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Where do you begin choosing beard oil? And, is it necessary?

For many men, taking care of the area beneath the beard may seem like too much. But, it is essential in keeping your facial hair soft, supple, and well-conditioned.

If you have ever irritated the skin of anyone who cozies up to you, then you are dealing with rugged spikes.  Beard oil is precisely what you need to keep your beard from becoming brittle and flaky.

It does not make your skin oily. Instead, beard oil is light and absorbs fast into the skin. It has a pleasant fragrance so your goatee will be scented all day long, and you won’t have the need to spray aftershave.

We have taken care to include only the best. Our beard oil choices do not contain any fillers, parabens, and are cruelty-free. They help you moisturize and revitalize itchy and dry skin, and also help manage stubborn growth.

In Short

If it’s your first time shopping for beard oil, Ranger Grooming by Leven Rose Fragrance-Free Beard Oil may be what you want. It contains only two ingredients. It soaks in quickly to tame unruly hair keeping it groomed and healthy naturally.

If you need a complete set of beard oil, conditioner, and balm, Bossman Essentials Beard Kit could be a good choice. It has an all-natural moisturizer that promotes beard growth while forming a better bond with the hair thanks to its gel consistency.

1. Leven Rose Fragrance Free Review - by Ranger Grooming Co, Best for Growth
  • Stops itches and eliminates beardruff
  • Moisturizes facial hair and skin
  • It’s vegan-friendly
  • Fragrance-free - contains only two ingredients
  • Comes with a glass stopper and amber glass
  • Can be used as a beard conditioner
  • The 1-ounce bottle is a bit expensive
  • The neutral scent is not for every man
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Whether you are a beard pro or getting yourself warmed up for new growth, Ranger Grooming lets you step up your game in the beard grooming world. It takes care of the initial itching during new growth and tames unruly mustaches while moisturizing them from the inside out.

Why Leven Rose?

No one likes to kiss a scattered beard, and it doesn’t look good on anyone. With the help of organic Moroccan Argan oil, you have yourself a nourishing product that promotes healthy hair growth. This way, you will have growth in all the right places, and it will appear full from the very beginning.

If you are already past the first two weeks of growing your stubble, you will appreciate how soft your beard will feel. It even becomes more manageable such that you can style it better without it losing its shape during the day.

Jojoba oil, the second ingredient in this beard oil hydrates the skin and keeps it from cracking and becoming flaky. It gives the beard a natural luster giving you a kissable face.

We do like that this oil is fragrance-free. It does not overpower your cologne or put off people, which is what happens when you wear a heavily scented beard oil.

How to Apply Leven Rose?

Your morning beard routine just became easy with Leven Rose. You just need a few drops of this oil, which you apply to your mane after the shower when your beard is slightly damp. It soaks quickly into the hair and skin making it easy to style.

The dropper lid is very convenient since it helps you measure beard oil accurately, and it makes the 1-ounce bottle last longer.


The neutral smell of this beard oil does not sit well with some men. It has been associated with having an olive oil scent. Also, there are complaints about it being too greasy. But, those complaints probably stem from improper dosing. Bear in mind that the recommended amount is two to four drops.


A respectable beard starts with caring for it with the right oil. Leven Rose has created the perfect combination of two ingredients in a convenient bottle that makes it easy to use. It is ideal for those who have an itchy and flaky beard.

2. Bossman Beard Oil Kit Review - Best for Long Beard
  • Hydrates hair follicles
  • Eliminates itching and dryness
  • Affordable for the complete kit
  • Jelly warms up fast in the hand
  • Available in four scents
  • The balm is a bit difficult to warm up
  • Magic scent can be overpowering
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A long beard needs special care. It is more susceptible to collecting grime and dirt. Luckily, Bossman gives you a full kit to moisturize, condition, and take care of your long beard.

Why Bossman Essentials?

This beard oil comes as a complete package. It has the jelly beard oil, intense beard conditioner, and the seal&protect beard balm.

Bossman is the first brand with jelly for beard oil. Because of its viscosity, it performs better and stays on longer than regular beard oils. It is a good choice if you have a long and thick beard. It uses high-quality essential oils as well as castor and avocado oils. It creates the ultimate moisturizer that hydrates hair follicles.

The jelly forms a nice bond with the beard making it easy to maintain. You will also notice that it becomes soft and all itching stops. It has also helped stimulate the growth of beard in some men. You will love using the Bossman conditioner which moisturizes the beard. It replenishes dry follicles, especially if you have unusually dry skin or if your skin dries out in winter.

Your daily jelly oil routine is not complete without the beard balm. It seals in the jelly, gives the oil a better hold, and makes it easy to style with a beard brush or comb.


Bossman jelly beard oil is available in four scents. We are reviewing the magic scent, which is a mix of vanilla and rich sandalwood oils. It highlights the three Bossman accents; frankincense, bergamot, and patchouli.

You can get the jelly beard in three other scents including the gold, hammer, and stagecoach scents.


The magic scent is a heavy scent that can be overwhelming to scent-sensitive people. Unfortunately, Bossman does not have an unscented beard oil in its collection.


Bossman Essentials Beard Oil Kit is for every man who needs to care of his beard without going back to the store often. If only it included a beard shampoo, then we could call it a full package. Nevertheless, the jelly beard oil proves to be excellent in making thick and long beards soft and easy to manage.

3. Wild Willies Premium Review - Best Organic Beard Oil
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Stops itchiness
  • Makes beard soft and shiny
  • Nut-free despite having argan oil
  • Uses all organic oil sources
  • Does not have additives and fillers
  • It is not a vegan product - contains animal-based emu oil
  • Comes in a clear bottle
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Wild Willies delivers ease and convenience in managing wild manes. It is an all-natural product ideal for every man with sensitive skin.

Why Wild Willies?

If you are looking for oil and conditioner in one, Wild Willies is for you. It allows you to use it on a daily basis as beard oil, and you can also put it on in the shower, let it sit, and then rinse it off as a conditioner.

This beard oil has apricot seed oil which moisturizes the beard and prevents untidiness. It also has grape seed oil, which promotes hair growth. It includes gold jojoba to hydrate the hair follicles while delivering antibacterial effects.

Other ingredients include Argan, castor, and emu oils, rosemary, cedarwood, and tea tree essential oils, and vitamin E. As you can see, Wild Willies is all organic and uses natural sources only.

Your beard is set to benefit from 10 vitamins available from the blend of these oils. You can expect healthy hair growth full of shine and elasticity.


Wild Willies comes in either the original scent or cool mint scent. Both are very pleasant to the nose, and the cool mint scent disappears within an hour. This means you can put on 24-hour cologne without having the beard oil take over the smell.


Wild Willies comes in a clear bottle. It reduces the shelf-life of the oil unless you store it in a dark cabinet. This is because it’s easy for UV light to penetrate the bottle and decrease the integrity of the oil. You may notice a scent change if you leave it exposed to UV light.


Wild Willies works effectively to help manage rough and spiky beards. It delivers the benefits of different kinds of oils, which results in a softer, healthy beard. It moisturizes all day long and produces excellent results for long and short beards the same.

4. V76 by Vaughn Review - Hydrating and Conditioning Vegan Beard Oil
  • Softens short stubble and mustache
  • Soothes and hydrates irritated skin
  • Easy to measure out
  • It’s all vegan and organic
  • Blue cedar fragrance does not linger for long
  • It is paraben and sulfate-free
  • Not ideal for long beards
  • The scent disappears too fast to the liking of some men
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No one likes compromises, and neither does a vegan man. V76 by Vaughn is an all-vegan beard oil that does not have animal-based fats as well as petroleum, gluten, mineral oils, and other fillers.

Why V76 by Vaughn?

Most iconic men have used V76 by Vaughn as their product of choice in beard care. We are talking Bill Clinton, Bruce Springsteen, Richard Gere, Al Pacino, and Tom Brady.

V76 by Vaughn soothes the skin as it absorbs quickly leaving a classic shine.

It hydrates hair follicles, softens coarse hair, and doubles up as a conditioner. One of the ingredients of this oil is safflower oil. It prevents dry skin and itching.  It also has Saw Palmetto to promote healthy hair growth, making it perfect for those starting the beard growth journey.

You will like that this oil is very light. It absorbs super quick and will not make your beard feel heavy. It is not greasy at all, and you use less than you would with cheaper oils.


V76 by Vaughn is in Blue Cedar fragrance. It is a leather and wood scent whose effects diminish after a few minutes. It is, however, manly and complements any deodorant or cologne that you choose to put on.


This oil works better on short beards rather than long ones. If you have a long beard, you may find yourself using more product than you would with other oils.


V76 by Vaughn is effective in dealing with a short, stubborn beard. It moisturizes deep into the skin, soothes the skin, and leaves your facial hair smooth and frizz-free. It absorbs fast and will make your beard soft after only a few uses.

5. Can You Handlebar Wisdom Review
  • Comes in a protective amber bottle
  • Hydrates hair and skin
  • Helps to reduce itching and dryness
  • Improves healthy beard growth
  • Can be used as a leave-in conditioner
  • It’s available in different fragrances
  • It is a bit pricey
  • It’s easy to pour out too much even with a dropper
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Can You Handlebar Wisdom Beard Oil nurtures your beard from a few weeks of stubborn spikes to full growth. It is premium beard oil, but will it make you fork more cash for a soft, supple, beard?

Why Can You Handlebar Wisdom?

From the quality of the amber bottle to the oil and water resistant label, everything about this product is of premium quality. It reaches deep into the follicles to replenish your natural skin oils. It promotes healthy hair growth since it also hydrates the skin, thus preventing flaking and breaking of strands.

If you are going for a trimmed look, Wisdom allows you to tame wild whiskers making it easy to style your beard. You’ll like that this is a simple portion that uses light and medium weight oils. These include jojoba oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, rice bran oil, vitamin E, and meadowfoam seed oil.

It is free of nuts such that anyone with a nut allergy can use it without any side effects. It fits in any bathroom as it is easy to use thanks to the glass stopper. Wisdom makes your beard soft and luscious as it moisturizes the area beyond the beard. Every new growth is healthy without any hints of itching or redness.


Wisdom has a woodsy scent. It is masculine, warm, but not overpowering. Unlike oils whose scent disappear within an hour of applying, this one lingers longer, but it becomes less distinctive during the day.

You can get Wisdom in other scents like sage and peppermint, but you can also get an unscented version.


The citrus hint in the woodsy scent takes time to get used to. Some men may not stand it the first few times, but it gets better with time.


Can You Handlebar Wisdom Beard Oil is ideal if you experience breakage and itching. It provides natural conditioning to make your beard stronger and healthy while taming wild hair.

6. Mountaineer Brand Barefoot Review - Natural Beard Oil
  • It does not have scented oils
  • Lighter than most beard oils
  • Affordable for a 2-ounce bottle
  • Can be used on all beards
  • Uses handmade natural oils
  • It has scented choices
  • Does not work well on a dry beard
  • The sticker is not oil resistant - it’s a pain to remove the blue speckles on hands
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Mountaineer Brand Barefoot is a premium-quality beard oil that uses only three ingredients. Like the top choice, it does not have any essential oil, and thus no scent.

Why Mountaineer Barefoot?

To keep your beard well-groomed sometimes less is more. With this beard oil, you don’t have to wonder what’s in it because Mountaineer has used grapeseed oil, castor oil, and almond oil.

These oils are carefully selected to ensure you get the hydrating and anti-itching benefits. It goes deep such that it can nurture new growth, short, and long beards the same. With a few uses, your beard will be fizzle and flake-free, and it will shine impeccably.

Since it does not have a dropper cap, you may feel like you are going to waste a lot of it. But, it has a steady grip, and a few drops go a long way. You may want to adjust the amount you use while growing your beard. A short stubble will require less than a full grown beard.


This particular bottle is unscented, but you can get it in other fragrances. You get to choose between coal scents and citrus&spice. These fragrances are quite mild, and both come off as pine and sandalwood, but they don’t last all day. The scents are amazing, which your lady friends will confirm.


Some men will see immediate changes while others might need more time before seeing any changes. It all depends on the texture of your hair since rough spikes will not take the usual time it takes to manage a soft beard.


Mountaineer Brand Barefoot beard oil lives up to the expectations of most people. It is natural, scent-free, and promotes healthy skin and beard growth. It is not heavy but holds up without attracting dust and grime.

7. The Gentleman’s Beard Review - Fragrance-Free Softener & Leave-In Conditioner’s-Beard-Fragrance-Free--262x143.jpg
  • Ideal for the driest, flaky skins
  • Absorbs quickly in wet and dry beard
  • Natural and organic with no fillers and essential oils
  • Works right away on long beards
  • Easy to pour with a glass dropper
  • Can leave stains on clothes
  • Pricier than other unscented oils
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The Gentleman’s Beard strives to tame the roughest of manes. If you feel your beard has become unmanageable after achieving full length, you may want to try this beard oil.

Why Gentleman’s Beard?

From split ends to scattered, coarse facial hair, Gentleman’s Beard can combat many beard-related problems. If your beard tends to be dry and itchy, you might need to apply more during the first few times of use. Fortunately, after a couple of uses, you can go to using only a few drops every other day.

The oil is absorbed entirely in the hair. So, within an hour, you won’t feel any oil when you pass your fingers through your beard.

With no scents, fillers, or paraben, it is a natural oil that can stay on without irritating your nostrils. The main ingredients of this oil are Argan oil, Evening Primrose oil, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E.

The consistency of the blend allows the Gentleman’s Beard to be used with both wet and dry beards. As such, you can reapply it in the evening when you want a fresh look without necessarily taking a shower.


As much as we like the unscented version, there are many different scents worth mentioning. Whiskey, peppermint, bay rum, lumberjack, pina colada, and vanilla&cinnamon are sure to get you noticed. Besides the essential oils that create each unique fragrance, you get the full benefits of ease of styling, hydrating, and a bright shine.


This oil contains argan oil. It may give a yellow effect to those who have a snow white beard. You may want to choose from different brands like Mountaineer, which leaves white beards white.


Gentleman’s Beard is for the most rugged beard. It combines the best oils that work fast in giving you a shiny luster on a supple, soft beard. It helps the skin beneath to retain moisture. As such, it reduces breakage and repairs split ends.

8. ArtNaturals Beard Oil and Conditioner Review - Best on a Budget
  • Uses premium natural ingredients
  • It is at a bargain price
  • Does not have a greasy feeling
  • No scent to irritate the nostrils
  • Comes in an amber bottle
  • Vegan-friendly
  • It is not available in scented options
  • May collect on beard if you use too much
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The price of this oil should be high, but ArtNaturals avails this bottle at an affordable price while offering the magic of costly oils.

Why ArtNaturals?

This oil has only three ingredients. It is natural, healthy, and ideal for anyone who has sensitive skin. Applying this oil is easy since it comes with a glass dropper. You only need three to four drops of this oil for it to work its magic. ArtNatural helps maintain a professional look for short hair. It is also ideal if you have new growth to prevent breakouts and ingrown hairs.

The nourishing effects of Vitamin E, organic jojoba oil, and organic Moroccan argan oil soothe sensitive skin. It reduces inflammation, redness, and itching within the first week of applying ArtNaturals.

What’s more, ArtNaturals, although cheap, ensures that the integrity of the oil is maintained in an amber bottle. UV rays cannot penetrate the bottle but don’t leave it exposed to the sun.

Whether you have a mustache or a full-grown beard, you can use this oil as a conditioner since it is very light. It is unscented and will not need rinsing when you use too much of it as a conditioner.


ArtNaturals Beard Oil and Conditioner comes only in the unscented version. If you like your oil plain, then you will love this one since it allows you to apply deodorant and a cologne without ruining the scent.


There are a few complaints about the glass lid dropper not working effectively. It may let out more oil than you need if you press too hard.


With only three ingredients, ArtNaturals is made for all skin types. It can help manage irritated skin as well as reduce acne and prevent flaking and itching. Being without a scent makes it an excellent conditioner. Unfortunately, it does not perform as well on long beards as it does on short beards.

9. Cremo Review - Revitalizing Beard Oil Forest Blend: Best Cheap
  • Softens and smoothens facial hair
  • Soothes itchy and dry skin
  • Comes in two manly scents
  • Does not drip onto the bottle
  • It does not feel heavy or greasy
  • Affordable, yet of high quality
  • Isolated complaints about discoloring white beards
  • It comes in a small 1-ounce bottle
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Designed for all skin types and beard lengths, Cremo is the beard oil to get on the cheap. It keeps your beard clean, irritation-free, and healthy.

Why Cremo?

Managing a beard is expensive in the long run. If you don’t want to run short of supply, Cremo offers a simple and realistic way to care for your beard. Apart from being cheap, it relieves dry, itchy skin as well as split hairs. It makes it easy to care for a long beard by restoring moisture to the hair and the skin.

With a long beard, you tend to scratch your face more as your skin struggles to hold on to the moisture which your hair takes up. That’s why you need oil like Cremo as it contains Argan and jojoba oils which hydrate the driest of skins.

There’s no need to buy conditioner. You can use this oil Cremo right after washing your facial hair with beard shampoo. It gives your beard more of a natural look and even deepens its color.


You can get Cremo in the Woodsy fragrance, Mint Blend Scent, and unscented. We love the woodsy scent more since it is more manly and wears off sooner after applying it. It is not overpowering even when worn alongside a scented deodorant or cologne.


Some people would have wanted the scent to last longer than a few minutes. It is too mild to the liking of those who love to smell their beard.


Cremo is a revitalizing beard oil that restores the shine in long beards. It helps to maintain the moisture in short hair so that you can enjoy every stage of growing a beard. It is cheap, natural, and ideal to include in any beard care routine.

Beard Oil Buyer’s Guide

Men who want to keep their beard healthy and clean have been using beard oils since the earliest civilizations. Real men don’t shy away from grooming and keeping themselves looking clean and healthy.

Unfortunately, new beard oils keep popping up every day. There are so many products out there that it’s hard to track them all. Figuring out which one might be good for you is a task that could take you a long time. Luckily, we have spent countless hours on dedicated research, so you can spend your time on something else.

Carrier Oils – Why They are Important

You should know that beard oils are a blend of two types of oils – carrier oils and essential oils. Essential oils are the ones who give the beard oil its scent. There are many different essential oils out there, but we advise you to choose a natural product. So, if you see that the list of ingredients includes the word “fragrance”, then the essential oils might not be natural.

When it comes to carrier oils, which are more important, there are four that are used most of the time.

  • Coconut oil: Well-known for penetrating the skin fast, and providing antifungal and antibacterial properties. If your beard itches and you notice flaking, then a beard oil with coconut oil as a carrier might help you. Coconut oil smells great, so be sure to think about it as a carrier oil in your new beard oil.
  • Jojoba oil: Jojoba oil might be a good choice if your skin is sensitive. It has been used for a long time, and it has proven itself in combating acne. So, if you have oily skin, then you could try beard oils with jojoba oil.
  • Grapeseed oil: This oil is famous for restoring collagen. Grapeseed oil is good for men who want to revitalize their skin and fight against acne. If you want to protect your skin by keeping it young, then you might wanna think about grapeseed oil.
  • Argan oil: This carrier oil has a high content of Vitamin E and fatty acids. It is known for providing moisture for your skin and beautiful shine for your beard.

Bear in mind that there are other useful carrier oils out there. Almond oil is worth mentioning since it reduces inflammation and reduces ingrown hairs. Castor oil is a good choice to combat skin irritation, and hazelnut oil hydrates the skin and reduces eczema.

When it comes to essential oils, it is important to know that they act as a skin-tightener and some can have aromatherapy benefits. Most of the time you will notice eucalyptus oil, pinewood oil, tea tree oil, sandalwood, and cedarwood. So, be sure to know which one, if any, of the mentioned scents you enjoy.

Things to Look For

Before you can buy a beard oil that will make your beard healthier than it was before, you need to know a couple of things you should look for.

  • Ingredients: Quite possibly the most important factor you should think about. We have mentioned the most commonly used carrier oils. So, think about what you are trying to accomplish, and then choose a beard oil with the ingredients that can help. Try to go for a simple formula – the fewer the ingredients, the fewer the chances of an allergic reaction. Always try to go for natural ingredients if it’s possible.
  • Scent: We like beard oils with little to no fragrance, but you might like something else. Most of the beard oils have a woody scent that brings out the masculinity. On the other hand, some have a citrus-based scent that makes you smell fresh. Some beard oils have a rugged, leathery smell that many of you will appreciate. All in all, go for a scent that you won’t mind noticing on your beard. Contrarily, if you don’t enjoy scents, then go for fragrance-free beard oil, but make sure that it is truly fragrance-free.
  • Packaging: The packaging is important because your beard oil might lose its potential if left in the light for too long. The worst packaging is plastic, so be sure to avoid that. Glass containers, on the other hand, are good, but products that come in amber glass are the best. Another important factor is the cap of the container. Make sure that the cap comes with a dropper because you will have an easier time dosing the oil.
  • Tested on animals: Never go for products that have been tested on animals. Every self-respecting human should avoid products that contribute to the abuse of animals. So, if you see a beard oil that has been tested on animals, simply avoid it.
  • Ease of application: Applying beard oil isn’t hard per se, but some are easier to use than the others. Beard oils that don’t come with a dropper are harder to use since you will never be able to dose it properly. Some beard oils aren’t as liquid as the others, so applying them will take you a long time. Beard oils that are a little bit runny are the easiest to apply.
  • Capacity: Most of the beard oils come in two-ounce bottles, which should last you a while. Some can be found in one-ounce bottles, which is not bad at all. If you are lucky, you will manage to find a bear oil packaged into four-ounce bottles and more.