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Nothing beats a perfect all-in-one printer.

The best bet is to choose according to your needs. Some models have high print speed, but the quality suffers. Other models have excellent print quality, but they take their time to scan and print.

But we can all agree that AIO printers bring multi-functionality in any office setting. They save you space and money while throwing in faxing and the ability to print from any of your smart devices.

With offices becoming smaller and devices becoming smarter, there’s no better time than this to pick an AIO printer. Our favorites range from small home AIO printers to those with decent monthly duty cycles that can service busy offices.

In Short

We’ve chosen Canon Office Products MF634Cdw imageCLASS as the editor’s choice. It is ideal for the SOHO (Small Office Home Office) environment as it has a decent output quality and monthly print volume.

For cost-effective printing, we recommend the Brother Inkjet MFC-J985DW. It is a small, high-speed printer with a reasonable duty cycle. And if you want one for great photos, Canon PIXMA TS9120 is the one for you.

1. Canon MF634Cdw Review "Best Color All-In-One Laser Printer"
  • It prints up to 19 pages per minute
  • Excellent photo prints
  • The 5-inch LCD touchscreen is customizable
  • You can use a mobile app to print
  • Offers security features to protect from information loss
  • It is easy to set up the software
  • It is heavy. Lifting it needs an extra pair of hands each time
  • Though competitive, the running costs are still a bit too high
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The Canon Office Products MF634Cdw imageCLASS comes at a low price but offers high print quality. It is one of the best all-in-one printers for personal and micro office use. Printers in its price class do not have auto-duplexing capabilities, that’s why this printer is our editor’s choice.

Design and Features

This model seems large for a personal printer, but it brings lots of functionality to the table. It is not ideal to put on the desk because it’s very big, but you will be happy to see it on its counter.

With its single pass duplex scan capabilities, you will be able to scan two sides of your document in only one pass. What’s more, it can scan up to 28 pages in a minute, and it can turn them into searchable documents, saving you time when organizing your files.

Speaking of searchable documents, Canon MF634Cdw provides wireless connectivity. It allows you to print from your iOS or Android smartphone and tablets. Apps like Canon Print Business, Mopria, Google Cloud Print or AirPrint allow you to print even when you are not near the printer. It improves productivity since you can be out of the office and print, and even share it conveniently with staff members.

The printer can connect over Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It can also print over Wi-Fi Direct if you do not have an Internet connection. And if you still want to do it the traditional way, there is still the USB connection option.

Customization and Security

With AIO printers, there’s always the challenge of having too many functions. Luckily, the MF634Cdw makes it easy by providing customization features through the app library. You can program the printer to give you one-touch buttons right on the home screen with the functions you use the most.

Be it printing specific documents or fast scanning; you can have it all on the screen for simple execution. The printer also has an eco-copy mode that helps to save on toner and paper. It saves on resources and adds to the bottom line of making profits with the least expenses possible.

When it comes to security, the printer offers an https web server accessible over the Internet or LAN. This feature allows you to access and manage your printer’s functions privately. Not to mention it stores documents only in the short term memory, so you will never lose information.


This is a low-volume printer despite its large size and lots of functions. It is not ideal for use by more than ten people. Mobile sharing can be used by only five devices. It does not have incredibly low printing costs unless you are using a high-volume toner. It costs around 3.4 cents per black page and 16.4 cents per color page with a high-yield toner.


The performance of the Canon MF634Cdw speaks for itself. It has terrific graphics and striking monochrome prints and scans. With its wireless connectivity, it is not just any other all-In-One Printer. You are looking at a model that deserves the pennies you invest in it.

2. Brother MFC9130CW Review "All-In-One Color Laser Printer, Best Entry-Level "
  • It is Amazon replenishment enabled
  • It allows wireless printing from smart mobile devices
  • It can save scans to the cloud and convert them to searchable documents
  • It utilizes Brother’s LED print technology
  • It has a secure function lock
  • Offers Deep sleep and Auto-Off mode to save energy
  • It does not support automatic duplex copying
  • It has average quality graphics
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Sharp prints are not the only reason the Brother MFC9130CW shines. It has low running costs that give it a good reputation among small business owners.

Design and Features

The multi-functionality of this printer covers scan, copy, and fax abilities. It can fax independently or from a computer, and it provides multiple-page faxing as well as printing, copying, and scanning. It gives an automatic document feeder that can accommodate up to 35 pages. You can save your scans via email, OCR, FTP, Google Cloud, and Dropbox. You can then convert your scan into PDF and searchable documents, just like you would with the Canon MF634Cdw.

This is a LED-based printer. It is smaller than most laser printers and will comfortably fit on desk spaces. It has a 250-sheet capacity and a one-paper tray for different paper sizes. It does not support duplex printing, but you can perform manual duplexing with the help of the drivers.

The MFC9130CW supports wireless printing. You can use mobile apps like AirPrint, Brother iPrint&Scan, or Google Cloud Print to print remotely. It connects over a fast frequency 802.11/b/g/n, so you won’t be needing cables even if you are sharing the printer among office members. It can also print over Wi-Fi Direct or via a hi-speed USB 2.0 cable.

Looking at the performance of the Brother MFC9130CW, it will capture monochrome and color photos and documents in 1200 x 2400 dpi. It has a 500-page fax memory so you will continually receive faxes, even if the machine is out of paper.

Security and Navigation

Brother MFC9130CW offers a secure function lock. You can reset functions like color printing quotas, and you can also restrict printing for up to 25 individual users. You can restrict use on a per-user basis and also control toner and paper usage.

The 3.7-inch color touchscreen is pretty easy to navigate. It has only one physical button which is the start/stop. All the other functions are fast and easy to complete by touch.

This printer has cost-saving features that include the deep sleep mode which gets the printer to use only 2 watts of power when it is not in use. It has an auto-off mode that turns of the machine when it’s not being used.

And, you can invest in high-capacity toners that allow you to save up to 7.5% on costs per day.


The graphics quality of this laser printer is not as impressive as its grayscale prints, which is to be expected from laser printers.


For its price, we would have expected an auto-duplexer. But what it does, it does well, including the print quality of monochrome documents and the capability to scan to a wide array of destinations. Having a wireless capability wins it points with small business owners. It provides sharing options, which in turn eliminates the need to have several printers in one office.

3. Canon Maxify MB5420 Review "Best Wireless, All-In-One Inkjet Printer for Busy Offices "
  • Sets up easy with a CD-ROM and print driver
  • Low ink costs of the high-capacity cartridges
  • It prints sharp graphics and smooth text
  • Impressive, glossy photos
  • Supports automatic duplex printing, copying, and scanning
  • Scans slowly to PDF
  • The standard ink cartridges are more expensive than in other inkjets brands its class
  • It does not support Wi-Fi Direct
check price

The price-to-feature aspect of the Canon Maxify MB5420 is just over the roof. If you are looking to achieve great output from your printer, then this is it. From the running costs to output quality, it provides printing capabilities like no other inkjet multifunction printer.

Design and Features

This printer is lightweight, but it is not small enough to fit on a space-saving desktop. It can fit onto a printer stand where up to nine people can access the printer. It offers print, fax, copy, and scan capabilities. With a 500-sheet paper tray, it is on the heavy-duty side of performance, so it is more suited for a busy office. It even has a 50-page auto duplexer that allows you to scan and copy with less effort.

Canon Maxify MB5420 can print wirelessly from Canon Print app, Google Cloud Print, and other printing apps. You can access the Maxify Cloud-Link without a computer. The access allows you to print pictures from online office templates and photo albums.

Better still, this printer can upload documents to Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and OneDrive.

Output Quality and Running Costs

This is one of the most affordable AIO printers. With Canon’s high-capacity cartridges, you will be able to print at only 7.2 cents per color page and 1.5 cents per grayscale page. Compared to other multi-function models, we can say this one is a winner.

The output quality speaks volumes about the value you will be getting in Canon Maxify MB5420. Both the text and graphics are remarkable. You won’t mind passing your documents to business partners and clients. People will take you seriously since they might relate the quality of your documents to the quality of your business.


The scanning and printing speed of the Canon Maxify MB5420 is not as impressive as its other features. This is a heavy-duty all-in-one printer. It provides 7.6 pages per minute for monochrome single pages, which means slower speeds for double pages.


Canon Maxify MB5420 comes in a medium-sized footprint while offering heavy-duty printing capabilities. With two paper trays and an auto-duplexer, you can depend on it in a busy office where you don’t need to keep refilling the paper tray. It has a lot to offer to a small office, and we expect it to provide low running costs in the long run.

4. Brother MFC-J985DW Review "Cost-Effective Color Printer "
  • It has reliable text, scan, and copying speeds
  • It offers wireless printing
  • It has an auto-duplexer
  • It supports Wi-Fi Direct
  • 20-sheet auto document feeder
  • Cost-effective in the short and long run
  • It has a small paper capacity
  • It is a bit slow when printing glossy photos and graphics
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This printer is affordable from the purchase cost to the running costs. It offers cheap high-capacity cartridges that help you run a small office with efficiency and productivity.

Design and Features

For its small size, Brother MFC-J985DW is a real workhorse. It can produce up to 2400 monochrome pages and 1200 color pages on INKvestment ink cartridges. This means you will be printing with less than one cent for grayscale pages and 5 cents for color pages. You will like how it allows you to use it without excessive costs.

It offers copy, fax, and scan functions, and it has an auto-duplexer. What’s more, it can send scans over a network to an email or a PC. The print capacity is 100 sheets on its main tray and a 20-sheet drawer for 4 x 6 papers. It has a 20-page automatic duplexer, and you get a one-sheet bypass tray for thick papers.

You will like that it allows you to create up to 20 shortcuts on the 2.5-inch display. You don’t have to swipe the tabs. It has an easy tap function, which is easy to navigate. Its print speeds are on par with inkjets at 8.6 pages a minute for grayscale papers. It is a bit slow on color papers since it can take as long as 5 minutes to print a 7-page color document.

Output Quality

The image quality of the Brother MFC-J985DW is fairly good as well as the text quality on plain paper. It becomes better when you use inkjet paper that provides you with crisp edges and bold colors.

It can print natural-looking portraits of fair-skinned people. But, it can oversaturate colors like red and yellow, making the portraits seem unnatural. Dark-skin tones can come off as too dark, so you may want to change the settings to accommodate the colors you want to see according to your photos.


This printer does not have a USB port to connect directly to a PC. You are entirely dependent on wireless or Ethernet printing. It is also slow when it comes to printing glossy photos and graphics.


Brother MFC-J985DW is a low-running-cost printer that efficiently carries out office tasks. It is fast at scanning as well as printing texts in high quality. It is ideal for the home office or a business place where you don’t have many workers.

5. Canon imageCLASS MF424dw Review "Monochrome Printer, Best For Home use"
  • It can print with high-capacity cartridges that produce up to 9600 pages
  • Includes ID authentication, Wi-Fi authentication, IP/MAC address filtering and secure print security features
  • It can scan to email, FTP, and SMB
  • Fax memory of 512 pages
  • Scans at up to 70ipm grayscale photos
  • It has a single pass duplexer
  • It has a fairly low monthly print volume
  • Using standard cartridges can bring the running costs too high
check price

Canon imageCLASS MF424dw presents an affordable printer with minimal maintenance. It is designed to offer good performance to small and medium-sized home offices. It also offers fast printing and heavy-duty capacity.

Design and Features

If you are looking for more productivity, Canon imageCLASS MF424dw is in the picture. It prints at speeds of up to 40ppm. Being multifunctional, it can also fax, scan, and copy. It comes with a 5-inch touch color screen that is customizable using the Application Library platform.

It gives you usability similar to a smartphone making it easy to navigate all the features. You can set a one-touch button that gives you up to seven critical functions for faster access. If scanning and printing are the tasks you undertake most, then the MF424dw might help. It offers useful functions like Print template, ID Card Copy, Standby Slide, and Consumables Information. Moreover, it also comes with Scan-to-Preset Destination, Copy Eco, and Copy Bleed Reduce functions.

This machine supports wireless printing over Wi-Fi and Ethernet. You can also create a Wi-Fi Direct Hotspot for printing directly from mobile devices without a router. It allows for mobile printing solutions which include Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria Print Service, and Canon PRINT Business App.

The canon app allows scanning from the printer and converting files to searchable documents.

Output Quality

For businesses that print a lot of PowerPoint handouts, you will be pleased with the print quality of the Canon imageCLASS MF424dw. It has near perfect monochrome texts. The grayscale photos and graphics are competitive compared to many laser all-in-one printers.

It works great with small fonts, and it has minimum blotch on documents that are converted from color to grayscale. Although it may lack in detail and depth, you will be comfortable looking at your prints time and time again.


Our only issue with the Canon imageCLASS MF424dw is the monthly print volume. It prints at high speeds, and it even has a 900-sheet tray, but with a recommendation of only 4000 pages per month. It is quite low and a drawback for busy medium-sized offices.


Canon imageCLASS MF424dw is a highly competitive product. It prints at high speeds while offering multifunctional features. The text and graphics quality is way up when compared to most monochrome laser printers on the market. You get true value for money with this brand.

6. HP Laserjet Pro M281fdw Review "All-In-One Budget Color Laser Printer For Home Use"
  • It has a 50-page auto document feeder
  • It can print with speeds of up to 22ppm
  • It can print from mobile devices
  • It has Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB drive support
  • Comes with a simple to navigate 2.7-inch touchscreen
  • High-quality text and graphics
  • It is costly to operate this printer
  • It does not support automatic duplexing
check price

HP Laserjet Pro M281fdw is one of the low-end color laser printers that offer lots of value and features. Its pictures are offered at 600dpi, which is great for many businesses needs both in and outside the office. And since you are getting this model for home use, it is more than enough.

Design and Features

This is not a beefy machine. It can fit on most desktops while handling some heavy-duty tasks. It gives you a print capacity of up to 2500 pages per month with a high speed of 22ppm both in black and white, and color.

With this printer, you get a 250-sheet tray and a 50-sheet auto-document feeder. It provides duplexing capabilities for printing, scanning, and copying with less hassle. But it cannot flip pages automatically.

Nevertheless, it offers mobile printing, so you can print from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.

We like that you can also scan to email or print from a USB device. This gives you plenty of ability to undertake any task you would like. Using the 2.7-inch touchscreen is similar to using a smartphone. It allows you to set up and configure most walk-up tasks like copying and scanning.

Better still, this printer provides secure browsing through its built-in web server. It does not offer restrictions of prints by PINS through secure print. But you can monitor and maintain the printer remotely. Also, you can access backend web pages over HTML authentication.

Output Quality

This printer might be small, but the print quality could surprise you. HP Laserjet Pro M281fdw produces sharp texts in small fonts on legal documents. The graphics are crispy and the saturation is good, which provides you with gorgeous, presentable images.

Its texts do not showcase any signs of pixelation, and it can bring out clean borders with other font sizes. It is just the right model for resumes, reports, bank statements, receipts, and many other documents.


We do have an issue with the operating costs of printing in color. With the highest-yield cartridges that you can find, this printer still manages to bring the costs up. You can expect 3 cents per a monochrome page and 16 cents per a color page. It is one of the most expensive AIO printers to operate.


Except for the running costs, everything else on the HP Laserjet Pro M281fdw seems to check out pretty well. It prints fast and has a reasonable paper capacity. If you want a small machine that goes all in when it comes to quality, and you don’t mind the running costs, the M281fdw might be for you.

7. Canon PIXMA TS9120 Review "Best Wireless AIO Printer "
  • Uses a 6-color individual ink system
  • Can print from the cloud, social media, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and SD cards
  • Offers photo filters
  • It can print on CDs, DVD, and Blue Ray discs.
  • Comes with a 5-inch LCD touchscreen
  • It comes with two paper trays
  • It does not come with an automatic document feeder
  • The paper trays are a bit flimsy and need extra care not to break them
check price

Do you want wireless connectivity and the ability to print from anywhere? You have it covered with the Canon PIXMA TS9120. This printer supports your productivity whether you are in the office or on a business trip. If you are working to meet a deadline, it is still possible to submit reports because you can have them printed from the cloud or social media.

Design and Features

Canon PIXMA TS9120 uses a 6-ink system that gives you stunning images. It includes a photo blue ink tank, which is the sixth ink that provides depth and definition to pictures and images. The photo blue ink increases the color range, which is why it prints life-like images.

The machine can print borderless photos that are 5 x 5 inches, or you can go for the regular 4x 6 or 4 x 7-inch photo sizes. With the SD card reader, it is possible to print stored images without any connection. Not to mention, it has nine different filters that you can apply to your photos before printing.

Another lovely feature is the ability to print onto inkjet printable disks. It allows you to conserve memories with friends, family, and loved ones into customized collectibles.

Canon PIXMA TS9120 offers two methods of paper handling which include one tray at the rear and another at the bottom. Both trays can hold up to 100 sheets at a time. You will love it for the 5.0-inch LCD touchscreen since it offers a simplified user interface.

As we said, this is one of the best wireless AIO printers. It connects over Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth. For mobile connectivity, it can print from Pixma Cloud Link, Canon Print App, Mopria, and Google Cloud Print.


This is mostly a photo printer, so copying and text printing take a back seat. This is because it manages to print at 12ppm for monochrome pages and five pages per minute for documents with images and graphics. You wouldn’t want to rely solely on this printer for demanding text printing needs.


Although the print speeds for text and graphics may be slow, this printer manages to maintain high quality in its output. As such, it is an excellent choice for light duty tasks that involve quality prints. It is excellent for photos, and it is relatively affordable to operate.

8. Epson Workforce Pro WF-4630 Review "Wireless Color All-In-One InkjetPrinter "
  • Offers copy and scan saving to USB drives, computer or the cloud
  • Prints photos with up to 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • It has low running costs
  • It can control ink flow and produce crisp pages without any warping
  • Ideal for Ms. Word and Excel documents, and photos
  • Simple to set up and start printing
  • Scan to email is pretty slow
  • Epson customer service is hard to get a hold of
  • The paper feed is louder than with other inkjets
check price

Epson Workforce Pro WF-4630 is a premium choice among inkjets. It performs better than most of the other inkjets. It has low operating costs, better text quality, and terrific graphics that line up with its price.

Design and Features

This printer comes in a small size which means it is ideal for compact spaces. It offers extensive connectivity from Wi-Fi to Ethernet, cloud, Wi-Fi Direct, and USB. It has just about all the options that you could require in any business setting.

This printer is built around the Epson PrecisionCore technology. This revolutionary technology excels in placement accuracy. It can deliver up to 40 million dots per second for unbeatable image quality and increased speed. This feature works great in the WF-4630. You will notice good-looking images, and sharp, presentable texts.

Paper Handling, Setup, and Operating Costs 

You get a maximum of 330-sheet paper handling, which includes a 250-sheet tray and an 80-sheet rear tray. You can load different types of paper and be able to print on either of them via the switch on the control panel.

It comes with an automatic duplexer that offers two-sided printing. When it comes to scanning and copying, this printer gives you a 35-sheet auto-document feeder and a letter-size flatbed. The flatbed provides manual control while the feeder quickly provides you with double-sided scans.

The setup process of Epson Workforce Pro WF-4630 is relatively simple. You only need to open the hatch and insert the four ink cartridges. Download the software and the drivers before you connect the printer to your router. It doesn’t matter whether you use a PC or a Mac, you will most likely start printing in under 12 minutes.

The print costs are, as we have mentioned, fair. You will find that color prints cost you around 11.6 cents while monochrome prints cost 2.6 cents.


This is not your best printer for photos. It is slow when printing photos and the colors are not saturated well. Which is no wonder, since this printer isn’t designed for photo-printing. It is limited to only micro office photo printing.


Epson Workforce Pro WF-4630 is a small multifunction printer that delivers incredibly well on most of its features. Its running costs are low, the text quality is good, and it comes with many connection options. It is a go-to model for micro and small offices.

9. Brother MFCL2700DW Review "Best Brother All In One Printer"
  • Offers color scanning
  • It supports Wi-Fi, Wi-Direct, USB, and Ethernet
  • It provides standalone copying
  • Comes with an automatic duplex feature for printing
  • It can scan to email, OCR, files, and images
  • Supports mobile device printing
  • Average scan and copying speeds
  • The text quality is not on par with monochrome laser printers
check price

The MFCL2700DW might improve your productivity by saving on paper and running costs. This model is a good choice for owners of medium-sized businesses, and people who have heavy-duty tasks.

Design and Performance

This printer can work as a shared machine in small and medium offices. It is a black and white laser printer that is geared toward crisp text quality. With this printer, you get a 250-sheet tray and a 35-sheet auto document feeder. The ADF is at the top of the machine and built to withstand rigorous use.

You will be happy with the print speeds since it can manage up to 27 pages per minute. In reality, the machine can print a 5-page document with graphs and images in 20 seconds. It is not the fastest in the group, but definitely not the slowest.

The scan and copy speeds are average with this machine, which manages plain grayscale copies in 4.8 pages in a minute in the manual mode. While using the ADF, it is way faster and can give you up to 14 pages in a minute.

This printer can connect to a network over Ethernet or Wi-Fi. This means it supports mobile and cloud printing over the Internet. It also supports USB printing and Wi-Fi Direct, but not NFC. With mobile printing, you can connect to it using apps like Brother iPrint&Scan and Apple AirPrint.

Set Up and Running Costs

The toner cartridge is straightforward to install, so is setting the printer on a wireless network. Its software includes fax sending, Scanner control, OCR, and Receipt sending to a PC.  You can choose to use the WPS button or Brother iPrint&Scan app to do the settings.

Looking at the running costs, Brother MFCL2700DW offers a fair deal. With high-yield cartridges that have a yield of 2600 pages, the costs come down to 2.6 cents per page. This is a great increase from 3.7 cents per page with standard 1200-yield cartridges.


This printer does not perform automatic two-sided scanning. It might disconnect you sometimes when you connect to it over Wi-Fi. It requires you to input your Wi-Fi password, which can get annoying.


The specs on the Brother MFCL2700DW speak lots of functionality. If you rarely use color, this is a printer you may want to consider since it has fairly low running costs. It is also a quiet machine that is suitable for offices that equally need speed.

All-In-One Printer Buyer’s Guide

All-in-one printers, otherwise known as multifunction printers, bring you more than just printing. They are versatile machines that can also copy, scan, and fax.

There is a huge variety of AIO printers on the market, and finding the right one can become a daunting task. Before you can make a smart purchase, you need to know a couple of facts about AIO printers.

You don’t have to waste your spare time doing the research, because we have done it for you!

Should I Buy an Inkjet or a Laser AIO Printer?

The answer depends on your expectations, and how you will be using your new AIO printer.

You should know that inkjet printers offer the fullest range of color printing. If you want to print photos, then an inkjet AIO printer is a good idea. Inkjet replacement cartridges are less expensive than the ones for laser printers. Inkjet AIO printers tend to be smaller than laser printers. So, if your home or office are lacking space, an inkjet printer could be a good option.

Laser AIO printers are usually more expensive than inkjet printers. But, they offer a high quality of print with better consistency. Laser printers have a better print-out time than inkjet printers. Laser printers are known for being quiet, but they take up more space than inkjet printers. If you focus on printing text, then a laser AIO printer is a good choice. Laser printers have a sharp text and a lower per-page cost. So, if you need an AIO printer for your office, then a laser printer is a smart choice.

Do I Need Duplex Printing?

Duplex printing gives you the power to print on both sides of a sheet of paper. Obviously, duplex printing has many uses, but most of them are suited for an office.

If you intend to purchase an AIO printer for your home, then consider whether duplex printing is important. Yes, it does save a lot of time, but you need to figure out whether it is worth the extra cost.

Features to Consider

Now that you are acquainted with the types of AIO printers, you need to know what to look for. The features below are not a complete necessity, but it is wise to look for them in your new all-in-one printer.

  • Printing resolution: Cheap inkjet printers offer 600×600 DPI of resolution for black and white print. Better units produce a 1200×1200 DPI resolution. Contrarily, cheap laser printers offer black and white printing at 1200×1200 DPI. On the other hand, inkjet printers produce color prints at 4800×1200 DPI, while the laser printers do it at a 1200×600 DPI resolution. The numbers can be misleading, so it is wise to get a print sample if possible. Bear in mind that you should avoid printers with printing resolutions lower than the ones we mentioned.
  • Cost per page: Printing will cost you money over time. You will have to replace ink cartridges or a toner, and the costs will add up. Always check out the reviews, which should inform you about the cost per page.
  • Printing speed: You should know that basic laser and inkjet printers have a speed of 20-30 pages per minute. Those numbers are related to printing black and white pages. When it comes to printing color, the speeds aren’t great, but that’s normal. Bear in mind that laser printers print color faster than inkjet printers. In any case, compare the speeds of different AIO printers, and your decision will come easily.
  • Print volume: Most of the manufacturers will tell you how many pages their device can print per month. The number tells you how many pages can you print before you need to replace the cartridge. Good models will allow you to print thousands of pages per month, while the best ones offer more than 10,000 pages printed per month.
  • Wireless connection: While most, if not all, of the printers offer wired Ethernet connectivity, the best ones come with Wi-Fi connectivity. Using wireless devices to print is easy and convenient. So, if you want comfortable printing, look for an all in one printer with a wireless connection. If you need more features, look for a printer with Wi-Fi Direct, and dedicated apps for your smartphone.
  • Scan features: If you want to use the scanning features of an all in one printer, then you need a high-resolution scanner. Good AIO printers offer 24 bits of depth and a 600×1200 DPI scan resolution. Never go under those numbers! Know that the higher the bits and resolution, the higher the quality of your scans will be.
  • Capacity: Some AIO printers allow you to hold only 100 sheets of paper in the tray, which isn’t bad. But, if you require more, then look for a unit that offers a 250-sheet tray, or more.