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The best power tools have always required expensive fuels to operate. This was a necessary evil that we simply resigned ourselves to. We only dreamed of being able to get the same amount of work done on batteries.

As technology has advanced, this dream has become a reality. The days of breathing in toxic fumes while we work are coming to a close.

One of the most difficult tools to adequately power was the chainsaw. Today, the best cordless electric chainsaws provide plenty of power and battery life. We’re going to take a look at 10 of the best models to help you find the right one for your needs.

Don’t Have Time to Read the Whole Article?

There were a lot of great entries to consider. But the clear winner went to the Greenworks DigiPro G-MAX. It sports a great battery, ample power, and a compact design.

Right behind it was the LitheLi 800W Outrunner. It’s sleek, packed with features, and women love it.

Top 10 Best Cordless Electric Chainsaws in 2021

There are eight more entries to look at. Each one has plenty of options that are sure to get your attention. Let’s see how they stacked up.

1. Greenworks DigiPro G-MAX Review - Best Overall
  • Lightweight body
  • Long bar
  • Less noise
  • Oil leakage
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Greenworks makes a long line of quality tools. They never seem to disappoint and get better with every passing year.

There were a lot of great models to look at and consider, but Greenworks’ DigiPro G-Max nudged ahead of the rest. Their products have great feedback and response, and the DigiPro is no different.

Finding a cordless electric chainsaw with ample power can be a chore. But Greenworks delivers there, too. Its brushless motor gives you 30% more torque than previous models, making cuts clean with less effort.

Greenworks added some nice features to make life easier. A clear oil tank lets you keep an eye on its level at all times. When the bar and chain need oil, an automatic oiling system dispenses it throughout. This lets you focus on the job and not maintenance.

One of the biggest hassles when using a chainsaw is the jarring your body endures. Greenworks has found a way to lessen vibrations by 70%, giving you more comfort than ever.

Over time, parts of the assembly can wear down because of these vibrations. By reducing their effect, you can get much more use out of your chainsaw.

The battery is a long-lasting 40-volt lithium-ion, further increasing your run-time. You can expect to get around 150 cuts from a single charge. As always, Greenworks’ battery is compatible with over 25 other tools in their long line of products.

The body is both powerful and lightweight. Its weight is more than manageable at 10.36 pounds. This makes any task easier and safer. There are no pesky cords to fight with, which is a danger in itself.

Safety is always a top priority with Greenworks. They have implemented an electronic chain brake that stops accidental kick-backs. This is paramount in increasing user safety.

You can expect much less noise than a traditional chainsaw. Smooth operation decreases the usual annoying roar that comes with using a chainsaw.

The bar and chain length is 16 inches, giving you better cutting stability for a wide range of jobs. This is one of the bigger blades you’ll find among our rankings. It can easily cut through 4x4s and thick limbs.


  • Weighs just 10.36 pounds
  • 16-inch bar length
  • Easy push-start
  • 40-volt lithium-ion battery
  • Brushless motor
  • 150 cuts per charge

Ease of Use

Being so lightweight, running a chainsaw has never been so easy. The addition of an electronic chain brake serves to lessen accidents. So you can focus more on the job at hand and less on wrestling with the chainsaw.

The only real drawback of the G-MAX PRO is its oil leakage. The manual warns of this issue, but it seems to happen fairly often.

2. LitheLi 800W Outrunner Review - Best for Women
  • Attractive design
  • Powerful
  • Compact
  • Battery life
  • A bit heavy
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LiTHELi makes some really cool-looking tools. They often look like something out of a sci-fi movie. But more importantly, how do they perform?

Quite well, actually. Their designs aren’t just eye-candy. They can hang with the more common brands and usually have a great price tag.

For whatever reason, women love this chainsaw more than any other model. But that doesn’t mean that men can’t use it, too.

The Outrunner is a commendable cordless electric chainsaw. It runs like a top and has plenty of power. A brushless motor delivers up to 6,000 revolutions per minute. And there’s more than enough torque to take care of business.

As with most other models among our rankings, the Outrunner has an automatic oiling system that delivers oil where and when it’s needed.

You also get an automatic tensioning switch. You won’t need any special tools to make this adjustment. Just turn a knob to get the tension you want.

The blade measures 14 inches in length. This makes it perfect for larger limbs and lumber. It is powered by a 40-volt lithium-ion battery. This battery can be used with any of LiTHELi’s 40-volt products.

But LiTHELi didn’t stop there. They also implemented a dual-braking system that cuts power within three seconds with the push of a button. Now, you can cut limbs and lumber with the assurance that you’re getting the best safety precautions.

As we mentioned, the neat design is much more than looks. The Outrunner is a compact and highly-functional machine. It is well-balanced and easy to operate.

Perhaps best of all, LiTHELi offers a nice warranty package with their chainsaw. You get a 90-day money-back guarantee should you decide you don’t like it for any reason.

The battery has a three-year warranty that covers it from any defects. And even better, the chainsaw has a lengthy five-year warranty.

It’s for these reasons that the LiTHELi ranks so highly. You just don’t see warranties like this on many cordless electric power tools these days.


  • Weighs 17.25 pounds
  • 40-volt lithium-ion battery
  • Dual-braking system
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Compact design
  • Quick-tension knob
  • Oregon bar and chain
  • 14-inch blade

Ease of Use

LiTHELi once again delivers a smart and easy power tool. Its labor-saving features mean you can spend more time on the job and less time on maintenance.

It is a tad heavier than some other models. But it is nicely balanced to give you great control over any job.

3. BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 Review - Best Design
  • Long run-time
  • Powerful battery
  • Self-oiling system
  • Oil sometimes leaks
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Black + Decker enters the fray with a powerful and manageable cordless electric chainsaw. A 12-inch bar provides enough cutting length to handle most small jobs.

Tensioning of the cordless chainsaw is now much less of a hassle. There is a simple large knob on the side of the unit to make for easy adjustments. Above this is the easy oil system. Just add the desired amount of oil and it is automatically dispersed where needed.

A durable, wrap-around handle empowers you while you cut. It is sturdy and puts you in complete control of your task. The LCS1240 clocks in at a little over 10 pounds, so it’s easy to control.

Black + Decker uses a reasonable 40-volt lithium-ion battery. This provides you with excellent run-time so that you can complete most jobs without needing to recharge.

You can expect to get between three to four hours of use on a single charge. This generally equals out to around 60 cuts on average per charge. It will take around four to five hours to completely top off the battery once it gets depleted.


  • Weighs 10.4 pounds
  • 40-volt lithium-ion battery
  • 12-inch bar length
  • 4 to 5 hours for a full recharge
  • Tool-less chain tensioning
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Wrap-around handle

Ease of Use

The Black + Decker LCS1240’s big wrap-around handle makes controlling the chainsaw much less of a hassle. It makes controlling the chainsaw an effortless job.

The automatic oiling system couldn’t get any easier. It oils the parts where necessary so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

4. DeWalt DCCS620P1 Review - Most Versatile
  • Lightweight body
  • Powerful chain
  • No sight-lines
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DeWalt is a name synonymous with quality tools. While they are fairly new to chainsaws, their cordless electric version holds up quite well.

By using a high-efficiency brushless motor, cutting is clean and precise. Even better, DeWalt’s cordless model weighs about as much as a gallon milk. So the operation is easier and safer.

Like on other models, you can adjust the tensioning without the need for special tools. Simply tighten a knob to get the proper force you’re needing.

The 20-volt battery that runs their electric chainsaw is compatible with over 180 DeWalt power tools and products.

This battery gives you plenty of power to make every cut as easy as possible. And with a chain speed of 25.2 feet per second, your cuts will require much less effort from you.


DeWalt uses a 12-inch Oregon Bar. This provides less kick-back so you get both safety and high performance.


  • Lightweight – Just 8.8 pounds
  • 20-volt lithium-ion battery
  • High-efficiency motor
  • Chain speed of 25.2 feet per second
  • 12-inch bar length
  • Long-running time
  • Oil level indicator
  • Compact design

Ease of Use

It’s light and very manageable. The construction feels tough and durable, like other DeWalt tools. Lining up your cut can be a guessing game, as there are no sight-lines on either side.

5. Makita XCU03PT1 Review - Most Powerful
  • Easy oiling system
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Powerful motor
  • A bit heavy
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Makita is known for its well-made line of quality tools. The XCU03PT1 is a high-powered cordless electric chainsaw that makes cutting both safe and easy.

Makita uses an outer rotor brushless motor. This gives you loads of power with efficient battery consumption. Two 18-volt lithium-ion batteries run the chainsaw and deliver quality performance. This provides you with a total of 36 volts for long-lasting use.

For the highest of safety measures, Makita includes a built-in lock-off lever. This helps to prevent the blade from accidentally coming on when you aren’t using it.

You’re also protected by an automatic shut-off function. This ensures that the blade powers down when not in use. It also helps to extend the battery’s life for longer running times. A simple LED light tells you when the chainsaw is on.

Oiling is painless and easy. No tools are needed here. Just add what’s needed and the Makita cordless electric chainsaw takes care of the rest. A clear view window lets you see how much oil is present.

The rear handle is compact and sturdy. A variable-speed trigger lets you decide how much power is used for every job. This lets you easily cut through thin brush or thick logs and lumber.

Their custom-built outer rotor brushless motor direct-drive system enables the saw to match the power of gas chainsaws. This equals out to roughly the power of a 36cc chainsaw.

The package that Makita gives you is pretty awesome. You get a total of four batteries and a dual-charger.


  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Equivalent to a 36cc gas chainsaw
  • Two 18-volt lithium-ion batteries
  • LED power light
  • Lock-off lever
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Variable-speed trigger
  • Self-oiling system

Ease of Use

Excellent design makes usage and maintenance a snap. There’s no need to spend time oiling the bar and chain. This cordless electric chainsaw does the dirty work for you.

The XCU03PT1 is heavier than most other models. It weighs a hefty 21.83 pounds. So keep this in mind when making your buying decision. If you need something a little easier to handle, there are lighter options out there.

6. Greenworks 12-inch G-MAX Review - Most Lightweight
  • Auto-oiling system
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Electric starter
  • Could use more power
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Greenworks makes the list again. This time, it’s their 12-inch version. It still provides you with ample power and a decent amount of run-time.

You can use this cordless electric chainsaw for up to 75 cuts on a single battery charge. The chainsaw runs on a 40-volt lithium-ion battery. It delivers fade-free cutting for smooth, uninterrupted cutting.

You can easily adjust the bar and chain tensioning without the need for special tools. Just turn a built-in knob to select the desired tension.

To oil your chainsaw, Greenworks once again includes a self-oiling system. Just add how much oil you wish and it gets dispersed throughout the chainsaw as needed. A clear window lets you keep an eye on oil levels at all times.

You get a nicely-sized wrap-around handle. It is both sturdy and durable. This puts you in control so that you’re able to get a stable and clean cut every time.

Starting this cordless electric chainsaw is a breeze. You simply press a button and you’re ready to cut. No priming and no pulling. You get an easy start every time you need it.


  • Weighs only 6 pounds
  • Up to 75 cuts per charge
  • 40-volt lithium-ion battery
  • Electric-start
  • Automatic oiler
  • 12-inch bar length

Ease of Use

You get an easy push-button starting system and six-pound body. This makes the operation of the chainsaw a piece of cake. It’s so lightweight that just about anybody can use it and be in control.

7. Worx WG332 Review - Best for Pruning
  • Lightweight
  • Self-oiling system
  • Small blade
  • Short run-time
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Worx has an impressive selection of cordless electric tools. The WG332 is a great option for cutting small limbs and fallen debris.

It has a nice list of features that make every job easier. The WG332 has an automatic oiling system. This distributes the oil throughout the chainsaw as it needs it. A clear window lets you see the oil level so you’ll know when to add it.

Once added, Worx’s auto-oil system takes care of the rest. The blade and bar get lubricated as you work, so there’s no need to take up your time messing with oils.

This cordless electric chainsaw is lightweight and versatile. At only 6.2 pounds, operating the chainsaw is effortless. You won’t be straining or fighting with this one. To give you an idea as to just how light this chainsaw is, imagine holding a 2-liter of soda. Now that’s lightweight!

The battery is 20-volt Power Share. It can be used across a long line of Worx tools. You should get around 20 minutes of use before needing to recharge it. You may do well to invest in another battery so that you have ample time at your disposal.

The bar and chain on the Worx W332 is pretty small compared to other entries. It measures just 10 inches in length. It is best suited for light yard work like pruning trees and other small jobs. Keep this in mind when making your buying choice. You don’t want to use a small blade like this on larger pieces of lumber.


10-inch bar length

Weighs 6.2 pounds

Automatic oiling system

20-minute run-time

Ease of Use

It’s light as can be and plenty versatile. Virtually anyone can control it with minimal effort. The blade is pretty tiny compared to others. So if you’re needing a cordless electric chainsaw for bigger jobs, you’re going to want to look elsewhere.

But for those needing something minimal for light work, the Worx WG332 is a clear winner. It’s ease of operation can’t be touched.

8. DEWALT DCCS670X1 FLEXVOLT Review - Best Battery Life
  • Great battery
  • Powerful motor
  • Ergonomic
  • Thin washers
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DeWalt delivers a beast of a cordless electric chainsaw with its FlexVolt series. This is the kind of power and stability you would expect to find in a traditional gas chainsaw.

It sports a massive 16-inch Oregon bar and chain. It’s rated for construction and forestry applications, if that gives you any indication of its torque.

You don’t need any fancy tools to adjust its tension. This is all managed by an easy-to-use knob that is built into the unit. You just turn it until you get your desired amount of force.

Oiling the bar and chain is equally simple. An automatic oiling system provides continuous lubrication while the chainsaw is in use.

A chain brake has been implemented to prevent dangerous kick-backs. You can use the chainsaw knowing you are protected at all times.

With such a beefy machine, you’d expect a lot of weight. But DeWalt has managed to include such power in a body that weighs just 12.2 pounds. The design is ergonomic and easy to control.

Where the FlexVolt really shines is its phenomenal battery. It boasts a huge 60-volt lithium-ion battery to power everything. You can expect to get the equivalent of 70 cuts on a pressure-treated 6×6 piece of lumber.

You might be wondering why such an impressive unit is so far down the list. This is due to DaWalt’s perplexing use of thin washers in their chainsaw’s assembly. They tend to wear out much sooner than anything else on their power tools.

Until this issue gets addressed, their products run the risk of failure. This is something that you simply shouldn’t have to worry about.


  • Weighs 12.2 pounds
  • 60-volt lithium-ion battery
  • Up to 70 cuts per charge
  • 16-inch Oregon bar and chain
  • Chain brake
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Low noise
  • Easy trigger-start

Ease of Use

If you can look past the questionable washer issue, the FlexVolt series cordless electric chainsaw is powerful and robust. It has a durable build-quality and great balance.

Its automatic features ensure that you can focus on precision cutting. Not time-consuming maintenance.

9. Earthwise LCS32412 Review - Most Budget-Friendly
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Warranty
  • Low power
check price

Low cost aside, Earthwise still manages to bring you quality parts and some handy features.

Its overall design is pretty basic, but that doesn’t impact its performance in any way. On the contrary, the minimalistic design may be a preference for some users.

It has the staples you’ve come to expect from a cordless electric chainsaw. It has an automatic oiling system that distributes oil when it’s needed. A clear window lets you keep an eye on oil levels at all times.

It also sports a tensioner knob so that you can make adjustments to the blade without the need for tools.

A 24-volt lithium-ion battery supplies power to the 12-inch bar and chain. A nice feature is the convenient 2-hour recharge time. This easily beats other entries.

Another nice addition is the included two-year warranty. Should you have any issues, Earthwise will tell you where to take it so you can get it serviced.


  • Weighs 8.05 pounds
  • 24-volt lithium-ion battery
  • 12-inch bar length
  • Automatic oil system
  • Tensioner knob
  • Molded rubber handle
  • 2-year warranty

Ease of Use

At just a fuzz over eight pounds, the Earthwise LCS32412 is easy to control. It’s best suited for smaller wood and does a fine enough job with this.

A rubberized handle adds a bit more comfort. This helps reduce strain and vibrations on your hand when in use.

10. Ryobi RY40530 Review - Best Noise Reduction
  • Great power
  • Quiet operation
  • On-board storage
  • Lack of auto-tensioner
  • Battery/charger not included
check price

The Ryobi Baretool cordless electric chainsaw beat out a few other fine models to take the 10th spot.

It features a nicely-sized 14-inch bar and chain. This provides a nice, even cut. A variable-speed trigger lets you choose how much power you want for each job.

A 40-volt lithium-ion battery powers the unit. It is compatible with all other Ryobi power tools that make use of this battery type.

A unique feature you don’t often see on these kinds of chainsaws is a built-in storage area. You can keep tensioning tools and the like in here for quick access. The RY40530 doesn’t have an auto-tensioner knob like the other entries. So you will need a tool to make adjustments.

The biggest downside to the Ryobi cordless electric chainsaw is the lack of its battery and charger. These are separate purchases on top of what is an already-expensive chainsaw.

You can sometimes find versions that include these two vital accessories. But the ones we found with them required you to buy the bar and chain separately.

The reason Ryobi made the list is that its performance is hard to match. This is one powerful chainsaw that stays super quiet when in use.

The battery life isn’t the greatest, but this can largely depend on what you’re cutting. For small jobs, it should last you throughout the day.


  • 14-inch bar length
  • 40-volt lithium-ion battery (not included)
  • Brushless motor
  • Quiet operation
  • On-board storage
  • Increased torque

Ease of Use

Ryobi’s version of a cordless electric chainsaw is a curious entry. Extra purchases aside, it is plenty powerful and has some of the best noise reduction around.

But the battery tends to deplete quickly, resulting in lost time waiting for it to recharge. You can fix this aggravation by getting another battery, but that’s even more money you’re shelling out.

Electric Cordless Chainsaw Buyer’s Guide

You have decided that you don’t want to be around gas fumes and you don’t want to mess around with cords – good choice! The only thing left to do is to choose a high-quality electric cordless chainsaw.

Most of the people don’t know how to separate good electric cordless chainsaws from the bad ones. Fortunately, we have spent countless hours learning how to distinguish a high-quality tool from a tool that should be avoided. We share our findings with you, so you don’t have to waste time browsing through numerous websites.

Useful Features to Think About

Before you can make a purchase that won’t set you back a lot and will leave you satisfied, you need to know which features to consider.

Not all of the features below are an absolute necessity, but they will help you figure out which electric cordless chainsaw suits you the most.

  • Brushless motor: While the old DC motors are not bad, brushless motors are better. Brushless motors are quiet, which allows you to work even inside of your home. They last longer than the DC motors, and they are efficient. If you can, go for a brushless motor in your new electric cordless chainsaw.
  • Power: While some chainsaws offer 8V of power, our advice is to steer clear of them. Try to find an electric cordless chainsaw with at least 20V of power, but it won’t hurt to go over. The best models offer 40V of power, so consider them if you want the most powerful electric chainsaw.
  • Battery: You will notice that the capacity of a battery is shown in Ah (Amp hours). Batteries with a larger capacity offer you more time to work. If you want a good battery, try not to go under 6Ah. Some batteries go up to 9Ah of capacity, so consider them if you require the best tool.
  • Low kickback chain: Low kickback chains allow you to perform smooth cuts. Yes, some consider the cutting speed to be slow, but low kickback chains dull slower. Some models out there allow for slightly faster cutting. But, we think that the time spent on sharpening the chain is not worth the slightly faster cutting.
  • Oil view window: Yes, you need oil if you want your electric cordless chainsaw to work (more on that topic below). Oil view windows allow you to monitor the oil levels in your chainsaw. They will let you know how soon you will need to replace the oil, which is a useful feature if you don’t like having to change oil mid-work.
  • Safety mechanisms: High-quality electric cordless chainsaws come with safety mechanisms that prevent you from getting harmed. Some of the safety mechanisms that you should think about are an electric brake, throttle lock, and a chain catcher. Some units come with a sound alarm that informs you when something has gone wrong. The best models come with a microchip that prevents electrical overloads and overheating.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning: If you want to reduce downtime during work, look for a tool-less chain tensioning feature. It allows you to adjust the chain tension without the need for a screwdriver or a wrench. You only have to reach for the side of the chainsaw and turn a dial – simple, fast, and efficient.
  • Auto power off: High-quality electric cordless chainsaws come with an auto-power-off feature. This feature cuts the power if you don’t use the saw for some time. It is a useful feature that saves battery life and prevents harm caused by active tools lying around unsupervised.
  • Weight: Decent electric cordless chainsaws weight around 10 pounds. But, there are plenty of high-quality models out there that reduce the weight to 7 pounds and less. Most of the time, the battery influences the weight of the tool. So, if you purchase a tool with a high-quality battery, you can expect it to weigh more.

Do Electric Cordless Chainsaws Require Oil to Work?

Yes, they do. The purpose of the oil is to lubricate the bar and the chain. The oil reduces friction and it makes sure that your tool is functioning properly. If the chains are not lubricated, they break due to the metal-on-metal friction.

Best electric cordless chainsaws come with an automatic bar oiler. This feature allows you to work carefree while it constantly applies oil to the bar. If you want to work fast without anything dragging you down, then an automatic bar oiler is a must-have.