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Cut down on bush cutting hours with a tool that bears unique power and strength.

If you are an occasional chainsaw user or a homeowner looking to trim limbs and perform light duty work, a gas-powered chainsaw can be a bit too much. What you want is a machine that skips beastly power and choking fumes to give you just the right performance to complete your tasks with ease.

Cordless chainsaws are eco-friendly. They are powered by rechargeable batteries, unlike gas chainsaws which require mixing gas and oil. Electric chainsaws are also practical in neighborhoods that aren’t keen on noise.

But which one is for you? Here, we give you recommendations based on research, consultation, and careful considerations.

In Short

DeWalt FlexVolt DCCS670B 60V is the ideal choice for you. Its FlexVolt battery can power 20V tools safely. It represents convenience at its best.

If you want a cheaper alternative Echo CCS58V4AH is the way to go. It has a longer runtime and short recharge time that makes it ideal if you will be working for hours on end.

1. DeWalt FlexVolt DCCS670B Review "The Most Flexible Cordless Chainsaw"
  • Durable Oregon chain and bar
  • Auto-oiling system
  • Low kickback using a chain brake
  • Tool-free adjustment
  • Flexible FlexVolt battery
  • Mechanical lockout trigger safety
  • It has plastic bucking spikes that may hinder control
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DeWalt is a legend when it comes to power tools. The FlexVolt is an innovative cordless chainsaw that pushes the limits of lightweight chainsaws. This tools is ergonomic and bears enough power for commercial and residential use. Contractors credit this chainsaw for clearing tasks that regular cordless models cannot.

With FlexVolt technology, its 60V battery can safely power 20V DeWalt tools. So if you have a DeWalt miter saw or an air compressor, you can continue running the unit using the FlexVolt battery. Our particular chainsaw today will give you 70 cuts per charge. Those cuts were done on a 6 x 6-inch pressure-treated wood beam and pine, which gives you a good idea of the work you can put it through.

It can cut logs, large branches, and its even capable of felling some trees around your property. It expresses convenience when you need it most. It comes with a 16-inch Oregon bar and chain. These are durable features, which have low kickback and a chain brake.

This FlexVolt chainsaw is virtually maintenance free. It comes with an automatic oiling system. All you need to do is to pour oil in the reservoir, and you are good to go. If you need to get your chainsaw working right away, this is the model you’ll want to pick.

Not to mention, it has a chain and bar-tightening knob making it super easy to perform without tools.

Don’t risk hand-arm vibration syndrome when you can have a comfortable tool. The DeWalt FlexVolt chainsaw offers a soft grip handle to ease the vibrations. But as always, remember to wear vibration gloves and protective gear when handling any type of a chainsaw.

Although you can use the FlexVolt 60V battery with other DeWalt tools like the DeWalt 40V Max DCCS690X1, you cannot use other 40V batteries to run it. You are, therefore, limited to the battery life it offers until it recharges again.


Overall, DeWalt FlexVolt DCCS670B showcases the efficiency and improved performance over most cordless chainsaws. It ranks at the top mainly because it has a longer runtime and a faster cutting speed. Maintaining it is easy, and it offers adequate safety measures, which every landscaper will enjoy.

2. Stihl MSA 200 C-BQ Review "The Best Stihl Chainsaw "
  • Performance is comparable to 40cc gas chainsaws
  • QuickStop chain brake
  • Ematic chain lubricating system
  • The battery has LED indicators for the battery level
  • Battery can be charged with AL 300, AL 101 and other chargers
  • Compact power system has low noise levels
  • Sharpening the ¼” PM3 chain is challenging
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A lightweight and quiet chainsaw is always a welcome option. Especially in an area where neighbors will knock on your door every time the volume is a bit too high. With Stihl MSA 200C C-BQ, you are assured of a noise-free tool powered by an AK 20 36V battery.

It may not be the fastest, but the ¼” PM3 chain gives it a smooth run without any hiccups. You will be able to cut through trees as thick as 12 inches even if it has a 14-inch, 0.43gauge bar. This is because it cuts precise and sharp to ensure that every cut counts.

It comes with a unique safety mechanism, which includes a chain brake that you can engage at the rear handle. The chain brake will trigger itself if it detects kickback or if you let go of the rear handle. When you activate the handguard, the chain brake will also engage. You may be a newbie in chainsaw handling, but that doesn’t mean that you should get hurt.

You will like that the chain tensioning is done with a knob, and that has an Ematic chain lubrication system. It is an automatic process that can actually reduce oil use by up to 50%. This way, running costs are significantly reduced.

The motor produces the least vibrations and noise levels. You may never need to wear ear muffs with this model. What you get is a tool weighing only 11lbs with the battery. It is easy to manage when you need to clear wooden debris after a storm.

The rear handle is soft. You will find that it offers a firm grip that caters to different positions. You can achieve a comfortable handling position that will not get you fatigued even before your first cut.

Stihl MSA 200C C-BQ is one of the pricier cordless models. If you are an occasional chainsaw user, investing in cheaper models won’t make a difference.


For those looking to undertake some tough jobs, Stihl MSA 200C C-BQ is a top contender. This tool is considered a commercial-grade model since it is a bit expensive and it has a longer runtime with the AK 20 battery. It is impressive in the cutting torque, and a safety system that lets you have some peace of mind.

3. EGO Power+ 14-Inch Review "The Easiest to Handle "
  • Runs coolers owing to a brushless motor
  • Low kick-back Oregon chain
  • Balanced weight and a long trigger
  • Arc-Lithium battery is compatible with other EGO Power+ products
  • Delivers up to 100 cuts per charge
  • Water resistant housing
  • Oil reservoir window
  • Oil cap does not have a tether. It is easy to lose
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Cordless chainsaws are like a work of art. So intricate yet flexible and convenient. DIYers and homeowners will love working with EGO. This is a new company that is making a name for itself by setting the bar high for others to catch up.

This is a 14-inch, 56V battery-powered chainsaw that is all about performance in the runtime and cutting speed. We like everything about it because it has an impressive grip on logs, which lets the blades drive in faster and more smoothly. It loses some leverage because of the small and plastic bucking spikes. But, it does much better than DeWalt’s FlexVolt that has similar bucking spikes.

EGO Power+ is a balanced tool that has the battery loaded to the side. It can counter the weight of the motor, making it simple to manage for extended periods. You get up to 100 cuts per charge on its battery. The Oregon bar and chain express longevity, which should give excellent performance for many years.

It has a tool-less tensioning system that includes the use of a knob or a tensioning screw.

With an automatic lube system, it is not going to take any energy prepping for the job. The oil reservoir comes with a filter at the inlet.

It helps to ensure that you are always operating with a clean chain. It is a 5-ounce oil tank that will get you through at least two battery lives without refilling.

You will see the amount left in the reservoir through the oil window.

The chain brake is handy by providing kickback safety. It uses a mechanical lock that is a two-step process, and it includes thumb safety. Since it has no electronic safety, you will want to remove the battery when servicing it. You need to be extra careful if you are used to gas chainsaws, which come with an electronic lock.


The EGO Power+ 14-Inch model delivers incredible performance. With a brushless motor, low-kickback chain, an auto-oiling system, and a cheap price, it competes effectively with brands that have been around for nearly a hundred years. Balancing and operating this chainsaw is effortless for most people.

If you want a longer bar, check out the EGO 16-inch 56V chainsaw. It is also great for homeowners.

4. Makita XCU04Z 18V Max LXT Review "Best for Landscapers "
  • Direct drive brushless motor
  • LED light for battery level
  • Oil view window
  • Variable speed from 0-3940FPM
  • Lock-off lever, handguard, and automatic power off for safety
  • Automatic oiling mechanism
  • Tool-free chain tensioning
  • Operates on 18V LXT batteries
  • It does not come with the batteries
  • The tool is a bit pricey on its own
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If you are a landscaper, having a chain that you could start right away without gas-oil mixing and dealing with choking fumes would be amazing. Makita XCU04Z is a pro-level chainsaw that extends beyond the basic home use. You will find it exceptional in the weight management and the limbs it can handle.

Its unique Makita outer rotor BL brushless motor is efficient and powerful. It has a direct drive system that provides high torque. With few moving parts, it runs cooler, which improves the life of the tool.

Two 18V lithium-ion batteries power Makita XCU04Z. It benefits from Makita’s Star Protection Computer Controls. The data is exchanged with the battery whenever the chainsaw is in operation. This prevents the battery from overheating, over-discharging, and overloading.

This chainsaw also features Extreme Protection Technology (XPT). It is made for the harsh outdoors, which means that you can subject it to water, dust, and debris without causing harm to the internal components. Thanks to the protective seal, the critical parts are safe from the elements.

It does not have a tensioning knob, but chain adjustment remains tool-free. Turning the spring-loaded lever helps you to tighten the chain. It is an effortless process, anyone can do it.

This chainsaw automatically turns off when you don’t engage it for a few seconds. This means you have to press the start button each time it powers down. The handguard, when activated, will engage the chain brake, and the lock-off lever will prevent accidental chain engagement.

When it comes to oiling, you get a tool that does it automatically. It has a large oil reservoir and a view window where you can see the oil level. The filling port is wide to make it easy to perform refills.

Makita XCU04Z also thrives in ergonomics. The two 18V batteries are laid out side to side in the middle of the tool. Along with the D handle, comfort is greatly improved. You won’t need to press the chain into the wood. It does the work for you.

This chainsaw is not cheap since you have to provide a set of batteries that are sold separately. The additional accessories bring up the markup price to a level only pro users can afford.


Makita XCU04Z is a chainsaw that you will want to keep alongside gas-powered models. It is the kind you pick when you need to perform light jobs fast and efficiently. It can limb, trim, and fell small trees with less effort. With steel bucking spikes, it provides optimum control to get you through every job with ease.

Another honorable mention is the Makita XCU03Z. It has lots of good reviews with matching features as the XCU04Z model.

5. Black + Decker LCS120 Review "Best User-Friendly Design "
  • Small and lightweight to accommodate most users
  • Up to 150 1½-inch cuts per charge
  • Low kickback chain and bar
  • Automatic chain brake
  • It has no vibrations
  • Soft grip and wrap-around handle
  • Manual oiling system
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For many years, Black + Decker has been a brand that provides affordable and efficient products. It meets the needs of the homeowner without requiring a lot of money. The LCS120 Lithium chainsaw is a tool ideal for light yard work.

With an 8-inch low kickback bar and chain, we don’t expect it to cut through thick logs, but for trimming branches, it might be your top pick. The 20V battery system allows it to cut through hard and soft woods effortlessly. The battery is shareable among other Black + Decker tools. The compatibility of the battery makes continuous work possible with many jobs that need different tools.

This chainsaw is capable of delivering up to 150 1½-inch cuts on one charge. It is the only chainsaw you will need for light wood cutting jobs around the home.

Anyone can assemble the Black + Decker LCS120 and get it working without any hassle. Even if you have never used a chainsaw, you will probably use this one effortlessly. It weighs only 7.4 pounds, and it has a wrap-around handle. It is easy to find the ideal grip suitable for various tasks.

It can get into tight spaces where other chainsaws spell trouble. What’s more, it offers a soft grip that, not only prevents constant vibrations but also helps to work continuously without the onset of fatigue.

The safety features of LCS120 include an automatic brake, a chain brake, and kickback nose. The tensioning system is through a knob, but you have to perform oiling manually. That is one of the compromises you have to make when opting for a low-price model.


Black + Decker LCS120 is a chainsaw for quick and light jobs. If you need a tool that can trim small branches and make pruning easier, this chainsaw might be what you need. It speaks of efficiency in its own little way thanks to the 20V Max battery system and comfortable handling.

6. Ryobi RY40511 Review "Top Rated for Gas-Like Cutting Power "
  • 40V battery and brushless motor with gas-like power
  • Onboard tool storage
  • Long runtime up to 45 minutes
  • Automatic oiler
  • Wrap-around handle
  • It is lightweight at 9.7 pounds
  • It does not have an automatic chain tensioning system
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Are you looking for a chainsaw with power comparable to that of a gas chainsaw? You have it with the Ryobi RY40511. It is a 40V 14-inch model that boosts performance for tasking jobs.

Like most battery-powered models, this one uses a brushless motor. It experiences reduced friction, which means less maintenance. Since it is cordless, you won’t be replacing air filters and checking the spark plug for proper functionality.

When you fill the oil reservoir, activate the lock-out switch, and press the throttle trigger, it will be up and running. It can handle tasks that most gas-powered models can’t, including dealing with large logs that are up to 8 inches wide. It has a high chain speed, which spells effectiveness for hardwoods that are a bit frustrating to get through the first time.

The battery lasts approximately 45 minutes. It is more than enough time for most pruning and small bucking jobs. It recharges in one hour. Ryobi could do better, but considering you can still use spare batteries, it is as fair as it gets.

It has a narrow-kerf low kickback Oregon bar and a 0.043guage chain. It meets ANSI B.1751 safety standards for kickback protection. The guide bar has a small radius tip that is also credited for having low kickback potential. The lock-out button is also crucial in preventing the motor from accidentally starting.

The chain tensioning screw is accessible from the side of the chainsaw. You will need tools to tighten and adjust the tensioning screw. But, you get onboard tool storage, which keeps your wrench at an arm’s reach all the time.

Its comfort features include a lightweight design since it weighs 9.7pounds. The wrap-around handle and soft grip make it a breeze to handle. The throttle is long, allowing you to activate it with ease.

What we didn’t like about Ryobi RY40511 is that it does not manage the oil efficiently. It uses more than the other chainsaws with the same specs. If you use it regularly, the costs of replacing oil may be something you want to consider before deciding if this chainsaw is for you.


Ryobi is for the homeowner who has more than a few trees and logs that need cutting. It is fast, offering a long runtime to complete more jobs in less time. With a brushless motor, its power becomes apparent, and so does the overall durability. It is a tool you will love having around.

7. Oregon CS300-A6 40V MAX Review "The Only Self-Sharpening Chainsaw "
  • PowerSharp system automatically sharpens the saw
  • Starts in only 3.5 seconds
  • Tool-less chain tensioning is the most straightforward
  • Power stays constant on the 40V MAX lithium-ion battery
  • Efficient brushless motor
  • Metallic bucking spikes
  • Battery holds a charge for months
  • It has a pretty small oil-view window
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If sharpening a chainsaw feels like learning a new language, you will want to consider a brand that does it for you. Oregon prides itself as the leading global manufacturer in saw chains. Their cordless CS300-A6 is anything like the models we have covered in this article.

The self-sharpening mechanism makes it an elite tool that takes home the top pick for innovative features. Its 91PS Oregon chain has a hooked teeth design that works with an onboard PowerSharp lever that sharpens the teeth. We think that this chainsaw could become your favorite since it doesn’t require you to pause your work to sharpen it.

This chainsaw has a 40V MAX lithium-ion battery that showcases remarkable performance. The 4.0Ah battery pack utilizes its power efficiently to give you 47 cuts on one charge. It can cut up to 8-inch pine logs in an outstanding time of 9 seconds. It does not take the lead, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore it.

We do like the chain tensioning system as it is tool-free. It is a simple process of turning the knob. For trigger safety, you can engage the brake which will set off an alarm. The low kickback chain is also worth a mention as it is an Oregon-built safety system.

We must say its safety is not close to the best since the trigger is small and placed at an odd angle. The handle does little to minimize vibrations. But, it has a handguard for the left hand that is crucial in any chainsaw, even the battery-powered ones.

Another thing that’s not to like is that it takes four hours to recharge the battery. If you have a lot to do, you will need an extra battery.


Hobbyists and DIYers, will find Oregon CS300-A6 efficient for most tasks. It has a couple of setbacks that are tolerable. You should think carefully before you purchase this chainsaw. It lacks comfort and it forces you to wear vibration gloves, but it doesn’t need you to sharpen its teeth.

8. WORX WG322 20V MAX PowerShare Review "A Lightweight Chainsaw with Ample Cutting Power"
  • Auto-oiling system
  • Auto-chain tensioning system
  • 20V MAX battery works with other WORX power tools
  • Only 6.19 pounds
  • Large oil-view window
  • Battery life indicator
  • Comfort grip with reduced vibrations
  • Not ideal for demanding jobs
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Weighing in at only 6.19 pounds, the WORX WG322 cordless chainsaw is very powerful. If you have weight lifting limitations and need to get some serious jobs done, this model is for you. It is an affordable brand that includes the 20V MAX battery and charger.

This tool runs smoothly and can cut through 6-7-inch logs with ease using the 10-inch low kickback chain and guide bar. Its automatic lubrication system means you only have to keep an eye on the oil level. Luckily, it comes with an oil-view that is easy to see through. You also get a simple chain-tensioning system. It is an auto-mechanism that prevents over-tensioning of the chain.

You will find that it is ergonomic, and comfortable to handle since it is not only lightweight, but it comes with a comfort grip. It improves safety and reduces fatigue.

The 20V MAX battery is compatible with other WORX devices. If you have a pole saw or a leaf blower that operates on 20V batteries, this chainsaw’s battery can be the perfect extra you need. It has a battery level indicator that helps you accomplish the necessary tasks before it needs a recharge.

If you put excess pressure on limbs, it has an increased tendency of kickback. As such, you will want the blades to do their thing though it is slower than other battery-powered chainsaws.


WORX WG322 cordless chainsaw is for beginners. It lets you know the basic use of a chainsaw without engaging too much power or having excessive maintenance procedures. It can complete yard cleaning and trimming jobs with ease, and it remains comfortable over extended periods of use.

9. Husqvarna 120i 14-Inch Review "A Compact Chainsaw for Homeowners "
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Brushless motor
  • Keypad for intuitive operations
  • Save mode maximizes battery power
  • Auto-oiling and tool-free chain tensioning
  • Power button is too firm. It requires extra effort to push
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Husqvarna 120i is for light duty work. It is simple to manage, maintain, and work with. It might be a good choice if you want to prune or fell small trees. It comes with a keypad for safe startups. This means you will never engage the trigger without your knowledge.

A 36.5V battery powers this chainsaw. It gives you enough power and a running time of up to 45 minutes. Surprisingly, it can get to speeds of up to 65ft of chain speed in a second. If you are a landscaper, then you might benefit from the chainsaw’s high speed. It allows you to do a lot of work before the battery is drained.

This model also has a power saving mode that helps to extend the life of the battery. It reduces the power output when need be so that you can get more from only one charge. The brushless electric motor works perfectly to provide a powerful performance.

With a chain tensioning knob, you do not need any tools to tighten the chain. You can remove or adjust the chain without requiring a wrench. So, even if you have never done it before, it will be super easy.

This chainsaw is safe to use thanks to its inertia activated chain brake. It also has a handguard that can also engage the chain brake. You will like that it has a soft grip handle that is beneficial in reducing vibrations. It automatically shuts off after 60 seconds. You will only use this chainsaw when you need to, and not accidentally.

However, it needs a little more nudge when pushing the power button. It can be annoying if you are used to chainsaws that do not need a firm push. But it indicates you will also never start the tool unintentionally.


If you are tired of pulling on a recoil starter, getting the Husqvarna 120i seems like a no-brainer. It is lightweight, compact, and capable of performing with excellence. It is a top pick for homeowners who need a tool that stores easily and will start months later with less hassle. Since this is a 36.5V cordless model, the speed at which it cuts is incredible.

10. Echo CCS58V4AH Review "The Most Powerful Cordless Chainsaw "
  • Easy chain tensioning system
  • Brushless motor
  • Performs large cuts with a 16-inch bar and chain
  • Automatic oil for correct oil management
  • 5-year warranty
  • It has plastic bucking spikes
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Most professional lumberjacks will hesitate to replace the good old gas chainsaw for an electric one. But with the coming of brands like echo and their 58V battery, it becomes an easy decision. You will be dealing with a powerful chainsaw that will help complete large cutting jobs with ease.

This chainsaw comes with a 58V 4.0Ah battery. It powers the brushless motor to give superior performance for demanding jobs. It has an Oregon 90 chain that is 16 inches long. It allows you to cut through large logs and even thick trees with ease.

This model comes with an inertia chain brake and a mechanical lockout switch. You will like that it detects kickback before it causes injury. It is a tool you won’t have to worry about too much since it is all about working with large trees that need more concentration.

The variable speed trigger is one of the best because it is wide and flat. If you will be holding this chainsaw over an extended period, it is not going to make you feel uncomfortable. The trigger is easy to press, which won’t cause you problems while making the correct cuts.

Oiling is just as easy. It is automatic such that only the right amount passes to the chain. Too oily and it could be a messy affair. So, it helps to control the amount, which also reduces the quantity you use in the long run.

You will like that it has a short charge time of only 30 minutes. It is top of the chart because taking a short break means you can go back to work with a full battery. It lets you work longer so that you can meet deadlines if you have a landscaping client.

Its weight of 13.7 pounds makes it a heavy chainsaw. Even with a full battery and with the intention to work longer hours, fatigue may kick in faster than you’d like.


You will appreciate a cordless chainsaw that has the power of gas designs. The Echo CCS58V4AH might be a must-have chainsaw for professionals and homeowners, but it doesn’t deal with wrenches.

Electric Cordless Chainsaw Buyer’s Guide

You have decided that you don’t want to be around gas fumes and you don’t want to mess around with cords – good choice! The only thing left to do is to choose a high-quality electric cordless chainsaw.

Most of the people don’t know how to separate good electric cordless chainsaws from the bad ones. Fortunately, we have spent countless hours learning how to distinguish a high-quality tool from a tool that should be avoided. We share our findings with you, so you don’t have to waste time browsing through numerous websites.

Useful Features to Think About

Before you can make a purchase that won’t set you back a lot and will leave you satisfied, you need to know which features to consider.

Not all of the features below are an absolute necessity, but they will help you figure out which electric cordless chainsaw suits you the most.

  • Brushless motor: While the old DC motors are not bad, brushless motors are better. Brushless motors are quiet, which allows you to work even inside of your home. They last longer than the DC motors, and they are efficient. If you can, go for a brushless motor in your new electric cordless chainsaw.
  • Power: While some chainsaws offer 8V of power, our advice is to steer clear of them. Try to find an electric cordless chainsaw with at least 20V of power, but it won’t hurt to go over. The best models offer 40V of power, so consider them if you want the most powerful electric chainsaw.
  • Battery: You will notice that the capacity of a battery is shown in Ah (Amp hours). Batteries with a larger capacity offer you more time to work. If you want a good battery, try not to go under 6Ah. Some batteries go up to 9Ah of capacity, so consider them if you require the best tool.
  • Low kickback chain: Low kickback chains allow you to perform smooth cuts. Yes, some consider the cutting speed to be slow, but low kickback chains dull slower. Some models out there allow for slightly faster cutting. But, we think that the time spent on sharpening the chain is not worth the slightly faster cutting.
  • Oil view window: Yes, you need oil if you want your electric cordless chainsaw to work (more on that topic below). Oil view windows allow you to monitor the oil levels in your chainsaw. They will let you know how soon you will need to replace the oil, which is a useful feature if you don’t like having to change oil mid-work.
  • Safety mechanisms: High-quality electric cordless chainsaws come with safety mechanisms that prevent you from getting harmed. Some of the safety mechanisms that you should think about are an electric brake, throttle lock, and a chain catcher. Some units come with a sound alarm that informs you when something has gone wrong. The best models come with a microchip that prevents electrical overloads and overheating.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning: If you want to reduce downtime during work, look for a tool-less chain tensioning feature. It allows you to adjust the chain tension without the need for a screwdriver or a wrench. You only have to reach for the side of the chainsaw and turn a dial – simple, fast, and efficient.
  • Auto power off: High-quality electric cordless chainsaws come with an auto-power-off feature. This feature cuts the power if you don’t use the saw for some time. It is a useful feature that saves battery life and prevents harm caused by active tools lying around unsupervised.
  • Weight: Decent electric cordless chainsaws weight around 10 pounds. But, there are plenty of high-quality models out there that reduce the weight to 7 pounds and less. Most of the time, the battery influences the weight of the tool. So, if you purchase a tool with a high-quality battery, you can expect it to weigh more.

Do Electric Cordless Chainsaws Require Oil to Work?

Yes, they do. The purpose of the oil is to lubricate the bar and the chain. The oil reduces friction and it makes sure that your tool is functioning properly. If the chains are not lubricated, they break due to the metal-on-metal friction.

Best electric cordless chainsaws come with an automatic bar oiler. This feature allows you to work carefree while it constantly applies oil to the bar. If you want to work fast without anything dragging you down, then an automatic bar oiler is a must-have.