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A cordless screwdriver lets you reach all of the nooks and crannies of your house.

It is a must-have household tool for assembling furniture, hanging photo frames, and more. You also get to complete projects faster without hand fatigue that could ensue if you were using the traditional screwdriver.

With countless screwdriver brands on the market, there are many factors to consider before you make a choice. In our list, we’ve tackled different products. Powerful and lightweight models, and compact and professional grade screwdrivers. We made sure to help you with your choice.

In Short

For those looking to get up and running, grab Black + Decker LDX120C 20V. It is perhaps the most powerful model that any homeowner would love to get their hands on.

If you are all about working for hours with precision in mind, you will love the DEWALT DW920K Two-Position Screwdriver Kit. It allows for long hours of performance without an ounce of hand fatigue.

1. Black + Decker LDX120C Review "Most Powerful for Home Use "
  • Lightweight and easy to control
  • Comfortable rubber grip
  • It has an LED for illuminating dark spots
  • Works as a drill and driver
  • The battery has a lifespan of five years
  • It has a long running time
  • Powerful to handle most household tasks
  • The chuck is a tad difficult to tighten
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Weighing in at only 3.4 pounds, Black + Decker’s LDX120C is one of the most powerful and sought after cordless screwdrivers. Being a household tool, it doubles up as a drill and a driver. It is ideal for DIYers and homeowners who like to take on personal projects.

With an 11-position clutch, this screwdriver is ideal for working with different types of materials including metal, wood, and plastic. You are in luck because you don’t need to think if it’s going to work for a certain project. It has variable speed settings that allow it to be used without damaging sensitive surfaces.

When it comes to power, Black + Decker LDX120C achieves a maximum speed of 650RPM and a maximum torque of 115inches per pound. It is very quick for its size; no wonder it is ideal for demanding jobs. It gives you superior and effortless performance for an extended period.

This screwdriver operates using a 20V lithium-ion battery. It gives you over a day’s worth of running time requiring only 1-2 hours of charge time. It’s also incredible that the battery can stay in standby mode for up to 8 months.

Unfortunately, this screwdriver is not suitable for professional use. Its 115 inches per pound torque is only enough for small jobs because it cannot take the strain of intense activities. It is also a bit hard to tighten the chuck.


Even though it is not a professional grade tool, Black + Decker LDX120C is the ideal screwdriver for most carpenters and DIYers. It packs enough power with the convenience of working wherever you want whether it’s the basement or the attic. It is a budget screwdriver that will give you good speeds and great results.

2. Black + Decker AS6NG Review "A True Value Screwdriver"
  • Batteries are fast and easy to change
  • It works as a manual screwdriver
  • It has forward and back buttons for loosening and tightening fasteners
  • Compact design for all types of users
  • It does not have a speed control
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If you want a simple screwdriver that will do most of the repetitive jobs around the house, Black + Decker got you covered with their AS6NG model. You will notice that it has a different grip known as an in-line screwdriver. You get a tool that can get to the tiniest spaces and get you drilling holes and repairing stuff with less hassle.

As a simple tool, this model packs 20 inches per pound of power and a max speed of 130RPM. It has a forward/reverse switch that comes in handy to drive or remove screws when you need it to perform a decent job.

The screwdriver does not use rechargeable batteries. Instead, you just pop in four alkaline batteries that will give you approximately two years of runtime if you use it occasionally. For regular use, we expect less running time, but a year is still a remarkable runtime to get from such a small screwdriver.

What we like most about this screwdriver is that it does not have any buttons that could make the whole process of using it complicated. You can lock it in and use it as a manual screwdriver when you need more control.

We wish Black + Decker would have included an extra bit holder. It would be a nice addition for beginners who lack bit organizers.



For those looking to get a beginner’s screwdriver, you will love the convenience presented by this screwdriver. It is for the most basic tasks like installing picture frames and the like. So, you shouldn’t expect it to handle heavy-duty tasks.

Black + Decker also has their Li2000 3.5V rechargeable screwdriver. It has nearly similar features as the AS6NG, including the forward and reverse switch. It also has the option for manual usage, but it includes a three-position handle.

3. DEWALT DW920K Review "Highly-Rated for Superior Performance "
  • It has variable speed from 0-500RPM
  • 80 inches per pound torque
  • The two-position handle can work as an inline or pistol grip screwdriver
  • Quick-release hex-shank chuck
  • Chuck does not lock into position
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DeWalt is a renowned handheld power tools manufacturer. The DEWALT DW920K takes on a unique design that allows long hours of comfortable use.

This tool is also built for homeowners. It boasts a two-position handle with which you can use it both as an inline or a pistol grip screwdriver. If you are working around tight spaces, the pistol grip will come in handy since you will have access and control at the same time. It is also a good option when working on things on the ceiling.

With a max power of 80 inches per pound, it is the type you pick when you need to complete jobs fast around the house. It comes with a quick-release hex-shank chuck that provides quick changing of bits and also prevents bits from falling out. This way, you will work continuously, which in turn minimizes the downtime.

It sports a variable speed trigger that is useful when you have to work with various materials. This means the capability to work with wood and metal as they all require different speeds to perform a perfect job.

This model operates on a 7.2V battery. It provides cordless operation for up to 12 hours. Seeing that it weighs only 3.5 pounds, we can see you working continuously for hours without experiencing strain and/or fatigue.

DeWalt guarantees this product for three years with the option of returning it within 90 days if it does not meet your requirements.

DeWalt does not include a lock for the bits. Since the chuck works in the forward direction, it is pretty easy to lose a bit if it comes flying out when you miss the position you want it to go.


DEWALT DW920K achieves a balance between power and weight. It feels great in the hands of anyone who does not have the energy to drive a screw through without causing pain to the muscles. If you are looking for a versatile, electric-powered tool, this one may be for you.

DeWalt has a motion activated variable speed cordless screwdriver; the DEWALT DCF680N2. It has a slightly lower max speed of 430RPM. It also comes with a two-position handle but with forward and reversing control.

4. Hitachi DB3DL2 Review "The Only Screwdriver with 21 Clutch Settings"
  • 21 clutch settings and one drill setting
  • The battery recharges in only 30 minutes
  • The cell has overload and over-discharge protection
  • It has an LED light
  • Spindle lock for manual use
  • Forward/reverse switches
  • The battery has a 2-year warranty
  • Two-position handle
  • The trigger switch is at an awkward position
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It may not be the cheapest electric screwdriver out there, but it may be the most flexible tool. Every carpenter wants a tool that they can control, and Hitachi DB3DL2 is all about control. With 21 clutch settings, it gets you working around the most delicate and sensitive projects like a pro.

A 1.5Ah lithium-ion battery powers this screwdriver. Even when the battery is about to get depleted, you will not experience reduced power, which can affect a particular job. It has overload and discharge protection. The protection ensures that you can always return to your screwdriver after keeping it shelved for months.

Hitachi ensures that you can work even around dark areas since an LED light is included in the screwdriver. Not to mention it has a two-position handle for either inline or pistol grip handling.

The max speed of this tool is at 600RPM. The speed is variable from 200RPM, which means getting most jobs done at the time and rate that you need. You will find it comfortable as it weighs less than a pound. With this tool, you can install new light fixtures, and hang blinds and shower curtains without requiring the help of a professional.

Another convenience is the forward/reverse switch that allows you to change the bit direction. It also has a ¼-inch hex chuck which facilitates fast changing of bits.

Our only complaint with this Hitachi model is that it is not the most ambidextrous. Left-handers will not find it comfortable. It is also slow if used for heavy duty purposes.


Hitachi is a go-to device for most people looking for a flexible cordless screwdriver. It opens up possibilities for doing a lot of work, especially because it has 21 clutch settings. When the job requires finesse, there’s a speed trigger that gives you more control. It may not be for left-handers, but right-handers should gear up because this tool has all the capabilities to perform a task well.

5. Milwaukee 2401-22 Review "Cordless Screwdriver with a Battery-Level Indicator "
  • Lightweight at only 2 pounds Robust design (packs 150 inches per pound power)
  • Comfortable handle with a well-positioned trigger
  • Quick-change chuck
  • Advanced battery technology for safety in the field use
  • Not all bits and accessories designed for this screwdriver will work with the quick-release chuck
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Most electric screwdrivers will run out of power with little to no warning. But Milwaukee 2401-22 lets you know how much juice you have left. This way, you can prioritize the essential projects when you are out in the field.

This model has a 500RPM max speed. With 150 inches per pound power, it is efficient in most DIY projects. Contrarily, it doesn’t handle the professional projects well because it cannot be put under a lot of stress. When you want to assemble furniture as well as install fixtures, it is going to do a good job and save you time in the process.

The integrated LED light illuminates workspaces to make them visible so you can work accurately. It also has a quick method of changing bits using its ¼-inch hex chuck. You get to complete jobs on time and work with a versatile tool.

Milwaukee 2401-22 weighs only 2 pounds. It is perhaps the lightest screwdriver you can get with that much power. It is a must-have tool for arthritis sufferers as well as beginners. It is a straightforward tool with a pistol grip and a variable speed trigger.

Milwaukee also has a new plastic model of this tool, which has metallic housing. If you are buying this tool because of the metal housing, you will want to specify it in your purchase, or you will receive the plastic model.


Milwaukee is not a new name in the tools industry. They are known for their innovative products, and that’s what the 2401-22 screwdriver is all about. It brings power and performance in a lightweight tool. If you appreciate its build quality and battery technology, you might be pleased with your purchase.

6. WORX WX254L SD Review "Best Lightweight Screwdriver "
  • Lightweight; only 1.1 pounds
  • Slide action for advancing bits
  • The battery can hold a charge for 18 months
  • Comes with the starter screw and drill bits
  • It has a running time of approximately 18 hours
  • It does not have variable speed
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WORX WX254L looks sophisticated and ready to take on the toughest jobs. You will notice that it feels comfortable in hands thanks to its ultralight build of only 1.1 pounds. If you are a lady in the business looking for a handy tool that will not feel awkward in small hands, this is the screwdriver for you.

It boasts a battery that can be stored for up to 18 months and still have the charge to fix a door as soon as you pick it up. You will also get a charger that helps to fast-charge the 4V lithium-ion battery.

A unique aspect of this screwdriver is the slide-action bit-changing mechanism. You will never waste a single minute on the field trying to fumble with bits while you could be completing a job and getting things done.

You get two-bit cartridges that can store six bits each. Had enough of losing your bits and getting frustrated while trying to find them? This tool may be the one that could change the way you approach work.

This screwdriver also comes with starter drill bits. Therefore you don’t have to go back to the store if you are only testing the tool.

We find the handle too small for large hands. You can comfortably use this tool only if you have small hands.


When it comes to finding a small tool that you can use in simple jobs, WORX WX254L is a tool you could try out. It provides exceptional performance for beginners and homeowners since it is easy to handle. This is regarding advancing the bits, which is perhaps the easiest we have come across.

A tool with a similar design but with a screw holder is the Worx WX255L SD Semi-Automatic Screwdriver. You can expect all the intuitive details presented by its WORX WX254L cousin.

7. SKIL 2354-07 iXO 4V Review "Most Compact Cordless Screwdriver "
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 200RPM for small tasks
  • Comfortable grip
  • It has forward/reverse buttons
  • An LED light illuminates dark spaces
  • It does not have variable speed
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In the world of palm-sized screwdrivers, SKIL 2354-07 iXO steals the cake. This is a model that you can take just about anywhere and never worry about a low battery because it uses a USB charger. This means it can draw power from a power bank as well as a laptop or even your car.

Being compact means it can go into small spaces. It has a max speed of 200RPM, so you will want to perform only light work that does not demand higher speeds. With a unique right angle attachment, this tool can get into awkward workspaces. You will even light your way and have your job complete at the right time.

It has an LED indicator that should guide you during reverse and forward actions. This means quick work of fastening and removing screws with the same tool.

Its 4V lithium-ion battery meets our expectations as it can hold a charge for 18 months. Unlike its other counterparts like the SKIL 2346, this one will last 20% longer. It comes with a five-bit set, so even if it has no room for a cartridge, you still get a complete starter kit.

We do not like that it has only a 1-year warranty and that you have to pay for repairs and mailing your screwdriver to a service center. It may be inexpensive, but the extra costs beat the budget purpose for buying this model.


When you want a tool you can grab and start working with within a moment’s notice, SKIL 2354-07 iXO is an excellent pick. It is small and lightweight meaning it won’t add any weight to your toolbox. Using it and changing the bit is a breeze even for newbies. It completes the job, which is the most important aspect of having it.

8. General Tools 502 Review "Cheap Cordless Precision Screwdriver for Technicians "
  • Comes with six starter bits
  • Uses replaceable Polaroid AAA batteries
  • Small and ergonomic for the tightest spaces
  • Quick-change chuck
  • One button for forward and reverse
  • It has an LED light
  • It cannot be used as a manual screwdriver
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An inline cordless screwdriver, General Tools 502 is a mini power-model for technicians. It takes on an ergonomic design that lets you work in the tightest of spaces like when repairing a photocopier.

Computer and electric technicians will find the 100RPM max speed efficient for most jobs. It is a tool you want to take with you since it gives you powerful performance while being lightweight. It can fit into small toolboxes without any problems. Since it doesn’t take up a lot of space, you won’t have to leave other vital tools behind.

We like that it has only one button to perform its three essential functions. This goes for switching it on as well as changing from forward to reverse action. When you press and hold the top of the button, the screwdriver goes into the forward mode. You can also push and hold the lower end of the button switches to make it work in the reverse mode. It is that simple.

With the LED light at the tip, the bits will always be illuminated to ensure you have a clear view of the work you are undertaking.

Two AAA batteries power this screwdriver. They can provide over 6 hours of running time. Considering that it is a small screwdriver, it is a welcome feature since it is easy to switch them out when they run out of juice. The first batch is provided alongside six popular bits like Torx T5 and T6 bits.

It has a quick-change chuck that can take all sorts of industry-standard 4mm bits. It is the tool you want for computer circuit boards and handling small screws.

You can’t lock in this screwdriver and use it as a manual screwdriver. If you try doing it, it might break and stop working.


If you are a technician looking for a small and compact electric-powered screwdriver, we recommend the General Tools 502. It is powered for the job making it a useful product that will get the job done effortlessly. It is flexible, versatile, and convenient for everyday use.

9. Bosch PS31-2A Review "Professional Grade "
  • A two-speed setting (0-350RPM and 0-1300RPM)
  • 250 inches per pound torque
  • 7-inch head for tight spaces
  • Comes with two lithium-ion batteries
  • LED light for illumination
  • Soft grip handle
  • It is easy to hit the reverse/forward switch by mistake
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For heavy-duty use, Bosch gives us their powerful and lightweight screwdriver. It also doubles as a drill, which improves its functionality on a variety of projects. Its two-speed setting makes it a big deal, and a smart option for professionals.

You can vary the speed between 0-350RPM or 0-1300RPM. With a 250 inches per pound torque, this screwdriver will get you through tough jobs effortlessly. It makes it possible to get through different materials with less effort as well as without damaging the delicate materials.

Whether you are tackling drywalls, metal, or wood, nothing is too complicated for this screwdriver. It has a 7-inch head, and it is barely two pounds so you can easily get into tight spaces without contending with massive weight. It is coupled with an LED that is useful when removing screws from dark spaces.

The 3/8-inch single sleeve 3-jaw chuck is an innovative design that provides users with a lot of applications.

The 12V battery is a remarkable feature of this screwdriver. You can expect up to six hours of battery life during intense work. If you are going to be using it occasionally, the battery can run for a few weeks. What’s more, it has an extra battery pack that makes it all the more useful.

Its fuel gauge will also come in handy to indicate the battery life at all times. Its Durashield housing, which consists of nylon and ABS composite, provides durable use around job sites. It can withstand a 12-ft drop, which is great considering the type of jobs you are going to subject it to.

The battery compartment has a very tight lid. If you do not have the energy and patience, it is going to be an annoying endeavor.


Professionals will find the Bosch PS31-2A screwdriver exceptional for the power and the weight. You can get lots of work done since it is powerful and comes with two batteries. From the length to the variable speed settings, it is one of a kind. Definitely worth the price.

10. Makita DF012DSE Review "with Auto-Stop "
  • Two variable speed settings
  • 21 clutch settings
  • Two 7.2V Lithium-Ion batteries for long runtime
  • Weighs only 1.2 pounds
  • Soft grip for comfortable handling
  • Dual-position handle
  • The max torque reduces with time
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Everyone who has been around power tools is familiar with Makita, a brand renowned for its wide variety of tools. The Makita DF012DSE could provide you with satisfactory results. It is like a smaller version of the Bosch PS31-2A since it has a two-speed setting, but the speeds are much lower. This also indicates it has a lower price tag.

Makita DF012DSE is for home and DIY use. Speeds can vary between 0-200 and 0-600RPM. It is ideal for high and low-speed applications where precision is of importance. It has 21 clutch settings that spell usefulness in a variety of jobs.

This screwdriver has an auto-stop mechanism that prevents the overdrive of the screws. Not forgetting that it also has an LED and a two-position handle. It can work as an inline or a pistol grip screwdriver. It is the tool you want when working in tight spaces and where you need extra control.

You get a tool that does not self-discharge for a long time. It is no wonder that it has a 3-year warranty, and so does the battery. It takes a short time to charge the battery. The LED will start blinking to indicate a low battery.

It comes with a ¼-inch hex chuck that allows quick drill changes. With its ergonomic shape and a soft grip handle, it provides comfortable use when handling complicated jobs.

We would have loved the tool more if the clutch made a clicking sound instead of suddenly stopping when being locked into position.


Makita DF012DSE offers versatility in a tool that can be used for high and low-speed applications. It is a lightweight product that you can effortlessly take to the field. Everything about it spells efficiency. The auto-stop clutch and controlled fastening with different clutch settings are a plus. Every DIYer will find it excellent for most projects.

Electric Cordless Screwdriver Buyer’s Guide

If you want to work comfortably and efficiently, then electric cordless screwdrivers are a good choice. They are very adaptable, light, and great money-savers.

Before you can go out and purchase an electric cordless screwdriver, you need to know what to look for. Because the market is overflowing with various cordless screwdrivers of dubious quality, it is hard to find a good one.

Fortunately, we have dedicated ourselves to researching electric cordless screwdrivers. We have spent a lot of time finding the best electric cordless screwdrivers, so you don’t have to.

Types of Electric Cordless Screwdrivers

An official classification doesn’t exist. Nevertheless, we have decided to classify electric cordless screwdrivers into three groups.

We have grouped electric screwdrivers based on their shape. You only have to choose a shape that suits your working style.

  • In-line: In-line electric cordless screwdrivers are completely straight. They are the epitome of simplicity, and almost anyone can use them successfully. The only downside is that you won’t find them ideal for every job.
  • Pistol: This is the most common shape of electric screwdrivers. They have a handle that you grip like you would a pistol. Pistol-grip electric screwdrivers are comfortable to use. They are good for working on hard-to-reach places, and they are a good tool for awkward angles.
  • Combination: If you don’t want to think about which one of the grips suits you, you can go for a combination of both. This type of electric screwdrivers allows you to switch the grip. You can work with a pistol grip, and then change it to the in-line grip when the need arises.

In the end, you should choose the shape of an electric screwdriver that suits your needs. There is only one caveat – being left-handed. Unfortunately, not many models are comfortable to use if your left hand is the dominant one. So, if you are a lefty, then look for a tool that allows you to use it comfortably.

How Long do The Batteries Last?

Battery life varies between different models. Some of the models can work for six hours or less, which is not bad. But, if you don’t want to charge your battery every day, there are units with a longer lasting battery.

Better electric cordless screwdrivers offer 12 and more hours of uninterrupted work. It is important to note that some units come with replacement batteries. A useful feature that will not leave you with a useless tool while a battery charges.

Bear in mind that some cordless screwdrivers come with batteries that don’t discharge while the tool is not used. This means that you can pick up your electric screwdriver months after you have used it. You won’t have to wonder whether the battery needs charging.

Basically, look for a cordless screwdriver that offers a battery with a lengthy life. But, try to make sure that the batteries can be left alone for a long time without them discharging.

Features to Look For

Before you can order a brand new electric cordless screwdriver, you need to know which features are important in your line of work.

  • Weight: Most of the weight comes from the battery and the motor. So, the heavier those two parts are, the heavier the tool is. Most of the electric screwdrivers weigh around three pounds. If you need to work for a long time, then you will be happy to know that some models weigh under one pound. Make sure that you are satisfied with the weight because you wouldn’t want the fatigue to prevent you from working.
  • Torque: The torque tells you with how much force the screwdriver rotates the screw. Most of the electric screwdrivers come with a torque of 30 N/m, which is good enough for light work. But, if you need a tool for heavy-duty work, then you need to aim for 100 N/m.
  • Speed: The speed is measured in revolutions per minute(RPM), and it tells you how fast the screwdriver head spins. Most of the electric screwdrivers have a speed of 200 RPM. Better models allow speeds of over 500 RPM, but the best ones allow you to control the speed.
  • Grip: We have mentioned that the shape of the tool plays an important role in comfort. But, the grip is another element that can add to or take away from comfort. Good electric cordless screwdrivers have a rubberized handle that is comfortable to hold. So, if you value comfort, look for a tool with a decent grip.
  • Chuck: You need to decide between a keyed and a keyless chuck. If you use a keyed chuck, then you will need a key to tighten the chuck around the bit. On the other hand, a keyless chuck doesn’t require a key. If you choose a keyed chuck, be sure to keep the key in a safe place since replacing it might be a problem.
  • Settings: Good cordless screwdrivers allow you to set the torque, as well as the direction of the spin. While most of the units come with useful settings, some of them don’t. Make sure to check whether your new tool comes with convenient settings.
  • Extras: High-quality electric cordless screwdrivers come with a couple of extra items. Those items can be anything from drill bits to a suitcase. Read the product information carefully, because some units come with useful extras that you wouldn’t want to miss.