45° fans
  • Lacks large onboard soap tank
  • No pressure hose reel
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Pressure: 2150 psi︱Water Flow: 1.4 GPM︱Weight: 26 lbs. | Hose: 25 ft︱Power Cord: 35 ft︱Warranty: 2 year limited

If you are primarily looking to clean cars and trucks with your pressure washer, the Stanley SHP2150 is an interesting choice.

It does not have an onboard soap tank. Instead, Stanley supplies you with a 28 oz. foam cannon. The size is smaller than most onboard tanks, but it allows you to apply the soap under pressure for deeper cleaning of soiled vehicles.

That is not to say this machine is not versatile. The 2150 psi pressure can clean decks, concrete, brick, etc., too.

But applying large amounts of soap to big areas means lots of refills of the smaller bottle. And holding the bottle on the end of the wand gets heavy after a while. However, if you just want to pressure wash without soap, this is a powerful unit.

Quality shows in the SHP2150. Water hose connections are made of brass. Plus, the pressure hose uses 22mm fittings for easy customization and repair of your power washer.

As supplied, you get 4 color coded tips: 0°, 15°, 25°, and 40° fans. This selection provides a good range of cleaning options right out of the box. Plus, there is a convenient holder on the wand for your tips.

With a good warranty period and lots of features, the competitive price makes the SHP2150 a good choice if you primarily want a pressure washer to clean your car, RV, or even a fleet of trucks.

10. Karcher K3 Follow-Me Review "Most Unique"
  • Unique, follow-me design
  • Affordable
  • Shorter pressure hose to manage
  • Onboard soap tank
  • Switch from soap to water easily
  • Two wands for range of cleaning jobs
  • Unique follow-me design is not for everyone
  • Plastic wand and connections
check price

Pressure: 1800 psi︱Water Flow: 1.3 GPM︱Weight: 16.3 lbs. | Hose: 15 ft︱Power Cord: 35 ft︱Warranty: 2 year limited

And now, for something a little different. Most machines tackle the coverage problem with a long hose and power cord that allows you to move freely.

But the K3 uses a follow-me principle. It is the only four-wheel electric pressure washer on the market. Karcher designed the K3 as a tug along.

To make rolling behind you easy, the rear wheels are large. The front casters steer the K3 to keep it diligently behind you as you move around. Plus, a light weight offers little resistance to make sure it is easy to pull along as you work.

The first thing you might notice when reviewing the specs is the short pressure hose. But remember the K3 rolls along behind you. So, a long hose is unnecessary. This also means you have less hose to uncoil and rewind when you use the machine.

A competitive price does attract potential buyers. But that does not mean you sacrifice on features if you opt for the K3.

Karcher includes two wands; a “vario” power spray and a dirt blaster wand. The dirt blaster wand is for heavy, difficult grime. For jobs that need a lighter touch, the vario wand lets you adjust the spray intensity.

When you need detergent, you do have an onboard soap tank that is easy to use. When you need soap, you simply set your nozzle to soap. And when you finish using soap, set it back to just water to rinse.

The K3 is an affordable, interesting machine and comes with a strong warranty.

Electric Power Washer Buying Guide

If you are shopping for an electric pressure washer, you should look for a few key features. We have summarized the important points below as an aid for the homeowner or small business.


We often look at power ratings when buying tools. But with electric power washers, it gets complicated.

The power we are talking about here is the ability to clean surfaces. The amount of electricity a machine draws means little.

You should first look at the pressure and the water flow. This is a good initial impression of the cleaning power. For general cleaning, the pressure should be at least 1800 psi with a water flow of 1.2 GPM or higher.

For versatility, some machines allow you to select the pressure with a dial. Think about it, the pressure needed for cleaning concrete will harm car paint. You need to change the spray intensity to match the cleaning job.

Other units allow you to change the tip or change the spray fan with an adjustable nozzle. This also allows you to vary the intensity of the spray for various jobs. You want power AND the ability to adjust that power.

Form Factor

In general, you have two forms of electric pressure washers to choose from: upright and roll cage.

Upright is self-contained, just like an upright vacuum cleaner. They are compact and easy to store. But they are more prone to tipping over.

Roll cages are stable and less likely to tip over. They also help to protect the motor if you transport your power washer often. But they are not as compact as the uprights and usually take a little more floor/storage space.


Build quality varies depending on the machine you consider. Unfortunately, with electric pressure washers so do the warranties.

Check the manufacturer’s warranty when shopping for an electric power washer. Stronger warranties are usually a sign of a quality build.


Cleaning can involve soap. That is true with pressure washing, too.

If you are cleaning siding or other large surfaces, you may want a large onboard soap tank. For cleaning vehicles, wand mounted foam cannons provide the best foaming without paint job damage.

Also, check what you need to do to get the soap flowing. On some machines the process is more complicated than others. If you need to change from soap to water often, choose a machine that is easy to change back and forth.


As already noted, the pressure and water flow are good indicators of cleaning power. Unfortunately, some manufacturers tweak, or even exaggerate, their performance claims to attract buyers.

But the power washing industry recognized this problem. They started testing and certifying power washers to help build confidence with buyers.

If you see an electric power washer with a PWMA PW101 certification, it is a good thing. It means the Power Washers Manufacturing Association (“PMWA”) has tested the machine. Also, they confirmed the stated pressure and water flow (the “PW101” certification).


An electric pressure washer uses a number of different connections. Think about it.

First, your electric power washer connects a garden hose in and pressure hose out. Then, on the end of the pressure hose, you connect a wand. The wand has some form of connection at the end to attach tips. It is more connected than you thought.

You should look for a pressure washer with all metal fittings. Plastic (often used for the garden hose) can break. Better pressure washers have brass connections for the garden hose.

At some point, you might also need repairs. Or you may want to add aftermarket modifications to your electric power washer. It is at that point, you realize the connections and fittings on machines can vary.

In general, you are better off if you buy a machine knowing up front that it uses the M22 connections. These have become an industry standard. Repair parts or aftermarket accessories are easier to find if your pressure hose and wand use M22 connections.